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  1. Help identifying decals

    Hi JC, I got it from Model Builders Warehouse to accompany the HRM Dino trans-kit although he stated that they would probably not be accurate. To me it's better then nothing as I'm unsure if there are accurate decals for this car.
  2. Help identifying decals

    Hello and thank you for the great info. After reading your post, I finally realized what these decals are for; HRM Dino 246 72' LeMans transkit.
  3. Help identifying decals

    Hello and thank you JC!
  4. Hello esteemed community, I've been doing some house cleaning and found the below decals of which I have zero idea what that should go to. Would any one happen to know?
  5. Drag radials

    Hi, You can try; http://futurattraction.com/9.html I have a set of his drag slicks and they are top shelf!
  6. Modelhaus End Of Business Sale

    Hi, What a wonderful post and boy do they know how to run a business, kudos to them! While I've never been a customer of there's, who knows, perhaps there future kits may entice me. Doing a Google images search for modelhuas showed me amazing and wonderfully crafted items that they had. Wow man, total treasures, pure beauty. It's unfortunate that they didn't find a suitor. I think there business would have been a great second and new career for some one with a decent head on there shoulders for good business which is simply good products and good customer service and of course very importantly; good money sense. They already have tremendous street cred so no need to really advertise there. And they have there shopping cart seriously polished.
  7. Hello and thank you sirs. Also got an email from Alclad which confirmed your thoughts/observations. They said that it can be cut down with there transparent medium to lighten it up a bit.
  8. Hello all, I'm in the last phases of my projects from the demon web pits (meaning a serious struggle). Curious about something; my Alclad Gunmetal looks to have a purple tint. In hopes of lightening it up a tad, I mixed Tamiya lacquer white with it which seemed to bring out the purple even more. Any thoughts on why the purple tint would be greatly appreciated? Do I need to mix it/shake it up better?... Thanks in advance.
  9. Porsche 356 race car .

    Hi, This is pretty darn awesome. And I agree, this kit is for sh$t but you made it look fantastic. Proof that one can indeed polish a turd.
  10. Hello and thank you sir. This all makes sense to me. Yes my older decals were brittle so it sounds like a clear coat on the sheet is the right call Thanks again..
  11. Hello every one, I'm in need of something gentle for older decals and it seems that Scale Motorsports Decal Magic may be the perfect solution. Has any one tried the seemingly fine product? Thanks in advance.
  12. Hi, I absolutely love your build process. So darn cool!
  13. ... failure and disappointment. Actually I've had 2 kits in the pipeline forever and will post them in the workbench section soon.
  14. Hi, I think we are all witnessing something fantastical here. I'm speechless.
  15. Tamiya Sauber C9

    Hi Chris, Can you post more pics as this looks lovely!