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  1. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    its neep and tatties mashed together (turnip/swede with mashed potatoes) I'm not surprised with the haggis though, its not allowed in the us, (apparently its classed as offal) yet you can purchase chicken thats been washed with bleach for some reason, lol. And haggis is awesome IMO. If you are ever in scotland you should try it, as long as its made with a sheeps stomach cos otherwise its just a lie/fake news, lol (Thats just a joke before anyone gets twisted over it)
  2. 1960 Impala lowrider

    Wow, thats a work of art
  3. I have to agree with 89AKurt, the tamiya is the one you want
  4. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    haggis and clapshot with a creamy peppercorn sauce
  5. Very cool, I'm surprised no-one has kitted this era of the vw commercials
  6. What did you see on the road today?

    The cord that andy saunders customised (it was very rusty) was found in yorkshire too.
  7. What did you see on the road today?

    saw a nearly immaculate foreign registered (if it was local it would have returned to dust by now) volvo 240d estate on the way home from work. It had either been really well cared for or a recent restoration
  8. Kids today...

    Some of that is down to the younger generation being priced out of the older cars. How many younger people can afford to drop 20k on a project car that needs a lot more money spent on it just to be drivable, when they can pick up a running/driving civic for 5k and have an on the road project just like the guys did with their customs and rods in 50s and 60s. They will probably put just as much time, effort and cash into them in the long run but for the majority of them they need to be able to drive to work on monday morning. On the modelling side a lot of the warhammer/citadel type builders are now moving towards the more kit like figures and the products they have for them are great for weathering out type of builds. I know I've been stocking up on their paints
  9. Not had any time to build this month, hope to have an update next month
  10. Cool, it brings to mind the hippie bus vw are restoring
  11. Karmann Ghia Tamiya

    Cool, it was 80s cal look vw's painted like this that got me into cars.
  12. The Pantera WILL have an engine!!

    How about an audi v10 from the r8? it should fit since it was designed to fit in the space of a v8 and its already set up for mid engined.
  13. Karmann Ghia build.....

  14. unusual question on dust

    I've recently purchased some ak enamel dust coat stuff for aircraft. I haven't had the chance to try it yet but from some builds i've seen it looks like it works well. Its in the aircraft landing gear packs. You might also find something in the warhammer/citadel type paints or model railway detailing washes
  15. The Charger Squad - Post Pics of your Chargers

    The recent revell kit with a set of aoshima wheels and clearly scale pro charged 528 hemi, slammed as far as it would go. I used the hood with the cut out for panels under the stock hood, then had to cut a hole to get the engine to fit but i kinda like having it barely peeking through. Paint is duplicolour blue pearl over white primer, and some gold detail on the grille and wheels