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  1. I also don't use an air brush. I have had good luck with duplicolor rattle can clear over decals. I ususally put on three light coats 20 minutes apart let it sit over night and give it a good coat in the morning. Hope this helps.
  2. Looks good! I've been thinking about trying this car. What kit did you use and where did you source the wheels? I like it.
  3. Nice filters!! Are they made using the paper back novel trick?
  4. Thanks for looking guys!
  5. So finally got some bench time in. Work had me all over Alberta and B.C. The last week. This may be a slower build as things are picking up work wise. Finally got the hood cut out. Pretty happy with it. Sanded it down everything looks good now that that part is out of the way I'm more motivated to build this project. Found a window louver from a revelle mustang and it seems to fit pretty well. Still in the air about it. Here are a few pics of what I've got so far.
  6. This is great guys! Who would have thought I'd have learned this much from building a model car.
  7. Thanks ken!! Would you know of a good site for reference pics for interior and the engine? I'm guessing that the rear spoiler was also flat black? Just got called to work today so will be away all weekend but I can do some homework on this car in the evenings before I build.
  8. Few pics under the hood of my uncles car.
  9. Thanks Chris! Great link, see if my 2 years worth of skills can pull that off.
  10. Don't know a lot about these cars but my uncle has a 78 280z has done a lot of the work to it over the years. He used to build models not so much now. He gave me the kit while visiting. I've been showing him lots of pictures of other builds and he asked when I was going to do this one. Figured I'd blow the dust off the box and spend some time on this one in between builds. Originally I wanted to cut out the gril and the hood. Wanted to use the mesh that comes with the kit to custom make a gril. Upon googling this car I've realised the hood is hinged on the front similar to old corvettes where would I hinge it? Skills aren't there yet to attempt all of this. Thinking I'll just leave the gril as is and cut out the hood. Be a shame to put a nice engine in it and cover it up.
  11. Yes, the kit came with 2 engine choices. I'm leaning towards the one on the right, from what I gather it seems to have a lil more "jam."
  12. Thanks Stephen! That's kinda what I thought just hesitant in case there was a better way to do it.
  13. Hey guys got this kit from my uncle a while back. I would like to cut the hood out and maybe hinge it. Saw lots of hinge tricks here great info for that. Was wondering what the best way to cut out the hood would be. Do I just use the back side of my knife and scribe out the hood? Also would like to cut the grill and make one swing the mesh that comes in the kit. Any help would be great guys thanks!!
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