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  1. Duly noted I test fitted the radiator I had planned on using only to find out I had to make some changes... AGAIN! Took the radiator from the Foose Ford pick up and opened the radiator header under the hood. Scratch built a pair of brackets so it will fit as far forward in the engine bay as possible. Then altered the bottom of the radiator just enough so the hood would close. Still needs Final sanding, paint and appropriate plumbing but the pics are below (the engine is not permanently mounted yet)
  2. Got some more done on this. I used the custom nose piece on this and puttied the resulting seam. Disliked the custom bumper/grill so I cut some mesh to fit, made a custom frame and epoxied the giant “V” in the grill. Added some trim to the inner door panels and flocked the lower portion... This was my first attempt at doing BMF. Pretty frustrating at first but it got easier as I got going with it. Still a lot of screw ups but it’ll work... still lots more to do. Stay tuned!
  3. Unfortunately, I didn't get photos of the process so I'll try to explain what I did... This was the original issue Crown Vic and as such, the body was fairly thick. Using a dremel under slow speed to not melt the plastic, I ground down the inside of the fender-wells to see if I could gain whatever room I needed. Right idea but still needed more room. Z wheels are basically 3 pieces, an outer rim, the resin wheel and an inner rim. So I tried sanding down the inner and outer rims and offsetting the tire a bit but STILL not enough. So, I had to reinvent the wheel (eh...so to speak) I took a piece of paper and traced the flared part of the front and rear fenders, cut it out and traced it to a 0.030 sheet plastic. Next, opened the wheel well on the body just enough to let the outside dimension of the wheel/tire to fir...almost there. Glued the section of sheet plastic to the body just a tick lower than the original fender flair (going a tick lower gives the impression of the suspension being lowered without really lowering it) Sanded the sharp edges down of the extended fenders, filled and sanded smooth and contoured the new fenders into the original so it looked stock. Finally, got out the dremel and again removed plastic from the inside of the new fender-well. Sanded and primed as needed. Here's a diagram...the red line was what I removed from the original fender to let the tire fit. Primed
  4. Something I’ve been working on for a bit and was inspired by an article in Street Rodder magazine. Steet Rodder Its been a work in progress with each modification being followed up with one or more. 1st order of the day was to remove the floor pans from the frame...which evolved into a change in the front and rear suspensions. Front was adapted from a nascar Ford while the rear came from the Foose pick up I planned on a set of Z wheels and soon realized it was going to be a tight fit. I had made all the changes I could in the suspension so the next step was to widen the the quarter panels just a bit. The end result looked pretty darned good to me as in this mock up i didn’t like the bench seat idea so looking at various kits/kit parts on the shelf, a 2014 Mustang appeared with a gleaming halo around it. I adopted the rear seats and front buckets then scratch built a center console... Basically, a stock dash... Then something hit me, I really disliked the inner door panels and since this will be an opening door model, I grafted in the centers of the mustang interior panels to the crown Vic’s The dash and console work well together... Still have a long way to go but it’s finally shaping up! Stay tuned!
  5. I was going to title this "I need a little head" but thought better. I digress. Any Resin Casters or 3d printed by chance?
  6. got mine today in Clarksville MD...gee, just down the road from jason!
  7. reminds me of the fantasy 57 Chevy El Camino that Rick Hanmore did when he was with Danbury Mint...
  8. Nothing here in Maryland yet. Gregg...have you considered Amazon? You could prolly send them a bunch of copies and let them fulfill it straight from Amazon (not sure how all of that works but I bought a bunch of back issues of Model Car Builder from them...hard copies that were fulfilled by Amazon Digital Services). Just a thought
  9. Hi Randy...no suggestion one way or another but a question, what ever happen to your GT-40...
  10. Best Model Car Parts (Michael Hanson) email: info@bestmodelcarparts.com I actually contacted him today and he replied fairly quickly
  11. Here's another option...Mighty Sight. My brother picked up 2 pairs and gave me one. Much nicer than the Optimizer. 2 for $19.95 and they work great even if you wear glasses (I wear graduated Bifocals). Rechargeable via USB with 2 very bright LED's. https://www.buymightysight.com/
  12. Long story short, after personal dealings with them combined with other horror stories, I have formed my own personal opinion... They suck
  13. gravity Colors is out so who is a decent company to deal with for airbrush paints? Looking for Monterey Red
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