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  1. Going to use one of texas 3d's magnuson supercharged Ls engines and the smaller rims. I'm using a larger set of wheels for mock ups so it will sit lower once complete. the front seats will be from a revell ferrari as the trim is a pretty good match for the bird. the front wheel tubs will be getting new tops and i'll fabricate a cover for the rad with the stock hood so i can keep the ridge detail and have something that you might see from the roadster shop. not sure about colour yet but the wheel arches, skirts and splitters will be in carbon
  2. Very cool, the car was my fav part of the movie. you wouldn't think it started as a range rover
  3. adults mostly look down on kids due to the height difference
  4. just add fertaliser and you have a pretty powerful explosive
  5. I've got a file for an m3 6 cylinder i'm going to be printing once i get the printer to work. I dont know how much detail the hasegawa kit has but the pics on uscp should give you a good idea whats there or 1999.com/eng will have pice of the kitcontents and insrtuctions. there is another option if you dont mind mixing scales. revell usa did the next model after the 2002 in 1/25 scale in both road and rally versions which might work for you. they should be pretty close size wise and it might be cheaper than the uscp parts but not as detailed. it might be worth having a look on spot model or scale production to see what they have too.
  6. repairmen first screamed the boss at madam tussauds
  7. i guess they would need measuring. i dont think the tyres would suit a car later then early 50s but the inserts might fit was my thinking
  8. would the ones from the revell 40 coupe fit?
  9. if you cant find the kit above, do a search for 1/24 rc wheels. theres a lot similar to those
  10. heres amt's pdf instructions list. search by the kit number and it might pop up https://www.round2corp.com/amtmki/
  11. it looks like they didn't use a primer on the bare plastic and its flaking off
  12. 3d printing . I feel like i've wasted 1200 quid on an expensive ornament for my living room. 5 bottles of resin and only one set of wheels turned out good. I'm following the instructions but it just dont work for me. I cant find any help locally for resin printers and most online help is garbage or trolls. I dont mind the fails if they were getting close to being right but they seem to fail in different ways in just one damn print. print the top half, print the bottom half, stick to the tank all in the same print. And i have to work with the guy that just wants to antagonise me and leave half his jobs unfinished so i cant do my job, and who i caught sneaking through my cabin last time we were on the boat, so the next week is going to be just as bad as this week has been, but in a different way. Wont something go right?
  13. I tried another print with thicker joins between the supports and item. I had a full engine and a set of wheels and tyres but only a couple of parts came out useful and even they are mis-shapen. It seems like theres something strange going on as some parts only print the top half and others only print the bottom of the item while other just print on the tank, even when they are on the same print run. for example the gearbox for the engine was sitting at 45 degrees with the engine end pointed up and it started printing the gearbox from half way along the tailshaft. I've spent a lot of money trying to get this to work and i'm onto my 5th bottle of resin now with only one set of wheels from over 100 quids worth of resin that have turned out well. I've been trying to find somebody local that could give me advice but so far i've only found people that have the plastic filament printers and they cant help. It seems no matter what i try with this machine that it just wants to cost me cash. I follow the settings anycubic recommend and still its a disaster. I'm tempted to just sell the piece of garbage cos its not saved me any cash and i could have bought all the parts i've tried to print for less, even with the ridiculous postage we have now. I'm just sick of the sight of the thing now, 2 months of failures and 4 months rent down the toilet. I've tried everything people have suggested and it just wont do the job its supposed to do. anycubics suggested resin settings on their site are the same for every resin and i tried them with no sucess except 1 set of wheels, i've tried settings from 3d print help pages, forums so i just dont know what to do now. 1200 pounds wasted
  14. It would have been a 4 cylinder, and there is a turbo version too. The 6 from the csi might fit but the engine bay on these is pretty small. The uscp products are very nice and they are able to ship their items again, even with the war. I've actually got some items on the way now. There are various bmw engines available on cults for 3d printing
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