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  1. Here's a rare sight!

    A friend of mine bought it a couple of years ago (he did infact also buy my 85 W123 wagon this year) Cool 190 you grew up with. My already mentioned friend just happend to buy a 61 190 just like that (only in black) this weekend. But it is all the way up north so it he will pick it up first thing in the spring. Having a bit rubber is deffinantly a positive thing when you live in area with bad roads. Around here the roads are very bumpy and full of cracks and holes. Not a good place to drive around with big expensive rims and rubberband tires.
  2. Here's a rare sight!

    Yeah, tires in the 14", 15" and even 16" and 17" are becoming oddball sizes these days. 18" is considered a good size for a small car these days. But then again, todays small cars are not really small compared to a older car. The 97 Civic I had was a tiny car and even that was big compared to let say a original mini. My Civic had 175/70-13 and when I some years ago wanted to buy new tires for my beetle they claimed that 165/80-15 was a tiresize that did not exist. I had to have the tireshop guy come outside with me so I could show him that I did actually have tires in that size on my bug. My old 65 Mercedes 190 has 13" wheels and if one has a mk1 Ford Cortina or similar they came with 12" wheels. I'm glad there is suppliers of classis tires around, even if they are more expensive.
  3. 2019 Round2 Truck Kit Releases

    Just another doomsdaymovie: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3741700/?ref_=nv_sr_1 Don't see any flatfender Jeeps in the trailer but I do see a Humvee. But the Dodge truck is really great news. They go for really silly money on Ebay, like 100$ for a some parts alone. I got two of the LRE trucks but want more of them.
  4. Cool looking truck, your paintjob is great
  5. Even if it is a simple kit, I think it looks quite good and I do want one.
  6. Celebrity Crushes?

    This is not really a celebrity crush of mine but I think this girl is stunningly beautiful: Her name is Astrid Smeplass, artist name Astrid S. She comes from a small place not very far from where I live and she sings: She was in the Norwegian version of Pop Idol in 2013, ended up 5th apparently. I'm not a huge fan of here music but the man that gets to wake up next to her every morning is a very lucky one indeed.
  7. What to do w/junker 4x4s and Toros

    Cool idea, I like it
  8. Thanks guys for making that clear. Maybe someone could offer a resincopy of the bed from the old AMT 60 Ford truck then or maybe one could use the utility bed that they are going to offer in a M/K issue. Would most trucks with utility beds be the half-ton trucks back in the 60s or was it more common for a 3/4 ton or bigger with a utility bed? And did and F250 4x2 have high floor cabs aswell or would they be the low floors? I like this one on youtube, maybe a possible modelproject:
  9. Would the chassis parts from the 4x4 kit and the Fireball Modelworks F250 conversion parts be accurate parts to make this in to a F250 4x4? Or did they use the older style of bed/box on the 4x4 trucks?
  10. eCOPO Camaro Concept

    It is so nice to read your opinions on this, thank you all. All I normally hear about is how great the batterypowered thingies are and that I am a dinosaur myself for wanting to drive my so called "fossil car". You guys made my day, thank you all As for the Camaro, sure, why not. An electric dragracer can work just fine as it only has to go a quarter of a mile at the time
  11. Bring Out Your Dead... Long Stalled Models

    Here some of my long going projects, I do have more of them but these are the ones that I have photographed and uploaded. Old Esci/Italeri Land Rover, I started it in 2007 I think. Revell 54 Chevy that I have tried to make in to a "stock" looking car. Project stranded some ten or so years ago. Old Revell 1:25 VW panel that I started on in ca 2005/2006 Heller Renault G260 truck, a project I started in 2005. It was almost done and then it fell to the floor and just a month ago I gave the remains away to a friend. AMT Auto transporter trailer that I started to convert in to a racecar team hauler. A massive project that stranded several years ago. AMT "New tool" 57 Chevy, is going to be the car from the movie Return to Macon County. Is a lot closer to being finished than it was when I shot this but still has a lot of work needed. Revells 29 Ford roadster, the project was hot for a short time and then it stalled. Back in 2013 I wanted to build the ugliest hot rod I could imagine, with a Nissan inline six and wheels of a Alfa Romeo touring car. It started out as a Revell kit, will most likely never be finished. AMTs great 49 Ford, bought as a gluebombfind on Ebay and close to being restored. That was ten years ago and it now sits in a box somewhere. Revells 64 Chevy converted to a K10 with a scratchbuilt rowboat and trailer behind it. This one is so close to being done that I can smell the finishline. All it needs is wipers, mirrors, tailgate locks, licenceplates and a little weathering. Will be done by.......who knows. Monograms Ford F350 with AMTs Open Road camper. The picture is old and the camper has changed color to silver. The interior is detailed with lots of scratchbuilt items and a couple of figures. I have even built a functioning 1:25 deckchair to be placed on the planned "campers on tour" diorama base I have planned. AMTs 78/79 Ford pickup built as a lifted 4x4 flareside. Is going to get flames on the front end from the white to the red. A littlebit is done sometimes but it is not getting done anytime soon. So that it some of my stalled and abandoned projects. I do have more of them, at the top of my head I can remember these: 64 Dodge limo (two Lindberg kits) 55 Chevy Suburban (Flintstone resin kit) Scania 143 tanker truck AMT VW dunebuggy Tamiya BMW 320 race car (the E21 wide body kit) Monogram 53 Chevy (first modelcar I built on my own, I started converting it in to a 90s retro two seater sportscoupe ca 1998) Tamiya Jaguar mkII race car and there is probably more of them.
  12. Looks very nice. I'm looking forward to this release
  13. Ford Capri Mk1 RS2600

    Cool news, a mk1 Capri is very much a wanted kit. I did build a 1:24 Capri some years ago, made by Academy I think. I never took pictures of it when after it ws done but these where from the building process: And some when it was nearly done: I had an accident with it after I cleared it and was never happy with the results after that. It was sitting to close to a warm lightbulb on my desk and the roof started to melt. You can see windows don't fit properly anymore. A very simple kit and according to experts the body is to big for 1:24, more like 1:22 or something like that.
  14. Yes, AMT and Revell is the same company. So is also Ford and Chevrolet, and the Corvette will be branded as a Ford in the future, atleast that was what a friend of mine told me some years ago. I think we where 11 or so at the time and now we are 34 and the Corvette is still a GM product.
  15. From the factory, 1959, El Catalina

    Wow!!! I want it. Looks like it got a really cool story behind it aswell. But it says that it has no VIN, can one register a car without a VIN? Or is this a permanent trailerqueen?