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  1. Yet another Coke kit🤣 Sure, why not. I bought the Ohio George kit and if the Coke version is the same with a Coke decal sheet it is not to bad. Is there a dolly with bottle cases I see in the background?
  2. I have only had one lucky find and that was a revell ag Mercedes firetruck kit. That was at a "collectibles" sale where most things where overpriced, like used and dirty haynes workshop manuals priced higher than retail on new ones and worn cds from the 90s with busted covers with pricetags that looked like lotterywinnings. The Mercedes was not very cheap but cost probably a third of normal retail price and was complete and untouched.
  3. I have no words so all I can do is to quote the above. 🤩😍😀
  4. Are all of the US versions of the beetle kit like that?
  5. ooohh!! Chevy Luv and El Camino, I want them bad!!😀
  6. If you look at my picture above you can see that the Greenligt Dodge trucks are bigger than the Hotwheels (Red and white 4x4 next to the yellow/green wrecker) and the Matchbox (Crewcab 4x4 in the middle) and the old Matchbox wrecker on the side is even smaller. If the Greenlight trucks are 1:64, I'm guessing the Hotwheels and Matchbox are closer to 1:70. When I was a kid, the most common toycars where from the french Majorette and they always had all cars in roughly the same size and not the same scale (they had a standard size blisterpack with cardboard on the back) so I could have something like a Mack Superliner dumptruck (in blue just like my 1:25 model that I built years later) in the same size as a VW Beetle. I'm suspecting Hotwheels and Matchbox are doing the same thing.
  7. Yes, 1:64 is a nice size but as you can see I'm running out of space in my cabinet. I do want to buy more versions of the Greenlight Dodge pickups but then I will have to find a new place for the Mack that sits behind them😀
  8. I got 14 of the 60s Dodge pickups from Greenlight plus 1 hotwheels and 2 matchbox.
  9. So, I have tried to read my way trough this thread and also looked at other threads about this series of kits but I don't see it mentioned anywhere. Is the engines in the different versions of the kits the same with just different intake/carb bits? Is it supposed to be a Chevy small block? 350cui? Looks like there is some fuelinjection bits on the GMC snow plow and Big Game kits I got.
  10. Atmobil

    Random Question?

    Maybe beige? Sort of skin color as in "smooth as a babys butt". But I'm caucasian and think if skin color as sort of beige but if one is "differently pigmented" (politically correct term) then it can be more of a dark brown or maybe a light brown wich could be like choclate. Choclate is quite smooth both in taste and texture, so maybe smooth is brown? Maybe one should listen to Ken Nordines Colors album? My favourite is Crimson: But is it smooth?
  11. Great build, I love these heller 1:43 kits. I got this kit my self but have not yet built it. As you say, they are quite nice kits. Your SD1 looks perfectly 70s😀😀
  12. Ok, cool. Here the prices for the Ioniq starts at 278 000 (about 32,100 $US) and the Kona starts at 310 000 (about 34,800 $US) Last year we wanted to get a new car and my wife went on a testdrive in the new Jeep Wrangler. We got a price for a 2.2 Diesel Sahara. Baseprice 531 430 (59,630.17$) Taxes 449 670 (50,456.12$) Shipping 9 900 (1110.85$) Alarm 5 000 (561.04$) Overland package 26 000 (2917.38$) Comfort package 3 500 (392.72$) Limited slip rear diff 3 500 (392.72$) Black electric soft top 2 500 ( 280.52$) Technology package 6 500 (729.35$) Winterwheels 40 000 (4488.28$) Trailer hitch 25 000 (2805.18$) Purchase tax 130 666 (14,661.64$) Total 1 103 000 (123,764.32$) Almost half the price was taxes. The taxes are on so called fossil-vehicles but electric ones don't have normal taxes or purchase tax so if the wrangler was electric it would have cost something like 73-74 000$ The Hyundai Kona is actually more expensive in the US than here😮 It is of no wonder that I almost never see a Santa Fe or any of the other so called fossil Hyundai models around here but I see a lot of the electric ones and know a few that have bought the Ioniq or the Kona.
  13. I think it is very simple. It is a case of personal transportation. For most people public transport or a bicycle may work fine for short journey taken on a daily basis but sometimes you need a motorized vehicle that will take you where you need to go when you need it and in a timeframe that fits your needs. An example is my sister, from the place she lives and to her job, a trip that takes 10 by car is taking her 1 hour by bus. She works in a store and she works at different hours so taking the bus is not always possible even. She is now 32 and is now getting her driverslicence.
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