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  1. Fantastic model kit! I went through your wip and saw, how you got to the result of the corrrect body style. Well done, well done! Your paintjob is very good. I like the area around the water fall. Very nice model kit, which I'd like to have in my shelf.
  2. I like the scene a lot. The 40s Ford is my favorite 40s car. I love it
  3. I couldn't tell on the first picture, whether it is real or a diorama. Awesome work!
  4. I have to see my stash. As far as I know, I have the 1973, 1974 and 1975 Pontiac Firebird Formula as well as a 1976 Pontiac Firebird in my shelf. All as the old Promo kits by MPC I think. I have to look at the rear window. I never noticed, that they should be different. I know the front bumper and grille are different and I think the rear bumper.
  5. I agree. Classic color combination. Nice one - for just "filling the gap" *lol*
  6. 8 years later! Tahnk you for digging that deep! Cool to see it and much better, to see the opening doors. Very nice.
  7. Thank you very much! I'm not that often here and the last weeks we had some trouble here in my area. I'm going to do a separate thread for the GMC. There I'll show some pictures of the transformation process. @Fabrux / Chris I took a 1/24 scale die cast and did a mold out of the grille. I fitted it to the 1/25 body. After a lot of molds it turned out, that it fit to the body. On my point of view, not bad at all. I'll show pictures in the thread for the GMC.
  8. That will be cool like the sedan!
  9. So right I am a big fan of Studebaker and sad about it, that there ar so less kits to grab. I loved to get the 1963 Lark Wagonair. So cool. Thank you for showing this one. Nice custom built of the die-cast.
  10. There is a lot of cool stuff and some, I don't know what to say about not to be rude. It goes from "hey, I didn't know, that Nash Bridges and Magnum drove coupes.. I thought, that were convertible and targas" to "holy moly.Out of words. What a bummer for the used kits. There is a lot of room to the top". And then are the kits, where I think - awesome. Thank you for showing.
  11. I'm really not often on this forum. Sorry for that. So I took some time, to show another kit, that I finished in Jauary 2021 (!). I didn't plan to build this cool pick up truck. It sat over "decades" in my shelf until a guy asked my brother, to rebuilt his GMC Sierra, based on this Chevrolet. So my brother and I started a conversion (I will show it later). This kit I only build, to show the changes, we've made. This kit is stright out of the box. Nothing changed. It is this model kit, I used: The built up was good. No problems. If this kit would not be that rar in Germany, I'd buy a hand ful more of it to convert it into the different cabs. A short on, a crew cab and king cab or what els is out there would be cool to have. Enough of the words, here are the pictures. The engine bay The under carriage At the end two pictures of the convertion to a GMC. More pictures will follow.
  12. This is exactly, what I want to build years long! This model kit deserves more pictures. Pretty cool! Like it.
  13. Thank you It's a long time ago, when I was online.
  14. Very cool to see this Cadillac built! The pink looks very nice on it. Well done!
  15. I like the color coice. It looks very good under the hood too
  16. Beautiful! Never thought of a convertible version of it.
  17. Great color! The restoration was worth it.
  18. This is cool! I never knew, that there was a SWB of the Land Rover. I never looked the history on scalemates. I started to shorten a Revell kit by my own. Sorry for the pictures. If you don't like them here, I'll delete them.
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