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  1. restoman added a post in a topic Why use 2k instead of 1k Clear?   

    I use both, though rarely do I spray a body with 1K. 
    Everything above is on the money, but thirty+ years of holding a spray gun in my mitt makes me much more comfortable with 2K. That, and all it takes is that one time when the 1K spray nozzle spits a glob or three of paint or clear and the euphoria of a simple paint job is ruined for me. For me, I just like the fact that with a spray can I'm at the mercy of a 50 cent nozzle while with the mini HVLP I have all the control.
    I also dig the fact that when I spray that one over-thinned coat of clear, I'm done except for possibly a speck of dust or two. I've spent years polishing 1:1 scale cars but don't really have much luck polishing 1/25 scale... it's a skill that I haven't quite gotten a handle on.
    I'm completely envious of some of the paint jobs I see on this forum, especially when I read they're from a spray can like that hood above. 
  2. restoman added a post in a topic The LHS (Local Hobby Shop)   

    Our local hobby shop is hurting. The owner is looking at closing, possibly before winter. Says there just isn't any money in it anymore and it's so hard to get stock from his supplier. The Canadian exchange rate hurts him to the point of razor-slim margins.
    I support him as much as possible, because when he's gone there is no one left in town other than Michaels. I hate that place...
    There is a Hobby Lobby across the river in Port Huron Michigan, about 20 minutes away and they've got a decent stock of kits and supplies, but I like dealing local whenever possible. Besides, the local owner has an awesome, sarcastic personality and we hit it off just great. Also drives a nice '70 Challeger R/T in the summer.
  3. restoman added a post in a topic 1964 Plymouth Belvedere 2 dr post   

    Very nice job! 
  4. restoman added a post in a topic Mid-fifties T Hot Rod   

    Finally finished and Under Glass.
  5. restoman added a topic in Under Glass   

    T bucket pick-up hot rod
    My version of what a talented home-builder on a budget might have come up with in the early to mid-fifties...
    I couldn't give this kit away so i decided to do something with it myself. 
    I kept the kits' main body, dash, seat, steering wheel, front suspension and front tires radius rods and the headlamps. The body needed lots of work, like scribing in doors, fitting a new floor and tunnel and smoothing out the firewall. The seat went through some serious changes, too. Likewise the windshield frame.
    The flathead is from a '49 Merc, the rear is a '37 Ford truck unit and the slicks are from the '49 Ford Gas Man kit. Steel wheels are from Lindberg's '40 Ford. The grill and rad cap are parts box items. Steering box and U-joints are heavily modified Nascar pieces.
    I built the frame and crossmembers, gas tank, headers and exhaust, box and tailgate. This was my first try at woodgraining on this scale.
    Painted with Testor's Ivory and clear coat. I remember now why I don't like Testor's spray paints...  But, I like it.
    Comments very welcome. 

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  6. restoman added a post in a topic '56 Nomad... sort of...   

    Funny you mention that... doing some foil work to the car and thought "What about traction bars? Traction bars would look cool!"
    The triangular air cleaner is a great idea. I think I've got a few of those.
  7. restoman added a post in a topic Mid-fifties T Hot Rod   

    Back at it. 
    I just might finish it off this go-round.

  8. restoman added a post in a topic Air Trax   

    Yep, '71 Charger for the donor.
    But... the Charger rear end is an 8 3/4" which was not available in the Cordoba/300 B body. I found a 9.25" corporate rear that will do the trick, but the 8.25" rear was the most common. I'm not aware of such an animal in any kit, so the 9.25 will have to do...
    I also found the windshield from the Charger is just a bit too small, so I'll be making a copy with a clear plastic bottle and a heat gun. Hopefully, it's a bit bigger.
  9. restoman added a post in a topic Hebmuller replica   

    A little more... primer makes everything look better!
    Still lots to do, but it's coming along... slowly.
    Comments always welcome.

  10. restoman added a post in a topic Air Trax   

    Two door. 
    I haven't done much to it yet other than a little flash clean-up. It's on the build list for this summer.

  11. restoman added a post in a topic Air Trax   

    I got that '79 Cordoba/300 last year and am part way through it. It's very nice. 
    Also picked up the '69 300 from them.
  12. restoman added a post in a topic '56 Nomad... sort of...   

    Freshly painted, so I had to mock it up!
    Testors Insignia Red on the roof, Chrysler Cool Vanilla car paint on the body and a coat of urethane clear.

  13. restoman added a post in a topic MPC Fuzz Buster Volare - lets kick it around   

    I was going to use those pad printed tires right up until I spotted these slightly wider ones in the GTO kit. The printed ones would fit right in with the street car look but they are just a tick on the skinny side compared to the GTO rubber.
    They'll get used somewhere else, though. They're pretty nice.
  14. restoman added a post in a topic '80 Volare   

    I eliminated the T roofs for starters. I didn't think I could get them to look right, so they were sanded smooth and the thin cut-areas on the underside got filled in. Spent a fair bit of time scribing around the side drip rail (which relly isn't a drip rail in 1:1) and the quarter glass moldings. They were almost non-existent in places.
    Discarded that factory fuel cap and scribed a more-correct-to-me looking one in the body. Deepened the rear bumper filler lines, extending them fully from side to side.
    Scribed some front fender extension seams and front bumper filler seams. 
    Deepened the door and deck lid seams, as well as the rocker molding trim for some better definition. Ditto for the front and rear glass reveal moldings.
    I also put in the lower front fender seam along the rocker panel.
    The body contours on the front fenders and doors seemed too sharp to me so I smoothed them a bit.
    The rear spoiler - not pictured - I cut into three pieces to simulate the gaps a real one would have. From the kit, the spoiler was too wide, so this lets me fit it properly. I'll paint it matte black but as of right now, I'm still undecided whether it'll get used or not.
    Not done yet, but the foiling will be done in chrome, as would it would be on a simple Volare.
    Also working on clear rectangular headlamps to replace the molded in ones. Might do the same for the front signal light lenses...?
    It took a couple hours at least for all this stuff, but I like how it turned out.
  15. restoman added a topic in On The Workbench   

    '80 Volare
    This is the Fuzz Duster kit, but I'm building it as a 1980 Volare, not a Road Runner.
    Lots of subtle mods to the body to make it look more like it should. I'm using one of my resin cast engines from the '71 Duster, with a MAD distributor, Fireball Holley carb and one of my resin copies of a dual snorkel air breather. Ditched the kit rear end and used on of my 8.75 copies. Headers are from the Hemi Charger kit - a little on the big side and the port spacing is wrong but... better than manifolds. 
    Tires are from the '67 GTO kit and those nice cop car wheels are Fireball products. Love 'em!
    The paint is Testors red, cleared with One Coat Clear. Not sure if I'll polish it out or not...
    It's a basic kit, but with a little effort it's turning out all right.
    Comments welcome.

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