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  1. Finding certain scale model..please help

    What type of cars interest you? If it's rally cars from a similar age to the fiat, belkits do a few, and while they dont have engines they are very nicely detailed
  2. I've got a revell mk2 vw golf in the kamei x1 boxing I will probably never build, but its the same as the tuner version revell usa released so I'll build that one instead. Its not really a lack of interest though
  3. Stan Lee dead

    Sad news, he brought a lot of joy to many of us when we were growing up
  4. what do you use

    I'm in the uk and i got mine from lidl but they only get non food items sporadically, you could try amazon.
  5. Porsche Outlaws & Hot Rods

    was this one painted green for sema? I dont recall seeing a white one with a tesla swap but the green one got a load of coverage
  6. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    cats can always find a way to surprise us, one of mt neighbours cats managed to bring a full grown live duck in through a window 6 ft up the wall. I wish I'd seen his face when he woke up to find a duck in his living room
  7. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    exactly, i havent seen a rat for years, and i live right on the shore. by told them firmly I meant we had him by the throat and told him to put up or shut up. 4 weeks later his house was sold and he no longer lives in the islands
  8. Cats like boxes. Even big ones.

    My cat had to be put down a few months ago due to severe arthritus and old age and we still miss her, but there are a number of strays that live in our garden. We put one to the vet last week as it was obvious there was something wrong with its face. It turned out to have a bad infection so now has all its teeth removed, and has its bits cut off. Unfortunately due to my being away for the weeks i work i was unable to keep it but it is now with a loving foster home and doing well. We used to have a neighbour that tried to poison the strays but all the other neighbours told him firmly why we fed the strays, (keeps the rats away) and they soon moved out.
  9. Modern (Performance) IRS suggestions?

    The revell has a nice rear end, at least the one with the white roadster/convertible on the box from revell.de rt/10 maybe?. I'm sure it would have a us release too. I'm not sure if it's the same in the earlier shape kits
  10. Flickr news

    I've been looking into alternative hosting methods for those that dont want to pay for pic hosting. If you have a facebook account you can use it as a host in much the same way as current hosts work. Another method is to find a sites that do free blog hosting (eg. tumblr) as you can use them as pic host too. Hope this information helps someone
  11. Flickr news

    I took the deal. I lost nearly all my pics with pb so $4 a month isn't too bad to save me the hassle again. But my flickr is also used by the local vintage club since I make sure to have everything from their show on it
  12. what do you use

    I've got one of those, it works pretty well
  13. Scale Model Community Discord!

    Just a rough guess but if your prescribed prozac it could be a good company name
  14. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    Pesonally I'd love to see the 40 finished. The lines just flow better than the others to me (but i like the modernised rods more than traditional style)