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  1. AutoQuiz 392 FINISHED

    That was a piece of junk. I saw so much ugly searching for this, I got seriously depressed and stopped looking on Tuesday. Anybody who bought one of these deserves to lose their money (they already lost their self respect) l
  2. Autoquiz 389 - Finished

    Your generous clues finally got me looking in the right direction, but it was still pure good luck that I found the answer.
  3. Autoquiz 389 - Finished

    Ha ha! I got it.
  4. Autoquiz 387 - Finshed

    In my opinion, the best looking model in the Audax range was the Humber Sceptre. Same chassis, same headlights, similar grille, probably the same windscreen, but not sadly the same lightness of touch in the overall styling. I’d still love one though.
  5. Autoquiz 387 - Finshed

    The frumpy original (a Mk2 in this instance) A Hillman SuperMinx in a posh frock, this is stunning compared to the frumpy original. Apart from the front end being a random mishmash from the Rootes Group parts bin, the Venezia is a handsome automobile. Shame about the 1600 cc four banger and boring steel wheels, so much unfulfilled promise.
  6. Autoquiz 381 - Finished

    I was asking all the right questions in my search, Taunus engine, backbone chassis, Italian manufacturer, red coupe, the lot, came up with nothing until Michael gave us the Scaglione clue. I still don’t think it is his best work, but hey ho.
  7. Autoquiz 381 - Finished

    Helped me too, thank you.
  8. Autoquiz 381 - Finished

    This thing looks so familiar but I cannot identify it. Think I’m losing my marbles.
  9. Autoquiz 380 - Finished

    Sorry Michael, all modern cars look the same to me. No idea (or interest) on this one.
  10. Autoquiz 379 - Finished

    I had given up but the Michael put up the clues and I was able to find it. I thought I knew a bit about NSU, but this was totally new to me. Brilliant choice.
  11. Autoquiz 377 - Finished

    I know about the fabric bodied Velorex, but I never suspected that this was by the same people. You were right, this was a perfect Autoquiz subject, I am usually quite lucky identifying the cars but I didn’t get close on this one.
  12. Autoquiz 376 - Finished

    Regarding the 850 Sport (or Coupé) this is a question that has troubled me since the early 70’s. I’ve asked elsewhere, but never had an answer. Way back when, I saw a Series 2 850 Coupe that had the usual crisp, chrome trimmed Kamm tail and quad tail lights. It had been hit from behind and a huge chunk of bondo, maybe 3 inches thick and fallen off revealing a rounded Series 1 fender beneath. My question is, were all Series 2 Coupés remodelled with bondo or was this a one off job when the repairer couldn’t get the correct panel? Hope one of you guys knows the answer as this has bugged me for ever.
  13. Autoquiz 376 - Finished

    I had a 68 124 Coupe in that fetching shade of caramel that was so popular back then. I got it quite cheaply as it had clutch problems, it would crunch into gear and even though it had a new clutch assembly, it still didn’t disengage fully. I didn’t care coz it looked fabulous, wasn’t very old and handled beautifully. One day I was sitting at a light, in 1st gear, revving the nuts off it (sounded gorgeous) when BANG! I took off through a red light with my tyres smoking. The clutch cable had pulled straight through the corroded bulkhead. I put a big washer on the outer cable and carried on driving it until the brake pedal got so soft, it was dangerous. The whole bulkhead was moving as you applied the brakes. I think the guy I sold it to swapped all the good bits to a Morris 1000, a very popular swap in those days. Wish I’d kept it until the Lada got cheaper, could have built my own 124 Special T clone
  14. Autoquiz 368 - Finished

    The Banjo was based on a shortened ‘55 to ‘57 chassis with lowered suspension. Seems unthinkable now, but I recall that the classified section in Hot Rod would have two or three Short Chevys in it every month in the early 70s. They were obviously cheap and plentiful in those days.
  15. Autoquiz 364 - Finished

    It’s starting to grow on me.