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  1. For larger fills I've been using gold topstop from simoniz, its a finegrain 2 part automotive filler that comes in litre size tins. For pinholes i've been using 3m green spot putty from a tube. For gaps that have nothing behind them i used acrylic finger nail filler with the 5 minute activator but it really smells strong so Im doing some practice with white milliput since it has much less fumes and does a similar job, and is also much easier to sand down. For now though since i'm stick away from home i'll be using humbrol filler but it can be very hit and miss sometimes
  2. Another thing i just remembered about the side coves, when i did mine i tried to fill the gaps afterwards but in reflection I would have been better adding the plastic before i stuck them on. It was a pain trying to get them right and would have saved a lot of cussing if I had done it first. It still works the way i did it, it would just have worked better doing it first
  3. The meng kits are impressive, even the boxes they come in are among the boes quality i've seen in kits. Revell could learn a lot from meng when it comes to the packaging.
  4. there an h1 hummer too, it looks pretty good. I still need to get the jeep
  5. I've got a very similar build in my unfinished pile. I did a slice at the lower corners of the window so i could pull the pillars into line, I think i sliced about 5mm (maybe less its been unfinished a while) into the corners at about 45 degress. I didn't cut the top either, but i leaned the entire rear forward, but it may have only worked for me as i sectioned the body too. I really need to dig it out and finish it. I put it back in the box after the pillars broke at the rear so if you do a little reinforcing to the back of them you can avoid that pitfall as the fit was very tight on mine. I hope this helps sorry the pics are poor but hopefully you can see how i avoided cutting the roof
  6. That looks sweet, and very current in your styling choices. Very nice paint too
  7. Awesome build, my first field car was a mk2 escort and while i'm more into vws now i would love another mk2 and im no fussy about body style
  8. meng did the f350 superduty crewcab also. Its a pretty nice kit but seems hard to find now.
  9. I've been a fan of bisimoto since they did the mini van, and its kinda cool to see an electric car i would like to own.
  10. Some rwb porsches if your into that sorta thing:- https://stickydiljoe.com/2020/03/14/nostalgic-2days-a-visit-to-rwb-chrncls-vlog-2020-12/
  11. If they are like the hobby design tyres that clear stuff just pulls off and doesn't damage the tyre. Its like a thin coating so i'm assuming its just the stuff to stop the tyres sticking to the mold
  12. along with a wide selection of plastic strips, tools and some bug fender skirts this camaro arrived. it wont let me post the pic but its the amt 2017 in yellow
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