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  1. I plan on using one of the many '70 Coronet kits I have for most everything. I've one or two Revell Chargers for donors if need be. I may take you up on that grill. If a PM lands in your in-box marked "grill", it'll be from moi. Thank you for the offer!
  2. I ordered the interior from Ed a week or so ago. He said it would be a bit of a wait before he could ship it, but it's ok: his stuff is worth the wait time. I also picked up a '68 Coronet body that he repaired, along with one of his resin hoods.
  3. Digging through the multiple boxes of parts that came with the AMX, I found the headers and 1 exhaust pipe. The original Mini-lites are not to be found, but I did come across some Fireball Mini-lites that I forgot having... and those velocity stacks came off the grill without leaving a mark.
  4. I know! When I first looked at what the seller had, they were all just tossed into boxes. He asked which ones I was interested in and I said "I've got $80, how far will that get me?" He said "Take all of them!" There were a bunch of transports and trailers in with them. I sold those to a friend for $40. A lot of the GBs are parts-only, but there are a few that are worthwhile, like a '72 Javelin AMX Trans-Am racer, the L A Dart, a 70's Ventura, BRE Datsun... I feel pretty lucky.
  5. Lots of good info. Thanks a bunch! When I spotted it in the box, I kind of got a little tingly. It might be a bit before I get to re-doing it, but it's destined to live as a Trans-Am race car.
  6. I picked this Chevelle up a couple weeks ago. Lucked into it, as I got the pictured L A Dart, quite a few built gluebombs, a few decent built-ups, and a pile of parts and tires, all for $40 CDN. The body has a warp to it, but the kit is opened, un-built and complete. I'm happy for this thread. I was sort of wondering if I wanted to build it or not. I do now!
  7. That figures... this one was with a bunch of other GBs, and the builder was... uhh... creative, to say the least. He also really, really liked lots of cement.
  8. I picked up this built gluebomb for a couple bucks a few weeks back. Complete except for manifolds/headers and exhaust. I'm not sure what I have. Is it a Jo-Han kit? AMT? I haven't measured it, but it looks to be 1/24 scale. ? Any help would be appreciated.
  9. I owned a '75 Dart Sport in 1980. Second owner, first was a priest at our parish. He passed along all the paperwork when I bought it from him, for the princely sum of $725. His cash price was $3800, PDI and tax in. He got a discount for military service. 318, 3 speed floor shift, 2.94 rear, up & over stripe, AM-FM, deluxe wheel covers, 3 speed wipers, PS, PB, HD cooling,, HD suspension. Wish I still owned it. Had a lot of fun with that car.
  10. I picked up a couple of those rooves from Ed. They're beautiful, but pretty much everything he offers is top-shelf!
  11. My VW Volksrod from a while back... Revell's VW and a some scratch building.
  12. My Pontiac 2+0 from a few years ago. A gluebomb 2+2 and parts from the '70 Bonneville.
  13. Finished up the Revell '29 Roadster pick-up... can't say I'm overly pleased with the fit on final assembly. A slight twist in the fender plate throws the grill off, which throws the hood off, and also wouldn't let me keep the opening door feature. I couldn't get rid of the twist, noticed only after it was all painted. But... it looks good in it's case! Ford Toreador Red Pearl base/clear Comments always welcome!
  14. Nice job!!! I've got one of Ed's sedan bodies, they're soooo nice.
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