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  1. Finally got some time to work on this. I have assembled the chassis for the MAN and have found a slight warp to the rails but top to bottom rather than lengthwise which is a little odd. I also made a start on the flatbed only to find the trailer kit didn't have any rails at all so i made some up from the flat sides. I have also decked the trailer with real wood(coffee stirrers)
  2. it could be worth asking ucsp if they have them
  3. RIP Keith Flint - The Prodigy

    RIP enjoyed many a night to his music and saw them perform live twice
  4. Cars made under licence overseas

    Nice pics Anders, it looks like ford put a little more effort into the external look of their building than gm
  5. What Irked You Today?

  6. Wire wheels?

    There's a thread on here somewhere that explains how to build hand laced wheels.
  7. I've never seen a conversion kit for it, but i would like to build one. You may have to scratch or modify parts from something else. I have been thinking about finding a cheap rally car to canibalise for the 4x4 bits which may work if reversed
  8. 2013 Ford Mustang Interceptor

    This was built from the revell cobra. The wide arches are plastic spoons trimmed to fit, and the side skirts are the handles. The interior is completely stock to the kit. The engine is from the kraco indy car with a dodge gearbox and mounted high for a slight steampunk/sema shocker look. I decided against continuing the arches into the bumpers as I liked seeing most of the tyres from the front and back. The white stripes are finger nail tape, while the red and yellow paint are duplicolour acrylic i found half way through the paint that i didn't have any blue acrylic so had to use enamel instead. One of my friends inspired the paint when he said it looks like something from mad max. I made the roof spoiler from scraps and added a second spoiler to the stock one. I know its not to everyones tastes but it was fun to think outside the box and build something completely different. The blue lights in the grille were done with molotowe mixed with blue acrylic from a paint pen set. My one cricism of the mustang kit is the lack of decent mounting for the bumpers (they just wont stay on for long) but otherwise its a good kit
  9. New 1/24 Tamiya kit?

    Tamiya have done a full detail 1/24 mustang before. I used to have both versions of them. The 95? cobra had and engine while the similar age convertible was a curbside. I haven't seen one for sale in years though but i still have the wheels from the cobra. The engine was half moulded to the chassis with maybe 10 parts to add to make it complete. Its 20 years since i had one so my memory might be off on the number of parts but as i recall it even had the interior door detail unlike some of the newer kits that have some grooves instead
  10. Might be impossible, but if anyone can help....

    you might be worth looking on the auction site to see if someone is parting one out
  11. Revell Stearman PT-17

    Neat, my sister did a wing walk on one of these last year and I'm building it for her. I'll be using yours for reference
  12. eightyone resin suburu engine review

    I got it direct from eightyone's website for $15 delivered from hong kong
  13. This is a review for the eightyone suburu engine. I am currently building a vw karmann ghia with one of these engines so thought some of you might find this useful. The engine comes in approx 20 parts and only a couple of parts required a very minor amount of cleaning/trimming. A couple of parts were a little fiddly to get in place but that is down to my finger size most likely. It went together pretty easy otherwise and I can happily reccomend it for vw builds. I haven't pictured the belts but they are equally as nice as the rest of the engine. Mine came in grey resin with no bubbles anywhere.
  14. Revell "Contacta" cement ?

    the warhammer glue in the white bottle is the same as the revell too
  15. What Irked You Today?

    I believe I do, that last step into the ambulance is a little slippy