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  1. Well, I have been off for some time building other things. I am back working on the Grand Prix now. I got a 62 Poncho kit mint cheap, but the chassis was warped. I was going to use the chassis and engine for the model, and scratch build a lot of the interior around the custom dash and bucket seats. I have straightened out the chassis, and found a second set of custom bucket seats to make rear seats. The biggest thing holding this project back were what rims and tires to use. I think I got that figured out today. I am stealing the ployglass style wide whitewall tires from the 29 Model A Ford Pickup by Revell. The rims are from Polar Lights GTO optional wheels, radir style rims. Ford Gulf Stream Aqua from MCW is going to be the body color.
  2. Any progress on this build? love to see her done!
  3. I found a Pearl Teal I may use with pearl white interior. I am going for the cover art vibe.
  4. I just bought from my local hobby shop the flat box of the '65 Poncho. I had one as a kid in the late '70's and never finished it. I had trouble with the custom parts and old tube cement was not the best thing for this project. I got rid of it and now I have a fresh new one to screw up, lol! I always loved the cover box art. As I remembered, the custom front clip and hood have a horrible fit. Engine has an axle hole through it and some flashy parts. I got my trusty Zap A Gap out and accelerant and had at it last night and this morning. I trimmed 1mm off of the back of the hood to make it line up with the slant of the front clip. I glued the hood in place in the front and tacked it in the back. I plan on pancaking the hood. I smooth the fender tops to follow the artwork, dechromed and shaved the sides. I am not sure f I will use the skirts and I also shaved the handles. I removed the crease on the trunk declid and emblem. I used the custom rear pan and full tailight. both the front and back pins have a awful fit and a lot of super glue was used for filler.
  5. I am inspired by the cover car from Hot Rod Deluxe November 2014 issue, an old school highboy roadster with a model A frame, Olds engine, cycle fenders and Deuce grill. I have noticed that the front cross member is further forward as well as a longer wheelbase. My conclusion is that Revell used an old street rodder trick and lengthened the engine bay area for the larger engine. This I feel is the area that most people feel that makes it "feel" off. The pictures illustrate the difference in length and layout of an AMT frame and the new Revell. The engine will be from the Thames, manifold, carbs and fenders from the Tweedy Pie. The rear sliks are from thr parts box. I need a source for 50 Merc hubcaps though.
  6. Ok, tires... one hin tire for the test equipment, 2 blue line drag slicks out of the parts pack kit, 4 wide radials with no sidewall detail with a thin whitewall - looks like the redlines but a whitewall anf four regular thin whitewalls. I haven't opened the decals yet. they are sealed white the protective paper as usual with current AMT kits.
  7. I started the model late last night. I am now cleaning up some body lines. I took off the crease and emblem on the trunk lid, shaved the door handles and locks, fender badges, chrome off of the side body contour and the crease on the fender top over the headlights. the hood is too long compaired to the artwork and the front pan is too low. time for a trim.
  8. I just got mine. It is the flat box with the black background and the road test parts. The model is for the most part as I remember it from the 70's. I had the white background with the teal custom on the lid. The model has a lot of little bits of flash. Chrome is good and plentifull with 3 wheel choices and a bag full of tires. for me is the color used on the second set of glass which is a faint tinted turquise /' teal color and should match the teal paint I want to use. It can be built stock, drag or two custom treatments, there are two front facias and two rear valances to mix and match. same custom parts for the interor. engine is fair but the chassis has all of the detail molded in. Typical mid 60's tooling. The instructions lack any insert to show how to work with the extra parts. Still trying to find all of the parts to gather them together. I am building the custom shown on the box. Teal with pearl white interior. Not sure on the wheels yet.
  9. I really like the selection of parts used for this build. It has given me ideas for some of my model T kits in my stash!
  10. Looking good Andy. Hope to see the model at the North Coast meeting Tuesday.
  11. Hi Drew, I like the build. Where did you get the salt flat disks from? I love the color choices and overall feel of the model. As I mentioned in another thread, I still believe the front rails has been lengthened to accommodate the long nailhead engine. This is a hot rod trick usually done on T buckets. In the mock ups I have done you can see in the pictures how much longer the frame rails are in the new kit. I do not believe that is just lengthened horns but somewhere aft of the front cross member. I plan on building a model A framed highly like the yellow car found on the cover of Hot Rod Deluxe from a few months ago. I like the model, I won't ever build it straight out of the box and gives me great parts. That is how I look at and approach model cars today
  12. The the build, and the color combo. The 'bashed parts make it stand out, especially the frame rail work.
  13. Here is the pic of the box art and the finished model.
  14. Thanks everybody. I will be bringing this model to the Toledo NNL. This will be my first NNL since 1996. I went to Toledo this past spring and was shocked as to how small it has gotten. I agree, I wish there was a Ford engine in the kit as well. That's why I transplanted the '65 Galaxie engine. Round 2 would need to make a 6 cylinder engine and remove one exhaust pipe to make a corrected '60 Ranchers along with making proper 4 lug rims.
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