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  1. Some engines from icemancollections on the auction site. 3 of his vw vr6 engines and a cummins 6bt. I also got a few sets of his mirrored turbos
  2. try bmamodelworld.com Michelle, the shipping might not be as bad as you think as the australian dollar is pretty low value just now. I've had parts from them (and amodeller on ebay) and the shipping was less than parts from inside the uk
  3. I build vehicles mainly, mostly customised in some way but I've got a 1/24 spitfire that will pronanly end up as the load on a truck. I would like to build one of the wooden viking ships at some point. I'd like to build more big rogs but space is a problem for me. Also I have a 1/24 dino skeleton to build at some point but it will probably be some sort of diorama that includes a vehicle or two
  4. Kitchen table resin did a grille and hood conversion for the amt 36 kit but i believe they have stopped producing parts now
  5. Looks pretty good mate. I find when masking for the black on glass, that doesn't have a window mask included, that masking the outline on the outside first with cheap tape then using good tape to do the inside helps. It makes it much easier to see where the tape needs to go
  6. and you said rap was bad, lol. but then it influenced a lot of later styles and had a sorta revival fairly recently if shortlived,
  7. run dmc and aerosmith walk this way worked pretty well too and opened up a new genre of crossovers
  8. Glad to see the outkast aqumini album there, its rap but not the usual type and I'm sure some of you would actually enjoy their stuff. I tend to take these lists with a grain of salt, usually it turns out to be which companies paid the most advertising. I'm a rap fan and have been for 25 years since the run dmc aerosmith crossover track walk this way, then there was a movie soundtrack that was all crossovers that really opened me up to rap music (being on a small scottish island it was totally mind blowing to me that there was something more than just rock, folk and country (isn't all country just songs about beating your wife cos your dog shot your truck(joke)). I've only looked through the top 50 and I have 38 of them on original vinyl. I still listen to lots of other music styles too and recently bought willie nelsons new album but it not up to his older stuff imo. But then isn't music more about how it makes you feel rather than the content? it would be a pretty boring place is we were all stuck with one style of music. the more styles of music there are, the more they help each other. Just like building models really, wouldn't it suck if we only had one kit? dont we all take inspiration from other places? and read the producer credits on your rock albums, some of you might be surprised how many rock groups are produced by rap deejays
  9. Glad to see you're staying with us Carl, even if you're just here for a distraction you have many friends here as you can see from the comments
  10. you can still track it on the origin countries national postal carrier and most have an option to view in english
  11. scamdoc.com rate the site at 1% trustworthy so save your money.
  12. rolling some blue tack over the tape residue should remove it if its on gloss paint. I havent tried it on matt paints
  13. If they ever did that the magazine would have to be called its raining
  14. Been put on a partial lockdown again, possibly for 6 months. I'm only going to see one person at work for a couple of mins every two weeks and have to spend the rest of the time alone because of my imunocompromised chest. Its going to be hell spending all that time alone. My only other option is to quit my job and move out to my mums but that means losing my home. Not sure what the best idea is
  15. Local to me there are 24 of the new mustangs which is pretty high for somewhere with about 25,000 people. 5 of them are the v6 and the rest are v8s. I know one guy bought 2 so he could stash one away but then the same guy has built his house around his mini and sierra rs500 both of which just has delivery miles on but if he was to sell he would have to take down a outside wall. My dad was one of the builders on the house and he said it was a major pita having to work wround the cars and not get any marks on it. They had a lot of duvets and tarps over it
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