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  1. wow, very nice one. You have done a great job so far, it will be exciting to see it finished
  2. Italeri 2018

    Cool box, I got the original Police version. They also did a Dutch Rijkspolitie version of the Mercedes 190E with a boxart photoshowing a real 190E that has pulled over a Volvo 200 (may be a 260). Revell also had a Duthc police version of the VW Vanagon/T3 Caravelle.
  3. What kits offer 8-lug wheels?

    I do wish they would reissue those vans again. I have never seen the NFL versions before.
  4. What kits offer 8-lug wheels?

    Thanks for the link, lots of cool looking wheels there.
  5. What kits offer 8-lug wheels?

    You are correct in that I did not specify what 8-lug wheels I was looking for, the reason for editing was just for spelling correction. The 65 Pontiac kit was not exactly what I was thinking of but they are cool wheels and I will keep that in mind for later. However, what I was thinking of is that in our 1:1 world there is a lot of different aftermarket wheels with 8-lug bolt pattern for vans and trucks. The stock looking steel wheels that Scenes Unlimited has looks very good, but I was thinking more of aftermarket type wheels. As I said in my first post, I got the 1:24 GMC snow plow truck and the Monogram 1:24 55 Ford panel truck has 8 lug turbine wheels. The wheels in the GMC kit looks very nice and the wheels in the 55 Ford would look great on a 70s van. I do also have the Monogram Ford F350 dually and the dually wheels can be used for several 1-ton trucks. But what about those 3/4 ton trucks and vans? I do have the AMT Snap Dodge Ram 2500 and that got 8-bolt rims but they are the stock wheels and are kind of hard to use on something else. Let say one wants to convert the AMT Chevy van to a G20 or make a C20 or F250 or a D200. The picture that Casey posted above with the two rims is a great example. Maybe the dually rim comes from the AMT Snap Chevy or Dodge Dually? That rim from the annual Ford truck kit would be great to have some sets of, they can be used in many applications. But are there others? Maybe kits that should not really have 8-lug wheels in them. I know that several older MPC and AMT kits with more than one wheel set in them often had one set of wheels that was "stock" and the second was an aftermarket set. Manytimes these had different bolt patterns than the stock. One example that I just found in my own stash in the MPC Chevy Cavalier that has 5-bolt "stock" wheels and 4 bolt "modular" rims as option.
  6. I'm wondering if anyone knows what kits offer 8-lug wheels in them? I do know that Scenes Unlimited makes some really nice resin steel wheels and from what I have found in my own stash there is 8-lug wheels in the Revell/Monogram Chevy/GMC 1:24 pickup and the 1:24 55 Ford panel van. But are there others?
  7. Looks great, I love the lifted look. Nice to see that someone is getting the kids in on it aswell. I'm still hopefull that my oldest son will start building on his own in a few years aswell. He is 5 now and is very keen on trying it out.
  8. Hasegawa is asking what kits you would like to have in future

    This is a littlebit off topic but also on topic as to what the japanese like in cars: Ok, its from 95 but its a cool show
  9. Hasegawa is asking what kits you would like to have in future

    I put in my wish and it is ofcourse the 1961-71 Dodge sweptline pickup that is my wish
  10. Tamiya Volvo 850 questions?

    Then you are a lot more qualified as an expert than I am. I have never owned a full scale Volvo of my own but have a lot of friends that have several of them. Maybe someone will offer a resin conversion kit with an engine for the Beemax 240. As for the 760, my plan is to build it as a typical Norwegian rural 18 year old's car. A 740 with aftermarket wheels, lowered by anglegrindig of a couple of turns on the springs and in that typical state of "soon to be at the scrapyard" look with rusty wheelarches, dents and bodyparts almost coming off. I got a similar plan for the 240 and maybe even the 850. But I'm also tempted to build the 850 as a new family car on a trip with the Thule roofbox and a bicycle on the back or maybe even towing a caravan (wich I guess I have to scratchbuild). Time will tell I guess, with some 600 unbuilt kits and about 20 started procjects and only 1 finished model in the last two years I don't think that I will do any of these Volvos in the near future.
  11. They like us!

    It's very apparent that the movie was sponsored by GM, as most of the vehicles in it are GM products and indeed most of them Chevys. http://imcdb.org/movie.php?id=70328 But they had a few "pimpmobiles" http://imcdb.org/vehicle_17925-Lincoln-Continental-Mark-IV-1973.html http://imcdb.org/vehicle_17918-Cadillac-Fleetwood-60-Special-Brougham-1971.html http://imcdb.org/vehicle_17906-Chevrolet-Corvette--Corvorado-.html This is the one that I really would have wanted as a model, the Corvorado
  12. Is that what AMT had planned to make a kit of?
  13. They like us!

