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  1. And a happy birthday to Earl Marischal too! If you carry on at this rate, you will soon be as old as me.
  2. No idea, and it doesn’t pique my curiosity either so I will wait until Sunday to find out what it is. Sorry Michael.
  3. That is a very handsome car, I wonder why Standard Triumph didn’t take it up as a main stream offering? Probably would have clashed with the Triumph Roadster.
  4. I didn’t find this one, though now I know what it it is I’m pretty sure I should have recognised it. Oh, the joys of ageing! Thank you for exercising my memory, this time you win
  5. Oh dear, I am no good with these Brass Era cars.
  6. “Suddenly it’s 1960” until you open the hood!
  7. Wow, that is something I’d love to see, have you got a flathead six to put in it?
  8. Does anyone know why so many Rosengart products were right hand drive?
  9. Lovely part of the country, can’t wait to visit again.
  10. Speaking of different countries, I had always assumed you were in Australia.
  11. Completely wrong on the “where”, a couple of years out on the “when” and not a clue on the “what”. Not even Meatloaf would give me a pass on that dismal effort. Good job Michael came to the rescue with his invaluable clues (again) Total surprise, but I got it. Thanks Michael!
  12. I think I’ve got the “where” and the “when” but not the “what” Would you settle for two out of three?
  13. I knew of The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band, but I’d never been introduced to Sir Henry ... until now. I don’t know if I should thank you or not.
  14. Yep, same for me. I wish I could get back all the time and money I’ve spent (some say wasted) on car mags over the years.
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