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  1. When was that Pepsi Coke kit announced? And why did we not get it? I would have like to have it just for the decals.
  2. Cool, I want to get that one for sure. They are some tough trucks in real life. Only thing that kills them is rust.
  3. Sweet looking truck, you have done a fine job on this. I have actually been thinking of getting a set of that type of wheels on my own 65 D100 as there is a online wheelshop that has them for cheap.
  4. More Plymouth wheel covers

    That looks really nice. Anyway to see what more that guy has?
  5. I agree, the building is the fun part
  6. oooohh!!! That looks just like something one would find out in a field somewhere. Great job on that one.
  7. 24 Hours of Le Mans Build

    Cool thing to do a build in 24 hours while watching the race. I have myself done several atempts at it but this year I have found a older project that is close to beign finished and doing some work to that. I started the project back in 2012 and the last time I did anything to it was summer of 2013. Revell 1964 Chevy C10 modified to a 4x4 K10 with resin wheels Watching the race on Eurosport and listening to RadioLeMans.com for commentary as usual (I hate the Norwegian commentators on Eurosport and the RLM folks are much better at knowing whats going on). So with 21 hours and 26 mintutes left, lets have fun
  8. Famous Photos Recreated in Miniature

    Cool project
  9. Kit car kits

    What is the driver doing? Trying to stop someone stealing his wheels?
  10. Wild Thang 3 & 4

    Wasn't there a thread somewhere that was called "styling snafus"? That minvan, is that a Toyota? Kind of looks like modern day Toyota-type design. Maybe it's the new version of the Previa, perfect for "The revenge of Soccermom"
  11. PhotoBucket's Back?

    Good to know, hopefully they will be back aswell so I don't have to continue the moving of all my old pictures. But I have now paid for a Fotki account and will use that rather than the bucket for future photosharing.
  12. I think it depends on what the youth has been exposed to in their short lifes. If a kid grows up today and is exposed to the same things that I was exposed to in the 90s (I'm born in 84) then they will like that and a whole lot of other stuff that Round 2 has and is reissuing. What was I exposed to? I saw movies such as American Graffiti, Bullit, Smokey and the Bandit, Convoy, Cannonball Run and many others. I saw tons of older tvshows like A-team, TJ Hooker, Airwolf, Fall Guy, Knight Rider, BJ and the Bear and Lassie (and many more). And because of Lassie I did end dreaming of a mid 60s Dodge pickuptruck and finally bought one two years ago. A friend of mines father had a room in his house filled with old carmagazines (most of them from the 70s-trough the late 80s) and we used to sit for days on end in their drooling over hot rods and classic cars in every shape. So, would I buy the 29 Model A if it came back, yes I would. And my oldest son (wich is now 5 years old) call all old cars (1920-trough to 1940s) for hot rods because I have called some of them for that. And he thinks they are cool and he also likes to try and build my modelkits
  13. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Ok, I don't speak german but google translate is very good at making abolute nonsense of meaningfull text. So after a few times trough the translater I got this answer: Make sure the cement does not bring the cement to the windshield with your finger by connecting the inlet pipes to the cement inlet
  14. That looks like the so-called "architect-drawn" housing that is built around here all of the time now. Each procjet usually has a goofy name that always ends with park. No park anywhere near them but they are supposed to be "green" (meaning that you spend less electricty by living there).
  15. Favorite police procedural/crime dramas

    I mostly only read crime in books and I recently read some of Michael Connoly's books about Harry Bosch. Cool books and I can understand how someone that lives in and around LA can "see" the places in the books. You can also do the same if you live in the Stockholm area and read the books on Martin Beck. They book are all staged in the 60s-70s when they where written. As for TV-crime, I don't follow the moderns streaming strend much and don't really care that much about watching newer series. I like Columbo, recently bought the first seven seasons (the good ones) on DVD. I also have the complete Poirot with David Suchet playing the part of Poirot on DVD. My wife was a great fan of CSI and I watched quite a lot of that with here but I still think Quincy was better (even if I have not seen that in a long time). Maybe not the same type of crimedrama but a "modernday" series I like is the Life on Mars and Ashes to Ashes series. A total of five seasons stretching from the 70s and in to the 80s.