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  1. The top one is a 57 as it has the V8 on the grill, the 56 did not have this, it also has 057 on the number plate. At the moment I am building 3 resin ones of these 55 56 57.
  2. Watched the build of these from the start, they are fantastic.
  3. In Aussie we would call it a ute, as the back is attached to the body not separate.
  4. I like looking at older threads for information on builds I am doing. What I don't like is builders who just stop the thread, leaving it unfinished, when I am interested to see what the finished model looks like.
  5. You might have a look at these Australian and New Zealand Plastic model Buy, sell, swap wanted parts Aussie Custom Modelers Buy, Sell, Swap
  6. Hi Ben, When can we expect some more on this build. I am also building one of these and find your wip info very helpful.
  7. Nice conversion, looks just Like an Aussie "ute"
  8. Any more progress on the 53 wagon, it is very interesting.
  9. What happened to the unread button on each thread, this saved time scrolling through the whole thread to find updates?
  10. Dig it out and try super glue mixed to a paste with talcum powder, I use this all the time on resin.
  11. Good build, don't see many stock builds of these 34 coupes.
  12. I was reading a topic about converting the Flintstone 59 Ford wagon from a curb side to a full detailed model, but I can't find it again, can anyone help locate it again please.
  13. What is the best thing to remove Tamiya spray can paint from a resin body
  14. Does anyone know of anyone else. Tim Bongard doesn't answer his emails
  15. Thanks Greg, I have sent him off an Email.
  16. Can anyone tell me where I can get PE Ford Customline and Mainline script emblems.
  17. Hi, did you actually get the sloper body and all that other stuff from our friend in OZ. He must have decided to honour his commitments. Amazing.
  18. Hi Ben, anymore progress on this build.Very interested to see how it's going. Cheers...........Frank
  19. Hi Misha, in Australia Ford used the same body from 55 to 59, that's the reason they used the Canadian Meteor grill as a facelift in 58 and 59.
  20. I am attempting to convert an AMT 56 ford to a 55, I have a "55 grill" from the Revell Jukebox Ford that I had cast in resin and am modifying it to represent a stock grill. I also have RHD dash that is being modified to suit. Chrome grill as supplied for the jukebox Ford I am starting to modify the casting to a stock grill, next to is to remove the bumper, is too high. Then some more modifying to do on the dash, which was a 56. If this turns out ok, I have an Aussie 56 ute I will have a go at turning into a 58 Star model. More pics as I get more done. Cheers.................Frank _________________ If you don't build it yourself it ain't yours. If at first you don't succeed throw it at the wall.
  21. I am at the moment trying to replicate an Australian 1958 Ford Ute that owned some years ago. as these used the same grill as the 1955 Canadian Ford Meteor, I was wondering if anyone does them in resin. Cheers...............Frank
  22. I hate to be picky, but that is the wrong engine for a stock 32
  23. Does any caster make 55 Ford grill and dash.
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