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  1. Done in Viper Red base/clear, with Molotow'd Halibrands from Drag City, pie crust slicks from Modelhaus Tires, a S.C.o.T. puffer from the parts bin, and a set of Molotow'd headers from a Chevy II. This was a pretty fun build. Comments always welcome!
  2. I built this quite a while go, and it was really showing it's age. Originally, I did it in the Daytona 500 scheme, with chrome wheels, body-side molding, etc. Now, it's more representative of a mid-year ride for the Future King. Some deep cleaning, light polishing of a few dust nibs, new Power Slide decals, and BMF to replace the old silver painted trim. Comments always welcome.
  3. Thanks for the comments, folks. I've begun to get far more enjoyment out of rebuilders and gluebombs than I do with most new kits. This one took quite a while, but it was fun.
  4. I don't have any before pics, but this thing was horrid: NOTHING was glued in the proper place, some parts were welded solid with glue, a few were melted in place. So much glue was used... I wondered if anything could be done with the poor thing. I made new leaf springs & most of the front right suspension, polished the glue-finger prints off of the windshield, filed, sanded and re-attached everything in the interior, took all the custom add-ons off of the body, lowered the suspension, shaved the body trim, added tinted windows, and covered it all in left-over Silver Pearl basecoat from my old Montana van. A resin front bumper from a Chevy truck sprayed with Molotow chrome, foiled rear bumper from the parts bin, spare tire from the parts bin, homemade taillights, leather interior, etc... I'm glad it's done! Comments always welcome.
  5. Thanks for the comments! I'm pretty happy with how this turned out. For all of it's shortfalls, it's still a great old kit.
  6. I Dug this out of the collection of builts that never got put into a display cabinet, intending to clean the dust off and put it on a shelf. Built some 25+ years ago, I felt it deserved a little more love than the silver-painted trim allowed for. Foiled it, polished of a dust nib or two, swapped in some whitewalls, and gave it a good scrubbing. Comments always welcome.
  7. Thanks. I searched and came up with virtually nothing... Looks like a fun build!
  8. This was in a big box of mid-seventies stuff I picked up this summer... I'm not quite sure what to think of the box contents, but the box art is kind of cool. There was a Gluebomb Maverick body in the pile that actually doesn't look too bad, proportion-wise.
  9. Has anyone ever built one of these? I picked this up along with a pile of unbuilt and built kits from the mid-seventies. Not my cup of tea, but it might be good for a slump buster... ?
  10. I plan on using one of the many '70 Coronet kits I have for most everything. I've one or two Revell Chargers for donors if need be. I may take you up on that grill. If a PM lands in your in-box marked "grill", it'll be from moi. Thank you for the offer!
  11. I ordered the interior from Ed a week or so ago. He said it would be a bit of a wait before he could ship it, but it's ok: his stuff is worth the wait time. I also picked up a '68 Coronet body that he repaired, along with one of his resin hoods.
  12. Digging through the multiple boxes of parts that came with the AMX, I found the headers and 1 exhaust pipe. The original Mini-lites are not to be found, but I did come across some Fireball Mini-lites that I forgot having... and those velocity stacks came off the grill without leaving a mark.
  13. I know! When I first looked at what the seller had, they were all just tossed into boxes. He asked which ones I was interested in and I said "I've got $80, how far will that get me?" He said "Take all of them!" There were a bunch of transports and trailers in with them. I sold those to a friend for $40. A lot of the GBs are parts-only, but there are a few that are worthwhile, like a '72 Javelin AMX Trans-Am racer, the L A Dart, a 70's Ventura, BRE Datsun... I feel pretty lucky.
  14. Lots of good info. Thanks a bunch! When I spotted it in the box, I kind of got a little tingly. It might be a bit before I get to re-doing it, but it's destined to live as a Trans-Am race car.
  15. I picked this Chevelle up a couple weeks ago. Lucked into it, as I got the pictured L A Dart, quite a few built gluebombs, a few decent built-ups, and a pile of parts and tires, all for $40 CDN. The body has a warp to it, but the kit is opened, un-built and complete. I'm happy for this thread. I was sort of wondering if I wanted to build it or not. I do now!
  16. That figures... this one was with a bunch of other GBs, and the builder was... uhh... creative, to say the least. He also really, really liked lots of cement.
  17. I picked up this built gluebomb for a couple bucks a few weeks back. Complete except for manifolds/headers and exhaust. I'm not sure what I have. Is it a Jo-Han kit? AMT? I haven't measured it, but it looks to be 1/24 scale. ? Any help would be appreciated.
  18. I owned a '75 Dart Sport in 1980. Second owner, first was a priest at our parish. He passed along all the paperwork when I bought it from him, for the princely sum of $725. His cash price was $3800, PDI and tax in. He got a discount for military service. 318, 3 speed floor shift, 2.94 rear, up & over stripe, AM-FM, deluxe wheel covers, 3 speed wipers, PS, PB, HD cooling,, HD suspension. Wish I still owned it. Had a lot of fun with that car.
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