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  1. Autoquiz 415

    Hi Michael It is still telling me that your message box cannot accept messages. Dave
  2. Autoquiz 415

    Oh boy, that is beautiful
  3. Ford Transcontiental

    I worked at a Ford dealership in the 80’s, mostly cars, but we did see some trucks. The Transco wasn’t that common, but we did get one in from time to time. I recall that there was a conflict between the cab suspension and the sprung driver’s seat, over some road surfaces, it could leave the driver feeling quite seasick. Beautiful model, well done.
  4. Autoquiz 412 - Finished

    I think I must have searched every variation of gullwing without success, I was totally sick of the sight of the 300SL and the East German Melkus. Finally found it after Michael’s clue pointed me at NSU, seems so obvious now, why didn’t I think of that sooner?
  5. Autoquiz 412 - Finished

    Me too!
  6. Auto quiz 410 - Finished

    These things came from Lancashire, so they might not appreciate the Yorkshire reference (strong local rivalry, even fought a war over it once) definitely with you on the Yorkshire pudding though.
  7. Auto quiz 410 - Finished

    All three, but there is room for a big block and a beam axle if you want to go really fast.
  8. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    Ford did all their design work in house in Detroit at this time, so it is actually a contemporary of the Mercury that it resembles. The British Ford Zephyr and Consul that came along a couple of years later look like small scale 49 Fords.
  9. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    I have owned both in my mis-spent youth, so they are pretty familiar to me. Show me something American from the mid 70’s onwards and if it isn’t mainstream I wouldn’t have a clue.
  10. Autoquiz 408 - Finished

    Looks a bit too rounded to be a Volvo, maybe a Simca 1301?
  11. Autoquiz 407 - Finished

    I’ve got it, it’s Tow Mater!
  12. Autoquiz 406 - Finished

    Well I’m glad I looked at this today, not tomorrow (Christmas Day) it would have spoiled my lunch.
  13. Autoquiz 404 - Finished

    Completely new one on me, even when you know what it is, it’s not that easy to find. Good choice. The car is actually quite good looking once you strip off all that ugly black detailing, it looks a bit more Italian. My biggest mistake (apart from thinking it was ugly) was to assume it was a fibreglass body, wasted a lot of time on those two search terms.
  14. Autoquiz 404 - Finished

    I am getting nowhere with this one, I’ll just have to wait for the reveal I guess.