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  1. Weird cars Post em here.

    The second two transits are actually the same van too. When the mk3 transit was released ford swapped the front to the new shape, and put a v6 cosworth engine out of a granada in it. I got to sit in the first version (second pic) when I was a kid, and i still have the matchbox toy of it I was given that day, though its pretty bashed now
  2. Weird cars Post em here.

    Under the van body it's a simple smashed gt40 racecar ford had hanging about a workshop
  3. Detriot diesel 6.2 or 6.5TD engine as a model?

    there's one in the meng hummer h1. Its 1/24 scale but pretty nice
  4. This started as a part box resin cab and a mercedes actros chassis and engine. The wheels are from a 1/18 diecast. The engine is mounted behind the cab thus making the bed pretty much useless, lol. I zee'd the chassis behind the engine to help get it low . The paint really needs a sunny day to bring out the colours. It has a black top fading through purple to blue lower then coated in pearl clear and lots more clear with lots of stripes and all of them are pinstriped by hand using artists pigment pens and gel pens.
  5. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    these were originally designed by chrysler for the chinese. Compare the chassis to one of the letter series car kits and you'll see it
  6. Thankyou sir, that all the info I needed as i can work out the rest from there, thanks again
  7. Hi Folks, I'm hoping one of you could give me some measurement of the moebius tyre and rim set tyres, preferably in milimetres. I'm looking for the overall height, width and the size of the hole for the rim. I have a project I've been working on between other builds (custom 1955 bedford s type) and the italeri tyres I have are too tall to suit it. Also measurements for amt 1/25 tyres would also be appreciated Thanks for reading
  8. KFS Holmes Wrecker Body

    keep looking on the kfs website, very often they have extra/seconds castings in the special parts/scratch building sections. It might not hurt to shoot them an e mail too, never know whats left over
  9. A quicky build compared to what I usually build, kit arrived on saturday and is only needing me to make up the bed floor once i find some old looking wood or a method to age wood fast. I tried to give it the look of an on the road project with the underside all done up and the body left as it was. Apart from the firewall and chassis, all the paint is dry brushing with no primer, using humbrol enamels, and waxed with skotchbrite while still slightly tacky. I also used the same brush for all the painting without cleaning between colours.
  10. 75 Firebird wanted kit or promo

    I dont know if it's any help to you but c1resin do a conversion to build a pro touring one from the revell 78 1/24 kit. Its a pretty good conversion and might be your best way to get a 76
  11. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I have a spare stock top from an original release 50 if its any use to you? Never painted and has glass too.
  12. More than one car with the same name

    Does ford doing totaly different escorts in europe and the us count? There's also mercury and lincoln capri (us) and ford capri (eu)
  13. Thats an awesome link, and it looks like it'll do the job, thankyou
  14. Cheers guys. I used a square brush for it, mainly using the flat area of the brush with very little done with the tip.
  15. Hand Grenade ?

    I have 4, 1/24 german ww2 hand grenades if they're any use. I only need 2 of them
  16. Looking for info about KAR-A-VAN logo/emblem

    this photo on instagram's comments might help. Theres one with a little history on rvi van conversions
  17. 70s bug

    It looks to have the rolls royce grille option. you could do chongs bug from up in smoke
  18. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    It wasn't ot mate, I had some debt from a period of unemployment, so I took on 2 full time jobs and 2 part time jobs and cleared it all in less than 2 months. Now I'm back to one job where i work 70 hours one week then have 3 weeks off. I thought I deserved to treat myself after all that, lol
  19. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I've been treating myself recently as a reward to myself for working over 300 hours a month. Some were trades on other forums and others from various second hand stores and i got a lot of resin stuff too. I gave the above firebird to one of my friends. He has been asking a lot of questions about my models and eventually asked where to get them. I gave him this kit along with a basic set of files, an exacto and some glue. To help him along we are building alongside each other (I'm doing the foose kit). I think he will be a good builder as he used to be a jeweller so I'm sure he'll have some tricks that he'll find the above firebird has 2 full kits in the box, shame the chassis are so simple though No pics of the resin unfortunately, but Ed Fluck and clearly scales resin is beautiful stuff, better than some plastic kits I've had. I also got some 18eightyone wheels and am pretty dissapointed with the casting on them, seem to be a lot of voids in them
  20. Wire Wheels

    I agree, the tamiya jag wires would be perfect for the aston, if i remember correctly they were both dunlop wires
  21. http://www.automobile-catalog.com/make/nissan/cedric_4gen_330/cedric_4gen_330_hardtop_coupe/1978.html
  22. Scan of a '72 AMC Gremlin body

    is this any use? http://carblueprints.info/
  23. Scale Production in Europe

    the site has a button to put it into english, look at the top right of the page for it