    Yes!! And I want that MPC Superfly and some figures of Kanangas henchmen.
  14. Tamiya Volvo 850 questions?

    Yes, you are correct but from what I read on Wikipedia (can I trurst that anyway?) the 740 could be had with these engines: (sorry but this is halfay Norwegian but I think you can understand most of it anyway) B19E: 2.0 L rekke-4 (83.04-84.07, bare sedan)[16] B19ET: 2.0 L turbo rekke-4 (83.12-84.07, bare sedan)[16] B23E: 2.3 L rekke-4, naturlig aspirert, Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection ('84) B23ET: 2.3 L turbo rekke-4, Bosch Motronic engine management ('84) B23FT: 2.3 L turbocharged rekke-4 1985 og framover: B200E: 2.0 L rekke-4, naturlig aspirert, Bosch K-Jetronic 115 hp (86 kW) B200F: 2.0 L rekke-4, naturlig aspirert, Bosch LH-Jetronic 111 hp (83 kW) B200K: 2.0 L rekke-4, naturlig aspirert, Renix ignition, 200K hadde standard topp forhold til 230K (introdusert for 85 årsmodel) B200ET: 2.0 L rekke-4, turbocharged, Bosch Motronic engine management (155 hp or 160 PS, introdusert for 85 årsmodel)[16] B200FT: 2.0 L rekke-4, turbocharged, Bosch LH-Jetronic 156 hp (116 kW) B204E: 2.0 L 16-ventilert, DOHC, rekke-4, natrurlig aspirert (introdusert for 89 årsmodel) B204FT: 2.0 L 16-ventilert, DOHC, rekke-4, turbocharged (introdusert for 89 årsmodel) B204GT: 2.0 L 16-ventilert, DOHC, rekke-4, turbocharged (introdusert for 89 årsmodel) B230A: 2.3 L rekke-4, naturlig aspirert, forgasser (1985–86) B230E: 2.3 L rekke-4, naturlig aspirert, Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection (introdusert for 85 årsmodel) B230F: 2.3 L rekke-4, naturlig aspirert, 114 hp ('85-88 740GLE, '89-90 740GL, '90-92 740) B230K: 2.3 L rekke-4, naturlig aspirert, Renix ignition, Heron head (introdusert for 85 årsmodel) B230ET: 2.3 L rekke-4, turbocharged, Bosch Motronic (introdusert for 85 årsmodel) B230FT: 2.3 L rekke-4, turbocharged, 160 hp ('85-92 740 Turbo **obs: '90-92 modeler produserte 162 hp**) B234F: 2.3 L 16-ventilert, DOHC, rekke-4, naturally aspirated, 153 hp ('89-90 740 GLE/GLT) And the 760: B23ET (turbo) B28 E/F (PRV-V6) B280 E/F (PRV-V6) B230ET (turbo) B230FT (turbo) B204FT (16v turbo) These are only the petrol/gas engines, both 740 and 760 could also be had with Diesel engines. The Italeri kit has a 4 cylinder non turbo engine. But it is supposed to be a 760 as the 760 was launched in 1982 and the kit has details that only the 82 models had (the 760 badging and the rims that are supposed to mimic the wheels from the Jakob as well as other details) The 740 was launched in 84 and the kit is dated in 83. But I do think (I know it is just my theory) that it is a "for Italy only" version that Italeri used to make the kit from. Quite possibly that the engine is supposed to be the B19E wich would fit under the 2-litre tax rules of Italy. Here is a picture of a B19E in a 1982 244: From this link: https://www.nettivaraosa.com/en/auton-varaosat/2137280 Looking at the above posted picture of the Italeri engine and the one in the 244, they do look similar in my eyes. EDIT: Found the English language version of the Wikipedia article here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volvo_700_Series
  15. Peugeot 403? Anyone make one?

    Soldio has a couple in 1:18 Sedan https://www.ebay.com/itm/PEUGEOT-403-BERLINE1964-GRAND-LUXE-8CV-1-18-SOLIDO-COQUE-BLISTER-MODELLBAU/173165956506?hash=item28517ecd9a:g:7osAAOSwkrFaiYvh and cabriolet: https://www.ebay.com/itm/1-18-PEUGEOT-403-CABRIOLET-GRAND-LUXE-8CV-SOLIDO-DIECAST-COCHE-METAL-ESCALA/152859364728?hash=item239720cd78:g:pekAAOSwj1haVUoe Nothing in 1:24 or 25 as from what I can see.