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  1. where is that rim shot video when you need it?
  2. Ken...I always prime...everything! Thanks for the comments, guys. BTW...mine won't have the rear spoiler on it. I think it detracts from the subtle coolness of the body lines.
  3. I was watching Motor Trend and one show had Steve Strope's crew at Pure Vision building a Nova with a twist for Joe Rogan. They had put Camaro side panels on Rogan's Nova and I thought it was a cool idea... I had Revell's 69 Nova and a 69 Camaro I bought for parts at a MAMA's club meeting and set to work. Note, I'm not replicating Rogan's car, just inspired by it. I removed the Camaro side panels and grafted them directly to the Nova pitching them just a tad lower. This will give the illusion of the car being lowered without having to adjust the suspension (Shown below with "ZWHEELZ")... Then came the tedious job of attaching plastic stock, shaping, filling, sanding, priming, fixing the rough spots, priming, more sanding, priming and...you get the picture! After the final primer, fixing what amounts to a pinhole in the front 1/4 panel and a bit of light wet sanding, well it looks pretty good to me... I left the Camaro gills in the rear 1/4's to give a subtle hint to what I did to the body as the average person will look at this and go "why does this look different?". The gills will be a huge clue. Since the fenders are a bit flared out now where the bumpers meet the body, I had to adjust the bumpers a bit to fit. I really disliked the overall shape and bulkiness of the bumpers so I made quick work of shaping and smoothing them to bring them in tighter to the body and remove the sharp curves. The grill also had to be smoothed ad tapered just a tad at outter edges. The bumpers and grill trim will also be color matched to the body so I was not concerned about the chrome. Once done and an overnight stay in Windex to remove the chrome, the bumpers fit right and tight and look sharp. The grill and hood trim also went into the Windex bath. I also took care of the interior somewhere in there...Ferrari seats with "SS" badging (who da thunk it) and a flocked floor. I was out of semi-gloss paint (both brush and spray) and being impatient since local hobby shops are all pandemically closed, used Krylon black semi-gloss warmed up purchased at Home Depot (note to self, develop more patience)... I should have mail ordered the right paint but I went with it as it won't be seen too clearly anyway in the long run. So that's where I'm at for now. Still deciding on color and if I want to do the stock engine or swap it out...who knows what I may do next with it.
  4. Mine came in today also from Mega Hobby. While I love the kit, I would have preferred it with an opening hood and fully detailed engine compartment. No regrets tho...I love it!
  5. Well, this one is done, removed the greenhouse on the Revell 2005 and replaced it wit the deck and waterfall of A 2008 AMT. used my brother’s actual plates photo reduced a la George Bojaciuk. Aside from the rear deck, not a whole lot of tricks done. Drilled out each of the rotors, used Black BMF around window frame and trim on the rear deck behind the seats. Painted with Duplicolor red and also used their interior paint. The paint kinda orange peeled on me but was afraid to wet sand it too far so I just let it be. Now if we can get through this pandemic, he might even get to see it in person! IMG_2339.MOV
  6. Finally finished! The kits hood ornament wasn’t working for me with its 2 pc. configuration that ended up looking like some weird gynocological instrument. So I stuck a piece of round plastic stock in the dremel and turned it to a bullet shape kinda like a 57 Chevy has. Coated it with malatow and glued it in place. It worked! Took it to the MAMA’s Club February meeting and to my surprise, it got the president choice (or whatever it was called) for pick of the month! LOL! I didn’t think it was that good especially with all of the veteran talent (like Lyle Willits at the bottom of the next picture) displaying other models! Very humbling! Thanks for all the feedback!
  7. No and really does not need them. Actually, springier sand heads would probably get torn up. it requires a lighter touch than balls-to-wall sanding as it will melt plastic if held in one spot too long. I didn’t believe George at first about how well it works but as long as I’ve known George, he’s never let me down. It does a great job, honest!
  8. I was interested in an opening hood that was not on the snap kit and could not find a Revell snap kit
  9. The goal...replicate my brothers new (used) 2005 C6 Corvette Convertible using a Revell 2005 C6. I know, I know...Revell only made a 2005 Corvette Coupe. So I grabbed a 2010 AMT convertible kit and did what any of us would do...cut out the coupe’s greenhouse/rear deck from the Revell kit and swapped out the waterfall/rear deck from the AMT. I was surprised that both kits were fairly close in so far as panel lines, dimensions, body contours and so on. After a little sanding, test fit, more sanding, test fit...wash, rinse, repeat and a fairly decent fit! I’ll let the plasti-weld set up and cure a bit before applying filler but it’s a good start for the time being. By the way, I took a suggestion from George Bojaciuk and purchased a power sander from Micromark. This thing is KILLER! Saved me a bunch of time in sanding as well as wear and tear on my otherwise arthritic thumb that makes holding/sand/filing difficult on a good day. Best $80 I’ve spent yet in so far as useful tools go.
  10. An update...first real build in a long, long time! Currently about 95% done now; still have a bit more to do but here it is for the most part...
  11. Well, I got the Camaro Wagon yesterday and I gotta say, the casting is really well done. Almost no flash and I went over the body with a magnifying glass to find air bubbles...NONE! No errant outcroppings of resin, no warping. If I didn't know better, I'd swear this was cast by R&R of MD or HRM. Outstanding!
  12. Well, my checkbook thanks you for that recommendation! I went to C1 and looked over the Camaro Wagon and it was on sale! Chris popped it in the mail yesterday in the UK and it's already in the USA. That's fast service! I saw his products at the NNL in NJ a couple of years ago and they are nothing short of incredible. I also happen to have multiple 2017 Camaro kits available for donor vehicles.
  13. Duly noted I test fitted the radiator I had planned on using only to find out I had to make some changes... AGAIN! Took the radiator from the Foose Ford pick up and opened the radiator header under the hood. Scratch built a pair of brackets so it will fit as far forward in the engine bay as possible. Then altered the bottom of the radiator just enough so the hood would close. Still needs Final sanding, paint and appropriate plumbing but the pics are below (the engine is not permanently mounted yet)
  14. Got some more done on this. I used the custom nose piece on this and puttied the resulting seam. Disliked the custom bumper/grill so I cut some mesh to fit, made a custom frame and epoxied the giant “V” in the grill. Added some trim to the inner door panels and flocked the lower portion... This was my first attempt at doing BMF. Pretty frustrating at first but it got easier as I got going with it. Still a lot of screw ups but it’ll work... still lots more to do. Stay tuned!
  15. Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of the process so I'll try to explain what I did... This was the original issue Crown Vic and as such, the body was fairly thick. Using a dremel under slow speed to not melt the plastic, I ground down the inside of the fender-wells to see if I could gain whatever room I needed. Right idea but still needed more room. Z wheels are basically 3 pieces, an outer rim, the resin wheel and an inner rim. So I tried sanding down the inner and outer rims and offsetting the tire a bit but STILL not enough. So, I had to reinvent the wheel (eh...so to speak) I took a piece of paper and traced the flared part of the front and rear fenders, cut it out and traced it to a 0.030 sheet plastic. Next, opened the wheel well on the body just enough to let the outside dimension of the wheel/tire to fir...almost there. Glued the section of sheet plastic to the body just a tick lower than the original fender flair (going a tick lower gives the impression of the suspension being lowered without really lowering it) Sanded the sharp edges down of the extended fenders, filled and sanded smooth and contoured the new fenders into the original so it looked stock. Finally, got out the dremel and again removed plastic from the inside of the new fender-well. Sanded and primed as needed. Here's a diagram...the red line was what I removed from the original fender to let the tire fit. Primed
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