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  1. Love it! Watching 24 hr at Daytona as I type.
  2. My late, younger brother found this glue bomb '72 Corvette convertible at a yard sale. We were both into models all of our lives and he wanted me to "save" this one. This was 25 years ago and it's a little sentimental for me. I'm a Corvette enthusiast (http://www.shamblesmodels.com/real-cars.html) and my first one was a '72 coupe. I don't remember exactly what this model looked like when I got it, and I don't have any before photos, but here's the after photos:
  3. Pretty much got the garage and showroom set up. Got my HP LaserJet M254dw in so I can do decals with a white underlay for dark models (like that black Sedan Delivery). I'll be doing some weekly variations. Here's this weeks:
  4. I've got 11 or 12 of these '64 WCPD Chevys, so what better way to show 'em off than at Shambles Performance Motors car lot? I put the hubcaps and fender skirts in the trunk for those being unloaded. That's the way the 1:1s came.
  5. My pleasure, Dan. Your signs look great, as does your whole diorama. Keep us posted! I'm working on my next "S**t Load of Chevys" diorama at Shambles Performance Motors.
  6. Impressive work. Keep us posted. That's one of my all time favorite Chevy body styles. I almost bought a '66 convertible that was in pretty good shape. That was about thirty years ago.
  7. Very nice work. And hought some of MY projects were ambitious
  8. Tons of left over and spare kit parts is what inspired my first Shambles Performance Salvage diorama. Well, that and all the models I'd wrecked.... http://www.shamblesmodels.com/dioramas.html http://www.shamblesmodels.com/wrecked.html
  9. We're never too old to play with our toy cars! Welcome to the forums, Kevin.
  10. That wagon would be collectible today. So would Mom's 63 Dodge wagon that I inherited for my high school years.
  11. I've seen some of those hot ride company's ads. I don't know of any close to me here in central FL, but it sho' sounds like fun. You said the Lambo was "written off" the next day... did someone crash it?
  12. Yeah, it's a pretty tight squeeze for my old fat ass. This Vette was originally sold in Canada so the window sticker is in French! Unusual color combo: Blade Silver/ Kalahai interior. The C6 had a little more leg room but the C7 seats are more comfortable. What's that interesting looking green thing off to the right?
  13. I''m 67 and love all the sitcoms from that era. One of my favorites is the early, B&W Beverly Hillbillies
  14. I drove a semi for almost a year back during the great recession. I needed a job and health insurance, OK? I was amazed at some of the custom rigs I saw at the truck stops.
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