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  1. I wanted to, but somehow the page has no "edit" today.
  2. A friend lamented that altered wheelbase...but a '63 Tempest 3-in-1 kit is priced like, astronomical...though I DID spend $175 for a 1964 Cutlass...so the rule is, if you see it, buy it..Nothing against Ebay...but those guys who "part out" a rare kit..are skunks. I would rather spend more and get a mint kit. My Cutlass was perfect. So was the "Funny Farmer" though i could have gotten them for less on Ebay...but in what condition???
  3. The Pine Cone is coming along...lotta trimming, now the body fits. Then the Boydster chassis and fuelie 327 go into service...more later...
  4. But isn't that a 1953 Chevy? It does look like a '58 top, but otherwise....????
  5. All 3 of these were junk box roaches, disassembled, stripped, repainted and reassembled. The red is a '63 coupe, green is a '64 convert, yellow is a '65 coupe. The 65 was the worst ,as it had six heavy coats of ancient enamel on it. It took a lot of Easy Off to get it clean. But all 3 were nice virgin bodies once stripped, and 3 '63 vette reissues provided all the other parts. Now I am looking for a '66 and '67, even a roach!
  6. I have searched for this kit for years, and finally found one...the "Funnier Farmer"...Basically box-stock, but with a 421 Pontiac instead of the big Chevy...this kit is identical to the "Rat Packer" Chevy II except for the body...so it did take a little tweaking to get it right, and I added a lot of sheet plastic to the rear of the chassis.And Slixx decals, since my name IS Stevie....
  7. Blazing Black with the kit graphics, and a 302 instead of that big Chevy, all under a Jimmy Flintstone body. This was an easy fun build. The Ohio George kit provided everything but the mill.
  8. I know it is rough and a lot of work...but the stance is just right, and will improve with better wheels and lowering. No matter how rough, it is a '39 sedan and i don't have one of those!
  9. I got this from a friend who got it from a friend who gave up on it.. Any veterans will remember how many BAD resin bodies were out there in the 80's...this be one of 'em, really crude but chopped nicely. I have a complete donor for the chassis and other parts...but this puppy will be a LOT of work!!! The body fits after some trimming, and some suspension bits from a Smoothster fit well, and a '63 Fuelie engine also fits. Onward!
  10. Yes, I was wrong...Tim Boyd also made mention of this, I sure thought it was 1/25 until I read the BOX!!! It says 1/32 clear as day.But you won't find this at Hobby Lobby or Fred Meyer these days!!!
  11. i get a lot of comments about this...it is 1/32, and apparently a rare kit these days. I had it in storage since 1989, and the date on the box is 1983. It is not a German kit either. The only reason I got it was because it was so unusual and looks 1/25 though it actually is not...sorry bout the confusion.. Now I am glad I did. It was a fun build. In the background is a 1/25 scale resin '39 Chevy sedan for comparison!
  12. All done and ready for "Road Service"! That is a Ford V-8 and C-600 wheels and tires.
  13. Thanks, Slush...coming from you, that us huge. Nobody else seemed to think it was worthy of comment!!!LOL
  14. It is all done, ready to hit the road. Lunch is served, and there's a pack of smokes and a Time magazine by the pillow.
  15. bonehead23


    My third Revell '29, a more traditional box build except for the chrome Hemi and American wheels.The only other mods are a custom recessed firewall, and the gauges from a '62 Corvette.
  16. Thought I would do a Highboy this time, with American mags and a chromed Hemi.but nobody commented so I removed the construction photos and now it is under "Mousey" under glass.
  17. I finished the cab and chassis months ago, and decided to put a box on it, shortened about 1/3. I added some fuel tanks.oak flooring and the Todco door and lift gate.My younger son said it looked "Steampunk" so i went with that.
  18. I have made a lot of progress on the Open Road project. Find it under glass.
  19. Thanks kindly to the "Ohana" who put this post in the right place! I did not know how, and in the future I will think before posting! grazzi
  20. The interior of the camper is done...now I have to paint it all and assemble it. This is a complicated kitbash for sure.
  21. This is really based on Revell's 29...2 of them in fact, with a Revell '32 sedan body, 34 pickup shell, transistor radio grille, Tommy Grove funny car wheels and tires, and everything else is Revell 29...twice for the engines. It has a 12-pack! More photos in the post "Way 2 fast".
  22. I have seen another one of these on line, either Spotlight Hobbies or Model Roundup, 45 bucks...I thought it was worth it. They are out there if you search.
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