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  1. Thanks I always try to keep the whole car the same now as I ruined the revell 458 Italia, I sprayed it gloss white and masked off the body and coated the roof gloss black but the black seemed to have got under the masking tape and left thin strands of black on the White, I think it was the cheap and nasty masking tape I used but I'm always hesitant to try again lol but I do agree it would look far better gloss on the roof Thanks guys
  2. I used a spray called hycote which is pretty cheap and gave a good finish but I don't think they do a clear flat spray so will need to do a test run first like you said with another brand. I always have trouble with the decals, I'll tell you the method I use, I first brush a little humbrol decal fix on the part then soak decal in water and apply then brush decal fix over it and dry with a hairdryer for a few seconds. That's the best results I've had but it's not the best as the decal fix leaves a shine around the decal, I've since seen mr mark softer and setter which I'm thinking of trying? Thanks again
  3. Thanks for the good comments everyone, quick question I hope someone could answer? I put the decals on after I had finished painting and left them at that now should I have gave it a clear coat after the decals to seal them? Wasn't sure as I didn't want it shiny, this maybe sound stupid but can you get a flat clear coat from a rattlecan?
  4. Yeah on the revell model the doors are moulded and it's just a panel you have to add in
  5. Thanks, yeah I seen a lot of post about I'll fitting parts but was fine, I glued the door panels in and filled them before paint so it turned out ok
  6. Here's a few pics of my completed LaFerrari from revell, really enjoyed building this kit but i found some bits a bit tricky as I'm New to the modelling game, after learning a lot from this site I think it turned out pretty good but let's see what you guys think 😁
  7. Hi, new to the site and thought I'd post some pics of my build, This is only my second ever model, first model was an Audi r8 which I brush painted the body and glued the clear windows with revell contact lol but after learning so much from this site here's how far I've come Thanks for looking
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