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  1. Looks like there were many good buys there!
  2. Glad to see you back on this one; just in time to give me a fresh dose of motivation and enthusiasm for the new year. Absolutely stellar!
  3. Very nice build - awesome collection!
  4. Thanks for the kind words - this is a photo (courtesy of Baumgartner Race Cars) of a typical TF/FC throttle pedal assembly.
  5. Thank you - your nostalgia dragster is a master class in metal work and fabrication. I remember seeing Lyle Greenberg racing at one of the Nitro Chaos events on Youtube; he drives the Cone Hunter Corvette.
  6. Jonnie Lindberg, according to an article I read online, introduced Julie to Randy Meyer. Also, the injected funny car that Julie drove was a former alcohol funny car that Jonnie , who is a chassis builder and a racer, repaired for Meyer Racing.
  7. Hi,all; I decided to change the Avenger body over to something more identifiable - a Mustang. I had started a Mustang conversion some years ago, but messed it up trying too hard to lower it. Instead, I will graft the nose nd tail onto the Avenger and rework the backlight. Thanks for looking and comments welcome.
  8. Very simple and nicely done - your dragster collection is awesome!
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