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  1. Production cars tended to corrode at an alarming rate in those days, it was quite usual to find good mechanicals and trim housed in a rotten body shell. A magnet was essential kit when buying a used car.
  2. Despite my best efforts, I am no further forward
  3. Well that wasn’t easy. I must be the only one who actually likes the front end styling, and I know where the headlights came from!
  4. That is interesting, I am holidaying in Devon at the moment, only a few miles from Loddiswell. I might go there to see if anything remains of Quantum Sports Cars.
  5. Well I deserve to fail this week, it is so obviously a member of the Borgward family. Even with poor signal coverage I should have got this one.
  6. Yeah, looks familiar to me too, but it isn’t what I thought it should be. Luckily enough, I am on vacation again, in a field in Devon, UK. Lovely place but not much signal coverage so I'll just have to wait for the big reveal on Sunday. Some may sympathise but most will recognise a cop out when they see one. C'est la Vie.
  7. I learn something new almost every week on Autoquiz.
  8. 53-54 Plymouth, Cranbrook or Belvedre
  9. Do you know when this car was built? I suspect that it must be quite recent, but there seems to be very little about it on line which is surprising. If you don’t have a tape measure handy, it would be very difficult to decide whether it was a Mercury or a Ford. Obviously I guessed wrong.
  10. 40 Ford?, on second thoughts it looks more like a 41. But considering that the 41 is truly rare (see what I did there?) it is more likely to be a 47. My final offer.
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