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  1. Real or photoshop?

  2. Autoquiz 426

    This one is a ‘62 apparently. I was trying to guess the age based on the belt moulding, the slim grooved example shown here featured on a ‘60 sedan but I didn’t find any positive evidence of when it appeared on the Champ, I wrongly went for ‘63. Most examples I saw had a much broader moulding that tapered away to a point at the rear edge of the fender, some had a thin moulding extending across the door too. I even saw some with the “flyaway” fender moulding from the ‘62 Lark, were they factory fitted? I don’t know. As several people pointed out, it is very difficult to age a Champ accurately. Whoops, Michael beat me by two minutes on the age, fair enough, it was him who told me anyway.
  3. Autoquiz 426

    Send a PM
  4. Autoquiz 425

    Oh oh, looks like it is me!
  5. Autoquiz 424

    Of course, I should have recognised that.
  6. Autoquiz 424

    Who is the designer Bill? I’ve looked but not found any reference to him so far.
  7. Real or Model Redux

    A very impressive example of model making I think.
  8. Real or photoshop?

    Can’t argue with that. I must be getting old, instead of rejoicing in the sheer madness of this beast, I find myself wearing health and safety goggles. That shifter looks dangerous, view ahead is a bit restricted and does it really need 800 bhp? It’s a good job nobody cares what I think!
  9. Real or photoshop?

    The golden thing is real I’m afraid. Fabulous workmanship, but why?
  10. Real or photoshop?

    Looks photoshopped to me.
  11. Autoquiz 423

    That is ugly!
  12. 1974 MG-B

    Beautiful job! I always disliked the rubber bumper B, but this one hits the spot. I read somewhere that after the 5 mph bumpers were engineered and passed for production, it was realised that if they had deleted the impact absorbing ironwork the total vehicle weight dropped below the threshold point for 5 mile an hour bumpers. In Europe we got the rubber bumpers without the heavy bit. One small point, white on black licence plates wouldn’t be legal on this car, after 1972 only white front and yellow rear reflective plates were permitted. We do see late model cars on black plates, but it is asking to be pulled over.
  13. Autoquiz 422

    Got it!
  14. RorM?

    Harry certainly helped me extend my obscure American car knowledge base.
  15. Autoquiz 420

    Do you have any information regarding your first choice for 420? There seem to be similarities to the IFA F9, the wheels, front bumper, windshield and rear fender shape in particular. Also the way the hood and rear deck fall away quite steeply remind me of the IFA ( and the Auto Union / DKW).