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  1. Ferrari Breadvan

    Hi, TwoCats Modelos did a nice Breadvan curbside with some engine detail. You may want to hit his FB page.
  2. Hi, I forgot to mention that to curve the decal sheet a bit so that only the edges touch the glass. This avoids any transfer of window fromage to the decal sheet.
  3. 1/24 Bugatti Chiron

    Hi, I got this email from Hobby Designs; Hello my friend: On this month later time, ALPHA MODEL brand will release the new 1/24 Bugatti Chiron full kits. Alpha model, This brand model was HobbyDesign's sunbrand, Mainly produce High detail full resin kits, We will produce more other products on this year later time. Now every model fans can preorder for this full kits. The preorder time was one month. From 4.1----5.1, If you preorder this full kits dring the preorder time. The preorder price was 120 US dollars. After the preorder time. The kits start sell on the market. The retail price was 150 US dollars. So hope you can interested and preorder that. 1/24 Bugatti Chiron full resin kits include these parts: High detail resin car body parts High detail brake parts High detail resin wings parts Resin wheels Wheel tyres PE detail parts Glass parts Metal detail parts Decals All parts have very amazing parts. High detail resin car body parts
  4. MCM issue #205

    Fellow comrades, I just finished reading MCM 205 and found it really nice. I particularly liked the GSL article and find Greggs writing personable and to the point. His kit reviews are very welcome and helpful. And of course the magazine ads make me go "Oh wow, a cool vendor, what cool stuff". The Fisher article was also my favorite as well. I just love that guy.
  5. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

    Hi, Well, whats been said here about Ferrari kits for sure. Wouldn't that SWB release be awesome!!! I'm excited and hope it's not premature.
  6. Hi, I had taped mine to the inside of a south facing window for a few days. Worked like a charm. Note that the decals face outward so you'll be taping the back of the decal.
  7. Hi there, Your post made me pause and think... Ah, I think it may be because I am spraying too close? As of late, I've been spraying about 2-4" away were as I usually spray 4-6". So perhaps the solvents are not being given enough time to evaporate while air born? I'll experiment and let you know although I'll be away from the bench for a bit. If you are wondering why the change, I am simply experimenting with pressure, thinning and distance. I can just about get a mirror finish but those little specs show here and there. More trial and error is in order. Thanks for the reply.
  8. Hello Yodas of scale model building, On occasion, I get very small hard specs in my other wise wonderful paint jobs. With a little 4K-12K MicroMesh and gentle wet sanding, I get them out no issues. But curious what they could be from. I get them airbrushing acrylics and lacquers. Like I said, a little MicroMesh removes them but curious why they even show. They don't show when I lay down the paint but rather, as its drying. Seems odd. Is it trapped air?
  9. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Hi, Welp, not to go off the rails on scale mixing but I bought a Nakamura 1/24 Abarth Scorpione 2000. The wheels are huge and so is its lump of an engine. So I bought 1/20 F1 wheels/tires which fit perfectly as well as a 1/20 4 cylinder engine which also fits very well. It's an odd kit and compared to my other 1/24 kits, looks to be the same scale. It's just that the wheels, tires and engine are huge.
  10. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Hello Monsignor Krom, Your post, as usual is very very good. My experience with Europeans (I've been traveling to Europe since I was as 4) as that they LOVE American Muscle cars. So since this holding company is Euro-centric, they may also share that love, I'm actually sure that they do. While I'm a little bummed that Revell HQ is no longer in the USA as I am a bit of a nationalist, I am actually glad that this German company bought them. I've several German friends and they are very serious about there hobbies. So all in all, I'm certain that classic American muscle will continue to be released by Revell. I just hope they release the 16' Ford GT LM
  11. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Hi, Do you feel that the 16' Ford GT LM release may be further delayed due to potential license renegotiation? In addition to whatever delays in bankruptcy and ownership changes may/will have caused of course.
  12. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Hi, Nice info! Welp, I hope they have a desire to have Revell live on and flourish. I for one am still looking very forward to the Ford GT LM version.
  13. Chaparral article

    Hi, I've noticed that the Fujimi repop is better then the original. The decals are fresher of course and the molding seems a tad crisper. The only thing better in the original Modelers version are the tires as they have a flat tread. The repop has a rounded tread. Any ways just some info from some one who, for some reason, has had several of these kits.
  14. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    Hi, You are right, they make nice kits, there R380 listing at ~$95; https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/image/10528767/20/1
  15. Shizuoka Hobby Show 2018

    Hi, Oh I see. Well then I'll be saving my money which is a good thing Thanks for the info.