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  1. Actually I was comparing to the older Fujimi GT40 Mk1 kit in terms of cost and detail. So you have this very same GT1 Matech and some pieces were that poorly shaped? Couldn't you use some putty, a file, exacto etc and make things work? Man, I made my old vdub run with sime duct tape and JB Weld.
  2. Actually we do it all the time in web design and media/entertainment circles. You get the PDF of the Tamiya color chart which is on there web site, open in Photoshop and then see which color is made up of RGB or CMYK. The real trick is measuring the amounts of paint needed. I figure a real sensative food or posatge scale that measures fractions of an ounce. We've a pretty sensative digital scale used to measure for baking and weighing our chihuahua as we don't like her looking like a little chubby sausage
  3. I just had an epiphany, using Photoshop will get me a close approximation of what I need to achieve varied colors based on either RGB or CMYK. Any one care to comment? Think about it, the savings you can achieve by simply buying either 3 or 4 basic colors and perhaps customizing a color that you prefrer versus a color called for in a kit.
  4. Well, the night is young so mebbe I'll buy it and post a few reviews like your standard fair unboxing review and then progress builds. UPDATE; I did a quick search and some one beat me to it, makes me wanna buy it; http://www.rpmmodelclub.com/RPMArticle-FordGT.html
  5. Oh sorry Chillyb1, I was meaning to ask if any one has had this particular kit. Hey Pete J, it's plastic, here is Stradas descritpion of the kit; "1/24 scale plastic kit.A hi-detailed injection-molded plastic kit of the 2010 Ford GT GT1 LM car. Molded in white plastic with clear parts and black rubber tires. Includes photo-etched metal parts, metal springs, and more. Detailed interior, engine, and suspension. Extensive decals by Cartograf. Instructions are in English and French."
  6. Oh cool, I just ordered the Fujimi kit, excited! Thanks for all the replies.
  7. Hi, I used to mix my own colors when painting etc... I'm sorta thinking to apply this method in painting model kits. I've both done and seen color wheels on parts of one color to parts of another color in acheiving the desired outcome. Is there such a thing for Testors or Tamiya paints? Something like 2 parts this, 1 part that equals .... bayam. I suppose one could simply use exsisting color scheme being RGB or CMYK but I think each paint manufacturure will have there own paint nuances. But curious if any one has applied this.
  8. Hi, While I was going down the road of getting an older Fujumi Gt40 Mk1 kit with some addons from HRM for the engine, Studio 27 for a PE up detail kit and Rennisance for some deeper wheels (woulda made for sweeeeeet model), I came across a new manufacturer that I've never heard of before; Simil R. Thye've a new Ford GT kit (2010 car); http://www.similr.fr/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7&Itemid=114&lang=en#5250-ford_GT_GT1_MATECH_004_22 Cost comaprison of my Fujimi version versus this one, makes this one about ~$25 dollars cheaper. Plus its a new kit so one would assume better fit and finish etc...
  9. Actually I just found a Italeri 512S which has an engine with good detail in it. How is Italeri generally regarded?
  10. Hi and many thanks MCM. Sound slike I'm better off finding a 1/24 scale v12 and making it work. However since I havn't gotten the 512 in the mail yet, I should refrain until actually analyzing with kit in hand. Many thanks for the insite, much apprecited.
  11. Hi all, First, its a pleasure to be here as I get intimate with one of my passions in youth, scale model kits! I was wondering about engine kits for the Fujimi 512S kit. I recently bought a beautiful Fujimi Ferrari 330 P4 and an optional HRM Engine/Suspension kit for it (model number HRM-305). It seems that both cars had a V12 with a similar layout so I was wondering that if with some work, I could fit the same HRM kit into the 512S? Thanks in advance for any replies.
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