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  1. Revell DE 1st quarter releases

    In the latest episode of Dirt Every Day they drive a Unimog.
  2. Thank you for the pics on that kit. It is great to see how old AMT kits looked when they where fresh. I have the 66 Falcon in my stash and looking at your pics and my Falcon kit and I'm just blown away at how crisp the details are. I have seen how much detail is lost over the years in a Revell Mercedes 190SL, I had the issue that came out in 2010 or so (anniversery edition) and I have the original from 1962 (or is it 60?) and the details on the early issue are so much better. Old issues are always better
  3. Thank you for that one, looks like a simple trailer that one
  4. Anyone got a piture of the trailer in this kit?
  5. Revell '68 VW Beetle Reissue

    The kit portrays a 68 but you may be able to fool someone in to thinking it is a US spec 67 (Hasegawa has a US spec 67) since the US bugs got the standing headlight one year before the rest of the world. If you want a 66, go for the Tamiya kit, a 67 you would go for the Hasegawa kit and for a 68 and up you can use this new tool Revell kit and kitbash with taillights and bumpers from the 70 Cabriolet. They have made a strange way of designing the chassis for this kit as it has "double floors" but I do belive that it goes togheter very nicely. I think it would look great as a "late looker", if you don't know what that is, google it. Basiclly a "cal look" style bug but later than 67 modelyear. A traditional cal looker must be a 67 or older.
  6. Revell '68 VW Beetle Reissue

    I have written about the new tool 68 from Revell AG before but I can write it her also. This kit (released in 2013 or 14) was when it was announced incorrectly said to be a 68 1500 however this is not a 1500, it is infact a 1200 "spar käfer", that means it is very much and entry level bug. It has the older style bumpers and taillights. It also has a simpler interior with a headliner that only covers the middle of the roof as one example. However, the engine is a double port and is most likley modeled after a 1500 of a newer year than the 68. If one wants to build a 68,69,70,71 or infact newer than than that one has to combine this kit with the drop-top 1970 cabriolet kit. Here you can see some photos of real "spar käfer"s: https://www.thesamba.com/vw/forum/viewtopic.php?t=138698&postorder=desc
  7. Sweet looking Bronco. Really dig the wheels, I have to get some of those for my self.
  8. That looks just so right and the decals suit that so much better than the old revell kit.
  9. Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC

    I have all 3 versions pictured above and some years ago I started building one of them and starting a conversion job to make it into a wagon. It is my phantom Mercedes SLT project, as I have a strong belief that the SLC would have sold better as a luxury 2 door sportswagon. Anyway, I also have loads of refrence photos of a 1:1 79 450SL that I did some work on some years ago so I did start to detail the engine and enginebay. It is lacking quite a bit but I think it can be a true gem if detailed the right way.
  10. Fully understandable, I my self is very pleased to see the coming projects you got right now. But I do have a question, is there any plans on making a 67 and 68 version of the already released Ford pickup kits? I would love to be able to have all years of that generation standing side by side.
  11. Why exactly would the nose fit badly on the real cars? The Monte Carlo SS is built on the same platform as the El Camino, Malibu and others. Would not a simple "nosejob" be an easy thing to do?
  12. 1978 Dodge Monaco Brougham 1/25

    That is a really great job on that kit. Must be one of the best that I have seen. And welcome to the forum from Norway aswell
  13. need to understand (( Update 11/15 ))

    When I built the Monogram Mercedes SL in my avatar photo some years ago I had managed to get hold of two mirrors for it (not sure what kit they came from but I had one left and one right hand mirror that looked correct). I attached the driversside mirror and was then going to attach the passengerside one. I had it between my fingers and it dropped to the floor. I have never found it, I built the Mercedes in 2013.
  14. I like the look of the Novas and the Fords, I want them all when they get released
  15. Ford Flareside comparo...

    Nice one, modeled after the FMT?