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  1. game of thrones is a tell all about manufacturing porcelain seating isn't it?
  2. hydraulics have been in use since before the romans conquered europe
  3. that looks like a batmobile and a falcon had a baby
  4. I've been looking around cults and i've noticed a few differences in how the models are displayed. i picked these 4 as they seem to be the most common among the ones i've looked at. is there a way to tell which are printable? i saved a guide to scaling which i think will help for resizing but another question is which of these files could i chop parts from and only print those parts in clear resin, for example side mirrors or the lights. i was thinking to print the lights and smaller parts seperately, as well as with the body and do more normal modelling to swap the lights to get a better looking model. anyway these are the styles i'm seeing most and some look better than others. can these even be editted? i dont mind learning new stuff when i know what the end goal is and even enjoy it then https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/cadillac-lasalle-series-50-sedan-1935-v2 https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/dodge-panel-van-1935 https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/game/volkswagen-corrado-g60-1988-printable-car-body https://cults3d.com/en/3d-model/various/audi-rs5-lb-2014
  5. I've been watching random tv shows at work. Tonight i was watching an airportshow and the narator had a strong accent. anyway I'm not ashamed to admit i spent far too long laughing at airport sniffer ducks
  6. raw meat isn't the cure all for injuries that movies would have us believe, in many cases it makes injuries become infected
  7. wait, issn't there an irony in asking tamiya to put an electric motor in a new kit when it took them so long for them to stop adding them? lol
  8. hi there, there is a diecast made by minichamps of that car. its in 1/43 scale and runs $50-$70. Theres also a much more expensive larger car in 1/18 by autoart. it runs anywhere from $450 to over a thousand depending on sellers. Both of these might have different stripes to your husbands car but will be the closest you will find. if you have time ebay would give you the most options but since your in new york look for a diecast specialist. these are a few steps above the toys kids get so dont be surprised at some of the prices
  9. that may be the case in america but in the rest of the world we have the audi rs series, bmw m series, mercedes amg, sneaky japanese sedans that hide skylines and evos under the skin and they all have 4 doors, but they also have racecars of them so we get to them rubbing handles on the track or flying sideays in rallying. even the suv kits that are somewhat popular aren't close to the sales of those and i expect any skyline or evo kit outsells all the suv kits combined
  10. Ford already sell 3d print files of most of the range, they have done for a fair number of years now. when 3d printing was still a distance from being done at home they had files out for the full pick up range. i saw one of the prints from that time and it was like a late 90s computer game version of the truck and nothing like what we can do at home now but thats the market for models of e cars. those owners are less likely to buy a traditional model kit when they can print something at home. what I'm trying to say is we wouldn't be likelly to buy a kit, but neither are the owners. these owners like to think of themselves as a bit ahead of the rest of us so a plastic kit they have to put effort into just isn't for them, a 3d print is right up their street, as simple or as complicated as they want to make it. I'm not putting down the owners, they just dont do things the way we do or would expect
  11. pinto might be kinda appropriate with how fast e cars seem to be going up in smoke, i think even chong would struggle to keep up
  12. please yourself doesn't mean what you think when arguing with a woman
  13. plentiful was the bounty from the wrecked container ship
  14. I would try using a piece from the leftover corvair roof parts. Its already the shape you need to fit the roof.
  15. That could be expanded a little. A lot of modern wheels are just bigger old wheels so if there was a second size of rims to upsize the originals you've just turned one wheel into 2 differnet sets with just a rim swap. if the extra rim had a little extra lip that would give you the option to get the offsets you need. For example a 16" early ford rim could be a modern 18/9" rim
  16. I would use the 59 bed cover, and a piece of flat plastic for the middle. I'd cut the 2 pleated pieces out of the cover, cut the flat centre then glue both pieces to a backing piece. since there doesn't appear to be trim between the flat and pleated this will give you the best seperation edge and you wont have to worry about cutting the strips at an angle. remember to reverse the direction for the other side
  17. the front wheels are in the heller massey ferguson tractor kit. The only split window available is the bestmodecarparts trans kit but if your using the revell or tamiya bug kits, the oval window from the heller kits fits. just trim them both carefully along the rain gutters and the pieces will swap with no need for filler. Use the engine lid shut lines to line them up and you cant go wrong.
  18. did they sell them in australia or south africa? i dont think we got them in the uk but there are some conversions.
  19. i should have put faster, better was the wrong word. I've looked on thingiverse but it seemed very expensive, nothing seemed to be at what i would consider hobbyist prices.
  20. before you start chopping, cut a piece of card cut to the size the new window will be and its much easier to get both sides square. no need to measure evrytime, just try the window template and you'll save a load of time.
  21. tolerate was the straw that finally sent the sign writer full postal
  22. Is there a better site than cults for files? I'm not saying its slow but i've cut my fingernails twice since it started loading
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