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  1. Wow, this looks really nice. Great job on that one!!
  2. Great seeing one of these built. I got the older Esci release in my stash. It sure looks like a good kit and seeing yours I want to build mine
  3. 1986 Porsche 961, the 24 Hours of Le Mans build

    Thank you all for the nice comments Not yet, but the modelclub switched meetingplace last year to the same premises as the local slot car club and they got a track that is 55 meter long with 8 tracks and is made for 1:24. They do use a lot of modelkits for slotcar racing and I'm very tempted to try it out. I figured it was something like that as there is provisions for batteries and a motor in the chassis and one can take the body of very easily.
  4. AMT Ford C-600 Stake Truck

    And it shares everything exept the tires with the C900 kit
  5. This is Tamiyas Snap-Loc Porsche 961, it was entered in the 1986 24 hour race and came in 7th total. https://www.porscheroadandrace.com/961-porsches-forgotten-jewel/ As it is a very simple kit of a Le Mans racer it was a perfect build to do while I was watching the race. I did manage to finish it (almost) in the 24 hours but have not had time before now to finish the last bits (I added som wash to the panelgaps and a slight weathering today) and take some phots of it. As you can see, not a lot of detail. The windows are mounted in the body from the factory and the headlights, turnsignals and taillights are all decals. It comes with masks to mask out the windows for painting. I see now that I need to touch up the doorhandles a littlebit. A great build for a 24 hour race and I think I can also be able to convert it in to a slotcar racer later as the floorpan is attached with some tabs on the sides and not glued in place.
  6. Volvo 240

    Nice one that my friend, I got to get my hands on that kit aswell but I want to build it a little different
  7. al bundy's dodge

    Really cool seeing this, it is one of my future projects (has been for many years now). I have been planning on building the brown/copper colored one. MWC is one of my favourite US comedy shows and Al Bundy is an all time hero for me. I still think it is strange to see Ed O'Neill in Modern Family and when I see Futurama I always hear Peggy instead of Leela
  8. Building full-scale stuff with Lego is cool. When we travelled to the US 3 years ago we came across a full size lion in the Denver Zoo and last year I saw a full size caravan at Beaulieu, it even had eggs and bacon in the frying pan (all lego). And lets not forget about this:
  9. Car Art: '63 Ferrari 250 GTO. Sorry...no Legos

    Wow, I would love to have that on my wall (I need a bigger wall) Just think, one could look at that every day. Seeing it as half a body with no internals, would it count as a quarter of a real 250GTO, if so, would it then cost a quarter of the price of a real one aswell?
  10. This IS Different

    I'm very certain that I saw some picutres in a magazine a very long time ago of a truck almost like this in a junkyard somewhere. It was built to look like a full size cab-over with trucklike wheels and all. If one replaced the wheels (and axles and/or hubs) on the one above with something out of a 1-ton dually it would be perfect
  11. Lee Iacocca Memorial Community Build

    Did Iacocca do that Dodge? I actually got that kit right infront om me at the moment. I got it as a "mystery-kit" at a show some years ago. It has no boxtop, just the normal brown-grey boxbottom without any logos or other writings on it and there is no instructions either but all the parts are in bags (except widnows and tires that are loose at the bottom of the box) and it appears complete. At the time I got it nobody knew what it was (including the seller and myself) but I did a little check on the parts an it looked to me like a late-80s or early 90s MPC or AMT/Ertl tooling and looking at the body I knew it had to be something from the 80s and I did see som Chrysler logos on the parts so I figures it was some 80s Chrysler product but never did any more research into it to find out exactly what it is. Now I do see what it is, looks to be a decent kit and that boxart on yours sure make it look like a really bad one. The RC2 era boxarts really suck
  12. AMT 50 Chevy pick up question

    Ahh, so that's the one: I had no idea what it was as I never had a box for it and the underside only had the GM trademark and AMT /Ertl logo. My kids have played with it so it no longer exist in anything but loose parts. Not just 3 spokes but also 3 lugnuts
  13. AMT 50 Chevy pick up question

    I think you may be very much on the money on that assumption Did they use those wheels on something else aswell? I'm fairly certain that I have had some AMT/Ertl promo of some GM Concept car with wheels that looks like that. In a different color and on another type of vehicle they could possibly work (I'm thinking of something european or asian hot hatchback or coupe from the 80s or maybe 90s). The idea of a lowered suspension in that kit make me want it even if I already have several of the stock versions.
  14. Revell 2019

    Great one, made me laugh.
  15. Ahh, I learned something new to day aswell then. Thank you But if one dropped in a smallblock (maybe from the Monogram Bronco?) could it then be passed of as a F150? Yes, we need more 8-lug wheels in 1:24/25 scale. I personally do know have several sets of 1:1 8-lug wheels. Bot 17" and 16" and with different offsets. AMT gave us the wrong number of lugnuts in the Chevy can and Monogram has given us the wrong number of lugnuts on the F250 but AMT really laid down the line with the 73-79 dentside F350 that has no lugnuts at all