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  1. AMT Cobra Racing Team

    Hi, Thanks for posting! Is the AMT Cobra as good as the Monogram/Revell Cobra?
  2. Hi, While I really enjoy my H&S AB, but I'm unsure that I would recommend it for all. I got mine due to Amazon points. There support is also very very good as well. As are there support videos. Honestly it's a bit advanced for me being a knuckle head. But I'll grow into it
  3. Hi, This is a great air brush, feels extremely nice and balanced in hand. However accessories are expensive and there smaller sized needles/nozzles are not coded so it's possible to mix up. Also, a small point but there needles are 1.5mm, 2mm, 4mm, 6mm etc... I prefer odd sizes like 3mm, 5mm etc... Lastly, this one (non CR) is nickel plated, the newer CR version is chrome plated which I prefer. I think it's more suited to fine arts.
  4. Weld Magnum Rear wheels

    Hi, Or this; http://www.ncphobbies.com/pro-track-1/24-drag-rear-tires/
  5. Weld Magnum Rear wheels

    Hi, Although aluminum but you get what you pay for, super bad a$$; http://futurattraction.com/9.html I'd suggest ordering through Randy@Model Builders Warehouse.
  6. VW Race

    Hi, This is friggen cool, looks great!
  7. wire wheels???

    Hi, I just got word back from Master Box, there 1/35 WW2 bicycle wheels are 20mm in diameter.
  8. P.E. Saw Blade Recommendations?

    Hi, Happy New Years! I like these but they are not super stiff. Pros are you can curve around stuff but cons are that they bend easy. https://www.scalemotorsport.com/tools/stainless-steel-saw-blade-set.html
  9. Corvette Salt Flat Racer

    Hi, This is very very very cool. I love Salt Flat/Bonneville subjects!
  10. My 9 Models for 2017

    Hi, W0W these are all superlative! The LSR car is extremely fascinating!
  11. Holdiay Build #1 - Miura ** DONE **

    Hi, This is really really nice, love it!
  12. JollySipper's 2017 Review

    Hi, A great set of builds indeed, very very nice!
  13. De Tomaso Pantera, Fujimi. 1/24

    Hi, Your work is amazing as always, looks like a real 1:1 subject. I've been back and forth on buying this kit due to cost vs parts count. But seeing your makes me want to buy it.
  14. Memorial build #1, Chaparral 2D Daytona

    Hi, Thank you all for such kind words!!! I've learned a good bit from this build and will apply that knowledge to my next memorial build; Eds Modelers Chaparral 2D. I remember when he bought it and was super stoked on the good deal that he got. It was in fact his final model purchase before his passing.