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  1. Very nice, I like it a lot. That slight weathering effect really makes it look realistic 🙂
  2. That is bad news. I have not visited the site in quite some time but I did really spend a way more hours than I can count on that site and it always was a great source of ideas and refrences. Yet another loss for us honest people due to the dishonesty of others
  3. Thats great, now I'm looking for another amt 92-96 f-series. I got the 92 long bed f150 and the flareside kit but maybe I can find a gluebomb somewhere that can be a donor.
  4. Here is a video showing a robot that has been used at our local hospital for almost 15 years now:
  5. I agree. Personally I have had plans to do some Cars builds for years. I have the Moebius Hudson, and an AMT Mercury and I got a VW splitwindow bus (several actually) and I have the MPC Jeep. I'm planning to do Mater from the AMT 55-57 Chevy pickups (because I have several of those kits) and I got Revell Mack Cruisliner with a racecar trailer (Sinalco showtruck and trailer kit number: 07547). I should be able cobble togheter a model T Ford aswell and a 59 Impala should not be hard to get. A Porsche 911 996 is something I don't have but I'm sure there is a kit of it out there. There is a Fiat 500 kit out there (Fujimi?) and Cruz Ramirez is a C7 Corvette, who makes that? Then your got the Rust Ezes guys, Rusty and Dusty, a 63 Dodge Dart and a Dodge A100. I know one can get the A100 but what about the Dart? And the King, should not be very hard to do
  6. I was thinking of using the AMT 78/79 and the MPC Bronco because I have several of these kits and can always sacrifice a couple of them. My plan was to cut the backwall and part of the roof of the AMT kit and splice it with the front end of the Bronco. Then I was going to make bedsides from two bronco rear ends and using the inner bed structur from the AMT kit (that I would have to rework so the wheelwells are in the correct place) but using the AMT 92-96 kit for inner bed structure is something that I have not thought of before. Is the 92-96 cab so close that it can be used as a 80-86 with just a new frontclip? That idea would possibly be easier than my plan.
  7. Thank you for your answer. Is this the Bronco/Styleside kits you are talking about? I don't have that one and looking at the Ebay prices I wish they would reissue it. Getting my hands on that pickup cab would for sure make it a lot easier job.
  8. Same thing here. I had a plan with a Italeri MAN Sunshield kit: I would build it as one of the many east-european trucks that we see here but in a diorama where the truck would be in the ditch on the wrong side of the road very similar to the picture of the TransCargo Scania I posted. But I have since sold the kit and that diorama would end up as a huge one.
  9. Very sad news, I think she was a great woman and a true petrolhead. R.I.P.
  10. Looks good, like the color combo. You should build a trailer for it. With the licence plates you have put on it would look just like many of the trucks that we see around here if it had either this: Or this: or even this: Very often they end up like this when they are here: 🙄
  11. I agree, the welly bus looks quite nice. But even if de have diecasts, we still have no kit. We have lots og diecasts and several kits og the split-window bus. The bay-window is such an obvious one to make a kit if in ny eyes.
  12. Well, I guess I have to buy at least two of this kit: These two will need to have one each and maybe I should get a third one for my self aswell😀
  13. Atmobil

    What if...?

    Hehe, yeah I will need that....some day
  14. I'm fully behind this one. I really wonder why no kit maker has still not given us a bay-window bus.
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