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  1. Headlights

    I use Future to hold them in place but for working with them on a bench, I usually take a piece of masking tape and fold one end over leaving some sticky showing. The lenses I just place on the sticky and use the folded end of tape to hold them until I can tweeze them into place.
  2. The BEST internet mechanic...

    Nice to see a guy who uses his head for more than a place to rest his hat. If he didn't already have them as regular customers, he does now, with nothing more than an honest effort and a concern for his client's well being. That goes a long way nowadays. For a 14 year old Suzy in the rust belt of New York, the underside looks pretty clean. They need to refill the Tork dispenser...
  3. Meyers Manx - 70's Metalflake Beach Buggy

    Very, very nice! I built the Manx last year and thought it turned out pretty well. Yours makes me feel like a heel.
  4. A or B ?

    Out of the two A bodies, I'd pick B over A, but I'd really rather have the Track T in the background, or the grey #8 machine, or the black Stude...;)
  5. '66 Mercury

    Took a break from fighting with some Super Bee decals and pulled this off of the get-to pile... '66 Mercury. I shaved most of the trim, including a good portion of the body-side molding, leaving just a thin chrome strip. I sprayed it this fall with Testors Orange and a custom mix of automotive clear timted with Toreador Red basecoat. Bench-top chemistry... my favourite! I might get through this one relatively fast. Comments always welcome!
  6. Nice! That's an incredible amount of work by such a young guy. The body flows... nice gaps, great proportions, even the drip rail looks like it belongs. So very nice. The choice of a modern, relatively simple chassis and powertrain is a good one. 8 years is a long time to keep at it, and to stick to the plan. my hat is off to this guy! Thanks for sharing.
  7. I'm currently doing a Dale Jarrett Nascar model, and am using both Micro Set and Decal film. I ruined the first set of decals, they tore so easily and when they didn't rip, they just wouldn't lay down and stay. I ordered a new set and coated them with the film - two coats -and use the Micro Set to help them lay down. Even then, it's slow going... some I had to float into place with Future and keep some pressure on the edges till they stayed.
  8. Thames Panel Truck

    Yes, it is. Nice colour.
  9. Thames Panel Truck

    This was a challenge. A pretty finicky kit, to say the least, but I'm reasonably happy with how it turned out. The warped body meant I had to glue the doors shut and couldn't get the steering wheel in there, but there was no hole in the firewall anyway... and no column and only half of a steering box. Minor details, right? Comments always welcome.
  10. Peking To Paris 41 Plymouth Rally Car

    Love it! Your detailing is spot on.
  11. 1/25 MPC '78 Dodge D-100 Pickup

    Yup! I'll take three or four, please.
  12. '57 Pontiac stock Sedan Delivery

    Wow! A tremendous amount of work that yielded a tremendous result. Very, very nice!
  13. The Purple Manx

    The first one I've finished in months. The body is molded in purple but was pretty transparent so I back-sprayed the underside of the body for a more even look. This was fun to build - except for that exhaust - and the first one finished in my new basement work area. The body and pan both have a twist to them so the top doesn't quite sit right, but it looks good enough for the girl I go out with. I need better lighting in my photo area... Coments always welcome!
  14. What Irked You Today?

    Having to park this away under cover for another winter... irritates me every time. The dog cheers me up, though.
  15. Starbird`s 65 Grand Prix

    Very nice! I really like it!