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  1. Well, wondering if there would be some sort of fund me apparatus just here on this site were we could pay what we can afford to keep the site ad free and running. We all pitch in to help out. A few bucks here and there from many would make a difference. However to make it worth while and workable, a cost break down of what it takes for this site to stay operational would be prudent. This way when annual targets or goals are met, we can simply relax until the following year. The magazine itself is I think a dead issue. I've paid for 2 years in advance several years back and have gotten 1 issue. Eh, water under the bridge at this point. Better then water over the bridge
  2. Hello, So I'm slowly starting to rebuild my kit stash and have decided to focus on my two favorite houses, Ferrari and Porsche with a smattering of Ford, Chevy and Jaguar for good measure So here is what I feel may be accurate; Porsche 959 to Ferrari F40 Porsche Carrera GT to La Ferrari Porsche 918 to Ferrari FXX-K Am I accurate in any of these?
  3. Nice replies, every one. Very informative. Perhaps some one could advice me on a little conundrum that I'm having. Below is a pic of an aluminum rim sleeve. A wheel sits on top of the inner lip indicated by the red arrow. I would love for the wheel sit deeper. What would any one suggest I do in shaving it?
  4. Wow thanks Dave, excellent info indeed! This opens up my options for sure.
  5. I may adapt this little guy to shave the insides of some aluminum rims that I have; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07V5L6TFP/?coliid=IMG8D4LZUSEQK&colid=1OTOOX6BLJGFG&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  6. Well, a 935K3 is out soon as is a killer 911 RS SC. However, did any one catch Scale Motorsports new website and new Ford GT detail kit yet?
  7. Thanks for the post. This is a very good view point and makes a lot of sense. This is a unit I'm looking at; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MGGYH2W/?coliid=I11ABISUZ1JNQO&colid=1OTOOX6BLJGFG&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it One could change out the fan with one suited for flammable paints. However I'm unsure in the likely hood of fires that have happened as a result of spraying scale model cars using lacquers and enamels.
  8. https://jalopnik.com/the-porsche-959s-history-was-way-more-of-a-disaster-tha-1792096170 I was reading a build thread as I'm thinking to build another 961 as mine was destroyed in last years Woolsey; http://imgbox.com/g/H2cxspSlgk Builders were posting there brilliant 959s, one of which looked like a pearl white; WOW! At any rate another member posted that above Jalopnik topic which brought me to tears. I absolutely love Porsche and I love the 959. So thank you to whomever posted that link, it was a great read and emotional. PS BTW, the R&D article stating that the car was boring simply illustrated his ignorance of the cars brilliance. It's that fish mentality of being attracted to bright shiny things.
  9. Well, I'm of the thinking now to simply buy paints specifically tailored to scale models, with a focus on cars at that. The Mission Models and even Vallejo paints are used by many military subject builders, seemingly not so much cars. Cars have broad and flatter surfaces showing off any paint imperfections so a smooth finish is absolutely critical. Or else all that hard work that you put into your build is for not. My work shop is not quite up and running so I'm still unsure which paints to use. But I plan to practice with the fore mentioned brands. It would be super cool if there was such a thing as a low odor or no oder lacquer.
  10. Hi, Does any one have news on Jeremy's well being? I sincerely hope that he is doing ok.
  11. You and I probably saw the same video. Was it in a serious of 5 or 6? If so, the author did say the Createx line was initially developed as t shirt paint. He also said that it took him a very long time to develop a work flow that worked for him. His results looked nice for sure. But my goal it have something comparable to say what Don Yost produces in terms of amazing/stellar/out of this world paint jobs. I too will be limited to acrylics.
  12. Hi David, What sort of feedback do you have so far on Mission Models paint?
  13. Well, I think the best air brush paint is what works best for you. I know it's a nebulous answer but what works well for some one doesn't work well for others. The best thing to do is practice air brushing on anything you can find. Preferably something with edges and curves. Most of all, YouTube is an invaluable learning resource. In fact I have a subscription account due to the fact that I use it so much and tire of the commercials etc... Mission Models actually has a fairly comprehensive FAQ on exactly how to use there paints. There YouTube channel even goes as far as demonstrating PSI and distance to the subject, talk about a how to. I'm trying to find cheap sample lexan car bodies to use as test subjects and will let you know once I find something.
  14. Hi Gary and thank you for the pics. Much appreciated.
  15. Oh man, better then doughnuts and coffee in the morning. Well, at least as good anyways
  16. Another nice comparison of 962 kits. Just run it through translate; http://www.modellismo.net/forum/statico-recensioni-kit/65968-auto-comparativa-porsche-962-1-24-a.html
  17. Unsure if its been brought up on this thread but the UMM scribers are very worthy.
  18. Thanks David. I was looking at the other version that the caster makes which also looks very cool.
  19. Hi Gary, Some pics of your Studio27 kit would be very very cool. One could build the Miller GTP car from it?
  20. For the discerning and free spending modeler, some new fromage from a caster called Clay Models; https://www.grandprixmodels.com/CLA24003-Porsche-956-GearboxSuspension-Set-24-Conversion-Set.aspx https://www.grandprixmodels.com/CLA24001-Porsche-956-Engine-Set-Conversion-Set.aspx
  21. Thank you David! I did see your post from last year about 962 IMSA driveline availability and was a little bummed that no one responded meaning that it probably doesn't exist. I love the look that that fat single turbo sitting on top.
  22. This page seems very comprehensive on the subject and does a very nice job of comparing 1/24 962 kits and offerings. https://robdebie.home.xs4all.nl/models/962a.htm And it seems that the above kit is really just a Tamiya 956. I'm surprised that a Tamiya 962 body was not included in it. I mean come on man seriously a 962 it is not. They could have at least provided replacement front and rear body panels with the correct wheels/tires. For some reason this really has me miffed. Man I'd love it if there was a real 1/24 962 IMSA/GTP kit available. Or at least front and read body parts as well a single turbo replacement. Perry's Resin had one many many moons ago and it looked really really nice. It's funny, his site has it listed for $50 but something like that would easily fetch $100+ now a days. I even went on Shapeways and thankfully some one has taken an interest in 1/24 scale 962, but the parts are expensive. Is everything expensive or is it just me? Well, at least this site is free Does any one know if a Porsche 962 IMSA/GTP has been scratch built? This seems to be a nice kit of the 94' Lemans winner; http://www.gts-series.com/fr/voitures/kits-1-24/dauer-n36-gagnante-6385.xhtml So far, a decent attainable kit in 1/24 form seems to be the Hasegawa.
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