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  1. 1970 Dodge Challenger Deputy 225ci slant six

    That's some very nice work! It's nice to see the every day cars from back then. Not every one had a Hemi or 440 6bbl car.
  2. JoHan USA Oldies

    I picked up a glue-bomb '60 Desoto with a hacked up original chassis and no engine. I like the body style, so I used a Color Me Gone '64 Dodge as a chassis and suspension donor. It fits reasonably well and has a decent enough stance to be believable. I plan on using the big block from a '71 Charger as the power plant. I'd like to pick up a long tube setup from Harts Parts, but I'm not that far along to know if it will clear the hood. I'm sure both chassis and power train won't pass close scrutiny to someone with intimate knowledge of '60 Mopars, but it'll work for me. Hope this helps...
  3. Monogram '32 Ford "Deuce" Roadster

    It's been too nice out to spend much time at the bench, but I've been picking away at this. No chrome pieces in the kit, so I gave some Molotow through my airbrush a go. Quite happy with the results. We'll see how well it holds up. The front discs were sprayed with metallizer. Comments always welcome.
  4. You're not the first guy I've heard of that doesn't use a tack rag. Years ago, one of my best friends in the biz told me he never uses a tack rag unless the boss is watching. He did the same as you: blow it off and lightly wipe it with his hand while blowing at reduced pressure. He's one of the best painters I know, so it works for him, obviously. His jobs are simply flawless, more often than not. I'm not smart enough to learn from him... I use a crumpled up tack rag with barely any sticky left on it. Works for me. On a side note: I hired a painter years ago when I had my shop. A real Pro, or so he and everyone else he gave as a reference said. He put his first job in the booth, blew it off, loaded the paint in MY gun, tacked the car off, and THEN turned the exhaust fan on. Dirtiest paint work I've ever seen. No orange peel or dry areas but it was hard to look at. All I could think of was how much this was going to cost me to re-do... That was his first and last paint job in my shop. I don't spray in a booth either. My favourite model-painting spot is just inside the door of my shed, with the door open. Dirt floor, cobwebs and all... it's all about what NOT to do when it comes to painting. In just about every paint class I've been a part of, the instructors will tell you that 99% of dust and dirt comes from the painter, either because of what he did, or because of what he didn't do. I sort of cringe inwardly when I see guys showing off their paint booths. Talk about creating a path for dirt to travel in...
  5. Right before I spray, I wipe it down with an alcohol swab, followed by some careful passes with a tack cloth. There is no possible way to ensure the body is free of dust before shooting, unless you can figure out how to paint in a vacuum. The best you can do is try to keep dust to a minimum.
  6. No matter what works for you in cleaning resin parts, it's been my experience that lacquer primer doesn't bond well to resin unless it's been abraded somewhat. I use Comet cleanser, a bit of warm water and an old toothbrush to scrub the parts before putting on ANY primer coats.
  7. 1957 Chrysler 300C

    Very nice job! Love the colour.
  8. 1965 Pontiac 2.0 Malibu Divers Inc.

    Thanks for the compliments! I keep meaning to take a few pics with all the scuba stuff outside the cargo area, for some added detail. One of these days I'll get to it.
  9. '66 Mercury

    Thanks again, it was a fun build.
  10. 1938 Lincoln SUV (!?!) Street rod

    Very, very nice!
  11. The Third Cartoon Network Monte Carlo

    Very nice!
  12. The Second Cartoon Network Monte Carlo

    Nice build! I did that car a few years ago, it's one of my favourite Nascar racers in my cabinet. Yours looks fantastic! Trivia: The real car did a complete mid-air roll early in the race and landed fully on it's wheels. There wasn't a mark on the body but the suspension was done for after the landing. Too bad, it was an attention getter.
  13. I'm really liking the direction this is going.
  14. '66 Mercury