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  1. Very nice job. I really like it!
  2. I bought a couple Dodge pickup grills and some bumpers from them last year. Might have bought a Dodge tailgate too... No complaints at all. Nice castings.
  3. I'd be interested in this... the '66 Coupe DeVille is my favourite Cadillac and I've got a friend who has two of them for reference.
  4. For me, it's this one... Though I built it as a base model 383, bench seat, column shift Bee, it invokes strong memories of my first introduction to muscle cars in 1970. In grade 1, owned by a teacher at the two room school I went to, the Turquoise machine left an indelible imprint on my impressionable young mind.
  5. That's frigging awesome! Female or not, automotive trades need more young folks entering it, with passion and commitment to life-long learning. It can be a good life. There's nothing quite like being able to fix what's broken, or designing something that didn't exist before, or creating something better. It's what drove me for over 30 years. Tell your Baby Girl we're all rooting for her!
  6. Very nice! I re-did a glue bomb of this kit last year and had fun doing it. Yours looks fantastic!
  7. Fair warning: Do not look at those fotki links unless you're ready to spend some money. Placed my order last week...
  8. I love it!!!! I've got something similar in the planning stages, hope it turns out half as nice as yours!
  9. I bought the '69 300, as well as his '78/'79 Chrysler, and while I haven't started the '69 yet, it's close to the top of the heap. I owned a '69 Chrysler that I cloned into a 300 back in the mid to late '80s, and the resin kit is pretty much spot-on as far as I can see. Mine will be a bit of a custom, the way my 1:1 was. Never finished the 1:1 version but the resin one will be! The '78/'79 Chrysler is very nice as well, and is active on my bench. IIRC, I think I spent close to $300 CDN for both kits and shipping to Canada. I don't regret spending a nickel of that.
  10. Very nice! Lovin' the bodywork and paint, and the six cylinder is a great touch!
  11. What a difference! Nice work, as usual.
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