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  1. What Irked You Today?

    This is why you get one of these; https://www.lowes.com/pd/Kobalt-80-Volt-Lithium-Ion-500-CFM-125-MPH-Brushless-Cordless-Electric-Leaf-Blower-Battery-Included/50408240?cm_mmc=SCE_PLA-_-SeasonalOutdoorLiving-_-Blowers-_-50408240:Kobalt&CAWELAID=&kpid=50408240&CAGPSPN=pla&store_code=497&k_clickID=go_625671256_51506501251_217468584469_aud-299487635210:pla-350178052302_c_9010496&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI-_Lb3ryd3wIVxIizCh17wg5eEAQYAiABEgIAVfD_BwE They will blow your arm back. I use mine often.
  2. What Irked You Today?

    No, because of charging me forwarding to receive a package.
  3. Low profile machinist square

    Hi Bill, It's 1/16" or .062" thick.
  4. Low profile machinist square

    These are also interesting items from MicroMark, double sided and .048" thick.
  5. What Irked You Today?

    The United States Postal Service.
  6. Hi, Long story short, I bought something off eBay which was shipped to my address in California that burned down. I had enabled forwarding of all my mail and now am being asked to pay $10 for the forwarding of a particular package. Calling the United States Postal service got no where of course. It's not like I asked to have my place and all my stuff burned so it's a bit of insult to injury.
  7. DSPIAE Circular Cutter

    Hi, Another option which was touched on in the review, similar price point to the DSPIAE; http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/reviews/tools/thinnerlinecirclecutterreviewbg_1.htm
  8. Hi, Has any one used this rather awesome looking tool; http://www.hyperscale.com/2017/reviews/tools/brevecocirclecutterreviewjh_1.htm Seems like a lovely review of it.
  9. Low profile machinist square

    Thanks Bill, I corrected it. I asked to verify that it is indeed .046" and will report back.
  10. Low profile machinist square

    Hi and thanks Bill, Joe, Mike and Tom. Your replies were well taken. Looks like I'll most likely get the low profile machinist square from MicroMark. Finalizing choices on nice heavy straight and L shaped rulers. I'm seeing some heavy gauge black ones that seem real nice. In the end, buy nice or buy twice and I usually do the first. PS Kind of considering this as a kill two birds with one stone. Its got metric and standard as well as being .046" thick.
  11. Low profile machinist square

    Ok. Thank you for your reply.
  12. Low profile machinist square

    I take it that you don't shop at Costco...
  13. Low profile machinist square

    Well, the issue with Google searches is that it doesn't really give me feedback of ppl I've come to know here. Google doesn't give you reputation scores. That counts for a lot with me. So your feedback is more valuable then some stranger on the Goog. PS And I'm not being overly cheap, just trying to minimize cost of having to buy everything all over again. I mean at this point I don't even have any glue.
  14. Low profile machinist square

    Thanks for the feedback Mike. I'll wait for a coupon or something. Maybe they will do free shipping.
  15. Hi, Would any one happen to know of a source for a low profile square? MicroMark has a nice one but they are pretty pricy in general. https://www.micromark.com/Thin-Beam-Square