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  1. Well I failed dismally on this one, though some of the search terms I used should have got me close to it. Maybe, deep down, I just didn’t want to know what it is. Oh boy, it is gruesome!
  2. OK, I have given up, I’ll wait for the reveal.
  3. I think you will find that the Munch Mammoth used an in-line air cooled 4 cylinder overhead cam engine made by NSU. 🙂
  4. Hi Bill, The Kadett B and the HB Viva were definitely related (cousins?) but I’m not sure that I would agree that the Kadett was the progenitor of the badge engineered Viva. They were both designed to the same GM spec, but in those days there was much rivalry between Vauxhall and Opel. They ostensibly shared a floor pan, but one was metric, the other Imperial (American) In my experience, there wasn’t a lot that would interchange between the two. This all changed with the next generation Kadett C (GM World car), Vauxhall introduced a limited range called the Chevette. They managed to make it uglier than the original but still used their own mechanicals, which differed from the Opel stuff. Still not a lot of interchangeability as I discovered when restoring an Opel C Coupé. The Grommet may have been Viva based, but there were a lot of Opel influences in the styling, which caused me to waste a lot of time too. Dave
  5. I had a total failure on this one, well done Michael!
  6. I think you have beaten me this time Michael!
  7. Production cars tended to corrode at an alarming rate in those days, it was quite usual to find good mechanicals and trim housed in a rotten body shell. A magnet was essential kit when buying a used car.
  8. Despite my best efforts, I am no further forward
  9. Well that wasn’t easy. I must be the only one who actually likes the front end styling, and I know where the headlights came from!
  10. That is interesting, I am holidaying in Devon at the moment, only a few miles from Loddiswell. I might go there to see if anything remains of Quantum Sports Cars.
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