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  1. Hi, I was able to pick up a Badger Billion Air 480-1 for a nice price. Curious what type of oil it uses? I've seen SilentAire oil which goes for a premium and will get it baring alternatives. Hoping synthetic compressor oil would work. * Update, went ahead and bought the SilentAire oil for super cheap.
  2. Thanks Kurt and you are right. I really like it's design however will pass on it.
  3. Hi Kurt, The units CFM is .25. I've not air brushed at anything over 20PSI but the units specs are based on 220V and there support has not tested output on 110V.
  4. Hello every one, I was curious if any one has some experience using the Mr. Linear L7 compressor? It seems to peak at ~21-22PSI-ish, has a small foot print and is very quiet. The quality and over all design seem top notch. The price is, well, the price. But I try to live by; Buy nice or buy twice.
  5. Hello all, I was curious if any one has tried Splash Paints metalizers and how they compare to Alclad metalizers? Thoughts and opinions are very welcome and thanks in advance.
  6. WOW!!! I just got the latest issue in my mail box, THANK YOU Big Kahuna! What a marvelous example of fine and superb editing, publishing and content in general. Together with this site, MCM really is the finest scale model resource around. Man, I just love my new issue. It just feels very very special.
  7. Wow thanks Monsignor Bill. I also enjoy your changing avatar, very cool!!!
  8. I agree wth Stanley, get him what he wants. I'm a relative beginner, started with a resin kit and it came out fine. PS If you are able to offer guidance and help here and there, man I bet he would be super stoked. When my LHS was around, I would go in now and again and pick there brain as this one guy was a commissioned builder on the side.
  9. Too bad he doesn't have any one to help him set this up on eBay as that would be easier for him and the customer.
  10. Hmm, I've heard if such things, vaguely. Seriously though, Gary said to not send check or money order.
  11. Wow and I thought all this time that it was a fictitious business name of sorts. That's cool that his actual name is Fred Cady. How would he preferred to be paid? I see some really cool decals that I'd love to have.
  12. Hi, Would any one mind telling me what that rear hump behind the driver (circled in black) is called? Sorry, I'm an idiot!
  13. Man this is such a great thread!
  14. Well he did a bang up job on the casting that Bill had linked to. I did look around on Shapeways and so far no XP-87. I believe another caster actually did this as well and am trying to find the thread.
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