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  1. restoman added a post in a topic '56 Nomad... sort of...   

    Back to it...
    For some reason, foiling the side trim has been, uh, fun. I used enough foil to do two cars. 
    Think I need my eyes checked...

  2. restoman added a post in a topic Hebmuller replica   

    Got some colour on it... a light polish and that will be good.
    Fiddling with the interior now, trying to get it to look more like a Heb and less like a Cabriolet.
    I chopped down the high-back bucket seats and re-formed the seat backs to look more period-correct. I think they turned out ok.
    Presently working on the rear storage/jump seat/convertible top area... fun, fun, fun!
    Not sure if I'm liking the Fuchs wheels now... got a set of chrome steel wheels from a Porsche 904 kit and some wide whites that I might use instead...
    Comments always welcome.

  3. restoman added a post in a topic Plymouth Fury 4 Door   

    I like it!
  4. restoman added a post in a topic '75-ish Plymouth Fury engine color?   

    The 383 in my '69 Road Runner was red. 
    It's long gone now, no idea on a build date. It was the original engine according to the original owner...
    The 383 HP in my A/C equipped '69 Newport Custom was turquoise... Also long gone.
  5. restoman added a post in a topic RESIN PARTS   

    I've bought several parts from him. Initially they were pretty decent but the last two orders had quite a few pinholes. He replaced a Duster bench seat for me, at his choice, and included it in my last order. There was no hesitation on his part to do that, so I can say I've never had any problems with the service from him.
    I'd buy from him again but I won't be expecting flawless parts. Just part of resin parts purchasing...He does offer parts that don't seem available elsewhere.
  6. restoman added a post in a topic fords upcoming mustang   

    Yup, A Stupor Beetle. At 5'11" I had ample room, but my 6'3" son can't even get his legs past the steering wheel... 
  7. restoman added a post in a topic fords upcoming mustang   

    Yeah, the Qashqai has that X-Tronic sport mode as well. Haven't tried it yet...
    Up until the day when I could no longer move my feet fast enough to step on the brakes in a hurry, this was my chosen daily driver: about as basic as you can get and still not get the s*&t kicked out of going down the road. Wish I could still drive it...
    No computers, no fancy back up systems, no A\C, no ABS, etc... just a basic car.

  8. restoman added a post in a topic fords upcoming mustang   

    We just leased a 2017 Nissan Qashqai, AWD with a CVT. It's...ok. As a gearhead (pun intended) I just can't get used to the "something is missing" feeling when it's accelerating. I'm sure it's great on gas - haven't had it long enough yet to know how great - but compared to the fantastic automatic in our old S40 Volvo, it's not much fun. That Volvo unit always seemed to be in the right gear and the full-throttle-turbo-spooled-up shifts are a thing of beauty!
    On a side-note, I cannot believe how difficult is it nowadays to get a manual transmission in some vehicles.
  9. restoman added a post in a topic 1968 Charger RT is Gone. Time to find another project   

    Looks great Bill! Nice work.
    The last full size body-resto I did was on a '69 Charger in just about as rough shape, though the firewall and cowl were fine. I got it after another "body man" botched it horribly: I replaced the left front rail, rad support, torsion bar crossmember, both rockers, rear rails, taillight panel and rear filler, dutchman panel, quarters, decklid and one front fender. The other guy actually used silver tape on the rockers and other places, and charged big bucks for "metal work"... I had it for four years, working on it on an off-and-on basis.
    It's a 440, auto, A/C, power windows and locks, buckets and console car. Currently awaiting the owner to get the desire to finish it.
  10. restoman added a post in a topic Hebmuller replica   

    This one is going to be lowered somewhat, Porsche wheels (not the ones pictured) and red and black two tone... so I'm close.
  11. restoman added a post in a topic Hebmuller replica   

    Ready for final prep and paint...
    I added the side moldings along the belt line, as well as on the hood and running boards. Had one on the decklid too, but didn't like it.
    And the convertible top molding was a me creation.
    Paint tomorrow, hopefully.

  12. restoman added a post in a topic Why use 2k instead of 1k Clear?   

    I use both, though rarely do I spray a body with 1K. 
    Everything above is on the money, but thirty+ years of holding a spray gun in my mitt makes me much more comfortable with 2K. That, and all it takes is that one time when the 1K spray nozzle spits a glob or three of paint or clear and the euphoria of a simple paint job is ruined for me. For me, I just like the fact that with a spray can I'm at the mercy of a 50 cent nozzle while with the mini HVLP I have all the control.
    I also dig the fact that when I spray that one over-thinned coat of clear, I'm done except for possibly a speck of dust or two. I've spent years polishing 1:1 scale cars but don't really have much luck polishing 1/25 scale... it's a skill that I haven't quite gotten a handle on.
    I'm completely envious of some of the paint jobs I see on this forum, especially when I read they're from a spray can like that hood above. 
  13. restoman added a post in a topic The LHS (Local Hobby Shop)   

    Our local hobby shop is hurting. The owner is looking at closing, possibly before winter. Says there just isn't any money in it anymore and it's so hard to get stock from his supplier. The Canadian exchange rate hurts him to the point of razor-slim margins.
    I support him as much as possible, because when he's gone there is no one left in town other than Michaels. I hate that place...
    There is a Hobby Lobby across the river in Port Huron Michigan, about 20 minutes away and they've got a decent stock of kits and supplies, but I like dealing local whenever possible. Besides, the local owner has an awesome, sarcastic personality and we hit it off just great. Also drives a nice '70 Challeger R/T in the summer.
  14. restoman added a post in a topic 1964 Plymouth Belvedere 2 dr post   

    Very nice job! 
  15. restoman added a post in a topic Mid-fifties T Hot Rod   

    Finally finished and Under Glass.