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  1. there is one early one i think it is the 62 that barly fit as far as the grill . The hood is completely different. Its to wide and the hindge mount is different. I made one that fits for a friend but am not proud of the body work. Its an easy fix i started but right now dont have the time maybe in about three weeks .
  2. Greg wann....has a very clean kit. Drkerry has some very nice photos of it finished.
  3. I have a couple of the modelhaus grills and dug them out to try on the new kits guess what they don't fit I had to make my own the hood is to wide and hinges in the wrong place . I had to make a new grill and hood .I would show a photo but got the good old photobucket that won't let you post anymore
  4. Looks like a lot of work. Keep up the good work its nice to see some creativity.
  5. I know exactly what you are trying to makes all the sense in the world . The way it should be listed is 100 300 500 and that's all .he has no chassis. You supply that. And that is what is going to determine wither it will be the the A or the W . I see alot with issues about it being the big truck or pick up cab they are the same even on the real full size 1:1 truck they have a filler panel under the grill and running boards and some use different fenders . But the cab was the same . The p/u used a frame like most p/u's that contoured the bad and bed . The big truck used straight frame rails. Still the same cab. The new 500 cab is very cool very very well mastered it's has the large fenders and the big back window. Along with the newer style grill..
  6. Find the tire that looks right cast a mold then cast a resin part modify that part the way you want then cast a mold agin cast the part from resin or the tire rubber and your set. It's not hard takes a little time easyer if you have a lathe. Good luck
  7. The Eleanor convertible is very awsome .looks like the one in the thomas crown affair. And also on gas monkey garage same car .
  8. Time to learn how to use a vacuum pump and pressure pot . You will see a world of difference in your quality.
  9. I myself started with alumalite then smooth on. They are both good and very close to how they work for learning I personally think I like the alumalite for a couple reasons. The biggest is cost . You can get the large kit from hobby lobby and use the 40 % off coupon that is very hard to beat to start out I also think its a little more forgiving to learn with the combination of things in the kit the instructions are very cut and Sri. And Carol at help desk is very informative if needed. Now if you make it to the point of any kind of production I really like the smooth on. Things happen a little fast pot life cure time etc. And I had a learning curve to make the switch. But having an outlet to purchase local is nice when you need it now in larger volume than what the local hobby lobby has they don't stock the one two three gallon sizes . But that discount and that product are a fine product to learn with. Good luck and ask lots of questions there are many people willing to help out. And lots of forums / you tube / alumalite/ smooth on vidios. To watch and learn.
  10. The interesting part is didn't modelhus get there start repoping resin cast of promos. And it this the main part of how all this started. Sounds to me like you should stay with your private customer list and sell only to them even back when you said you were going to start again with just items for yourself only .I don't know you I hear that you are one of the best at what you do but all I hear is how everyone is copying everyone and quite honestly it is getting very old so please if your going to sell then do it if not then you might want to stop making the masters because if somebody wants it bad they will get it no mater what even if they have somebody buy it for them. And you won't be able to stop them . So sell or stop but please stop with the complaints it is getting g so old that I don't come here 1/2 as much as I used to it just bummed me out. And this is to have fun if I want to hear the bad all the time I will turn on the news. I am sorry but it's very very old and there is much more to life so let's build .
  11. I wanted to let you know I did not find the molds but I found the wheels .so i'm making new molds right now it will take a couple days if you find a set don't worry . I'm updating most of my molds anyway .i'll let you know when they are done and see if you still need them . Sorry for the delay having to make about 20 new molds at same time right now thank you.
  12. Just wanted to let you know I am still looking so far with no luck. I will keep up the search. Thanks
  13. I really like how you mentioned the part about in there minds . That is so true . Very good answer.
  14. I think i have the lower one .maybe both i will start looking for it . I hope.i can find this weekend..i will let.you know.
  15. How many are you wanting I think I still have a older mold that is still good and may be able to get a few from. The big issue would be finding it . I know I have moved since the last time I used it.
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