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  1. Absolute perfection.. Just wow... May i ask how you did the weathering ?
  2. Super job on that model.. Looks really clean.
  3. Hi. So this is how i display my collection. I put in over 100 LED´s so i also works as a living room light. Also here are som of the cars there are still in the boxes.... Still have a long way to go
  4. Hi everybody. So i just finished up this Ferrari. It is a curbside model, and just the second curbside i ever build in all my years of building models. Is kind of weird, but i really lose interest quick when there is no engine to put in... But i think it turned out okay anyway...
  5. I have followed this build, and it turned out just fantastic. You really did and awesome job on that Camaro. I guss there nothing else to say than... AUTOBOTS ROLL OUT !!!
  6. Thanks... I already started the dino and f40 build but haven't taken any pictures yet. But i will come around it (so there can be something to follow again) Thanks for watching.
  7. I used Wicked colors perlewhite.
  8. So i finally got this one done. It came together nicely, and is overall a good kit. Also it got me in a Ferrari build-mode So i started on a Ferrari Dino 246 GT and the Ferrari F40. Anyway i hope you guys enjoy this one..
  9. I actually think you are right. I will look into it.
  10. i was inspired by this picture i found on the web .
  11. Hi guys. So alot has happend this last couple of days. I got around to do the chassis and the engine. I even got some paint on the body. This build is really coming along nicely. ( in my opinion). I hope to finish this in a couple of days, and do a UNDER THE GLASS. With interior tub Also got the wheels done Got the wheels on. And the body in a perlewhite from Wicked colors. Enginebay done.
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