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  1. Ford LTL 9000

    Super good idea! Wether it was in service for the military or not. For me it doesn't matter. The truck is very good done and the crane can be moved. This is very good. I like it.
  2. Thank you! I grabbed the silver panels out of a spare box. It comes with the "regular" Peterbilt by Revell.
  3. Joey's Shell/Pennzoil 2018 Ford Fusion ( wip)

    I like the design of Joey's car! This looks familiar and classic. Looks, like the kit by Revell is a good one. Your details are pretty good so far. I'll keep an eye on this build!
  4. Jeff Gordon 2010 Patriotic Dupont

    I Don't know, what to say - awesome details!
  5. Paul Menards Menards 2018 Ford Fusion, WBR

    This is really good. I think the color looks much better in real life. This car always is in your eyes on tv. You're not able to get your eyes of it, when they're racing
  6. A couple of Mustangs

    Only because you built the Capri Mustang, I know that it exists! Totally unknown but "badass" - with this engine for sure. I like the wide fenders a lot. The only thing I'm not familiar with, are the rims. I don't know, which ones I'd chosen. Maybe more classic. I don't know. The others are nice to. No question. Have to take some pics of my 2014 GT or looking for them on my mobile. You know, there are some pictures together with your GT
  7. '53 Rod. Outdoor pictures added.

    The finish is great! Shiny shiny
  8. Stutz Bearcat 1914 Raceabout

    The best I love or like on this car is the round windshield. This is neat Anyway: those cars have souls .
  9. Return to our hobby - its me again

    Me too, thank you, big brother! Since we've made some calls, I'm thinking about to take part on the community build. Damned
  10. 1930 Ford Coupe

    It Looks so cute - especially from the front (!? - von vorne ;)) How did you get the clear cote this good? On my Point of view, it looks fantastic!
  11. A couple Corvette's

    Like them all My favorite is the C6 because of the cool paint sheme
  12. Return to our hobby - its me again

    Good to hear, that you go on the hobby again. I was happy to see some results of you during the year. I'm really glad, you came back after your personally "punch in your face". Sometimes the fortune is not the best buddy. It was bad and it is still a long way to get over this experiences. Sometimes I find my self in thoughts and then remember, what hard time you have been going thru. I'm so glad, that you got very good help and now that you meet people where you can say that you have found your middle for the next years. I'm crossing my fingers, that time will cure the wounds.
  13. This Ford looks awesome! The paint job is brilliant! All the little details are really well done. Respect. Congratulations.
  14. Chrysler 300, white, Moebius.

    Simply beautyful
  15. Ladies and Gentlemen! The Ron Fellows white C6R

    This Looks so realistic! Awesome!