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  1. Any issues with ride height? I have the version with the blue car on the box and the model on there looks like it sit a little low in the tail.
  2. Hey guys! I haven't posted for a while, but then I haven't been building for a while either! Long story. (No, the Tiger Shark isn't done yet.) Anyway, I'm starting work on the AMT Shelby GT500, and before I get to into this, I want to hear what issues people have had to deal with when building this thing. Also, how did you fix the problem? Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the heads-ups guys. Sounds like this will be an interesting build...
  4. I thought you might approve of that one. These are my first Airfix plane kits. Not too bad for older models. Better than some of the old Monogram birds IMO.
  5. That's awesome. I love big kits. So much fun to build. I just don't have the space for them.
  6. Wow, that's a wild looking ride. Pretty cool! Looks like it would be EXTREMELY fast.
  7. REALLY nice weathering. Can't wait to see the current gun done up like this. That's gonna be impressive in 1/6 scale.
  8. I'll let you in on a secret. I've got one of those coming too. F6F-5 late model. Should be here sometime in the next couple of days. I watched a John Wayne movie recently with him flying a Hellcat and I knew I had to have one. And I'm sorta on the prowl for a good deal on an Eduard Mirage kit. Love the look of that plane. Man I really need to stop buying and start building...
  9. Really cool build you have going there Kevin. Never even hear of this kit, but it looks like a really nice one.
  10. Got this today. Now I see what all the fuss is about with Eduard kits. This thing is really sweet. Probable the best engraving I've ever seen. And I don't see any flash that needs trimming anywhere. Never had a kit this clean. Also comes with a nice photo-etch set, decals for multiple versions, canopy masking, nose weight, and some other "film" that I have no idea what to do with yet. If you're into planes and you haven't yet, you need to check out an Eduard Profipack kit.
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