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  1. well, Greg told me I am good until issue 215 so my sub hasn't run out. So I got that working for me, at least! 🤣
  2. yep...don't get it. However, if I right click the page number and select open in another tab, it works.
  3. It's not consistent, Dave and one of the things that is driving me nuts. I did what you said and reloaded this site completely. The first topic I select with multiple pages will work correctly. I can go to all of the pages of that topic with no issues Then I go back to the listing of all topics find another with multiple pages and page 1 loads, but not 2 or 3 or so on...not even next page. Now, here's the kicker...after going back to the listing and finding another topic with multiple pages, when they don't open, I tried right clicking and select "Open Link in New Tab", the page will open in the new tab and then I can select any page. Weird.
  4. I know I’ve seen a chart for the correct diameter size wire depending on scale and application (plug wire, radiator, heater hoses, A/C lines, fuel lines, brake lines and so forth) but I’ll be darned if I can find it anywhere! Anybody here know of one? I’ve grown tired of ordering 2ft or 3ft of various sizes and looking to buy in bulk. Hobby Lobby has a lot of various sized bead wire in smaller diameter but like 10 yards for roughly the same price. So I just want the wire diameter size equivalent for the type of detail I’m trying to replicate. Thanks in advance!
  5. Oh, I get it! When I was reviewing 1/24th scale diecast for a couple of diecast magazines, I acquired nearly 1,500 cars, trucks and other transportation vehicles just from Danbury alone from all years. Some are more memorable than others. When Danbury halted all diecast production, I stepped away and got back to my roots with modeling after 40-45 years out of it. This (modeling) is much more fun.
  6. Danbury actually did a number of pro street cars that were farmed out to car modelers to design (upper shelf, lower shelf is a pewter 1/12th scale Daytona by Franklin Mint). The lot was nothing more than Killer!
  7. Yup! I was going to say the same thing, I reviewed it for a couple of Diecast Magazines 5 or 6 years ago.
  8. The whole thing is beyond great but that interior, looks like a real car!!! Great job!
  9. so I did exactly as you said and Javascript is enabled. When it's enabled, I cant page forward on a topic but I can see pictures. When it is disabled, I can page forward but no pictures. Very strange as if I go to other forums, I have no issues at all, Only here, Raising the white flag
  10. OK, so I disable JavaScript on Firefox and pictures are displayed but I cannot page forward. If I enable JavaScript, I can page forward through a topic but pictures are not displayed. I don't get it.
  11. A little bit more for you, Dave. I opened the main site via Microsoft Edge and proceeded running a couple of tests using Edge. Everything I am experiencing on Firefox does not occur when using the Microsoft Edge browser. So it looks like this is browser related and if I remember correctly, Firefox recently had an upgrade. That is most likely the culprit.
  12. Not always. There are times I come into the forum, go straight to WIP for cars and select topics. I can read the first page of a multi-page topic but going to a secondary page (i.e. page 2, 3 and so on) won't work. No rolling ball of death just simply no response. I can mouse over "NEXT" and a comment comes up for "Next Page" or ">>" and get a comment for "Last Page" but when I select it, nothing happens thoughts?
  13. I noticed that recently, when I go to view the secondary pages of a topic, those pages never open for me. Sometimes, the only thing I can do is to click on "Home" and go through the categories to get back to the topic I was reading. I use Firefox, always have and this is a recent occurrence. This also seems to be the only site it happens on. Any thoughts?
  14. I didn't quite know where to post this so I put it here. For those that get the Motor Trend show on their cable TV, Steve Magnante has a new show called "Super Models" and yes, it's about building model cars. This just blew me away. Finally a show dedicated to our obsessive hobby.
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