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  1. Polar Lights Mistery Machine's actual scale

    Apparently it is a Chevrolet Sportvan ca 1965: https://www.chevyhardcore.com/news/top-5-chevy-vans-of-all-time-2-the-mystery-machine/ It does have some resemblance to the Dodge A100 and Ford Econline of the same time aswell. I don't have the kit myself so I can't say anything about it but looking at the pictures of it and the real vans give me the feeling that it would do well with some extra details like a grille and some trim along the sides. The sparetire on the front is more VW bus.
  2. Yeah, you have seen them around haven't you? That old truck or car that sits there behind a fence or some bushes for years on end. Just waiting for someone to come along and save it. Or maybe the owner is one of those guys that refuses to sell it, with a plan on fixing it up for himself.
  3. Thank you, don't you just get that "I want to rescue it" feeling? Thank you very much, the outside pictures where shot in kind of hurry as it was quite cold and windy outside. This old Monogram kits are a bit on the simple side but they are also fun to build. Thank you, sure he will get it running. I may need a biohazzard suit before he sits in it though Thank you very much, I'm no expert at it and it is all just an experiment but I tried to make it look rusty where it should be rusty from my own experience with cars. Thank you, I was also thinking of "buying a dead horse" I was trying to make it look like a tree had fallen on it and did also have plans to make the tree but did not get a convincing tree out of anything I had. Beyond saving? Maybe so Thank you, oregano works great for leaves and it makes the model smell of pizza for a couple of weeks. Yeah, that stink will never go out of it Deadish.... Slightly dead... One of my inspirations for this build was all of the youtube videos of people rescuing vehicles that have sat for a long time. This one I came across a while ago: And since I'm a fan of 60s Dodge trucks I have looked at these videos MAAANY times: The can all be rescued as long as the right enthusiast comes along
  4. Revell 1968 Chevelle

    I for one think it is great news that Revell is not dead and buried. Great news indeed
  5. Thank you very much Thank you, that is a great suggestion for a name, I like it
  6. Great looking truck. All it needs is a little dust and grime on the wheels and chassis. I know what you have had to work with on this thing, one of the many projects on my bench is the very same kit but I'm building a 4x4 F150 flareside, lifted with bigger wheels and tires. I have stranded the projects several times in the almost three years I have been working on it.
  7. Ohh..yes. I want to display this in next weekends Norwegian Challenge show. I want it to go in to the theme class, this year the theme is Wildlife. But I'm not sure what to call it yet. Maybe "Flogging a dead horse" or "Beating on a dead horse" or reviving a dead horse". Any ideas and comments are appreciated
  8. I'm calling this one done, it was supposed to be a one week build between christmas eve and newyears eve last year. It kind of snowballed a bit. My first idea was to build a used-but-not-abused daily driver kind of thing. A car with slightly faded paint and some minor dents maybe, a little dirt and some hints of rust. After having glued togheter chassis and engine and interior and painted everything flat black I started addid Deluxe Materials Scenic Rust to the chassis and used Doc O'Briens wheatering powders on the interior. It quickly went in to the abused-and-left-for-dead look. The body was treated to heat and a screwdriverhandle and some dremel action. I also used salt on it between the red oxide primer and blue top coat. Later on I added some details to interior, some workshop manuals, coke cans, a transmission and some oildrums. I then made a base for it, the tires got "flatspots" thanks to a little heat and I made sinkmarks in the ground of the base so that the Bronco would sink in to the ground. The base developed, I added a stack of old wheels, a rearaxle of unknown origin and oregano for leaves. The car was subjected to several rounds of washes and powders to give it that faded and abounded look. One of Fujimis mechanics depicts a brave (or maybe just foolish) soul trying to rescue this dead horse.
  9. One doesn't need an optivisor to assemble this.

    Wow, now that is what I would call cool yard art
  10. Complete bonuses in kits

    In Fujimis Tools set 3 https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10171131 one can find some strange extra parts, they are called out as not to be used in the instructions: The KK F and KK E parts trees have (from what it looks like to me) a dangling toy cat, a cofeepot, two different helmets, two wraped parcellooking things, a radio with the letters TRIO on it that is to be mounted on a wall, two paper/garbage bins, two chessboardgame parts, a hand held radio, some serving trays, two noodle bowls, a flower and some kind of shield and several other parts I can't identify. On the D partstree there is something that looks like maybe an aircompressor that is called out as not to be used. I do wonder where these parts come from.
  11. Now that is Energy Efficient, you push it your self so you get the exercise and it also "saves the planet"...haha. It's just like a 1800kg wheelbarrow. Nice dry warm place to sit in and try to change your clothes after having pushed it trough a freezing blizzard to get to that important executive meeting on how to make the carbon footprint of the company smaller....saving the planet is fun, is'nt it?
  12. 2020 Corvette

    A mid engine Corvette can probably be a good thing, but what about an electric all autonomous corvette? Afterall, haven't the worlds leading politicians decided that there will be no more driver-driven cars from 2030 and that "fossilefuelcars" are not to be manufactured after 2025? Or was that just fake news from car-hating hippies? I do like that mid-enginened C5 that Dennis shows here, just imagine if GM had launched that in 1997. I think I see hints of 90s Lotus Elan and Spyker C8 in it (and maybe some others aswell). I like it, and I want to have it in a videogame (that's as close as I will ever get to testing such cars on the road anyway). Need For Speed 2 SE in a remastered version perhaps...
  13. Complete bonuses in kits

    Hmm...I only have like four or so unbuilt AMT 60 Chevy pickups and a handfull of restorationprojects but I do want to get atleast one with that Go-kart in it. For other kits with bonuses in them, the AMT 66 Buick Riviera lowrider has a lowrider-type bicycle in it aswell. https://www.modelroundup.com/product-p/amt-30084.htm As for manufacturers on the other side of the globe, Tamiya had scooters/mopeds in some of their 1:24 car kits from the early 80s. I got the Nissan Skyline 2000 Turbo GTES (kit number ss2422) that has a Yamaha Towny 50cc inside. Some years ago I built the Toyota Soarer Turbo 2000VR and that had a Yamaha Beluga 800cc scooter inside the box. There is some others aswell but I don't remember what kits had scooter/moped bonuses in them other than the two I got. The Tamiya 1:24 Honda City came with a collapsable Honda Motorcompo (?) to put in the trunk just like the 1:1 cars. did.
  14. Any interest in NeoClassics?

    Anyone here built any of these? Are they good or bad? I have seen them on Ebay but never bought one so far. 1:12 is a bit to big for my taste but I do have other largescale kits aswell so I could have these aswell.
  15. Weird cars Post em here.

    Love Red Green Show, laughed so I fell of the chair when watching Handyman Corner. I would think that the VW bus would have side-to-side brake-steering like a skidsteer loader. I'm sure I have had a RC toy car similar to that. Maybe I should try building something like that with Hasegawas VW split-panel van and some montertruck wheels.