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  1. When you find the right resin and start making more, let me know!
  2. Excellent build! The clear headlights really do help the look of this kit. I wish I would have found this sooner, to see if you made extra copies of those headlights.
  3. I need one STOCK tail light lens for the AMT 1965 Mercury Parklane kit. Does anyone have one to spare? Thanks for looking.
  4. In a feat of record speed, my buddy has put together a 3D print of them, which I will see the results of on Thanksgiving. I've got my fingers crossed!
  5. I've been looking at those, and none of them even come close. Starting from scratch will be easier, if I can't find ready-made or get my buddy to 3D print them.
  6. '70 Grande, They would be easier to photo-etch than 3D print. I've got a buddy that does 3D printing, but he no longer has his photo-etching equipment. He is thinking on it for me right now. The largest I could find are 1/32 scale, which will still look too small for 1/24. I was hoping someone already made them, because when I get into him for 3D printing, it can get expensive. I have to pay for the design time, you see.
  7. Thanks, Casey! I KNEW they had a name, it was just escaping me. I know they would be labor-intensive, I just wanted to make sure that no one actually made them before I give up on them for the project. I'll have to see what I can come up with.
  8. Does anyone know where to source recovery boards like the metal ones on the right in the picture below: I've found resin ones like the green ones, but I'd like the more traditional, older style metal ones. Thanks!
  9. Casey pointed out the kit you need above. They don't come cheap. But you have to MAKE SURE that the stock parts are there in the auction/purchase! I purchased a Comet kit to build STOCK, but the previous owner didn't tell me that the stock 6 cylinder motor was missing. Look at/ask for PICTURES. These lazy sellers are a pain, and you don't want to have to try to ship it back, because that can be difficult, too. Luckily, those motors are available in resin. I have just put it up on the auction site, because I have way too many of both Maverick and Comet kits to build stock. I know the Comet doesn't help you, I just want you to know the kits ARE out there. Otaki made one in 1/24, but the chassis for sure was horrible because it was a motorized-optioned kit. I have more pictures of the Otaki kit if anyone is interested. MPC/AMT Maverick is Drag racing only. AMT Right On! Maverick is just a re-pop of the Pro-Stock ONLY Jo-Han Maverick in 1/32, there is the run of Palmer kits which I don't recommend for ANY REASON. I had them all at one point, and they are all HORRIBLE. They only vaguely resemble a Maverick. The Revell 1/32 kit has tail lights molded in that are WRONG, but could be worked with if you wanted one that small. It really isn't a bad kit, but if you need a Grabber version, you can't do it with the Revell kit. In about 1/64 (actually bigger, but I have never measured and figured it out), there is the Mini Lindy Maverick. Much more available, not a bad kit at all for what it is, and not near as expensive. Again, can only be made stock, not Grabber. There was a resin 4-door body available a while back, but I think it is out of production. No interior was included. If you don't need an engine, I suggest getting 2 promos and painting them up instead. The stock kits can get outrageous if the stock parts are included. Probably more info than you wanted. Sorry about that, but I am passionate about my Mavericks!
  10. Actually, the 1979 decals were still good in 1980. What you could say is "missing" from the decal sheet as it sits is the blackout for the center of the hood that only happened in 1978. Should be easy enough to mask off and spray. And yes, then limo dark tint and maybe the steering wheel mod I mentioned earlier and you have a '79!
  11. I should have been much more clear. I see that now. The dashboard is the only thing that holds up doing a 1979-80. But then Mr. Geiger proposed just about the easiest fix possible! I should also mention that the 3 spoke "custom" steering wheel that is included in the kit would just need to have the center spoke removed, turn it "upside down," and voila! - the stock upgraded steering wheel for 1979-80! We can't say AMT were prescient when they first released this kit, but they sure did put in enough to get you darn close to multiple options with this new decal sheet. And maybe if the windows are tinted a bit darker, you won't even be able to see how someone's replacement dash turns out?
  12. Yes, they are. And if you take the fog lights off of the push bar, you can have an exterior-correct 1979-80 Courier! Like I said, I was just posting kind of a warning. I thought I could get another kit and do a 1979 as well as the 1978. But the dashboard would bother me too much.
  13. And to get to the stripes down the side for the Free Wheelin' package, you needed to get Package A: blackout hood and black GT bar and push bar. first, THEN Package B: adds fog lamps, four cast aluminum wheels, five RWL 70 series tires and striking two color bodyside accent tape stripe. I share this not to upset anyone, but more to prevent anyone else from getting their hopes up like I did before I did my research :( The 1978 is shown above.
  14. These graphics, though INCLUDED in the kit on the decal sheet, can't be used if you want to build a STOCK 1978, the year the kit represents. The 2-color stripes were the only ones available on the 1978 Free Wheelin' Courier. The three-color stripes, as shown above, were an option for the 1979-80 Courier. And to make a 1979-80 Courier, the dashboard needs to be changed. 1978 dashboard with unknown origin silly steering wheel that is NOT stock: 1979 Dashboard:
  15. The 1973 grille fits almost PERFECTLY out of the package. It is the actual definition of a couple swipes with a sanding stick!
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