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  1. The NHRA rules for TA/FC for next year have been amended to include injected nitro cars: minimum weight is 2,400 lbs., maximum engine displacement is 456 cid, maximum nitro percentage at sea-level events is 85% with 95% at high altitude events (i.e. Denver), no electro/pneumatic clutch management systems or electronic fuel control systems and no transmission; direct drive only. Body style can be 1969 or later. Otherwise, all other TA/FC rules apply.

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  2. 8 hours ago, Straightliner59 said:

    I'm in! I You're off to a nice start. Injector manifold looks good! I found one, recently, while I was researching for my Super Gas Vega project that I want to do an "inspired-by" of. It will be based off of an MPC Corvette FC--either the Firefighter, or the other of that body style, as opposed to the later '84-bodied kit. The car was called Da Big Kahuna, and you'd swear that the body and chassis for the model were practically copied from it.

    Many thanks - your Vega project is awesome!

  3. 1 hour ago, Ian McLaren said:

    You really have my attention with this one, I have been an Injected Nitro Funny Car fan ever since they ran in the original NHRA Pro Comp category back in the 70's.  I did an A/FC model about a year and a half ago.  I will definitely be following this project; it looks like it's off to a very good start.


    Thank you very much - I'll do my best!

  4. When the NHRA decided to allow injected nitro funny cars to run in the Top Alcohol Funny Car class next year, I was ecstatic! I have always wanted to build such a model, but until recently, there was only one example of a modern injected car and it ran about 24 years ago in the IHRA. This is going to be my attempt to build such a vehicle. I have started to build the engine's intake system from Evergreen styrene and modified a Dodge Avenger body with a shortened greenhouse to clear the intake. Its my first WIP attempt and I'll try to update often - thanks for looking and comments welcome.



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