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  1. Autoquiz 404 - Finished

    Completely new one on me, even when you know what it is, it’s not that easy to find. Good choice. The car is actually quite good looking once you strip off all that ugly black detailing, it looks a bit more Italian. My biggest mistake (apart from thinking it was ugly) was to assume it was a fibreglass body, wasted a lot of time on those two search terms.
  2. Autoquiz 404 - Finished

    I am getting nowhere with this one, I’ll just have to wait for the reveal I guess.
  3. Auto quiz 402 - Finished

    I wondered if it was yours Michael, lovely car and a bit prettier than a Köln cabriolet😊
  4. Auto quiz 402 - Finished

    Yeah me too, but then I looked more closely at the wheels and radiator and decided it was a Ford. The UK is awash with Transit vans, quite sad to think they are all made in Turkey.
  5. Auto quiz 400 - Finished

    Ah-ha, found it! Thanks Michael, couldn’t have done it without your help.
  6. Auto quiz 400 - Finished

    Been there, still didn’t find it!
  7. Auto quiz 400 - Finished

    OK Michael, I think you have beaten me (again). Just going round in circles and getting nowhere so I think I’m going to give up on this one.
  8. Auto quiz 399 - Finshed

    When you see them both together, the differences are quite obvious, but I got it wrong first time.
  9. Autoquiz 397 - Finished

    Good, I had assumed that anyone who sent a PM would show up in the profile visitor list. I was checking to see who had beaten me to the punch this week.
  10. Autoquiz 397 - Finished

    Hi Bill, Have you sent Michael a message? You don’t show up on his recent profile visitor list. Bye the way, I got it too.
  11. Auto quiz 395 - Finished

    No apology necessary, I know how much work you put into Autoquiz. Dave
  12. Auto quiz 395 - Finished

    Hi Michael, You missed me off the list. Regards, Dave
  13. Autoquiz 393 - Finished

    I had to Google the manufacturer, but I immediately knew when it was made.
  14. AutoQuiz 392 FINISHED

    That was a piece of junk. I saw so much ugly searching for this, I got seriously depressed and stopped looking on Tuesday. Anybody who bought one of these deserves to lose their money (they already lost their self respect) l
  15. Autoquiz 389 - Finished

    Your generous clues finally got me looking in the right direction, but it was still pure good luck that I found the answer.