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  1. 1969 Dodge Dart GTS 340

    Here's what I did to mine. The Dart was just begging for a 340.
  2. 1969 Dodge Dart GTS 340

    Nice! I did something very similar last winter using the same parts and kit. I converted the car over to a four speed, though. Fitting the engine was trickier than I thought: it's a tad longer than the kit big block and I had to shave the oil pan slightly to get the engine lower. I'll be watching your build.
  3. Wild Thing

    Um.... no. Thanks, but no.
  4. Pet peeve of mine!

    I don't really have any pet peeves for other people's builds. As long as someone enjoys the building, it's all good to me. I think I've been guilty of just about everything mentioned in this thread, at one time or another. ... But sometimes I see stuff and wonder "Why didn't they try to fix that?". The thing I notice the most is poorly fitting tires and rims... where the rim sits way out past the bead edge of a tire or the assembly sits far too far out past the wheel openings. At that point I think "Nice build except for..." $.02
  5. Lindberg Dodge 330

    Yeah, it is pretty awful, but like most Mopar guys, we only see what it represents and what used to be. The '64 Dodge is very high on my "what I would buy if I won the Lottery" list, and the odds of winning that are slim, so I'll settle for the inaccuracies of the Lindberg kit.
  6. Salted Fusion

    Those are all excellent pics. thanks for posting them!
  7. Salted Fusion

    Yep. I played with the idea of much narrower tires, and decided that, for this particular build, it would be too much work to offset the rims so the tires weren't buried back inside the wheel openings. So I went instead with some tire decals and spun discs and called it good enough. The whole concept was "...if Roger Penske took one of his Nascar racers to the salt flats...", so most of the Nascar stuff stayed. Probably not what would REALLY happen, but it is a model... After a little research on flats racers, I think I'll be building more. Fascinating to see all the variations that did and do race out there.
  8. Is NA$CAR for sale?

    Yup. Any new owners are in for an up-hill battle, and would be even if the France's hadn't hoovered most of the genuine out of Nascar. Motorsports are changing: the new norm is going to be smaller fan bases, no matter what. I'm pretty sure the France family sees this and wants out while the Nascar name still holds some value. ...But, there are no guarantees any new owners will make things better.
  9. Salted Fusion

    Thanks all. The pre-painted body was a bonus, the scallops seemed to fit right in on a salt racer.
  10. Straining/Filtering Paint

    Actual paint strainers from my local Carquest do it for me. A box of 100 is under $10.
  11. Salted Fusion

    A bit of a slump buster... If The Captain - Roger Penske - were to take one of his Nascar racers to the salt flats, I'm thinking it might look a bit like this. I lowered the front end a bit, shortened the rear spoiler height (no need for big downforce in a straight line), fitted a driver's side window, and eliminated most of the Nascar-specific stickers. Oh yeah... and crafted those nifty spun aluminum discs out of some Pepsi cans. This is only a snap-together curbside kit, but it was dead-nuts easy to do and got me over a bit of a hump, so here it is. Comments always welcome.
  12. Aric's Smithfield Ford Fusion

    Very nice!
  13. Has anyone heard of The Sales Shack?

    It's my understanding that Priority shipping across the border by individuals - not business - is difficult to guarantee a definite delivery date. Still, paying for something you didn't get is kind of hard to take, especially when it's in the $25-$40 range... I waited two weeks for my stuff. That won't deter me from buying again, but I'll be calling the Hut first to make sure we're both clear on what's going to transpire.
  14. Has anyone heard of The Sales Shack?

    It took a tick over two weeks for my stuff to get here, but in my experience, that's about normal lately for stuff coming into Canada via USPS. The shipping wasn't cheap, but then again, the parcel was big enough for three kits and it arrived without a scratch, so I'm not complaining. Too bad about the Manx. The purple and flake is awesome! Transparent, too...
  15. Has anyone heard of The Sales Shack?

    ... And it was delivered today, in great condition.