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  1. airfix/heller bobcat series porsche racer, 36 parts and 24 of them were the wheels and tyres
  2. The plastic i need to finish my cannonball escort arrived today
  3. I keep a whistle next my phone for those calls. Thet never seem to call twice then
  4. I'll chuck the 63 startfire parts in with the plymouth Rich
  5. thankyou, Im sure i can just sand off the detail on those and they'll be close enough
  6. Does anybody know a source for dds vw drag wheels? 1/24 or 25. I'm looking for this style. The one pictured is a front wheel and the rears are much deeper/wider. I'd like to build a drag but at some point later this year and centrelines just dont loo right for a dkp style build
  7. $400 dollars each???? I get them free and I'm happy to save them for anyone that wants them, though I'm not sure how your customs would be about empty medication canisters.
  8. you need to make sure the parts you are gluing are clean of paint before you glue them. you can also apply he glue with cocktail sticks or pins to stop from getting too much on which helps to prevent it squidging out when the parts are pushed together.
  9. I wasn't feeling like rubbing down filler today, even though its pretty close to primer now. Instead I spent more time than i want to admit making a couple of wooden surf boards from lolly sticks and coffee stirrers. They need some more refining but my idea worked out ok
  10. Tamiya thinners work with nail polish, its just thick acrylic paint at the end of the day
  11. Anothe audi r8 roadster to use for detailing up the nunu racer that arrived yesterday. I know the racer is v8 but I'll be bilding it as a kitted and stanced road car so this gives me an engine and interior
  12. This has been stalled for a number of years now. The reason it stalled was the wood I used to skin it warped when the paint went on (and it looked awful in green and silver) The hull is the hot rod hydro kit from revell with a tamiya jag body cut to fit and the sides raised to suit the swoopy body. I used the hydro engine originally but now I'm thinking to use the jag engine instead as it probably fits the theme better than the hemi. I think moving forward I'll strip the wood from the hull sides and get some araldite 2 part glue so it has more chance of holding it on. The wood used is just coffee stirrers and I'll use them again since I bought way too many of them by mistake (wassure it said packs of 100 so I bought 10, them 10,000 of them arrived, lol) This time I'm thinking to do it in pearl white with possibly some carbon details such as the vents. I already stole the jag interior from this for something else but I've got an audi r8 roadster interior sitting doing nothing that I'm sure is wide enough to fit with a few small mods. I'll have to scratch some sort of panel with a door for the cabin area and since theres a lot of space at the back I might give the turbos an upgrade just to help fill it a bit. Theres a couple of projects ahead of this but this is officially back on the bench this year. The pics in green are how it sits just now but its a case of taking a few steps back before any progress can be made
  13. My grails at the moment are 2 scale production trans kits that have been long out of production. One is the mk4 golf r32 and the other is the t1 crew cab
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