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  1. The 1967 GT, non-Shelby is the same, right? I know i have a spare of that, if not the Shelby itself. I'll look later today and let you know.
  2. Keep your eye on the big auction site. I've gotten a set off of there, and I've seen others advertised. I think it was from "addicted-to-cgc" or "topgaskz"? Unfortunately, Scheme 1 was the set I needed, so I can't help any more than that.
  3. The American bumpers don't come in this version, do they:
  4. I have them molded in yellow. They are from this Monogram kit pictured. Unpainted. They are the exact same as the stock kit. Interested?
  5. I'll check tomorrow, I should have the chassis for the Jeep, and maybe the axles.
  6. Does anyone have a decal sheet from this kit that they can part with? The decals I need are circled in purple, with the yellow-circled ones being nice to have as well, but I can live without them. Or even a rough kit for not too much money or too high of a trade? I know these sometimes come up inexpensive on eBay, but right now is not one of those times, and $36 is too much for a decal sheet, so I thought I would check. Thanks for looking!
  7. Nice find, RDean58! I finally found one a few months ago, almost like as nice as yours. Just missing one tail light lens. One of our high school custodians had one in light blue. Drove her every nice day we had!
  8. gotnitro?, there is a website claiming they are one in the same. I don't see it. SfanGoch, I started Googling that FS number, and some other names that have started to jump out, and there seem to be many different colors that people are claiming to be the blue used by USPS. I'm now wading through all of their proclamations and hoping for the best. I DID find a Sherwin-Williams recipe from 1955, but I don't think that will help my cause :( Thanks for all the help, and pointing me in the right direction!
  9. Thanks, Leo64! I'd prefer spray paint, but if it comes to airbrushing, I can do it that way, too. I'll contact him. I never ran across that website you posted. I got something not even close from the USPS. It gave the generic color names, but did not have any of the color codes. I finally found the color codes for Santa Fe blue, and they aren't as close to USPS blue as I had thought.
  10. I've been searching for the equivalents for these two colors for a while now, and I cannot find anything that tells me what are good approximates or matches in 1/25. The closest I have so far is BNSF Blue. But that only comes from one source, and I have never used that color before, so I want to get some opinions before I go spending money on paint I do not need. I already have too much of that. The Coca Cola red should be pretty universal for anything red with a Coke logo on it, but the Postal blue that I am looking for is for the DJ-5 carrier Jeeps: Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks for looking!
  11. fomocomav

    39 Ford

    The Revell setup in the 1937 kit for a 1938 isn't stock. But the grille is a decent start. The fenders are all sorts of wrong, and will require much work. I'm going to start with a 1936 Ford coupe fender unit. It is much closer to stock, imo.
  12. OD HAS to be better than the "avacado" that was on my dad's Pinto. Or do you think that was the interior color the military ordered?
  13. Thanks for the info on the Army Pintos! I thought they just bought a few Mavericks. Didn't know about the Pintos.
  14. Did the USPS ever use the wagon or panel delivery Pintos?
  15. Two to start off with, please.
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