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  1. Anyone having issues with a thread loading..?

    except this thread which is kinda odd
  2. Anyone having issues with a thread loading..?

    I am unable to post or send pms today. Everything I do gives me a 404 error
  3. What Irked You Today?

    It's only within the last year things have started to change here, but then it is an island so is sorta cut off in some ways. Heroin is starting to change things now and the level of violence that follows it is awful. Crime here used to be the odd falling out scuffles and a little weed but really nothing serious. The thing the junkies moving here dont seem to realise is its mostly a farming and fishing community and a lot of stuff gets sorted out without the cops. A shop out in the country get robbed a couple of years ago while a kid (17ish) was the only one there. They thought he would be a soft touch (first mistake was hes a farmer, second mistake was he plays rugby) but the kid beat him over the head with one of those old 50s metal tape dispensers. The kid got an award from the cops and the robber got jailed.
  4. Tips for shipping built models

    I would double box them, the innerbox packed with bubble wrap to prevent too much movement and then the outer box packed with scrunched up newspaper or something similar. The ziplock bag is a great idea too so I'd combine it with the method suggested. It will put the postage up but thats probably better than complaints from the buyers. If you sold them on the big auction sire do not use their packing and shipping service, they just throw it loose in a box and really dont care what happens to items. I've had packages they packed arrive with the contents destroyed and they made the seller refund my money when it wasn't the sellers fault
  5. What Irked You Today?

    its a small community and stuff like this rarely happens, normally you can leave anything lieing about in safety. I rarely even lock my door and i'm away from home for a week or more each month. It'll be locked now though
  6. Evergreen storage ideas.

    Thats how I store it too, but I have a small tab of masking tape with a little bit of the size of evergreen inside taped on the outside edge of the tubes so I can find it at a glance rather than having to read the sizes, however thats partly due to the sizes being in inches as I'm not very good with turning them to mm
  7. Did the 2 door wagons have quarter lights in the back windows? To me that suggests a 4 door but i know very little about US cars
  8. how many models have you built?

    I think I've built maybe 50 or 60, but some of those I've rebuilt into something else after i would have called them finished. I have some that I've redone more than once but I dont have much display space so some get put back in the stash depending on my mood at the time. For example i did one of the imex caddys with anice black and lace paintjob and withing a week i had had it stripped down as I coulen't bear to look at the massive gap between the roof and screen so its back in the box in bare plastic until I can fix that gap
  9. What Irked You Today?

    Had a few items to post today. Since it was raining i took refuge in a bar on the way home. Had to pop to the bathroom and caught someone going through my wallet when I came out. I gave them the offer of calling the cops and admitting to them what they did, or i call an ambulance and teach them a lesson while they waited. Needless to say they can still use their hands and run faster than me
  10. What did you get today? (Model Car Related Items)

    I dont know if it will help you, but when using tweezers try wrapping the end with double sided tape. My granny did this when she was sewing and it may help you too
  11. Are things THIS serious with this kit?!

    Not sure if this is the right thread, but there's a revell 29 roadster kit on one of the large online stores for $423 just now. Made me smile since I just got one for less than 5% of that price since the bags were open and some parts removed from the sprues. Been through it and cant see any of it missing except 2 light lenses
  12. Lamborghini Countach Twin Turbo

    If your feeling lazy you could use the handles from disposable plastic cutlery. If you look around you should be able to find some with the profile you need and they have the added bonus of being made from styrene so your current glues will work. I'm actully using some to build a liberty walk style mustang just now
  13. you might get away with one of the micro mesh polishing kits, I've used them on primer before and ended up with a high gloss shine. If I remember correctly some enamels can be used over other paints but get confirmation from someone thats knows for sure first.
  14. The cobra and buick dont look like they need any clear to be honest. I cant really tell on the top one but from what I see it looks good as it is. I would use the same brand of clear as the original paint if it was me though
  15. What image hosting do we use?

    This site will host them for you now so you dont need a host site unless you post on other forums too. I use flickr myself as the annual fee isn't much but the free blog sites such as tumblr can also be used as a picture host. Depending on your settings, facebook is also a possible host but personally I would avoid using it.
  16. ONCE UPON A TIME..... (game)

    with fragrant chemtrails
  17. This is my entry for the build off. My plan is to make the trailer a flatdeck and change the tyres for italeri's nice rubber ones in place of the 2 piece plastic ones in the truck kit. I think it will be mostly box stock with some weathering. I'm not sure yet if I'll use the roof spoiler. I do know the first thing I will be doing is repairing the front panel of the truck cab as it has broken at the lower windscreen corners but both bits are there so it should be a simple enough fix. I'll get better pics of the boxes once I return home as these are pretty bad even for me
  18. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    Thankyou. These are the kits I will be using. My plan is to use the trailer to make the flatdeck since its all I have. I have a plan for a load if there's time at the end. appologies for the poor pics, I'm not at home and these are the only pics I have stored
  19. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    Can I enter with an italeri man formel 6 and flatdeck trailer please? I fancy building a large truck this year
  20. Adding Memory to Computer?

    How old is your battery? my computer started running hot and slow when the battery started failing and windows 10has made it worse. Now a 200mb file takes 10 mins or more to copy
  21. Photo Help

    I would install firefox and set it as your browser. Make sure you download it from the firefox site though
  22. Removing Nail Polish?

    When I use nail polish remover I never soak it in the stuff. I use cotton wool balls and q tips and clean one panel at a time rinsing with soapy water very often to reduce the chances of damage. I only use it for acrylics though. For enamel I use mr muscle oven cleaner as in my experience it is best for removing enamels. I will be checking when I purchase it again to see if its acetone free I've been buying though just to reduce the risk a little more. I also do the roof first, holding the model upside down so the run off doesn't run over areas yet to be done, then I do the doors so their run off is going over paint rather than plastic, and then I do the front and rear fenders holding the model so that they are the lowest point to keep the nail polish remover from bare plastic as much as possible. You shouldn't need to soak it though, you dont see women soaking their hands to remove polish as it works real fast on acrylics
  23. Big Rig Build Off Entry List 2019, Rules and Updates

    Shipping to the US is more than it is to Canada (about a third to half more). I think it's something to do with Canada being part of the commonwealth as shipping to Australia is cheaper too. If oyu look on the kfs website the shipping is listed somewhere on it