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  1. 70 Boss 302 hood decal

    The fine line is there. But on a quick inspection, I noticed subtle differences, such as the hockey stripes being different lengths, and the hood decals having a rounded corner on the new ones when the old one had a sharp corner. I will get photos later today and post them for you, with some of the differences outlined/compared. I have both an old and the Special Edition sheet, but I am using the Special Edition sheet, so cannot send those.
  2. 70 Boss 302 hood decal

    I just checked, and the set for the Special Edition IS different than the older sets I have. Not by a whole lot, and I would never have noticed if I wasn't looking. But I think you could still use them, if you wanted to.
  3. 70 Boss 302 hood decal

    Aren't all the BOSS 302 decals the same, no matter the release? If so, I have the decal you are looking for. It's just from an earlier release.
  4. Power by Ford Maverick valve covers

    Thank You! I KNEW I saw them somewhere!
  5. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    Do you have a scan/picture of the new decal sheet?
  6. Power by Ford Maverick valve covers

    afx, I just checked both the GT/GT-A and the 1967 Comet (same motor and parts tree). They both DO have that written on the valve covers, but they have the peaks to the left of the words, like this:
  7. Power by Ford Maverick valve covers

    The AMT 67 Fastback has smooth covers. That is the base motor I am using, as they are pretty much the same thing. I just have to reposition the upper radiator hose attachment. I will check the GT/GT-A, though, and see if those fit. I happen to have a spare motor from that issue, I just have to remember where I was going to use it and what kit it ended up in!
  8. Power by Ford Maverick valve covers

    I want to create a V8 Maverick with just a plain old 302 in it, but I need a set of Power by Ford valve covers. They are flat topped other than the words. Just like the ones in the picture below. I am pretty sure they were made in 1/25, but I cannot find them in any kits I have. Does anyone know which kit they came in? Does anyone have a set?
  9. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    And I would like to see the decal sheet, please!
  10. 1:25 Military Jeep tires, maybe Hogans Jeep

    The tires in the Hogan's heroes jeep are street tires, not military.
  11. Starsky and hutch decals.

    Got you covered. PM me your address, and I'll get them in the mail.
  12. Starsky and hutch decals.

    Just the stripes, or the whole sheet?
  13. Just what I need! Thanks!
  14. Not even close on the AMT 62 Thunderbird. I checked. The details the Lincoln DOES have are accurate, but the 62 Tbird chassis looks nothing like it. Now I have a useles Tbird kit as I don't build anything after 1945 without a hardtop.
  15. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    Look on eBay's completed listings for "amt (1966,66) mercury" to see some open kits. I haven't seen any instruction sheets that were readable, but some of them have some good pictures of parts.