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  1. OD HAS to be better than the "avacado" that was on my dad's Pinto. Or do you think that was the interior color the military ordered?
  2. Thanks for the info on the Army Pintos! I thought they just bought a few Mavericks. Didn't know about the Pintos.
  3. Did the USPS ever use the wagon or panel delivery Pintos?
  4. Two to start off with, please.
  5. Will the floor pan from the Lindberg 1964 Belvedere work? If so, PM me.
  6. I have the Cougar leaf springs.
  7. I think I can help with it cougar leaf springs. I'll check when I get home later today.
  8. Thanks for looking, Casey! No hurry. I appreciate you looking!
  9. No, it won't. I don't need a 6 bbl/six pack/3 deuces setup, I need a single carb setup. The 1971 Satellite didn't have one of those multi-carb setups. I WILL be investigating those sets further for other builds, however. Thanks for putting me on to them!
  10. Sometimes, I think the research part is the best part! Until I pick a project that has conflicting or sparse information presented. Which is often. Thanks for the help and encouragement!
  11. I'm just going for a base Satellite with upgraded seats. The Sebring and Sebring Plus had scripts, but no one does those as decals or PE. I do not have the ability to freehand them or make decals. The Hart's Parts hood will be arriving soon, and then I will have the exterior parts all gathered. I knew the kit air cleaner was not stock. I actually knew that the first time I saw the kit when I was a kid, and had no experience. It just didn't look right. I have a resin copy of the '71 440 air cleaner that I can just cut a snorkel off of to get a stock one, and hopefully it won't look too small. As to building the Road Runner instead, I have just always wanted a Satellite. Maybe a future build?
  12. Thanks for all the great information! I'd like to use the Monogram motor, because like CapSat 6 said, it is usable as either a 440 or 383. But it is good to know that I can use a Ramcharger motor with the transmissions swapped, too, in case I can't find the parts I need. And I DO have a Hart's Parts resin hood coming. Casey, if you even only have the intake, I could just "fake" a carb, since the air cleaner will mostly cover it up, anyway. And I was afraid you would say that about it being included in only this kit. Just my luck!
  13. It will be a big block. I did a quick search for Rally Charger, but I didn't find the kit. Is it Revell? Or Monogram? I did also type in RallYe, as I've seen that spelling used on their literature. It is going to stand in for a 383ci. I have a resin air cleaner for it, and I just want to change it up. The Hemi was never an option in the 1971 Satellite, at least according to literature.
  14. I've been wanting to build as close to a stock 1971 Satellite since forever. I bought a partial kit, and figured I'd get the rest of the parts from the 1971 GTX, seeing as many parts are the same. Well, I didn't look close enough on the auction, and the kit is missing the "stock" intake and carburetor, and I need those 2 parts for the build. I don't know a whole lot about 1/24 Mopar kits, so I don't know if they are included in other kits as well? I have the '70 GTX, Superbird and Road Runner kits, and they all come with 3 deuces, which won't work. Does anyone have those 2 parts they would be willing to part with? Or maybe even information about where I could find them, in other kits, perhaps? Thanks for looking!
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