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  1. Auto Quiz 338 - Finshed

    I had a Schuco clockwork model of this in the early '60s, it was in a lovely shade of brown. Our back porch had a very smooth concrete floor, I'd spread bicycle oil on the concrete and send my Schuco cars slipping and sliding all over it. I think I may have invented drifting! How much is a pristine example worth today? ☹️
  2. Autoquiz 336 - Canceled

    Haha! I knew what it was, but as usual I went on line to refine my answer ( Michael has been quite subtle with some of his subjects, they are not as simple as they first appear) Wasn't long before I got that "I've been here before" feeling, I was quite surprised to realise how recently I'd researched the Comete. You are not the only one with fading faculties Matt.
  3. Auto quiz 334 - Finished

    An itinerant knocks on the door of a large house to ask for work, the lady of the house gives him a tin of green paint and a brush. "You can paint the porch around the back". Some time later he knocks on the door again to tell her he has finished, she pays him. As he walks away he turns and says " By the way, it's not a Porsche, it's a Ferrari".
  4. Auto Quiz 333- Finished

    Now I know what it is, I can see the clues Ace-Garageguy refers to. I can also see why Porsche left it outside in the rain for 40 years.
  5. Auto quiz 332 - FINISHED

    A few years ago I would see one of these on a regular basis in Derby. The guy used it as his daily driver and I don't think I ever saw the top up. He would wear a Sherlock Holmes style dear stalker hat, tied under the chin. An impressive sight!
  6. Autoquiz 331 - Finished

    I gave up, but then found it accidentally whilst looking for something else.
  7. Autoquiz 331 - Finished

    I have no idea what this is.
  8. Auto Quiz - 328 -FINISHED

    Fairthorpes were never pretty, there was one version with three headlights.
  9. Auto ID #326

    Well isn't that typical, here am I on my annual jaunt annoying Frenchmen by towing an oversize, over weight caravan through their beautiful country side and you have come up with an Auto ID subject that needs searching for. Have you ever tried to get decent wifi on a hill top in Burgundy? Dave this message was sent by carrier pigeon😊
  10. Auto Quiz #322 - #FINSHED

    Couple looking at Sevenesque device parked along side. " OK, but where do we put the kids?
  11. Auto Quiz #322 - #FINSHED

    I sent a reply on Monday at 9.49 pm UK time, it also says "unread" did you receive it? Well it is certainly that.
  12. Auto Quiz #320 - FINISHED

    German coach builders have produced some stunning cabriolets over the years, but in this case, the proportions don't quite work, it looks a little bit like a kid wearing his father's suite. I'd imagine that it would be pretty heavy too, so with only 23 hp you would have plenty of time to admire the view. Once again, a really interesting trawl through the internet finding out all about the subject, thank you.
  13. Auto ID #319

    That is beautiful!
  14. Auto ID #318 Finished

    This is what happens when you entrust your design bureau to that guy in accounts who can draw a bit.
  15. Auto ID #318 Finished

    Maybe a degree in advanced nerdishness would help, it works for me.