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  1. Slow going this time of year. Life... What are you gonna do? Just about ready for final assembly. Those decals are fun... I robbed a lid from one of our food storage containers, makes a right nice roof glass and windows.
  2. I've gotten to the point where I actually prefer the lesser-quality kits. That and gluebombs, or scratch-building. But that's just me...
  3. I'd be interested in hearing more about it, too.
  4. In all my years of inhaling polyester filler dust, paint fumes, and the spring-like pure air of Sarnia's Chemical Valley, there are two universal truths that I've arrived at: No one will ever solve the mystery of how they get the soft-flowing caramel inside the Caramilk Bar, and the only Absolute is that nothing is Absolute. So, let's have a Fresca.
  5. I'm not sure when, exactly, I first heard this album, but it played a huge part in my musical tastes. This was released 11 months after I was born, and while Dad was/is a big John R. fan and played his records constantly back then, I'm pretty sure the music didn't get me then and there. But... my Mom used to tell a story of her being 8 months pregnant with my brother in 1966, and having to chase after me as I escaped the yard and ran up Edgewater Dr., belting out "I hear the train a'coming..." all the way. So... Johnny's music was settling in in '66. While Folsom Prison BLues isn't on the above pictured album, it's title track is one I never get tired of hearing, like almost every Johhny Cash song.
  6. I've looking at that Heb for some time... just never seem to have the $$ when I look at it.
  7. Back at it... A custom-mix base coat and a shot of over-thinned automotive clear, with some Testor's blue metallic airbrushed onto the interior.
  8. I love everything about this. Nice job!
  9. A guy I worked for around '85/'86 told me quite often that he had a 350 horse 327 in the late sixties. He dealt it on a new '70 W-30 4-4-2. As much as he loved the Olds power, he said he thought the L-79 would destroy it off the line. No small feat... the 455 ran through an awfulmatic and 4.10s. He still had the Olds when I worked for him, but it was something he never let me drive. I can't blame him...
  10. Well, I'd like to think that Cliff still has the Nova, and still runs it on nice weekends, accompanied by his grandson Billy.
  11. Clifford was a gearhead, born and raised. He wanted a big-block Corvette, but the paycheque just wouldn't allow it. When a buddy on the loading dock said his older brother just got a sweet deal on a screaming small-block Nova for under $3000, Cliff listened. First thing Saturday morning, with his pay stubs in hand, he dropped into the local Chevy dealer. He had to take the salesman with him, but the test drive was all Cliff needed. The salesman, however, needed a change of undergarments when they arrived back at the sales office. Hazards of the job, I guess...? Right off the lot, this beauty was Cliff's. L-79, four speed, 4.11 posi., SS option... in a sleeper-look light metallic paint. A couple weekends later, with the addition of some headers, a thorough going-through of the ignition and carburation, an in-depth reworking of the Muncie shift linkage, a set of traction bars and some narrow slicks, Cliffie was regularly knocking off mid 13 second run at the local strip. It wasn't the Corvette that he wanted. It was even better. ... And Roscoe the Springer loved the nightly blasts around the cruise circuit.
  12. Too bad. I really liked his drumming.
  13. I really like that! I think if I owned a 1:1 '62 Chrysler, it'd be very similar to this one.
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