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  1. Windows are going in!!! The rear and quarter glass is plain old cellophane, the front is a custom job made from a pop bottle, a buck and a heat gun. Getting the front to fit flush is taking some time, but it fits far better than the various kit pieces I've tried. I'll be sooooo happy when this car is sitting on all fours in its display box! 3 years and counting... Comments always welcome.
  2. This poor old girl has been in pieces for several years. Figured it was due a little love... As box-stock as they come, I think I built it around '98 or '99. British Racing Green and GM 8555 Black, both in single stage automotive urethane. Comments always welcome.
  3. It's time for a nice, simple almost-box-stock build, and the shoe box Fords always deliver. Painted this last summer, in Testors Pure Gold and automotive clear. The Carson top was made from the abbreviated custom top in the kit, and the soft top. I think it turned out the way it should have... Comments always welcome.
  4. Scale Finishes. BC 4 Jadestone
  5. I'm having a tough time staying motivated on this build... but it IS getting there. Two wheel openings yet to see BMF, then it can begin going together. Foiling those thin wheel opening trim pieces is NOT a fun way to spend an afternoon Comments always welcome.
  6. Picked this up a few years ago. Think I paid a buck or two for it. Nothing special, by any means, but... I couldn't save the windshield, but the frame has only single crack along the bottom edge. I think the original builder used up an entire tube of cement on this kit alone... both rockers and the trunk lid had big distortion from copious amounts of glue. Refinished in Jade stone and clear, it's on my bench now.
  7. Brother-in-law lives south of you, in Airdrie. He says the propane furnace in his old farm house can barely keep up. He's kept the wood burner in his living room going for a few days, and he's still worried about frozen pipes. Far too cold for me, dry air or not.
  8. Yup. I tried to cast some Dodge letters off an old grill I had, but I couldn't get them to work the way I wanted. I was hoping no one noticed...
  9. Thanks! Yeah, the engine is kind of ... vague? Not much detail there. I used the kit transmission to match the pedals and floor shifter.
  10. That is going to be sharp! i don't envy you doing all that foiling...
  11. Finished off a problematic Dodge short box model! One of those kits where nothing seems to fit after it's painted... or glue is applied. Knocked together a work bench for a future diorama, along with a bench vise and some axle stands. They can be seen next to the Dodge in Under Glass. And then, got motivated enough to get back on the resin '79 300 that I've been avoiding for some time.
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