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  1. Larry...got my copy today and thumbed through and read a few of the articles. Nice to see this magazine getting back on its feet. Well laid out with great, well rounded and detailed content regardless of the model building skill level of the reader. There’s something for everyone interested in the automotive modeling hobby! One thing I noticed, besides the great coverage, was the quality of the paper stock. I wrote for Toy Cars and Models until it’s death a few years ago and always hated the thin rag that was used. Barely heavier than glossy toilet paper! It was one of the things that when I was writing for the ungodly mis-managed “The Car Room Magazine” that was focused on was the use of heavier rag closer to what Hot Rod Journal used. Helps to instill quality in the magazine (eh, when managed correctly, that is) Like the previous issue, great job! Looking forward to the next issue!
  2. Has anybody ever dealt with Fugu Garage? I see they are located in Moscow, Russia
  3. Randy, got my order yesterday (on my Birthday, no less). First time with Clearly Scale parts and I am quite impressed! Thanks for the speedy service, Randy despite the snowstorm!
  4. Slow progress but I was looking at the grill/front bumper and got a little crazy. I decided it needed the grill opened. I sacrificed the headlamp buckets but some round stock solved that and help to strengthen it. I attached it to the body, added some primer and mocked up with the lower valance... also drilled out the rotors and painted accordingly That’s it for now!
  5. This is what I was trying to say in another post about ICEMAN COLLECTIONS being great! Unfortunately the picture I referenced from ICEMAN generated a bit of criticism as the engine was a bit dusty. Iceman Collections are very good and I have bought a fair share for my projects regardless of how others may feel.
  6. Glad I didn't start my kit yet, I like this better. Any idea of the Price?
  7. OK then, nevermind. However, the ones I have used from Iceman Collections were very good. That said, everything needs some clean-up. Just trying to help.
  8. I have used engines from ICEMAN Collections (Ebay and Shapeways) with great success! This one is sharp and should fit nicely... Chevy LS Cross Ram
  9. Thanks Tom. If you have a picture of your engine bay, I'd love to see it Not sure what I am going to do with the engine bay. I'm not a big fan of the molded in Battery and Washer/Overflow bottle or whatever that thing is. For the battery, I'm thinking just cutting it out making a tray and drop something a little more realistic looking in it. I also opted to use the seats from the Viper. I still haven't figured out just where I want to go with this tho'. Just kinda making it up as I go using the F-n-F GTX for a little inspiration with a good dose of imagination gently stirred in.
  10. So I little more done on the GTX. I mentioned I planned on a Viper V10 engine and here ya go... Lettering and stripes are flat red paint over BMF and a little acetone on a tightly wound q-tip to carefully remove the paint. Made a test run to make sure the engine, chassis and interior tub all fit together. Had to make only a few minor alterations to a crossmember for the transmission but bottom line is it all fit just like it was made to be!
  11. i’m not a huge fan of the Fast N Furious franchise nor am I a huge Mopar fan but I will admit, I really do like the murdered out look of Dom’s 71 GTX. All that said, I also feel there’s some room for improvement, especially in the rear end and the chunky bumper So I started work on Revell’s 1/24th scale version which is nothing more than regular kit (Satellite?) with some extra parts. Wheels, tires, front suspension, engine and other such items. Nice effort at least. First up was to drop the front and rear bumpers into Windex for dechroming and went to work on the GTX’s backside. Here’s the result in primer: The rear valance came with the cut outs for the exhaust so I added the reveals with thin plastic rod that was plastic-welded into place and sanded down to its current subtle look. The rear bumper was sanded and narrowed with the seams filled to give it that all one piece look. The bumper is very thin plastic and I ended up sanding through it but added plastic from the backside with a bit of solvent to melt the plastic into place and shaped it with a putty knife. Filled and sanded as needed. Planning on using a Viper V10 engine in it (just because I can) and Viper seats. Rear seats are gone for a more stark looking interior. No pics yet of the engine or interior. That’s the current plan so far but as my imagination tends to wander off, who knows what may result. Stay tuned!
