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  1. 1970 Sox & Martin Cuda

    Nice job, looks great! This is one of my favorite drag cars.
  2. Thanks fellas! I appreciate it! Here are some more pics of the engine, chassis, interior etc. This car has a lot of stuff that was my first time i had tried to build. I built the chassis, from the front main bar back tubbs frame etc , fuel cell, battery, trunk lid, suspension, engine stuff, opened up the wheel wells on the body to fit the rear tires better. Etc. I learned alot, and will do more in the future. I thought i had a pic of the finished chassis-int. but i guess not. I used a small block from the aar kit, something different. Thanks for looking.
  3. Thanks Frank and Roger. This is the revell 1:24 scale kit.
  4. Hey guys, have not posted in awhile, been busy building, built a lot of new things, just thought i would show this. I took an old built 71 cuda and rebuilt it. I scratch built the chassis, tubbs, roll cage, added a 340, n2o system, mopar paint , etc. I used a Dencon Resin conversion kit to change it from a 71 to a 70. Having a 70(1:1) cuda it was nice to have these parts to change it, and they fit perfect.
  5. "lucky's camaro"

    Thank you guys for the comments!
  6. "lucky's camaro"

    Just finished this, new to short track cars,( really don't know a lot about em) but i had fun. It has a resin full bumper front end, made buy denconresin. The wheels were made buy my buddy frank.( thanks guys!) The body has had the spoilers molded in, smoothed, fender flares added. I wanted to try to make the body as smooth as i could. I am sure it is not perfect or exactly like a real racer, but i really don't care! The paint is tamiya spray cans, and has yet to be polished. Thanks for looking and any comments.
  7. mopar top fuel

    Thanks for the comments guys. The fuel lines are wire from the craft store. Yea, it is long, but not as bad as the 18 wheelers!
  8. mopar top fuel

    Just finished this up, my first top fuel. I just wanted to build one to see what they are like, and now i will be building more for sure, but with more details. I added some stuff to the engine, 16 injector lines, blower bag, hold downs, plug wires, fuel lines. Not exactly correct, but i don't care. I am going to redo some things on it. Thanks for looking and any comments!
  9. 77 ford crew cab

  10. a couple new drag cars

    Thanks, yes there are pics of the undersides in my bucket. But i didn't do much detailing on these ones, not much to show!
  11. '69 Charger Pro Street

    I love pro street, and this is cool! Nice job!
  12. 77 ford crew cab

    Thanks guys! Hondo, i had a 77 we rebuilt all new, it was stolen, these have always been my favorite, i will have one like this someday!
  13. A couple new builds

    I hear ya on having to change things, i have done a lot of that on other builds, but just wanted to do a few easy quick ones, there fun also i think. Thank you guys for the replys!