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  1. got mine today in Clarksville MD...gee, just down the road from jason!
  2. reminds me of the fantasy 57 Chevy El Camino that Rick Hanmore did when he was with Danbury Mint...
  3. Nothing here in Maryland yet. Gregg...have you considered Amazon? You could prolly send them a bunch of copies and let them fulfill it straight from Amazon (not sure how all of that works but I bought a bunch of back issues of Model Car Builder from them...hard copies that were fulfilled by Amazon Digital Services). Just a thought
  4. Hi Randy...no suggestion one way or another but a question, what ever happen to your GT-40...
  5. Best Model Car Parts (Michael Hanson) email: info@bestmodelcarparts.com I actually contacted him today and he replied fairly quickly
  6. Here's another option...Mighty Sight. My brother picked up 2 pairs and gave me one. Much nicer than the Optimizer. 2 for $19.95 and they work great even if you wear glasses (I wear graduated Bifocals). Rechargeable via USB with 2 very bright LED's. https://www.buymightysight.com/
  7. Long story short, after personal dealings with them combined with other horror stories, I have formed my own personal opinion... They suck
  8. gravity Colors is out so who is a decent company to deal with for airbrush paints? Looking for Monterey Red
  9. They changed their product line-up to "Close is good enough" diecast cars (George Bojaciuk will understand that reference)
  10. Well, the good news is that the resin caster was very good about and refunded the entire purchase, not just the one engine as I requested. That was pretty up front of the guy to do that, in my opinion.
  11. I actually ordered 2 Coyote engines. One was the one that ended up being flexible and uncured but the other one was rock hard. So I started cleaning up what I thought was the one good casting and realized 2 things... These were not pressure cast as there are pinholes galore Definitely cast from a plastic kit engine. There is a hole in the block just above the where the oil pan mounts (although poorly filled with resin) that on a plastic kit would allow a metal axle to pass through and there are mounting tabs on the block for the parts to mount to but the same void is not there on the part to be mounted. I emailed the Resin Caster and told him not to send me the replacement Coyote engine but instead just refund the money for it.
  12. Thanks guys. The good news is that the resin caster did not bat an eye and is sending a replacement as soon as they can. Although it would have been better to have double checked the quality before shipping, I am happy with the fact that he is going to replace it without questioning.
  13. question for those that know more about resin than I do...I rec'd some parts that I ordered and one of them (an engine) is quite rubbery and flexible. All of the pieces of this engine are. The rest of the resin parts I ordered are rock hard, as I am used to working with. So whats the deal when resin is delivered rubbery and flexible? This isn't normal, is it? Was it not given enough time to cure? Will it cure hard if I leave it out and/or put it in a paint dryer under low heat? Will it still hold paint and will the CA glue still hold it together? I emailed the resin caster about it and waiting on a reply but wanted to gather some info from the resin experts out here. Thanks!
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