  12. Micromark sells a battery powered screwdriver that with the optional head becomes the perfect low torque, slow speed power drill that is perfect for many things. i bought the additional drill chuck primarily for drill use but it will accept most dremel bits... I used a pin vise on an earlier build to drill out the rotors on a Vette. Using the pin vise, each rotor took a painstaking, hand cramping (thank you arthritis!) hour to do. I started on my next project today and drilled out 4 rotors in about 20 minutes... No pain and very clean holes. This power screwdriver is slow so it won’t melt plastic like a variable speed drill will even on its slowest setting...and it reverses! Power Screwdriver - $35 Drill Chuck - $19 No hand cramps...PRICELESS!!!
  13. Thanks guys. Means a lot to me. There was one other thing I did and that was to epoxy 2 neodymium magnets under the firewall and drilled a shallow duvet in the hood for 2 other magnets corresponding to the 2 under the firewall. There was just the right amount of magnetic pull to keep the hood in place.
  14. Finally finished! Project NOVACAM! some of the changes made... '69 Nova with 69 Camaro body sides (hence the name NovaCam) Z Wheels De-chromed, Narrowed and smoothed bumpers painted opened grill (copious amount of sand the backside, grill is now paper thin!) Scratch built exhaust using solder with drilled out ends flocked interior with Ferrari Seats black BMF on the window trim 3D printed LS3 with Edlebrock Cross Ram (Iceman collectibles) Coil pack wired Intake Tubes are solder with KN filters (TDR Innovations) Detailed battery with scratch built battery clamps (yes, I know the terminals are reversed...oops!) 3d Printed disc brakes with "brembo" photoetched detail photoetched radiator Fan and more
  15. I bought something similar from micromark and use it quite often, especially for large areas. A word of caution, linger too long in one area and it will melt plastic but it is a great tool (especially for those that suffer from arthritis!) the Proxxon requires you also purchase a power transformer since it is 12v but this one from Micromark plugs in to regular AC household current.
  16. A couple more of the engine...not plumbed yet nor is the radiator in but needed an idea of how much room was available. Engine is an LS-3 with Eldebrock cross ram (a la Iceman!!). I wired the coils.
  17. I highly recommend Steve Zimmerman. great wheels easy to work with.
  18. Been a minute or 2 since I posted an update on Project Novacam. Still have a way to go but I put the interior in and mounted the chassis to get a look at it. The grill and from bumper are not permanent installed yet nor is the rear one... ...nor the glass ... very dusty ...a few odds and ends to tidy up but here are some mocked up pics. The exhaust is aluminum pipe, “Z” wheels... more later!
  19. Thanks for the info. I used to write for Toy Cars and Models and later for the mis-managed The Car Room Magazine where I reviewed mostly 1/24th scale diecast cars from Danbury Mint, Franklin Mint and a host of other manufactures with the occasional feature articles on other scales like 1/12th, 1/18th and so on. Like yourself, every model I reviewed, I got to keep as well (at one point I had over 3,000 diecast cars and trucks and a somewhat unhappy wife!). While the manufactures wanted favorable reviews in exchange for the models, I told each manufacture up front that I would photograph and ONLY give honest reviews. George Bojaciuk can attest to my honesty in every review. It was fun to do but it ended up taking so much of my free time (Yes, I also have one of those pesky 80 hours or more a week jobs! ?), that I had to stop. Add to it the fraudulent activity (my opinion) of the owner of The Car Room Magazine, soured me for doing anything else like that (I took him to court for Breach of Contract among other things and won). Like Daffy Duck would say, he was despicable! You're doing a heck of a great job on these and I know the manufacture is proud to have you doing these. Love the paint on the Toyota! Keep up the great work, you have a follower/admirer here!
  20. I'm not up on just how many of the GTO's that were drag raced by Royal Pontiac back in the day but I had to opportunity to meet and interview Milt Schornack a few years back at a presentation ICONS Inc. was making ain front of Walt Hollifield's amazing GTO Car Collection In NC.
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