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  1. I agree, most european cars are lhd, its only the uk and malta that drive rhd, lol
  2. I agree, most european cars are lhd, its only the uk and malta that drive rhd, lol seriously, its just a bit of banter and no offence intended
  3. because they can, old mercs are only expensive to you guys, and even then only the old rare ones are valuable. On this side of the pond mercedes are taxis and cars middle managers buy because they think they have made it, even the sls and slr lose lots of value when they leave the store so you can get a 2 or 3 year old merc for the same price as hot hatch. while you guys have recent mustangs and camaros as your cheap rwd cars we have mercs and bmws as ours
  4. I've seen 3d prints of a couple of 90s merc engines. ! was a straight 6 and the other a v8 but most of what you see on it is the cover anyway. The straight 6 was nicely detailed but I suspect it comes as one piece which could make painting difficult. I'm pretty sure it was ebay I saw it on and the price wasn't too bad. It was about £7 on this side of the pond so thats around $10 on your side. I'll have a look through my purchase history and see if I can find the seller cos I'm sure I've bought from them.
  5. the 2 red ones are photoshops but i like the front end, the rear looks more like an aussie holden to me though
  6. if your ordering wheels I suggest getting them a size or two bigger than you think you need, they seem a little undersized to me but most of my builds are 1/24. they are nice though
  7. He has a car in the petersen museum called gypsy rose, it was inducted into the historic vehicle register at the same time as the hirohata merc. Theres some good pics here, but my fav pi of it is when it was on show in DC with the hirohata https://classicandsportscar.com/features/gypsy-rose-queen-lowriders http://kustomrama.com/wiki/Walt_Prey
  8. I hope its not, cody seems to be the most chilled of the texas team
  9. stitchdup


    revell deutz tractor polar lights bug hasagawa bus (unfinished)
  10. looking for the above, condition of the chrome doesn't matter but the grille must be intact as its the only part I need
  11. he's the inventor of the internal combustion engine, or at least the first commercially available engine
  12. i think he might have a new car being built, there seems to be a 2nd gen camaro coming together in the background of his naration and another car other times
  13. I think JJ has a crash in fastest too in the still to come bit at the end or it may have been shown in the coming this season bit at the start, also in humingbird racing what looked to be cody baker. Looks like there's a a bad one in the oklamhoma series too between jeff and damon in the white camaro. One of them had a lot of fire but not sure which
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