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  1. Haha! That is brilliant. Alvis continued building military vehicles for some time after that, like the outstanding amphibious Stalwart, a six wheel drive floating truck with a straight eight Rolls Royce lump. Sounded fabulous.
  2. The Equus was probably the last design concept by Vauxhall Motors. All subsequent Vauxhalls are Opel based, initially with some unique styling but lately only a change of badge. Only one Equus exists, it was designed by a team led by Wayne Cherry and built by Panther Westwinds on the chassis of a Panther Lima. The Lima was itself based on the Vauxhall Magnum and I believe it used a sizeable portion of the Magnum floor pan.
  3. Not really obvious from the image but the Alken D2 has suicide doors too. Apropos of nothing.
  4. Yeah, I was sure it was a Porsche, but then I also thought Autoquiz 479 was an Auto Union, so what do I know?
  5. I thought it was the work of Dutch Darrin, he did the Flintridge Darrin which was Auto Union based. He was also also commissioned to design a prototype for the Dyna Panhard, which was very similar to this. If you screw you eyes up a bit, it is reminiscent of the Kaiser Darrin too. Once again, I wasted a lot of time on a wild goose chase searching for a “Darrin Porsche” which does not exist, but eventually chanced on the Alken D2. Lucky me!
  6. Hi Michael, I can’t claim credit for finding this one, I gave up looking and did an image search. Dave.
  7. Yep, that clue would have worked if I hadn’t already capitulated.
  8. I’ve got a part built Italeri WLA stashed away and I have been thinking about doing a bobber for years. You might just have given me the push I need to get it done! Love your build, and I might steal a few ideas too.
  9. The Lane Museum has saved my bacon a time or two, including this one. I’d love to visit for real one day.
  10. Yeh, “fanny pack” made us chuckle too.
  11. Two nations divided by a common language😉
  12. You have to expect the dick Infront to do the unexpected, so even though I’ve been there too, no sympathy.
  13. I think this thing had lots of potential, it was properly engineered and I suppose more expensive than the “buggy” type competition (of which there was plenty). The VEMP military project probably failed on political grounds, nothing new there then.
  14. What did you go for Keith? When I saw those sun visors I thought they must be Australian, they built Vauxhalls there and had a couple of unique models. Came as quite a surprise to find that it is British and factory too, I don’t remember ever seeing one in the day ( but I was pretty young) I did have a 1959 PA Cresta Estate in the early 70’s. That was based on the car in the background of the pic. One of these, apparently Her Majesty The Queen had one too.
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