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  1. Love them! The first one deserves a separate thread. This built is awesome. A million details. Why didn't I post my camper? Searching for pictures.
  2. That would be awesome! This is one, what I'll definitely will buy! More than one. If somebody will build an conversion kit for this model kit, I will be in too.
  3. Fantastic mix of those two kits. I have the feeling, that nobody likes the 1983ish Camaro or Firebird as a kit. I know from Germany that I can't get sold it - not even for 10 Euros (sealed!). I built a couple of them for may collection but have another handful of them sitting in the shelf with no mood to build some more. Maybe sometimes. In a long time..... This idea gives a lot of new ideas. Well done, well done!
  4. So clean built. Nice!
  5. Very nice! I like all the details. The dash board, the shifter knob, brake drums or this beautiful wheels. Very nice!
  6. What a color! It would be worth it to show this beautiful blue in the sun. Great!
  7. Thank you very much! It was a long time ago, I painted a black model kit. It turned out that good, that I immediately caught the 1999 Chevy Silverado (Revell) for another black build. I'll show it as soon as I can. The purple one is prepainted by Revell
  8. @Spottedlaurel I like the rims! It looks good. @Snake45 I like it, that you left the pre painted promo model as it is.
  9. Thank you, Jeremy! If you are interessted, I'd make a couple of sets for you. To sent them to you should be not that expensive (an envelope should be fine). I found out, that there is only one C4 with those *clear* lenses / lights made by AMT. When I found this out, I've already made my mold already. In the meantime, I painted a little Tamiya smoke on them to get them a little darker. If I build such kind of C4 again, I'd fill up the holes of in the bumper for the pins. Then it will look much better.
  10. Simply black on black on black. How easy could this be. Could. The main work on this was to bring it through the face lift. I changed the grille and the rear lights. They rear lights are molded by my self in two parts: glas and the black plastic thing. It put on other rims and lowered the suspension a little. The rear windwos are tinted, the rear spoiler is removed. I didn't turn the dash board to the new model or some details on the body. But: nice anyway. The basic model kit was the snap kit by Revell. Now some Pictures. Thank you for your attention.
  11. In 2019 I started my "Silver Corvette Collection". Surely, there are a hand full Corvette C4 so far. Two of them you can find here in the forum: 1986 Corvette C4 Official Pace Car - MPC #6213 1990 Corvette C4 ZR1 - AMT #6277 Then there is one more C4 in my shelf without topic here. 1995 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible 1/25 AMT #6538 The lights and cornering lights in the front bumper are self made. They are molded in black plastics what makes it impossible to paint them nicely to get the effect of light. So I remolded them with clear resine.
  12. This is sick! The paint looks fantastic! The bicycle is a great load for it. That fits to the style of the VW. Very nice done! Thank you for showing it. I never saw one with the opened door. The open wheel house is strange but cool.
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