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  1. Very nice work! I, for one, love that style 'Bird, and it looks killer in pink.
  2. I've somehow collected quite a few of these in my parts bins... Anyone know what kit they're from?
  3. restoman


    Todd didn't even need to be called! He volunteered most times... Nice job!
  4. Thanks for the comments! It was a fun little truck to build, and like most of my stuff, I built it to represent what I would want my Datsun truck to look like, if I ever had one. ...And, I would most definitely want one of these in 1:1! The wheels came in the kit, but the tires are leftovers from the parts bag. The supplied tires just looked too big for my tastes. I did some work on the front spindles to lower the front. The back springs are as-supplied. Some clear headlight lenses over top of the kit's chrome units, homemade duals, a bit of embossing powder for the carpet, and a shot of Tamiya orange with automotive clear over top rounds it all out.
  5. I like that. A lot. It has the look of what a young guy would do with Mom's Olds, just as your story goes. I'm a little jealous of that kid.
  6. Holy Schmoly, that's some nice!
  7. I tell the folks who look at me funny that my Great Dane loves his toenails painted, and is particularly partial to whatever colour I'm buying that day... Shuts them up every time.
  8. IN 1973, Lewellyn McGinty opened up his own little business, wrenching on muscle cars, street machines and hot rods. .It's always summer in Florida, so business was good. Within a year, he got into selling speed parts to supplement his income, and saw a whole new market in Japanese cars and trucks, just waiting for someone like him to come along and take advantage of it. By 1975, Lew figured he needed a better parts hauler than the back of his old station wagon. With gas hard to get sometimes and the wagon's thirsty big block eating into his profits, Lew turned his eyes toward one of those little import trucks. This little orange gem caught his eye, and soon enough it was parked in front of Lew's shop. With some added hi-po parts and a snazzy set of wheels & tires, Lew was the talk of the speed world in Florida. Comments always welcome.
  9. Generally speaking, engine compartments including frame rails visible from the engine bay, radiator support panels, most of the wheel side of the front fender aprons, most of the rear wheel tubs on the wheel side and the trunk compartments all got a splash of body colour, albeit a thin coat. The undersides of hoods and decklids were painted body colour too.Passenger compartment floors were a hit-and-miss as far as colour coats. The underside edges of the floors along the rocker panels, lower quarter panels and rear panels were dealt a shot of overspray when the bodies were sprayed. Frame components in close proximity also got oversprayed. Depending on the body colour, the grill sides of rad support panels usually got a sloppy spray of black. K members (engine cradles) were black. Mostly, the primer undercoats were grey, though I did own a '71 Citron Yellow Duster that had red oxide factory primer on both front fenders (factory repair?), and when I did my Dad's Harvest Gold '73 Swinger, it also had red oxide factory primer.
  10. I haven't run into too many quirks, other than my meat hooks seemed too big to get the front suspension to co-operate on the first or second try. The third time was the charm, though. I did assemble the box to the cab before prep & paint began, and did a little scribing & sanding to get it looking like two separate assemblies. Other than that, it's been fun so far.
  11. Sitting on all fours... I lowered it a bit, especially in the front, for a bit of a '70s rake. It sat like a 4 x 4 before...
  12. Very nice! I can just about hear it rumbling...
  13. Been playing around with this over the summer... The colour is actually pretty bright but the cell phone won't capture it.
  14. Excellent timing! I just picked up the Orange Crate, sans instructions. Found 'em!
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