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  1. Great, I will keep my eyes open for your posts about it
  2. In our modelclub we lost a dear fellow member last November in a planecrash. He was the pilot and he had been working as a commercial pilot for over 20 years. He had some 200 unbuilt kits, mostly planes. We in the modelclub has taken care off the collection on behalf of the widow and we are taking it to the IPMS show here in Norway in March to get it sold.
  3. Atmobil

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    I have many times before clicked on the "not show this again" button on ads and they have come back again almost immediately. I don't think that works.
  4. Cool, where and when can I order one?
  5. Great build, I had this kit once but sold it. I regret that now... You have actually accomplished many of the things that I was afraid of getting wrong and that ended up as one of the reasons I sold it. Fantastic to see it built just as it was supposed to be😀
  6. You have done a really nice job on this one, so many great little details on it😀
  7. Atmobil

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    🤣 Yeah, now I know why I got invited to "drag-week"😀
  8. Atmobil

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    So, do you guys believe me when I say my wife used my computer to shop for clothes?😁
  9. I got that kit, number 6227, is is copyright dated 1987 but the instructions read 1988 Fiero GT.
  10. You have done a very nice job on this one, I like it a lot!!
  11. If you are planning a volksrod project, remember that you should move the front axle forwards by stretching the front og the floorpan. The inner fenders on a torsionbar front bug is very simple, the picture poster by Tom over here is of a SuperBeetle with macpherson struts up front. I would claim that the best bet is either the tamiya 66 or hasegawa 66 or 67 (same kits but with different body) or the gunze 56 oval. Old tool revell 1:25 could also work fine and that comes with hop up engine parts in the box.
  12. That looks really nice🙂 Did you take the bed from the old AMT 53 kit? I do have a project (a stalled project that is) with the AMT 78/79 "dentside" that I am building in a very similar style as your 60 only in red with a flamejob. This is as far as the project got:
  13. Cool project, maybe you remember my out-of-the-box build of the "bigger" 90 version of the same kit from a few years ago:
  14. That is truly a great looking build on, I have built a couple of the C-series trucks and those kits can be a bit of a challenge (the later reissues that is). Your weathering is excellent. Like the others said, you just need a couple more brand new cars to make it a full load. Here is another picture of a similar transport I stole of the internet:
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