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  1. I don’t know what it is, but I’m not surprised that it is a one off.
  2. It looks as though this one dates from 1964, but that cab must have been styled in the 30’s. Does anyone know how long they used it?
  3. The styling details scream Ford and I was well aware of the AC 3000ME but I still didn’t get it. Obviously I wasn’t paying as much attention in 1981 as I should have been.
  4. I can see why you prefer the Spider, but to me there is definitely something about the Coupe
  5. Obviously Japanese and almost certainly a Nissan, but I still didn’t find it. Totally new one to me, I used to say that you live and learn but for me it is more live, learn then forget again these days. Thanks anyway for a bit of a mental work out.
  6. And a happy birthday to Earl Marischal too! If you carry on at this rate, you will soon be as old as me.
  7. No idea, and it doesn’t pique my curiosity either so I will wait until Sunday to find out what it is. Sorry Michael.
  8. That is a very handsome car, I wonder why Standard Triumph didn’t take it up as a main stream offering? Probably would have clashed with the Triumph Roadster.
  9. I didn’t find this one, though now I know what it it is I’m pretty sure I should have recognised it. Oh, the joys of ageing! Thank you for exercising my memory, this time you win
  10. Oh dear, I am no good with these Brass Era cars.
  11. “Suddenly it’s 1960” until you open the hood!
  12. Wow, that is something I’d love to see, have you got a flathead six to put in it?
  13. Does anyone know why so many Rosengart products were right hand drive?
  14. Lovely part of the country, can’t wait to visit again.
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