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  1. off the top of my head this one stands out in my memory
  2. I've seen them done with the elements from car headlight bulds and it looked pretty convincing
  3. Not at all sir, I havent tried it on resin though so it may soften it
  4. Cool car, not something I expected to see as a kit. I find bleach strips the chrome in less than ten mins, and you can pour it down the sink after
  5. So along with the 3 bugs I'm also building a couple of curbside t1s. The bus just needs the chrome added and a little more weathering on the soft top and its ready for final assembly. The wheels are brm from uscp and I'm using the ribbed bumpers from the recent revell camper as the smooth ones supplied in the hasegawa kit weren't to my taste and the ribbed ones give it an earlier look Next we have the hasegawa pick up. I was at a bit of a loss as to how to build it different until I remembered I had the turntable ladder from the heller delaheye kit sitting unused (the delaheye is being turned into a car hauler with matching delaheye custom). I am using porsche 968cs wheels and brakes from the hasegawa kit and have lowered it by raising the floor into the body. Since I dont have any older type blue lights I'm probably going to colour some orange ones in red. I got the ladders (over 4 feet of them) and turntable assemled and painted earlier but dont have any pics of that yet As you can see my bench is pretty packed with vws just now
  6. I've seen a few of the emek ones detailed up and they look pretty good
  7. Here we go folks, I wont worry too much about the year
  8. If you have any of the aoshima stanced nissan (early skylines etc) the tyres from the stock parts are a decent fit on the tamiya wheels
  9. It shouldn't be much longer, euro release around june I believe
  10. If you have nothing else deodrant sprays work, just spray loads on til it wet, leave a couple mins then it wipes off
  11. Heres my crown jewells 1, vw hebmuller resin trans kit 2, belkits mk1 escort 3, aoshima datsun cedric lowrider
  12. I ordered a takeaway from one of the local chinese restarauns tonight. I said to make it up to 20 quid with sweets meaning bars of chocolate etc. Instead I got a carrier bag of penny sweets. I guess there was a miscommunication somewhere but I feel sorry for the person that had to count them out
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