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  1. Arctic Cat El Tigre

    Wow, you did a really great job on this one. I got the original Ice Patrol kit on my shelf (Chevy pickup) and that one has the correct decals but I never thought it could end up this good. I must build mine some day too.
  2. Monster trucks...

    I bought a Munsters Monster truck not that long ago: http://www.scalemodelnews.com/2015/08/the-munsters-go-racing-in-125-scale.html AMTs GMT 400 Chevy long bed kit with added monstertruck stuff. Is it the same as the USA-1 kit but with different decals maybe?
  3. Jan 2019--Chad Returns.

    I like the trailer and one can never have to many VW beetle kits They are timing the realease of the 69 Chevelle, just as Revell has released their brand new one.
  4. Mopar A series 318 "Poly" V8

    So far, I have not gotten my hands on any 1:25th Poly but I might go for the 3d printed one. My benchtime is very limited so I have not yet started and Sweptline projects (I got 5 resin kits so far including the one from Modelhaus) but I will take detailed pictures of my own 1:1 Poly engine as I need to pull it out of the truck in the not to distant future as it needs a little work (hardend valveseats, new gaskets and who knows what else I might find). I did buy the correct hubcaps not long ago (Parts by Parks dog dish hubcap set 6018 Late 50s Mopar) so all I need is the poly engine and the NP435 gearbox (that one I can get from Fireball Modelworks upgrade set for the Ford F250)
  5. A or B ?

    Can I nominate a C and a D? If one wants to "strike a pose" at a car-show, why not arrive in something a little different? And ,to me atleast, a stock model A would be sufficiently different to drive than a modern day car so no real need to build "just another" hot rod. Building one so that it drives like a modernday car could be cool, but then one whould be able to drive it every day. And here where I live one would be crazy to drive something like this on the roadconditions we got on days like today. The temperature is just above freezing and we got rain that turns in to snow as the elevation gets just a little higher and LOADS of salt on the roads. Around here, it is best to have a daily driver in the winter that one hates and there is nothing better to hate than a modern day econobox.
  6. It's a good day to be outside!

    We are worlds apart, here we did not get proper daylight, it is raining and warm for the season (about 4 degrees C or 35ish F) but because the sun is hiding behind the rainy clouds we got "daylight" from about 11 in the morning until about 3 in the afternoon. That is a full 4 hours of daylight....and since it is raining and nasty outside it is best to stay inside.
  7. I will contact Jeff about the grille. Now I know that it exist I can add another kit on my already very long list of planned projects. Considering my current speed, the Moeboius kit will have been issued and gone out of production and maybe even reissued by the time I get this project going
  8. Which Year Do You Count For A Completed Model

    The year I finish it is what counts but if the build has been on my bench for say 20+ years I will not disclose of the fact. In 2012 I finished 10 models but most of them had been on my bench for anything from 1-7/8 years. If I finish all my started projects in 2019 I will have a record year, I could easily finish 20 models at least
  9. If I Ran Revell....

    Revell did a very nice ca 1990 Cadillac Brougham lowrider kit.
  10. Is your phone tracking you ?

    Yes, I have tried something similar at times aswell but I still got a message from google that they have made a recap of my month and I had travelled to so many places and spent such amount of time in a car. Some of those places I have gone to I have not had the phone turned because it was out of power and I did not have chargingpossibilities untill later on so how the thing knew where I have been is strange. Haha, The Prisoner. Now that is a strange tv-series. I have tried to see it many times but I just can't make it trough and I usually love movies and tv shows from era. But it is very true, we are all just a number.
  11. If I Ran Revell....

    If I ran Revell I would be sure what my customer base is and what that customer base wants and then I would put all effort in to making the bast possible product for the best possible price for the customer. I would also try and use as much PR/advertisments and product tie-ins as possible. Make the LOGO and the NAME familiar to as many people as possible and get it placed on everything I could. From my Norwegian standpoint I would get a deal with our new global GOD wich is Elon Musk and I would make 1:1 figurinekits of him so that people can kneel and prey before Oh-Holy-Mighty every day and I would be sure that the Revell logo would go on anything that is Tesla related. Dirty old farts that want to have dirty plastic kits of the dirty old fossilecars they used to drive in the old dirty days will not be tolarated. We will only make green, organic, fairtrade and sustainable products in the future. Mostly digital 3d model kits of Tesla products for the customers device and fullscale figurine kits of Oh-Holy-Great-One with sustainable, organic foldaway shrine. Oh, yeah....if you wondered what I was on about. I am one of you old farts that are waiting to be rounded up in a pen and shot at dawn togheter with all the dirty old cars and modelkits. Plastics are quikly going out of flavour with the modern world and our lifestyle does not fit in anymore.
  12. I'm not really after building a 3500HD, more something like this one: https://www.carsforgrab.com/2000_Chevrolet_GMT400_Fredericksburg_VA_10315988.veh I do have several old gluebombs of that pickup kit plus one unbuilt 454SS and a unbuilt monstertruck (Munsters Monstertruck) that I bought at a show now in Sepember. I'm more in to working trucks than show vehicles and I bought the monstertruck kit to use the wheels and axles on something else (a really monsterous monster truck, 6 axles, 12 wheels and an inline 12 cylinder Diesel). I got to do something fun with the rest of the kit aswell.
  13. How Would YOU Demolish a Concrete Silo?

    Here is a shorter version of Fred Dibnahs work: And, in case you are without fear of heights:
  14. From what we have seen so far it looks like the side mouldings are not separate parts so that means that one has to sand it away. No big deal really but a littlebit more work to do before one can paint.
  15. Lots of great pictures, nice to see how much more colors the cars had before. Today they are mostly black, white or grey.