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  1. I reworked the grill, the grill that came originally looked too stock imo
  2. After over 4 months of working on it on and off I'm finally calling it done....fitment wasn't the greatest since it's AMT but it wasn't the worst either although I could not get the hood to sit properly. Thanks for checking her out.
  3. Really rare kit. Very clean. May I ask how did you take care of the missing door panels?
  4. Tamiya kit, modified the front and rear skirts, replaced with aftermarket rims and a fart can. Also added carbon fibre to the hood and trunk, and the center console Thanks for checking it out
  5. Looks great. Can't wait to get one of these although this is not my favourite Mustang as you said I would like it in my collection too.
  6. Sorry bout the low quality pics, my phone doesn't come with the best camera. Here's more
  7. Hey there, glad it's finally done. Fitting was surprisingly good considering it's revell. Thought I would have issues with the windshield fitting but did not. My goal was to fit those oversized rims but not make it look like a donk. Mods include Fitted oversized rimsLifted suspension and whole car in order to fit the rimsMatte graphite grey paintjobBigger brake discsRear subwoofer/speakersChrome trim by BMFTinted head/tail lightsSome decals here and thereCarbon Fiber HoodMeshed grilleExhaust tips with heat stain (my favourite part of the car aside from those rims)That's about it. Thanks for checking it out.
  8. Beautiful supra, both the life size and the model. There is a clean af red supra always at my school parking lot. Will take a supra over any supercar any day of the week. JDM rules!!
  9. Where can I get one? Not sure what 45 yr old promo means sorry
  10. May I ask which kit is this? I have always wanted to build a gran torino based on the clint eastwood movie
  11. best looking supercar on the market right now imo. Love the paint
  12. that paint looks a mile deep. very well done
  13. love the color, last pic looks just like a life-sized car on the driveway
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