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  1. Your favorite manufacturer of 1/24 kits

    When I look at my collection I can see that I have loads of AMT and US Revell kits (also quite a few MPC and Monogram and Moebius) but I also have Italeri and Esci and I have been collection Heller black box kits for about 15 years now. And then there is the Asian crowd, I have Tamiya, Fujimi, Hasegawa, Aoshima, Gunze/MR Hobby, Trumpeter and Grip and probably quite a few other manufacturers also. I can't pick one favourite, they all have good kits and bad kits. Subject matter is what makes me want to buy most of the kits I got.
  2. When a Model T is just too high tech...

    Yes, right up there with Fred Dibnahs steamroller, perfect for a trip down to the pub
  3. Had there been different stories over the years on this or is there similar cars that have been dumped in lakes? I think I remeber a story of a Bugatti that was dumped in a lake in Italy because the one that had ordered it new refused to pay for it when it was delivered and it was dumped in the lake so no one else could have it instead. A sort of act in spite.
  4. 1950 Ford F6 Tow Truck

    Fantastic looking wrecker!! You have many great little details there. That would look perfect in a diorama with some broken down 40s/50s car on tow, maybe away from an accident scene with a policecar and som "ossifers" taking down statements.
  5. Great to see one of these built. You did a lot of good work on that one. I also have the Revell 68 Hemi Dart that I want to build as a dragracer, I want to build the Hustlin Hemi: Here you can see it on what looks to be a 61-66 (check out the door handles, they changed from the fridgeopener type to pushbutton type on modelyear 67) D300 but I have not been able to find any more photos of the truck. The race car however is well covered with decals available from Slixx I belive.
  6. Take a look at this one, just like the AMT kit is supposed to be: https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1979-ford-f350-ranger-lariat-camper-special/
  7. That graphic looks really cool!! I have had a set-back here. I had glued on the new wheels earlier this week and came home from work the other day to find that my 6 year old son had wanted to play with it. With the wheels glued, it does not roll very well and the result is a broken front suspension Here you can see what it should look like, I'm not sure at the moment if I can rescue the front suspension I have or if I want to scratchbuild another one.
  8. A fellow Norwegian built this a few years ago: He spent a lot more time on it than the pit-stops but even when standing still you can get a feel for the speed in it.
  9. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    Yes, I agree. But atleast we are getting the reissue. As a basis it can be used for a lot of things.
  10. Sad news to read. I was (and still is) a great fan of Airwolf. I still want to be a helicopterpilot when I grow up (some may claim that I have grown up). I have not seen him in that many other productions that I can remember at the moment but for me he will always be Stringfellow Hawke in the same way that Ernest Borgnine will always be Dominic Santini (and Lyle Wallace). As you others say, it is sad that the industry itself makes a hard life and so many good people burn out to quikly. Rest in peace.
  11. One of the things that bothered me with the way the bajabug ended up first time round was the rear track. It was way to narrow: The tires don't stick out beyond the fenders. One other thing that bothered me was that it was sitting to high. Not the groundclearens but the body was too high, it was above the floorpan and not over it: And the all black look was just to sinister. So now, I have stripped the body of paint and here you can really see that it is sitting to high on the floorpan: And then there is the wheels!! Check them out!! Slot mags, über cool And to finish off this update, our very favourite dirt heads and their bajabugs:
  12. 1/25 Revell VW Beetle Type 1 Kits

    One could actually have a 70 1302 even if it has modelyear as 71. The 1302 model was launched after the national summer holidays in 1970. Personally I could have wanted a 1302 modelkit as I don't think anyone has ever made one but Revell did have a 1:18 diecast of a 1302 sedan.
  13. Dodge W 3000 Big Rig

    I bought this from oldr-n-drt a couple of years ago: Here it is sitting on the frame of the 1:24 Bedford O-series from Emhar and I have forgotten who made the rim that is on the frontwheel. I also bought a single cab from him with a sweptline bed but I don't have pictures of that at the moment.
  14. A 3d scanner would be great, if someone here has one I could always ship the 1:1 rim somewhere. I don't need to get it back either as I do not have a car to put them on.