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  1. Wire Wheels

    I agree, the tamiya jag wires would be perfect for the aston, if i remember correctly they were both dunlop wires
  2. http://www.automobile-catalog.com/make/nissan/cedric_4gen_330/cedric_4gen_330_hardtop_coupe/1978.html
  3. Scan of a '72 AMC Gremlin body

    is this any use? http://carblueprints.info/
  4. Scale Production in Europe

    the site has a button to put it into english, look at the top right of the page for it
  5. wood decals, from whom?

    you might find something in the dollshouse section of hobby shops. Or coffee stirrers sand down really easy, I used them to skin a hot rod hydro and they worked pretty well. I sanded them down so you can shine a light through them and still keep the grain
  6. Porsche 911

    If you dont mind ordering internationaly, scale production in germany have them in resin or I should have ones for the revell.de pictured below though they might be part of the body. its been a while since i looked in the box.
  7. OMG!!! KFC ran out of chicken...and then GRAVY!!!

    Yeah, it happened over this side of the pond. The funniest thing about it for me was a group on twitter that tried to organise a boycot until they got more chicken!
  8. Why don't we have a nice Plastic Crosley kit ?

    I'd think the simple reason is this, I had to look up google to see what a crossley is, I'm only 41 and I hope this isn't taken the wrong way, but the folks that know or remember them are mostly 20-30 years older than me so a sadly shrinking market
  9. Help,Need Resin Service Station Accessories

    There's always dollhouse stuff too, some of it is really detailed (I've seen dressers that go for 1/1 money!)
  10. Enamel paint removal query

    Try fairy power spray, it seems to remove all paints and doesn't stink up the place like spray cans of oven cleaner. I spray it on the parts then put them in a sealable tub to catch the run off as it can be reused again and again. The downside is the bottles are only half a litre so i buy them 6 ata time from amazon to get them cheap
  11. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    sniff testors and
  12. Best pickup kits for crewcab

    meng do a ford f350 crewcab, not built mine yet but it looks like a good kit but a little pricey. the revell 65 chevy truck is not too bad to extend with the body lines helping a great deal. I did one with a revell front and amt 60 rear to the cab but in hindsight using 2 revell kits would have made extending the chassis go better.
  13. Toy fair 2018 news and pictures.

    I didn't expect to see an isuzu car, especially with the bonnet open
  14. Italeri 2018

    I would expect italeri are releasing the old esci kits to capitalise on how much they have gone up in value in europe recently. The transit was selling for over £100 every time on ebay and even broken built ups were hitting £60. I cant remember the last time i saw the range rover or land rovers but the esci 70s rally cars they released are selling really well. I hope they are doing this to build funds for some new tooling. If I was in charge thats what I would do, but I'm not a business man