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  1. yep...bought from this scu....er, ah person. Rec'd 2 Corvette engines. Poorly cast. On both engines, some of the parts went from hard cast resin to to something flexible and bendable. I took s video of bendable portions for proof. He recast the parts and while recast parts were not bendable, they were pretty poorly cast. Sent it back, petitioned PayPal for refund. He never responded to them so PayPal refunded the money to me. Blocked him on eBay.
  2. Dirtmodeler

    Has anyone done any recent business with Dirtmodeler? I ordered 2 photo etched pieces from them and have not heard a word or rec'd the items. Emailed then several times and no response. I petitioned PayPal for a refund today.
  3. Do any of the resin casters or 3D creators make stock wheel covers for a 70/71 Plymouth Duster? Looking to recreate my wife's first car from the 71 AMT Plymouth Duster kit. If memory serves me correctly (been about 30 years), the picture below shows what I am looking for. Thanks in advance
  4. Doctor DRYbooth

    Well, I bought the Dr. Drybooth and honestly, glad I did. I have 2 friends that have used converted/modified dehydrators that got too hot and warped plastic. This does not. I put a thermometer inside and it never got hotter than 110 degrees. Paint is dry in no time. I'm not an advanced modeler by any means nor am I a rookie but I like the fact that I can trust this to work and not damage anything that is put inside. By the way, I have painted several things now and dried them in the booth and there is no dust issue that I can see. But if that is a concern, all that is needed is a peice of filter paper underneath of the booth where the circulating air is drawn in from.
  5. Is there a website for this set? I'm not out to buy it but I would like to see it.
  6. This is a long shot but what about suspension kits both racing and hot rod. All the pieces machined to specific year make model to replicate 1:1 custom kits like below from Heidts for 69 Camaro/Firebird or Hotchkiss
  7. I saw this on Shark Tank a while back and thought it was a great idea. While I do have a mustache, I saw another use for it... Ever lose that tiny but oh so important part to the vast reaches of the carpet gremlins? That's right...a parts catcher! Goes around the neck and secured with Velcro and it come with suction cup hooks that you would normally attach to the mirror but you can use your imagination on how to secure that side. You can find it all over the place for anywhere from $5 to $15. comes in white or black
  8. This is why modelers toss out their stash of glues and paints and start collecting...(gulp!)...diecasts!!!!
  9. I too got my first order from Randy, Great service, fast shipping! The detail in the Fireball Holley 4 bbl's is amazing! Also picked up the 13" and the 15" Minilite sets! Perfect for an old style Mini Cooper project I have planned as well as a T/A Camaro I want to attempt! Easy ordering via a well planned and simple to navigate website!!!!!! Only one thing surpasses the site and that is your craftsmanship in the models you make. Speaking of which, I hope you get time to get back to the GT-40. I can't wait to see the finished project but the sub-assembly updates are nearly...er, ah...well...as my wife would say...darn near orgasmic! Yeah, I said it! Thank you, Randy.
  10. jeez...this makes soooo much sense! Wish I had seen this 6 months ago!
  11. Wanted ....this is a long shot ??

    The upside of this is that this model is not worth $200. More like $40-$45 on the secondary market. I reviewed this one for one of the 2 diecast Magazines I wrote for (either Toy Cars and Models or The Car Room Magazine) and Franklin really screwed the pooch on it. The 1:1 had hidden wipers that tucked into the cowl under the lip of the hood. Franklin's did not This was Franklin's Marketing at its worst...this kind of garbage is what drove Franklin Mint Diecast right into the ground. When a collector is shelling out $200+ for a "Precision" replica...well, pictures speak volumes. They were famous for this kind of garbage (they did a stock 63 corvette in frost blue that had a ride height so high it looked like it was a 4X4!!!). George Bojaciuk will back me on that one. We have talked for hours of the horror stories that Marketing at Franklin Mint screwed up on what was to be a well detailed diecast. I think I may still have this one. I might have sold it though. I was given to me by FM for the (not very favorable) article I wrote on it. Let me see if I stll have it and if I do, just how difficult it will be to remove it. A lot of diecast manufactures used a mounting hole and the piece usually had a pin on that was heat treated to expand the pin to hold it in place. If that is the case, it's a simple removal. If it is molded in, it may be more of a biotch to remove and thus not worth the effort for fear of butchering it and the diecast altogether.
  12. Since I saw this 3 weeks ago, I have been to every Yard Sale in the area looking for a Jig Saw. I have a Craftsman Scrolling Jig Saw but could not see my clear to modifying it. Today however, I finally found the same model used in the video. The guy wanted $10, I offered $5 and he took it. I have 3 of the clamps at home. 10 minute modification, maybe less. Found an old bottle of Testers Orange Gloss that was never opened and OVER 20 years old. Paint was definitely separated. 30 seconds later, I took a paint brush, dipped it and painted a few strokes over a scrap hood. Paint covered perfectly. Thank you, Chris for posting this tip.
  13. I picked up this "Graffiti Remover" today to try after I had a chevy pickup sitting in Purple Power for 3 weeks with very little movement. Truck was painted with Gravity Colors metal flake about a day befor going into the bath. I only soaked a couple of test pieces but t it removed everything to bare plastic in no time and only required minor scrubbing in tight areas. One of the prices I used some squadron to fill a hole and it did attack that also. Since the body has a fair amount of 2-part filler and some squadron on it, I'll just leave that in the purple power and scrub as needed. So far, it does not appear that the purple power is attacking any of the fillers used on the body.
  14. Gravity Colors, amazing service!

    I do that with every package as I primarily just want to know when it is delivered. In this case, as soon as Gravity provided a tracking number, I set it for texting the status and it still sat for days on end label created but not picked up.