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  1. stitchdup added a post in a topic Plymouth Fury 4 Door   

    cheers gentlemen
  2. stitchdup added a topic in Under Glass: Pickups, Vans, SUVs, Light Commercial   

    1950 Ford
    This is the revell custom pick up. I used the engine from a willys street rod kit, and stuck the radiator in the bed to make some room for it. The front splitter is from a tamiya alfa romeo 155 dtm car and the seats are from a fujimi drift set. It was lowered by zee'ing the frame front and rear and the front was lowered a little more by notching the front springs to raise the axle up a little more. The wheels and brakes are from aoshima, and the fuel tank is from my scrap box

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  3. stitchdup added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    BMW e36
    This is mostly the revell jukebox ford drag car, but I swapped the body for and e36 BMW and added the rear wing. This is the second paint job after the decals I added all crinkled when I cleared over them so it got a quick flat down and a couple of coats of satin black. I would have wired the plugs but I had difficulty getting them to look right on the distributor so I cut the top off and glued it to a piece of scrap sprue.

    This was my original paint scheme

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  4. stitchdup added a topic in Under Glass   

    Plymouth Fury 4 Door
    This is the johan plymouth patrol car done as a mildish sleeper. I swapped the seats for 4 bmw buckets with the headrests removed. It is lowered as much as possible without cutting the chassis up. The wheels are from a 60s bmw sports car inside some bigger rims that I removed the centres from, and the hub caps are just thumb tacks/push pins with the tops foiled. The engine is from a broken up older build of mine and I know the wires are far too big but they are well glued in and I didn't want to damage the paint removing them. The first pic shows the true colour scheme which has a lighter fade along the bottom edges.

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  5. stitchdup added a post in a topic PLEASE Help!!! I need interior Pics of the 1970 Dodge Charger from the first fast and Furious   


  6. stitchdup added a post in a topic JiminOhio?   

    I can recommend iceman too, one of the few sellers i buy from international
  7. stitchdup added a post in a topic Mercedes Street Rod   

    there's a revell/tamiya mercedes with a nice v8, the 500sec or the tamiya touring cars. Most of the merc engines will be 1/24 though and are much bigger than the us big block v8s in outside sizing. 
  8. stitchdup added a post in a topic Stripping Tamiya acrylic from resin?   

    there's some hints and tips about two thirds of the way down the page on the following link.    http://www.kitformservices.com/working.html
  9. stitchdup added a post in a topic 1925 dodge - Body mods begin   

    This could be a good start point but would need unchopped

  10. stitchdup added a post in a topic '37 Ford Coupe drip rails   

    I should have said I block it along the rails to start, and I completely forgot about files, lol. Been a long day
  11. stitchdup added a post in a topic '37 Ford Coupe drip rails   

    Start with 180 or 240 sandpaper until its close and work your way up to 1500. Make sure to use a block to save on low points. You might have to rescribe the top of the doors too, and if it was me I would do this first, and periodically redo as I'm working up through the sandpaper
  12. stitchdup added a post in a topic Toyotas   

    I think there is a first gen hi-lux as part of a truck n trailer set. It was pulling a water or fuel tank if I remember right and may possibly have rereleased recently. the toyota gt I think is only in rhd. for the celica there was someone on facebook doing resin lhd dashes
  13. stitchdup added a post in a topic Anyone have any Ford Transit info ?   

  14. stitchdup added a post in a topic Flames   

    they're on ebay, not sure of the sellers name but possibly lazy modeller. free shipping too if I remember right
  15. stitchdup added a post in a topic Auto Quiz 339 - FINISHED   

    I've always thought the mk2 would look good 2 doored and chopped. I hope you will share some pics of the progress if you are permitted by the owners. Here in the uk folk seem to go nuts if you want to cut one up though the designer for jaguar has well modded one that was in the mags a couple years ago.