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  1. Tamiya Mini

  2. Tamiya Mini

    I have the headlight bezels and clear lenses for them. No tail lights, though. They look to be in good shape, but they WERE used in a build. I just wanted you to know that before you respond.
  3. Revell Porsche Tractor review

    This looks like a great little kit. Does anyone know if they will be coming out with a Lamborghini tractor?
  4. 1979 Chevy Chevette

    Thanks for all the kind words and good stories! I'd like to see the earlier ones back, too. I don't know if they were lost when the tooling was updated, or if they just made new tooling. I'm guessing they actually changed the tooling, and this would be the only one they could bring back?
  5. Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC headlight

    They are the same STYLE, yes, but they are not the same parts. These Revell kits are not from the same molds as the ESCI kits. There will be work required to make them fit.
  6. 1979 Chevy Chevette

    unclescott58, The picture I modeled it off of had no cherries that I could see. It was a bad picture, but nothing was on top. I couldn't see the interior, but it might have been inside.
  7. 1979 Chevy Chevette

    I'm betting you didn't see the humor right away, though?
  8. 1979 Chevy Chevette

    Finally finished. I had it started for a long time, and some pieces went missing. I bought a promo to replace said parts. Then, of course, they turned up after I finished.
  9. Wanted..70 Model King F-100 & Revell 69 Shelby ...

    I can help with the Shelby parts if you can wait for the parts to be mailed till Tuesday. Do you just need the chassis pan?
  10. Vintage 1:32nd Revell/AMT 56 Buick

    ICM makes a 1938 Opel Admiral Saloon in 1/24 with a multi-piece body. It's a beautiful car, and the kit is a complete kit. There are even some optional versions an enthusiastic and talented person could build using this kit as a start. I usually prefer a single piece body, but we won't see this car in any other form.
  11. Esci/Revell Mercedes 500 SLC headlight

    The Revell and Esci units are different. Neither will fit the other without work. It looks like it CAN be done, but I thought I should let you know.
  12. Lesney AMT Subaru BRAT wheels and tires

    Thanks for posting that picture, Casey. I never even thought of that. Were those wheels ever offered in another kit?
  13. Lesney AMT Subaru BRAT wheels and tires

    Thanks Casey for providing the tires! Does anyone have a rim or two from this kit?
  14. I'm guessing the new kit will be a 1967-68 Cougar. I heard a quiet, inside rumor a while back that one was planned, and now I'm betting it is what is coming. If they start with a '68, they would only have to remove the side marker lights for a '67 body. Or, they can just do them in decals, and the only things that NEED to change are in the interior. But to go to a '69, they would need a new everything above the chassis, and AMTs '69 really only needs the inner fender wells and the dashboard fixed to be a really great model.
  15. Krylon makes an avocado green. I needed it for my Pinto interior to match the 1:1 I'm trying to replicate.