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  1. JB Weld 2-part has ALWAYS been good to me. my problem is that I have no patience to wait for stuff to set up and cure. George told me about JB's Superweld over the weekend and I went out to Home Depot and picked some up. When George recommends something so highly, i can always count on whatever to be "Da Bomb!" Guess what? JB Superweld is "DA BOMB!"
  2. For the really adventurous, you could get a Fingernail Liner brush and try your hand at free-hand pin striping. Thinnest brush I have ever seen! I recently picked up a set but I have not tried it yet...
  3. I picked this up at Hobby Lobby for 60% off. Essentially, it's 60' of black hollow rubber tube used to string beads for bracelets. It is the perfect size for replicating a Radiator hose... However, cut a section off and insert some form of flexible wire (like beading wire or very thin solder) and you can bend it into any form you need for a convincing radiator hose. With 60', you'll have enough for the rest of your modeling career!
  4. I used that same engine in my Crown Vic... But I have to say, Texas 3d Customs is VERY good!
  5. Got mine on Friday and read it cover to cover (Now I'm waiting for #217 😄 ). I loved the article in the The Vintage Workbench on the Ala Kart. I remember doing the review for the mis-managed The Car Room Magazine when Danbury Mint did the Ala Kart in 1/24th scale diecast. For every review I ever wrote, for any magazine, I always did the research on each vehicle especially those like the Ala Kart that held historical significance. Even though I did the necessary research, the article for The Vintage Workbench brought out a couple of things about Ala Kart that I never knew. Great Issue! A suggestion for a future issue is an overview of Texas 3D Customs parts! They are excellent!
  6. Until recently, my time in the Hobby Room has been sparse. For instance, I have a GTX project I started last year and work had been such a PIA that I was tired by the end of the day and weekends were spent split between the Honey-Do list and, spending time with the wife and/or family (Vacations, Family get-togethers and so forth), or a function at my Daughter's School (She's a Senior at Towson Unversity). I will carve away time for a 2-3 hour sprint or until I get frustrated that I stop before I try to embed something I am working on into the wall. Recently, however, I retired after 45 years in I.T. (yep, I am 65 now) and over the last 3 weeks, put a major dent in the Honey-do list (Honestly...I am busier now than I was in the last 30 years!!!!!! refinished 3 peices of furniture and built a cabinet my wife has been wanting me to do for a looooong time! I think it's more my wife trying to find things to keep me busy and out of her hair! She is still working from home for The Discovery Channel. Jokingly, I put in a request with her for a Vacation day to go into the Hobby Room for a day! She just rolled her eyes.) My plan is to spend a couple of hours a day or week going forward but I'll need to clear that with the boss first! 😁
  7. I think Larry was asking IF there would be more info on 3D printing...it did not sound like he was stating there would be more info on 3D Printing
  8. My last thought was Black but lately, undecided. The Revell kit is also a 2 piece with the grill/bumper surround and lower valance but I melded both into the body as well as the rear bumper.
  9. Great looking! I was/am in the process of building a similar one based off of Revell's GTX (if I ever get back to it). It won't be stock by a long shot with a Viper V10 in it! I also opened the grill...
  10. Tim, curiosity has me...in following this thread I know every part is hand made/milled (not sure if the bolts are hand made) but just how many individual parts make up this engine (ball park number is fine,,,like I said, just curious)? And...how many hours do you have in it?
  11. This is great info, many thanks! Without attempting to hijack this thread, I recently purchased an LS1 3D printed engine for about $20 (or roughly the cost of an entire Corvette kit) from Texas3DCustoms. The detail is very good and makes for a great alternative to injection molded... https://tx3dcustoms.com/
  12. Well...Rec'd my first order from Texas 3D Customs today and... well... this some of the BEST work I have seen in a while! Super fine detail...there is some minor flash but can be cleaned up easily First the Stock LS-1... Then the GM 6L8OE Transmission... and finally...the Shelby GT-350 5.2L Engine... Really nice work, many thanks! Looking forward to finishing these and using them in a future project. I WILL BE BACK!!!
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