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  1. The Revell '30 coupe is a kit I will probably acquire at least two or three more! I had not done a "rat" for a while. I ran out of Rustall, so I sprayed one coat each of flat gray, flat red, and flat black but while the red paint was wet, I sprinkled some salt on the body, then after it dried sprayed the black. After a day of drying, i sanded the salt off as well as some of the black, and down to the gray in some areas. This was coated with some "dust", sanded lightly and sprayed with Dullcote. The engine is from a Mustang altered, and the Soapy Sales narrow quick change rear is on coils with tubbed wells, Soapy Sales wheels front and rear but old AMT pro-street treads in back. The front axle is lowered and most everything else is outof the box. Great kit...maybe Revell will do a tub or sedan??? Or a roadster pickup...or...or....
  2. Realized I have many more than 39...I papered the wall near my workbench with about 15 more of them. One more use for these things.
  3. Here's a '67 MPC GTO with a stretched chassis from a Mustang AWB, a blown 389 from a Monogram '64 GTO (1/24 makes it look bigger, and a flip front end using '62 Chrysler torsion bars, fabbed hinge plates and a couple injector stacks for pins holding it together. It works perfectly. I'd add more photos but I am at my "limit" and have to delete something old first. This was inspired by a similar Goat on the Lokar Car Show!!! I liked the flipnose and exhaust treatment, so I had to build one.Note the front tires...they are from the original '65-ish issue of the '58 Chevy; Firestone "gum-Dipped" intended for slot car use. After 50 years in the parts box, they are still soft and juicy.
  4. Many things I never considered here!!! Re-purposing them is cool. But I agree, WTF are they for? What's the point? Just goes to show that anything will be coveted as long as the company claims it is "collectable", right? I will just keep them in a box , like baseball cards. Some day they might be worth something when my grandkids are old and inherit all my stuff.
  5. I am sure you all are familiar with round 2's "mini-boxes". If so, how many do you have? This year i have acquired 39 and more are in sealed kits. I never assembled one, and don't intend to as they take up much more space that way!!!
  6. So I was wondering if these two kits could swap identities. The answer is, Yes indeed they do!!!
  7. This is a Monogram kit I have had kicking around and decided to build it. The signs came from a T-shirt ad that I cut out, carefully thinned to decal thickness, glued them on and clearcoated them. The paint is Krylon metallic bronze.
  8. I actually started this back in 1990 or thereabouts. I had decided back then to put a blower on it, as i usually always did with every build. I found it in storage, brought it home, painted it Root Beer and it is done...after many years of lying in storage. Now if i could only figure out how to post more photos without going back and deleting old posts!!! I could use a little help and would post a lot more...if this $#@#$%$ site would only let me...
  9. I haven't set up a proper "photo shoot" yet but I will soon. Just recovering from hernia surgery so it will be later. But they are done. The "cosmic Chevy" is a 204" wheelbase! Crazy stuff.
  10. The roadster body has been modified, puttied and needs to be sanded and primed..
  11. Here's a couple...the one in the rear is a Jawbreaker with different rear wheels and a Cosmic Charger engine. The other is a Cosmic Charger with a '32 Chevy body. Are ya with me so far? The Jawbreaker is ready for paint, but the Cosmic Chevy is still in crude mock-up. More later.
  12. Trabant Gasser. Mixture of a Revell Trabant Universal wagon and a Mustang Altered.
  13. Trabant Gasser. Mixture of a Revell Trabant Universal wagon and a Mustang Altered.
  14. You obviously have the patience of a supersaint. And a lot of talent and imagination. This is just incredible...the leaf on the roof looks as if you could pick it up and smoke it. And I bet it inspires many builders to think outside the box. It makes me want to try something similar. Grazzi.
  15. Surprisimgly emough, the kit exhaust fit fine. The chassis was shortened in the rear, so the front section was not altered. I was not looking forward to making the headers. This works fine. I made some wheelie bars from scrap parts.
  16. Since it is German in origin, I found some "Weiner Wagon" decals that might work. They are from the Hot Dogger, along with the flaming "dog Gone" decals too. Just a thought.
  17. I will have to make them, out of 1/16 solder. The kit headers, as you might guess, will not fit. But there's just enough room to fabricate a set.
  18. Progress is good. The body is ready to drop on for a test fit as soon as the glue and paint dry!
  19. I "Dremel'ed" the wheel openings ti fit the wheelbase. It only took a tiny bit of trimming.
  20. Here's a peek at my Trabant gasser . I used a Mustang AWB drag car for the chassis, shortened in the middle, narrowed and the overhang cut off...and by George the chassis and 427 cammer FIT into this body. I am anxious to proceed and get this one done.
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