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  1. I missed that, looks like platz are getting a fair bit of my wages
  2. That looks pretty good, when they announced it i assumed it would be the r8 tool modified. I hope they didn't put the brakes in between the wheel halves again like on the r8 kits
  3. I tend to assemble the parts like engines and axles before painting as it looks better and lets you get rid of mold lines. I will paint some parts on the tree if they are easy to lose but if they are fitted on another part the same colour I will assemble them too. I also try to do all the pieces the same colour at one time to save time later. I only really use the manual for the engines as most of my builds are using parts from various different kits. Also I still use spray cans so doing multiple parts at the same time saves on paint. With an airbrush you waste less paint anyway so there is more chance to paint less parts at a time
  4. Man that boat is cool, it looks like it should be built in 1/1
  5. This turned up in my feed this morning. At first glance i thought it was a volvo p1800 but a second look and the screen is obviously from another car so I think it might be something done to look like like the volvo. I have no idea what it is except possobly a corvette or some japanese coupe.
  6. I recognise that green jetta in your first batch of pics, its one of the top vw show cars from about 10 years ago and there a lot of mods under that stockish body. I have numerous features on it.
  7. Nice looking nissan, I would love to see some pics in the sun as the paint you used really pops and has a nice flip to a pretty bright blue. I had a metro that colour about 20-25 years ago and i only bought it cos of the colour
  8. Didn't the golden sahara have a lot of very hi tec stuff for the era it was built? I'm sure i read somewhere about it having stuff we take for granted in our modern cars. It doesn't excuse what it looks like but i was under the impression thats what made it famous rather than the style
  9. Engine upgrades for the tamiya vw engines would be cool. things like a judson supercharger for the old school guys, twin carb set ups for street and drag and a turbo set up. I can happily send you a engine to work with and it may be parts you can sell on to others as there is a massive lack of early vw tuning parts
  10. I mostly listen to rap, but ac/dc is the music i grew up with bfore rap. My guilty pleasure is the spice girls, I took my little sister to see them live when she was ten and it was one of the best concerts i've been to
  11. I had a neighbour learning to play the pipes a few years ago. I moved
  12. unfortunatelly you wont find a better price than amazon for rolls unless you order direct from china. I got a roll 50 ft long for under 10 quid
  13. I dont have a choice, i have to vote for the fibrebab avenger as I've been gathering gt40 kits to kitbash into one
  14. insulating tape, just hide the join under the bottom pulley
  15. Nice work, its hard to chop a bug and keep the shape, you managed it
  16. An unfortunate brand placement on a van. The van is a long wheelbase mercedes sprinter. The brand is The Ace Horse. It has a sliding door on both sides and one side is fine, the other would probably earn me a ban, lol
  17. with the older stuff your probably going to have more luck on the larger wheel sales sites. I know theres one for aircooled vws but i dont think i've seen one for muscle cars. There was one for tri 5 chevies that might have been the same guys as the vw one. you'll probably have more luck just typing the car and wheel into a google image searches though
  18. that a type 4 engine. you would be better starting with the engine from the revell t3 camper/bus kits
  19. https://www.mototechnique.com/ferrari-250-gto a google search for farrari 250 gto chassis brings up a load of bare chassis pics in various stages of dismantling/reassembly
  20. Theres around 40 tracks, but some have more than one version. The tracks that have been carried over have a few changes to them as well and some are gone completely. There doesn't seem to be as many cars this time but maybe the missing ones will come back in one of the updates. The biggest change is the gameplay, its much improved and wet has got more realistic. driving through puddles will make you aquaplane sometimes but not others, and it wont necessarily send you the same way each time. Theres a lot less german cars this time but again they may come back, or even appear in the second hand section. Theres more modifying/tuning set up options too. The biggest downside is having to be online to achieve anything, if your not online it doesn't count and the online multiplayer needs an extra cost playstation membership which is pretty poor on a seventy quid game. If you can swing a second hand ps4 and a copy of gt7 I dont think you'll regret it
  21. Just wondering if any gran turismo 7 players want to set up our own races? I have the same user name on there as i do here. It works on both ps4 and ps5 so either console can be used
  22. It looks to be a 53/4 chevy. The top of the doors are a little different at the front edge than the olds, having a more pronounced widening below the window. I think the revell 53 chevy delivery might be a good starting point and less work than the olds around the headlights and grille area
  23. our tow trucks dont lift the cars, we mostly flat tow so the tow eyes are needed here. although most recovery companies use sliding flat decks now
  24. around here we're aflicted with the most dangerous and oblivious form of pedestrians. we call them wombles but most places call thm tourists. they dont have any sense of self preservation instinct. they will happily step out in front of cars for that one perfect photo. they'll walk into businesses like its a tourist attraction and their allowed to be there. to stop them getting on my work boat, we use a wet paint sign cos the staff only one obviously didn't mean tourists. theres a liner every day this summer (270 carrying at least 3500 each) and at least 4 people a week will get hit by cars
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