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  1. lincoln custom

    Some older progress pics. The plan is to modernise the v12 with ardun heads, fuel injection and coil packs. I'll be using the willys front suspension and whatever rear axle fits. Most of the interior will be scratchbuilt around a 50 ford pick up dash and some corvette seats from clearly scale.
  2. lincoln custom

    most of its a willys, and theres most of a 40 ford in there too, and some chrysler atlantic and some 37 ford and a little vw beetle too. I'm did most of the stretching with acrylic nail filler as its much stronger than just gluing plastic together and when it has set its plastic rather than filler. Its good stuff and a little goes a long way. I used it to add a skin inside and out too for extra strength. I'm still rubbing down filler just now to give the roof and doors a little more curve as the willys is pretty flat compared to a lincoln
  3. lincoln custom

    I've been building this for my clubs 2 year anniversary contest. Yes it will have a v12 though it will be far from a stock version. Just for fun I'll let you guess what kits have been used to create what you see here (I'll post some more progress pics later)
  4. I just measured the set i have and they are smaller. Clearly scale have some to fit their vw rims that should fit, they do from 14-16 in 1/24
  5. Would the front tyres from the aoshima kennmary skylines fit?
  6. wheels

    some of the tamiya race cars have similar rims, though they will have slicks, and hobby design do some really nice resin ones
  7. Looking for chassis Ferrar 365 Fujimi Enthusiast

    I'm pretty sure I have one in my spares box from an incomplete convertible kit. I wont be able to check until next friday though as I'm away working at the moment. If you send me a pm next week to remind me I can look then
  8. Weird cars Post em here.

    The second two transits are actually the same van too. When the mk3 transit was released ford swapped the front to the new shape, and put a v6 cosworth engine out of a granada in it. I got to sit in the first version (second pic) when I was a kid, and i still have the matchbox toy of it I was given that day, though its pretty bashed now
  9. Weird cars Post em here.

    Under the van body it's a simple smashed gt40 racecar ford had hanging about a workshop
  10. Detriot diesel 6.2 or 6.5TD engine as a model?

    there's one in the meng hummer h1. Its 1/24 scale but pretty nice
  11. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    these were originally designed by chrysler for the chinese. Compare the chassis to one of the letter series car kits and you'll see it
  12. Thankyou sir, that all the info I needed as i can work out the rest from there, thanks again
  13. This started as a part box resin cab and a mercedes actros chassis and engine. The wheels are from a 1/18 diecast. The engine is mounted behind the cab thus making the bed pretty much useless, lol. I zee'd the chassis behind the engine to help get it low . The paint really needs a sunny day to bring out the colours. It has a black top fading through purple to blue lower then coated in pearl clear and lots more clear with lots of stripes and all of them are pinstriped by hand using artists pigment pens and gel pens.