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  1. I keep mine in kitchen paper tubes stacked in one of the cubby holes in my workbench (old computer desk) I have a small section of the strips taped to the end so I dont have to hunt through them for the size i need. Depending on the size of the strips you can get ten packs of strip in each tube
  2. thanks, I've been looking into methods to control them but they seem to have changed how they happen recently. Before I would get to the severe tremors and pass out for a while but now I'm just not passing out. I'm trying to avoid the news and only look at it once a day. My doc offered me valium but i know far too many people that they became a problem for so I just wont take them. Meditation sounds like it could be what I need instead. Thanks again sir
  3. I've been having lots of panic attacks recently and I'm sick of them. I'm constantly feeling drained and lethergic after them. Last weekend I had pretty severe one each day and had to miss work because of them as i had no energy to walk across the room let alone the 3 miles to work. The only medication they offer to ease the attacks is one i cant take and I'm at a loss with how to cope with them. Half the time I'm not even thinking about any worries, and even eating dinner seems to set them off
  4. Cool, reminds me a little of the roundy round hot rods on this side of the pond
  5. If you dont find them I have some I can post down to you, I didn't use them on mine
  6. As an aside, I just recieved a kit purchased on ebay, paid very little for the kit but it still came with all the loose parts bagged, stuffed with bubble wrap and in a box I could stand on safely. To me that how it should be done.
  7. I would expect that to be very similar to the fairy power spray we get in the uk. Unfortunatelly for us they changed to formula a couple of years ago and its now useless, but before they changed it i used it to strip paint. Now i use la's totally awesome cleaner to clean resin with no ill effects.
  8. There's one shop in the uk that just used brown paper, I stopped ordering from them after 3 kits arrives squashed and they tried to say it was sent in a box. Now i take photos of the packaging as i open them
  9. you dont want to see his aurora concept car then, but his other concept car that was based on a ford drawing is pretty neat https://www.andysaunders.net/cars/
  10. that ones art, built by andy saunders in brighton. He builds a lot of wild cars especially short minis. One of my friends owns the last one he built
  11. The owner of the corolla is pretty obviously making fun of it, at least thats what the sticker on the bonnet says to me. The yellow car looks like one of my drawing from when i was 5
  12. thanks for the link, if the shipping aint too high I'll be having one of them
  13. http://www.speedhunters.com/2020/07/10-best-air-cooled-porsches/
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