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  1. It literally looks like you sprinkled rust into the paint. Haha nice.
  2. What happened to them re-releasing that kit? I remember Revell at the NNL East saying they were going to in 2018... did something else pop up and now they aren't supposedly going to release it anymore? By the way, your coupe looks really cool with that blue paint and black wheels with hubs and rings.
  3. That is wicked cool; I'm going to have to look out for this kit on ebay.
  4. I got a mini casting kit so now I’ll be able to cast a bunch of stuff! Thanks for the reply GerN, I will look into that. I want to try making a dropped axle next, but I’m not sure where to start.
  5. Hi everyone, I was trying to find a topic on here about casting your own backing plates but could not find anything about it. I have a set of scale 40 Ford backing plates and was wondering if and how I could make an "unlimited" amount of them for my own personal projects by casting them in resin.. if that is the right term? If anyone has any tips on how to mold my own brakes that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Austin
  6. The best 49 Ford I’ve ever seen in real life and modeling. So awesome. I really like the door gaps and detailing in the interior.
  7. Glued some more parts on but the pictures don't do this thing justice. The shadows are lost in the black and you can't see all the details but it looks awesome in real life.
  8. Looks really cool I've always wanted to build something with a straight six.
  9. Got some paint on some parts today but still gotta get the whole interior, firewall and windshield straightened out before I can finish it up. Is it possible to just use flat styrene for the dash? I want a clean look to it like a hand fabricated one on a real car. And I have no idea what to do for the windshield... any tips anyone has would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I decided to extend the z a little more to drop the back. I think I shaved too much off the other wheel well.. is there any type of body filler I can make? I've heard of a homemade one using crazy glue.
  11. Which kits have blocks that are 1/24?
  12. Cool idea using the 36 body with a 33 type top, I would love to see you use a 33/4 front end and grill to try to fool people to think it's a 33/4 coupe. Either way it will look awesome when all done.
  13. This is how I'm hoping the car will sit when all together. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for interior, but definitely want a blasa wood floor, as for the plates for the z in the frame I probably won't do that. It is a flintstone body as well. Is it easy to cut through resin bodies to open the trunk and the passenger door? That might be a cool addition if it's easy. I think it's going to be black on black.
  14. Started to piece together a car I'd like to build in real life one day. I tried to replicate a 32 k member in addition to z'ing the frame. I've never scrathbuilt anything so I'm learning as I go along and it's been fun! I need to build some headers for the flatty too somehow.
  15. These kits are undoubtedly the best starter kits... I clearly remember me and my brother snapping this kit and the other 33 3 window coupe kit they have. They're real simple but so effective. Awesome job.
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