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  1. Whatever color you choose, a very nice build!
  2. My wife had a 1991 with the same exterior color and a fabric interior - we had loads of fun with it! Your model is the spitting image of her car; thanks for posting!
  3. John B.

    Hemi Dart

    I like it - looks like you had fun building it!
  4. Very nice - Bill Cunningham of ACME built a mid-engine Corvair many years ago and this one invokes memories of that model.
  5. Well executed - engine definitely looks like it belongs there!
  6. Very nice - great job on the molding!
  7. John B.

    Ford GT

  8. You made a silk purse out of a sow's ear - very nice!
  9. Very nicely executed - I really admire the detail and the paint is excellent!
  10. I saw the original car on ABC's Wide World of Sports when I was seven or eight years old. Up until then any race cars that I saw on TV ran on oval tracks or road courses - this car and the 55 Chevy that it was running against went in a straight line. It was the first time that I had ever seen a drag race. I couldn't figure out why they didn't turn corners, but I was hooked. I am now 65 and retired, but watching The Storming Bull on TV started me on a lifelong love of drag racing that continues to this day. Thank you for rekindling that memory and for posting your build.
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