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  1. Great to see built up test shots of this kit. I'm really looking forward to it. Since I already have the C600 stake bed, the C600 delivery and the C900 tractor I think maybe I have to do some kind of kitbashing project with parts from these kits. That 534 SD V8 sure would be fun to put in something else.
  2. Thanks you very much for all the replies. I knew I had seen threads on here about this before. My current idea for a model is actually mostly just a frame with an engine bolted in it and a stock look would be the best. It is a sort of "forest wreck" diorama idea I got and I'm not sure I would need suspension on it and if so it would be the front suspension only.
  3. I have searched around here, I'm sure I have seen it somewhere but can't seem to find it now. So, what is the very best 1:25 or 1:24 rendition of a 1932 Ford passengercar frame? Is there a kit that has the best one or is there a aftermarket one that is the best?
  4. Yes, I do actually have some tiny chains from one of these crafts stores. I used some of it as tailgate chains on my 78 Dodge D100 a few years ago. What I'm hoping for is to see some pitcures of how the photoetch set have been used on the model. I can probably figure it out on my own aswell. I will have to bend the long part (the two on the top right on the etch) and figure out how to attach that to the truck.
  5. I am trying to finish the 64 C10 that I started like ten years ago. I converted it to a 4x4 and used the Model Car Garage photoetch set on it. I'm now looking at the tailgate lock/chain part. Truing to figure out what way to best use this. Anyone here have used these parts and want to share some tips and maybe pictures of how you did it?
  6. It is a cool set with all the scooters. All of them have been issued as bonuses in different 1:24 car kits aswell.
  7. Yes, it is a Europa. Tamiya made a excelent kit of it.
  8. Thank you all for you kind comments and to Dwayne Stephenson (Drummerdad), loosing you son must really have been hard. We have two kids and at the moment, they are the only ones keeping me alive. I can not imagine the pain of loosing a child. I have loved my wife for 15 years and still do, and it will take quite some time before I stop loving her.
  9. So, I have not built that many models in later years, the reason for that is family life and work. But this last fall I ended up with a mental breakdown due to my work and at the same time my marriage to my lovely wife was starting to break up. We got togheter when I was 20 and she was 17. We have spent 15 years toghether, got married on our 10th anniversery in 2015. We bought our house in 2009, welcomed our first born son in 2012 and our second son in 2017. These 15 years have been great and wonderfull but also hard and difficult at times. We struggled our way trough christmas and the first month of the year. We celebrated our 15th anniversery on January 16th with a hope that we where going to make it trough but on February 10th my wife said enoguh is enough. She wanted out? Now, she has gotten her own place to live, she is taking the kids and most of our furniture with her. The last few months have been the worst of my life, in fact my life very nearly ended. The house will be empty, no more kids laughing or crying. No more cozy movie nights with my dearest. And at the same time, I can not go back to my job because of my health. Last summer I packed up all my modelkits and started work on a new hobby room in the basement. Work stopped after the summerholiday and I have not done anything after that. I now sit in an empty hobbyroom in a soon to be empty house and I'm facing a huge amount of financial difficulties to be able to keep owning the house. So, at the moment, my life is just on hold. Modelbuilding is something I want to do but have difficulties concentrating on. I have only done minor modelling work in the last 6 months. Hopefully I can be able to pick up the pieces of my life and continue some time in the future.
  10. http://imcdb.org/vehicle_46712-Ford-Econoline-E-350-1982.html IMCDB claims that the one in the movie is a 1982 E-350. Would be cool to have the kit even if the details are wrong.
  11. The fake box art I made was a Revell AG box with a W110 Fintail on it. I will see if I find the picture again and repost it. I do have that ITC kit, sadly not very good. Last summer I "babysat" a 1960 180 "ponton" like you grew up with. Here it is with my ex-wife posing next to it:
  12. Check this out, looks like Revells box art on the 150/BW kit. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1957-chevrolet-150-2-door-sedan/
  13. Looks like it says Dodge just behind the front wheel. Probably built on a Dodge D-300 chassis buy the looks of it.
  14. They did make The Mystery Machine and The Homer but what about Homer Simpsons everyday car? It is apparently supposed to be a Plymouth of some kind.
  15. Progress is looking good. I always thought of it as black but maybe it was more of a dark grey.
  16. I sort of did that one years ago but never had all the details right. It is a good kit.
  17. The one that I would wish for is the dodge sweptline pickup from Lassie: http://imcdb.org/vehicle_244432-Dodge-D-Series-1965.html And the already mentioned Peugeot 403 cabriolet that Columbo drove around in: Actually quite rare cars those 403 cabriolets, I think they only made a few thousand of them in total. I think they made at least a million of the 4 door sedans. http://imcdb.org/vehicle_71913-Peugeot-403-Cabriolet-1960.html I would also like to see the Santini Air Jeep CJ7 from Airwolf: Not at all a difficult one to make as there are more than one CJ7 kit out there, all one needs is the decals. http://imcdb.org/vehicle_4089-Jeep-CJ-7-1982.html Macgyver drove around in a 57 Nomad: http://imcdb.org/vehicle_91133-Chevrolet-Bel-Air-Nomad-2429-1957.html And he used a YJ Wrangler in many episodes: http://imcdb.org/vehicle_406161-Jeep-Wrangler-YJ-1987.html They did do some car kits from Magum P.I. but never the Audi that had Robin 2 as a licenceplate: http://imcdb.org/vehicle_121319-Audi-5000-Typ-43-1980.html Let's not forget Al Bundy's "Dodge": http://imcdb.org/vehicle_2822-Plymouth-Duster-1972.html Looks like they used many different cars, this is listed as a 72 Plymouth Duster but they have also used cars that are listed as 71 and 73. This may be a bit out on the left field but there is a small scale diecast already made of the Austin 1100 that John Cleese gets really angry on in an episode of Fawlty Towers: http://imcdb.org/vehicle_19718-Austin-1100-Countryman-ADO16-1967.html
  18. That is clearly a 3d printet prototype. You can see the "ripples" in the body. Will be interesting to see the kit when it comes out.
  19. Yet another Coke kit? Sure, why not. I bought the Ohio George kit and if the Coke version is the same with a Coke decal sheet it is not to bad. Is there a dolly with bottle cases I see in the background?
  20. I have only had one lucky find and that was a revell ag Mercedes firetruck kit. That was at a "collectibles" sale where most things where overpriced, like used and dirty haynes workshop manuals priced higher than retail on new ones and worn cds from the 90s with busted covers with pricetags that looked like lotterywinnings. The Mercedes was not very cheap but cost probably a third of normal retail price and was complete and untouched.
  21. Are all of the US versions of the beetle kit like that?
  22. ooohh!! Chevy Luv and El Camino, I want them bad!!?
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