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  1. Well he did a bang up job on the casting that Bill had linked to. I did look around on Shapeways and so far no XP-87. I believe another caster actually did this as well and am trying to find the thread.
  2. Hmm, bummer, we don't like brain pain here These may do the trick; http://www.indycals.net/decals/accessories/panellines.html
  3. Man that diagram looks cool. I first saw that fuel injection throttle body on Jay Leno and thought it was super cool. Man did you hear him start it up, wow how cool. The comments were hilarious, one guy mentioned regretting his high fidelity headphone selection as the firing up of the engine made him jump and spill his coffee. Such a gem of a car, as are all Vettes actually. And while I enjoy changing things up and evolution of design and function, the new mid engine design looses the swoopyness of the Vette look. In fact I thought the Aerovette was more true to form then the new one but I digress. At any rate thanks again.
  4. Thanks Bill, yep bingo that was the thread that I initially read. The AMT Mako Shark is indeed a very nice looking kit.
  5. Hello, I sort of recall a caster having this kit available?
  6. I think you'd love these. I have em in my shopping cart. https://www.scaleproduction.de/product_info.php?info=p2441{32}129{37}165_15--16--turbo-fan--15mm-.html&no_boost=1
  7. I may just work with the Aoshima SSRs and will look for a better price. I hate to butcher items that are at regular retail prices.
  8. This looks almost right but the conversion from 5 lug to single nut is a but more then I was hoping to do.
  9. Well, I did, the closest was the GT3 Cup wheels but they seemed off for the 961.
  10. Hello every one, As I slowly start to decide on projects to build, one that's been on my mind is the Rothmans Porsche 961. Depending on the year, there were 2 wheel options. Although I'm unsure about this statement really. At any rate there is the 5 mag wheel style that's included in the Tamiya/TamTech kit and then the BBS style which I haven't seen a reproduction of. I'm even unsure about the Rothmans decals as while there are examples out there, all require the builder to paint the blue sides which may or may not be above my pay grade. I say this out of masking but perhaps I don't need to do a perfect shape as the decals will help shape the blue pattern? Although out of all the Rothmans livery cars, to me the 961 is the nicest. At any rate here is a picture of the wheels, would any one know a source by chance?
  11. Thanks Sam. If I get burned out again, and loose another surf board amongst other things, then I'll just up and leave. Seriously...
  12. And this is our first Santa Ana of the season. Imagine what's in store for us..............................................
  13. Thank you. Santa Ana's are dying down in the afternoon/evening. But they aren't too bad, gusting around 65MPH and seem to be hovering around 15MPH. Right now it's very smokey.
  14. This is a lovely thread, one of my favorites! I add this in hopes of contributing. However I can't really make out the color
  15. Oh very nice man. And agreed, "less is more", the Yellowbird is a timeless classic and ages superbly well.
  16. I'm sure many of you have seen this. But just in case...
  17. Very sound logic. I'll consider my work shop (which really is just a den converted to my office) ready for business once I get this spray booth. I built the desk for it out of baltic birch and finished the hell out of it super smooth in satin white. It's a huge L shape. Actually it's a good sized landing above the stairs in front of the bonus room which has a nice window, perfect for venting various fromage-ess.
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