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  1. I think that the same aircraft factory where the Mikrus was built went on to produce alloy Cobra bodies in the early 2000’s. Does anybody know if they are still in production?
  2. Peteski, they should have a ‘like’ button on here. Brilliant!
  3. I read somewhere that the Brutsch Mopetta single seat 3 wheeler was built under licence in Nottingham, UK in about 1956. I went looking for the company’s building but didn’t find it. Lots of changes in Nottingham over the last 40 years.
  4. At least it doesn’t hurt your eyes!
  5. Just disqualified myself from Autoquiz 494. I was spending too much time looking for it.
  6. I failed to get it the first time, but I’ll never forget it again (unfortunately)😱
  7. The only discernible differences I could find between the models was the colour of the turn signals (amber on the later models) and the size and font of the fender script. Took me three tries before Michael was happy😊
  8. I’d rather be lucky than smart.
  9. Well I ought to have found this one, I looked at Willys, I looked at Brazil and now you have revealed it, I’m even aware of Itamaraty. Total failure on my part. Oh well, roll on 490!
  10. I give up, I can’t spend any more time on this one.
  11. I haven’t given up completely yet, but I’m getting nowhere with this one.
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