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  1. Monogram 69 GTO windshield

    I have a used windshield/rear window piece that will need some polishing, as there is a little bit of paint on one corner of the windshield. I know it will polish out, because I have polished much worse, but I don't know how you feel about doing the polishing. If you are interested, please send me a PM, and I can get it sent out to you.
  2. JO-HAN Maverick kits

    I don't think it is on his website yet, just eBay. Also, he makes an engine bay (from the 1969 Torino Cobra, if I'm not mistaken) that is just about as perfect for a Maverick/Comet as you can get. It WILL need trimming, as the Jo-Han kits aren't perfect chassis-wise, but if you are going whole hog, this is another part you will want to get.
  3. JO-HAN Maverick kits

    Missing Link does a stock hood for the Comet. I have one, and it is nice.
  4. JO-HAN Maverick kits

    I forgot about that one. But thinking back on it, I think I remember, I could be wrong, that the Fury and the Rambler wagon were cobbled together out of parts already produced, and that new decal sheets, and SOME custom wheel covers for the Rambler were made to go into the kits. Along with new boxes, of course. I do not remember if the Turbine car was also cobbled together from existing overrun/unsold parts or not. This was all a long time ago that I talked to Okey and got the info from his website. I DO remember him saying quite a bit of tooling was missing, and had been slowly "misplaced" since the original company had started having financial troubles. Now, the workers that might have ended up with the tooling may still have them, or they may have been turned into Buicks by now. Who knows. My thought is that most of the former glory that was Jo-Han is never going to come back. As to what showed up at the shows by Moebius, I cannot say. If the '59 Dodge DID, is it still missing the interior?
  5. JO-HAN Maverick kits

    From what I gathered from Okey Spaulding back when he bought the remaining Jo-Han tooling, the Maverick-specific stuff is gone. And might have been for years. I was so desperate to get some things from him, and they just didn't exist. The last time I bought a new Jo-Han Maverick kit was 1999/2000. They weren't easy to get, and they went fast. I have no word on the story about WHEN the Maverick stuff disappeared, just that it HAD disappeared. So it must have made it to about 2000. Apparently IMC (not Industro-Motive Corp from the '60s) had the tooling for the 1975 Cutlass and the 1959 Rambler, and Okey had the EZ Turbine car, '59 Rambler, (maybe) the '69 AMX and '69 Rambler, and the Mercury Comet, but that seems to be the limit on complete kits that could be sold. There have been rumors recently about someone having the 1959 Dodge tooling somewhere, but I haven't seen the tooling or heard of kits ever being produced. Not that I would be on the list to get the info, but that's my 2ยข.
  6. 1/24 GT350 body wanted

    No. Molded in red. From the factory.
  7. 1/24 GT350 body wanted

    I checked, and I DO have a spare red body for a 1965/66 Revell/Monogram Mustang. If this will work for you, PM me with your address.
  8. 1/24 GT350 body wanted

    ANY Revell/Monogram 1965/66 Mustang fastback body should work for you, right? Because don't the details that differentiate 1965 from 1966 go on separately? I know I have a spare body, but it might be in red. Would this work for you?
  9. 70 Boss 302 hood decal

    The fine line is there. But on a quick inspection, I noticed subtle differences, such as the hockey stripes being different lengths, and the hood decals having a rounded corner on the new ones when the old one had a sharp corner. I will get photos later today and post them for you, with some of the differences outlined/compared. I have both an old and the Special Edition sheet, but I am using the Special Edition sheet, so cannot send those.
  10. 70 Boss 302 hood decal

    I just checked, and the set for the Special Edition IS different than the older sets I have. Not by a whole lot, and I would never have noticed if I wasn't looking. But I think you could still use them, if you wanted to.
  11. 70 Boss 302 hood decal

    Aren't all the BOSS 302 decals the same, no matter the release? If so, I have the decal you are looking for. It's just from an earlier release.
  12. Power by Ford Maverick valve covers

    Thank You! I KNEW I saw them somewhere!
  13. 1/25 AMT 1966 Mercury Hardtop

    Do you have a scan/picture of the new decal sheet?
  14. Power by Ford Maverick valve covers

    afx, I just checked both the GT/GT-A and the 1967 Comet (same motor and parts tree). They both DO have that written on the valve covers, but they have the peaks to the left of the words, like this:
  15. Power by Ford Maverick valve covers

    The AMT 67 Fastback has smooth covers. That is the base motor I am using, as they are pretty much the same thing. I just have to reposition the upper radiator hose attachment. I will check the GT/GT-A, though, and see if those fit. I happen to have a spare motor from that issue, I just have to remember where I was going to use it and what kit it ended up in!