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  1. Try taking vatamin d, it seems to help me when I'm working nights and not seeing the sun
  2. I might have a bumper, I got a box of random chrome and I'm sure theres one of them in it. If it is it will need rechromed but its yours if i find it
  3. I'll try some of your US terms in my next search, it might give me some options that will work. Strangely, there are loads of matress' long enough just not bases to fit them.
  4. I prefer unassembled or slightly started kits but if theres something I'm after and can only get a built up I go for that. I got a nicely built cord kit for dirt cheap as the axles were rusted and splitting the wheel mounts but everything I need was in decent shape and I'm sure I can save the wheels as all that damage is on the backs. Since a lot of what I like to build is customized, a lot of the time it doesn't really matter what I start with either but if I am starting with an unbuilt kit I save the parts I dont need because someone else here might need those parts. I know I've helped a few folk with my old or rare parts I've had left over or will have left over and folk have helped me out too. I think theres more satisfaction when you start with something rough rather than new but that might just be me. For the most part as long as the body parts, dash, front n rear glass and chassis are there I can raid the boxes for the rest.
  5. Cool project. These are good looking cars to start and a slam job just makes em cooler
  6. and after you buy it they'll send 30 emails telling you they have more. especially on high value items you only need one of
  7. Very cool, it reminds me of the beetle rsi on steroids. The wheelarches are something I wouldn't have thought to do on a beetle but they work really well on this, giving a sorta japanese style to it
  8. I'm not a collecter per se, but since I'm not able to build just now I'm still building up the stash. I have a lot of us 1/25 cars but the largest part of my stash is 1/24 vw group and I count myself lucky to have at least one of each including a 1/24 mk1 scirocco. There are 18 tamiya bug kits that each have a plan as I have various transkits for them and they are great for parts on the other bug kits. There's also a large number of fujimi mk3 golfs and transkits for building a euro and us jetta. I've also recently found a loat of 3d printed resin vw parts that I'm slowly amassing. I know I'll soon be starting into the alpha models kits as they have some stuff I need/want.
  9. I'm struggling to find a single bed thats long enough for me. Loads of 5ft 9 available but nothing longer. I'm 6ft 2 with a bad back so they're no use to me. I dont have room for anything bigger in my flat and a couch bed aint got the support i need
  10. Did you alternate direction when using the micromesh pads? If you did all the rubbing in one direction you will get the small scratches while alternating direction seems to negate this.
  11. I think the closet you'll find is the revell chevy beretta, but its a 2 door
  12. Since i'm not getting any time to build just now, i treated myself to a tv and second hand ps3. I would have got a newer playstation but i already have a heap of games for the ps3
  13. Some of the fujimi wheel sets include subs, amps and speakers similar to what you posted. Its the aftermarket rim sets similar to 90s mini trucks that usually have them but if you are unsure if they are included, you can search the rims on 1999 and they will have pics of the contents. Note, its only 4 or 5 of the many sets that include them, and usually have a big japanese saloon/sedan (lexus etc) on the box. Thers headunits included too, and tvs for the headrests.
  14. Thats a pretty cool scooter. Like others have said I didn't realise they still made them. Enjoy it
  15. 1999.co.jp/eng have it for less than $20. I'm not sure what delivery to the usa is though
  16. some recent arrivals. The 3 minis will be used to build my aunts ragtop and I needed the seats from one, the wheels from another and the top from the third. I think the laftovers will be used to build a modern take on the riley elf. Theres a pile more stuff from mac modellismo but I've not had a chance to get pics yet
  17. While I dont have one the italeri version shows up on ebay uk most of the time and isn't too pricey. The postage could be high on it though cos the italeri boxes are pretty large. I'll send you a pm
  18. I remember arguing with my teacher in primary schoool that you only need to know all the letters in the alphabet, as long as you get them all it cant be wrong. She told my parents I was right but it made her job teaching me harder as she had to use a tick chart to check I got them all. It ended up being a bit of a game for us, I tried to say it in a different order every time. When I finished at secondary school she gave me a tick chart she'd saved as she kept stuff to give all her kids when they left school. Most got their first drawing from art, I got a tick chart
  19. I dont know if they're that common in the usa but it seems every high street and shopping centre in the uk has at least one warhammer/citadel miniatures type shop. It might not be what we call modelling but it is being creative with plastic. I think we could get those guys interested in armour/military models as a lot of what they are building uses a fair pile of model parts and its not so big a leap from them to the military side of modelling
  20. The tamiya tape needs to be removed pretty quick after you've done your painting, 24 hours is way too long for it. Its no use if you want to leave it on for a while as the sticky stuff stays behind. Saying that though I only use it for sharp edges and just use cheap stuff for the rest.
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