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  1. Postmodernism comes to SEMA

    All that effort and they put those ugly wheels on it?
  2. AIR-TRAX pricing list 2018

    I've got two of Tapani's kits, the '69 300 2 dr and the Cordoba/300. Both are very good castings with few pinholes. They are pricey but I wanted them so price didn't matter.
  3. Celebrity Crushes?

    Don't know the other three, but Lauren Southern, while ok looking, isn't what I would call a celebrity in the typical fashion... nor would I put logical thinker in any sentence connected with her: she's a little out there... Just my opinion...
  4. Celebrity Crushes?

  5. 1971 Lamborghini Miura

    Very, very nice!
  6. Up next 69 chrysler 300

    I'm following this... I've got a resin 300 that might make it to the bench this winter. Love the fuselage Chrycos!
  7. How it's done: copying an old steel body in metal

    Thanks for posting that. I've got several of his DVDs, the guy is a Master. I always wished I lived closer and could make it to some of his classes.
  8. Some more Pickups ? worth looking at, Utes.

    I've been fiddling with this...
  9. great tool for spreading body putty

    I use glossy business cards, cut to work with whatever job I'm doing. They literally give these things away...
  10. 70's Dodge truck sweptside short box?

    I picked up a resin short box on E Bay last winter, without side moldings. Mustang_Mom (?)was the seller. I'll see if I can find her info. It was better than nothing but the box needed a LOT of work to make it presentable. It looks good in Root Beer, though. mustang_mom44820 is her Ebay name, but it's listed as no longer a member. hoppersbazaar is another seller that might have some short box listings.
  11. Automotive wax ?

    That Liquid Ebony was the absolute best on 1:1 cars. Nothing could finish off a black car like that stuff and a soft foam pad. For years, I looked high and low for it. Nowhere to be found... until I spied a nearly -full bottle in a buddy's cabinet. He hated the stuff and traded me for a large coffee. The bottle was so old, the plastic started to crack the first time I shook it. Still have half the bottle.. I like Meguier's Final Inspection on scale cars.
  12. Painting in seriously, seriously, HUMID climates

    If you're using rattle cans, there are a few little tricks to try, but it's a BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH-shoot. We regularly get 75% and higher humidity levels in the warmer months here. Here are a few things I've learned over the years: Warm your spray cans a bit. I use an old electric frying pan, set at it's lowest setting. Keep and inch or two of water in the pan, let the can warm for at least 20 minutes before use, and set the can back in the water between coats. Don't forget to dry the can off before going near whatever you're painting. Keep some air moving in your spray area. Not enough to move curtains but enough that you can feel a very slight breeze on your face. Of course, your spray area and the area on the supply side of the air needs to be clean... I like to spray at first light. The air is typically calmer and cooler. Cooler means less moisture. Let whatever you're spraying sit wherever you're spraying for at least 20 minutes. Moving a cool object into a warm spray area is not a good idea when you're trying to defeat moisture. Wear latex or nitrile gloves. Oils from your skin are death to a paint job, and it's a much bigger problems when your skin is moist. Take your time. Let every coat off-gas before loading on another. Humid air will always slow down flash times and off-gas windows, and plays heck with through-cure times. Hope some of this helps. I was a bodyman/painter for over 30 years and humid air is always a challenge, no matter what you're doing. I've sprayed in mid-90% humidity levels in a cross-draft booth with no air dryer... and had good luck, but it would literally take up most - if not all - of an entire day. Those were the days I really felt like I was under-paid... and I was self-employed!
  13. B and RB series Mopar engines all had their distributors in the front, angled off to the right. While those pictured valve covers look to be B/RB style, no one seems to really know what engine is in the Christine kit... And that intake is most definitely NOT a big block intake.
  14. If I recall from my build a few years ago, the water pump on the L700 engine is truck-specific, and of course, the bell housing and transmission are different. I added some HP exhaust manifolds and a round Road Runner-style air breather to mine, so the basic engine dimensions are close enough to get away with. It's a lump of an engine, though. Not much detail there...
  15. Originally from Sydney, Nova Scotia, been in Sarnia, Ontario for 34 years...