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  1. Disgusting people that think because their travelling on a boat, rules of decency no longer apply. Over the last couple of nights I've had to disinfect pretty much everything due to them just throwing their sick bags at the bin, hiding them down the back of seats etc.. Then just to top that some woman decided the bin would bemore suitable to use then toilet and I'm the mug that has to clean it up. I want to rub their selfish faces in their mess they leave.
  2. The clear plastic from googley eyes works pretty well if the chrome part has the texture. Just give the chrome parts a very light white/cream wash then cut the googley eye to fit
  3. We had our local vintage club show during the first weekend of august. It is the first year it has been held over 2 days, and they have also opened up to let the younger folks with modified cars have a section to display what they are into. Some of the older folks in the club are still wavering over whether it is a good idea but personally I'm all for it as we're all car guys at heart and while I can see their point, if the club is to continue they had to let them show what they do. It all added to the show so here's a small selection of what was there. I have nearly 800 pics on my flickr of everything except the staionary engines. The show had cars, tractors, military and motorbikes so I'm sure theres something for everyone. Lots more pics here
  4. Close, just below the shetlands, I'm on the orkney islands (the ones in scotland, not the south atlantic)
  5. I'm at the other end of the country on an island. I did see her at a museum a lot of years ago though, and I think theres a vid on youtube of her doing the hill climb
  6. While this one isn't a blower, I had the pleasure of getting up close to this at the local show during the first weekend of august. The number of parents I had to tell to stop letting thier little brats climb over it was shocking. I bet they would all have gone nuts if i climbed over their cars
  7. Most of the paint removers will affect the filler mate,
  8. The simoniz stuff is garbage. None of their paints are any use for modelling due to the large amounts of thinners they use in every can. The simoniz may seem like a bargain when its in the large can but in reality the size is made up with more thinners than other brands. Your better off sticking to duplicolour. You can use brown dettol to strip the paint and just now its on special in superdrug (3quid50 for just under a litre)
  9. I'm not sure if its available in the states but this is where i get it https://www.theflockingshop.co.uk/index.asp?gclid=Cj0KCQjw2K3rBRDiARIsAOFSW_54ep4QdvXWhHXYlmYi3EDSrERvgIjiYLkMDTYiWa3MhLrjEUv8BNsaAh9REALw_wcB
  10. stitchdup


    Cool, theres a subtle streamliner vibe to it
  11. I would bankrupt myself if they did a bay window. I dont even care if they did it curbside cos the aftermarket would jump in to fix that pretty quick
  12. RWB porsche to feature in the next pixar cars movie, it just needs eyes
  13. I get my flocking from a 1/1 rally car place. Its shorter (1/2 mm for the longest strands) than the modelling stuff and comes in half kilo bags for the same price as one model brand tube. I also use suede effect nail art stuff as there are literally 100s of colour shades to choose from but those packs are small so sometimes it needs 2 for a carpet. I also dont use glue or future for sticking it. I use humbrol gloss enamels brushed on slightly thick, seive the flock over it heavy then pat it down a little after a couple of hours and add more over the top, then the next day I knock the excess off and it seems to work for me. The other benefit with the rally stuff is it mixes easily for custom colours
  14. I wouldn't say kids aren't interested in modelling, more their into other types of models such as gundam and citadel type stuff. Most towns and shopping centres have more than 1 wargaming shop now and you dont want to go near them on a saturday when they have games on. I know my local model club has lots of diecast collectors and war gaming members but only 2 traditional type modellers and I'm one of them. The other is a 15 year old that builds some nice military stuff
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