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  1. They changed their product line-up to "Close is good enough" diecast cars (George Bojaciuk will understand that reference)
  2. Well, the good news is that the resin caster was very good about and refunded the entire purchase, not just the one engine as I requested. That was pretty up front of the guy to do that, in my opinion.
  3. I actually ordered 2 Coyote engines. One was the one that ended up being flexible and uncured but the other one was rock hard. So I started cleaning up what I thought was the one good casting and realized 2 things... These were not pressure cast as there are pinholes galore Definitely cast from a plastic kit engine. There is a hole in the block just above the where the oil pan mounts (although poorly filled with resin) that on a plastic kit would allow a metal axle to pass through and there are mounting tabs on the block for the parts to mount to but the same void is not there on the part to be mounted. I emailed the Resin Caster and told him not to send me the replacement Coyote engine but instead just refund the money for it.
  4. Thanks guys. The good news is that the resin caster did not bat an eye and is sending a replacement as soon as they can. Although it would have been better to have double checked the quality before shipping, I am happy with the fact that he is going to replace it without questioning.
  5. question for those that know more about resin than I do...I rec'd some parts that I ordered and one of them (an engine) is quite rubbery and flexible. All of the pieces of this engine are. The rest of the resin parts I ordered are rock hard, as I am used to working with. So whats the deal when resin is delivered rubbery and flexible? This isn't normal, is it? Was it not given enough time to cure? Will it cure hard if I leave it out and/or put it in a paint dryer under low heat? Will it still hold paint and will the CA glue still hold it together? I emailed the resin caster about it and waiting on a reply but wanted to gather some info from the resin experts out here. Thanks!
  6. I appreciate the offer but I already ordered from Ken. Thanks again, scott
  7. I went to his site but it wasn't shown. Found him on Facebook but none of his pictures show the coyote engine either. I'd rather have it 3D printed over resin unless the detail is really good.
  8. I thought I remembered someone doing one but might have been mistaken.
  9. yep...bought from this scu....er, ah person. Rec'd 2 Corvette engines. Poorly cast. On both engines, some of the parts went from hard cast resin to to something flexible and bendable. I took s video of bendable portions for proof. He recast the parts and while recast parts were not bendable, they were pretty poorly cast. Sent it back, petitioned PayPal for refund. He never responded to them so PayPal refunded the money to me. Blocked him on eBay.
  10. Has anyone done any recent business with Dirtmodeler? I ordered 2 photo etched pieces from them and have not heard a word or rec'd the items. Emailed then several times and no response. I petitioned PayPal for a refund today.
  11. Do any of the resin casters or 3D creators make stock wheel covers for a 70/71 Plymouth Duster? Looking to recreate my wife's first car from the 71 AMT Plymouth Duster kit. If memory serves me correctly (been about 30 years), the picture below shows what I am looking for. Thanks in advance
  12. Well, I bought the Dr. Drybooth and honestly, glad I did. I have 2 friends that have used converted/modified dehydrators that got too hot and warped plastic. This does not. I put a thermometer inside and it never got hotter than 110 degrees. Paint is dry in no time. I'm not an advanced modeler by any means nor am I a rookie but I like the fact that I can trust this to work and not damage anything that is put inside. By the way, I have painted several things now and dried them in the booth and there is no dust issue that I can see. But if that is a concern, all that is needed is a peice of filter paper underneath of the booth where the circulating air is drawn in from.
  13. Is there a website for this set? I'm not out to buy it but I would like to see it.
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