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  1. This is great info, many thanks! Without attempting to hijack this thread, I recently purchased an LS1 3D printed engine for about $20 (or roughly the cost of an entire Corvette kit) from Texas3DCustoms. The detail is very good and makes for a great alternative to injection molded... https://tx3dcustoms.com/
  2. Well...Rec'd my first order from Texas 3D Customs today and... well... this some of the BEST work I have seen in a while! Super fine detail...there is some minor flash but can be cleaned up easily First the Stock LS-1... Then the GM 6L8OE Transmission... and finally...the Shelby GT-350 5.2L Engine... Really nice work, many thanks! Looking forward to finishing these and using them in a future project. I WILL BE BACK!!!
  3. Well, the feedback/reviews on here were too good as were the pictures of your products, Charles. So...I pulled the plug on 2 engines and a transmission for future projects. Looking forward to getting them.
  4. Mine came yesterday. Huge difference in mailing dates vs. being in hand! Thanks
  5. I realize that you guys are talking about stenciled flames but I attempted to the "other" type of flames (aka, "real flames") using a plastic stencil and airbrush. This is on a trash truck body and was my first and only attempt to free hand it. I thought it was a good first attempt and it was easier than I thought just time consuming...
  6. I painted the seat centers free-hand in these mustang seats I put in my custom 56 Crown Vic...
  7. Hey Randy, yes...the 1/24th Wix Challenger is Highway 61. I have it also and it is exceptional as compared to other Wix Releases. On the GTO, the best part of that is the actual car it is modeled after. The folks at ICONS introduced me to Walt Hollifeld who has one of every year and model of GTO including the Judges, ever made. The only exception is the 2004 GTO which is really a rebadged Holden. Included in this is the FIRST '64 Tempest with the GTO package to come off the line and the last 64 Tempest with the GTO package. In so far as the Red 67 GTO goes, yes...in Walt's collection the red 67 only has 12 miles on it...not 120, not 1,200 or 12,000...only 12 miles! All of the GTO's are kept in what used to be a show horse barn on his property that was redone specifically for the GTO's. He also had another barn with some 200+ cars ranging from Model T's to Yenko Stingers, Cobra's, Mustangs, all of the 60's era Hardtime drag raing firebirds and many, many more! To keep everything running and driving, walt has a full time mechanic on duty that at the time I was there, was restoring a car once owned by Elvis Presley. On the GT-40, according to ICONS, after my article came out featuring that particular diecast, the demand became so high that ICONS went back and had another 25,000 tooled up which also sold out. I was nicely done but way too much chrome was used for my taste. At the time though, it was the only 1/24th scale DIECAST GT-40 done and was high on collectors want list to have in that scale. Other diecast companies saw it as too much money to invest in a 1 model (or so it was thought) Release. ICONS worked directly with Lee Holman, son of John Holman from Holman/Moody in getting the GT-40 done.
  8. Ray, You may not be aware of this but this particular "Elvis" Cobra from ICONS Inc. with this box art is pretty rare. I ran this in a column I wrote and did sell a few for Toy Cars and Models Magazine somewhere around 2008. I also did some side work for ICONS and they provided me some information on this one. Icons had the box art printed and did sell a few BEFORE they had the rights to market this as the "Elvis" car from Spinout. Turns out that Franklin Mint already secured the exclusive rights to do it in 1/24th scale so ICONS had to have the box art reprinted and was not allowed to market this as the Spinout car but they were allowed to sell the cobra with #11 meatball on it. Those that were shipped to NAPA had to be recalled. The box art was reprinted with the famous Las Vegas marque on it which alluded to the Elvis Vegas car without saying it was. I can't remember how many were released with the Elvis box art but below are the differences ICONS targeted the Franklin Mint version touting the fact that they could provide better detail at a $30 price point for their Cobra's over Franklin's version. George Bojaciuk was the designer for FM and I compared the 2. There was no way it was better then the FM version but for the money, it was a good buy for collectors, especially if on a budget. The collector response to the Cobra (combined with the GT-40 they did for Wix Filter's 40th Anniversary) made ICONS' head swell. They later did a GTO that was in the same price point for NAPA that was targeting the Danbury Mint GTO. ICONS proudly boasted it was better than Danbury could ever think about doing. It didn't garner the same response and humbled ICONS.
  9. Interestingly enough, Ray...I did manage to find one on ebay and rec'd it today. It too was also open, appears complete and also had the engine block glued together. Weird
  10. I tried Elmer's and it didn't work as well as the color matched adhesive for me. Don-Jer's adhesive holds better and never dries but gets to a tacky state to retain the fibers tighter. Essentially, the Don-Jer method is closest to what is used in 1:1 automotive glove boxes and console interiors. The color matching helps to hide where the flocking may have gone on a little light. I know others that use salt and pepper shakers also with great results but for me, I have too many Rx bottles so it just made sense to repurpose one of those. Works great tho! https://www.flockit.com/
  11. Don-Jer is the cats butt! I have used it several times. I bought the flocking and the color matched adhesive. They also have an applicator but I took an old prescription bottle and drilled holes in the lid. tape off anything you don't want flocked like where the seat will be. Apply the adhesive to whatever you are flocking (be generous but not a heavy coating) then pour some flocking in the bottle, invert the bottle and shake it on trying to cover the adhesive as uniformly as possible. let it set up and lightly press it in. turn over whatever you just flocked and shake off the excess. Let it stand for a few hours and peel off the tape.
  12. I've tried to find one of these at a reasonable price but gave up on it. Looks great!
  13. 🤯 Surprisingly, I got my issue #210 today! After not receiving the last issue through normal channels, I was shocked to see it in the mail this morning. YEAH!!! In so far as the content goes, I think it's a good issue BUT it has different content than #209. That will happen when you have show coverage included and #210 has 10 pages of the Las Vegas show content. It is not chock full of articles like the one on Atlantis in issue #209. If you're going to have show content included, it will take the place of normal content. Can you have both? Sure! The thing is that if you go over a certain number of pages in an issue, the production costs go up to produce that issue depending on how the printing contact was written. When I wrote for the mis-managed and poorly executed The Car Room Magazine, each issue had to be kept under 90 pages. If it went to 95 pages, it hit another price bracket for the entire issue per printed copy. It's like your boss giving you a Bonus check that drives your salary into a higher tax bracket. I'm not saying that is the way MCM is published, just relaying personal knowledge from a previous nightmare...er, ah experience. Do I think the Show Coverage detracts in a normal issue? Well, if one issue a year is planned to be dedicated to all shows throughout the year, I really don't see the point of having show coverage in a "normal" issue. Then there is Covid and not only are model shows shut down, the rest of the world was too. So no issue dedicated to show coverage and since the Las Vegas show may be one of the few to be covered in the last year...well, there ya go. Personally, I like seeing other builder's ideas and probably why I like custom cars so much. The creative processes spark my own creative thinking! But, back to my point... My opinion only but when SAE was in publication, you were offered a separate issue (at a separate price) to your subscription for ONLY show coverage. I say, lets be different...with each subscription of normal issues, get an additional issue with only show coverage INCLUDED!!!! Yes I know, it would be additional cost to MCM but it would help to keep money in-house as opposed to outside. just my 2 cents.
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