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  1. Car shows on the tube

    Restoration Garage always gets my view time. Very little drama, none of the stupidity of numerous other car shows, and some pretty awesome machines... The Guild is a real-life, world-class facility that I would have LOVED to work at in my younger days.
  2. Lowe's Home Improvement leaving Hendrick Motorsports

    For what it's worth, Jimmie was at a press conference kind of thing yesterday or today and says he isn't going anywhere any time soon. It's on Nascar.com today.
  3. Yes. I've had a few interior pieces show cracks in the colour after a while, after the primer gassed out. That's pretty much a guarantee that there was an issue with the undercoat, in this case, the primer. I tend to rush small stuff when priming... ;(
  4. Same here. The only thing I've noticed with Duplicolor, is that while it goes on thin, you'd better be leaving lots of flash time between coats.
  5. 1972 Dodge Charger 1/1 copy

    Very nice! I'm tinkering with something similar: canopy top, bench seat, hideaways, small block,... Yours is a great inspiration to get my butt in gear!
  6. Lowe's Home Improvement leaving Hendrick Motorsports

    The way things are going in Nascar as of late, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see JJ hang them up sooner rather than later. He's already in the books as one of the best ever, other than collecting #8, he's done it all. At 40+, his days are numbered. Teams run on money and it'd be no surprise to see some other manufacturer throw big bucks to entice HMS to leave Chevrolet. $.02
  7. Buying online or brick and morter stores

    I buy everything I can from our local one-and-only hobby shop, even if it means spending a few bucks more. It's a small operation and he's been threatening to retire for over a year, so I do my best to pad his RRSP. I ran a brick and mortar business for close to a decade and have been self-employed for 15 years, so I appreciate how tough it is to stay afloat. When he's gone... We've got a Hobby Lobby across the border in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, and they keep a good stock, so that's my second go-to if the local guy can't get something. I have bought online from places like Fireball and Harts Parts, etc., but shipping to Canada can be horrendous these days. Only if I absolutely cannot get something local or semi-local will I look online. I'm one of those people that like to have the purchase in my hands as I pay for it... E-Bay seems to be a big hassle nowadays, at least to me.
  8. 1965 Lincoln Continental Navigator

    Very nice. I've been debating getting this kit, you've moved me closer to the purchase.
  9. The Cartoon Network Monte Carlo II

    Nice job! I built that one a few years ago. Surprisingly, the decals aren't that bad to apply. That's the car that did a complete 360 flip in '97... ended the race early for Presley.
  10. 77 Lincoln Town Coupe

    Very nice. I like that! I drove one of those yachts - a four door - for a couple weeks, years ago. I'm a big-car fan, but that one was so wallowy (?) it almost made one feel seasick.
  11. '69 Monogram Super Bee

    Super nice build! Wow, makes me want to build mine!
  12. '32 Ford Phaeton

    It was wholly un-intentional! Thanks for the compliments. it was fun to do a challenge style build in a short (for me) amount of time.
  13. Comet Cyclone Funny Car

    Thanks for the compliments. It's the first funny car I've done... now I want a few more!
  14. '32 Ford Phaeton

    This poor old girl was the unfortunate victim of a cat-rollover... so after re-glueing the windshield and roof, I dusted it off as best I could and took some pics. I did this a couple years ago for a club build-off. It's one of the very few that I've ever done in less than a month. Fast building just ain't my thing! Box stock, with some home made wide whitewalls, it got it's colours from my wife's nail polish collection. The lacquer crazed the plastic a bit, but I really didn't spend much time prepping the body, so it's all good. I notice that the green is really starting to fade... Comments always welcome.
  15. Comet Cyclone Funny Car

    I picked this up as a glue-bomb a few years ago. The body and glass were surprisingly good, but the engine, interior and chassis was pretty much a solid chunk of styrene and cement. I saved/rebuilt what I could and robbed the parts box for what I couldn't. A scratch built front axle and some left-over decals over the House of Kolor Planet Green completed the car. Comments always welcome.