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  1. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic TDR 1/24 Turbos?   

    Hey guys, Tim from TDR here.

    Just click on this link and you will be taken to the turbo section of our website catalog. At the top of the page you will see a dimensioned picture of the tubos we offer. click on the small pic and it will expand to a large pic where you can see all the dimensions of the turbos we sell. You will just have to divide them by the scale you are working in.


    Lastly, we are starting a major push to get our parts down into the 1/25 scale size. The printing technology is starting to let us get down there now. I currently pushing the BBC kits down into the small scales, check them out when you get the time.

    look for us on Facebook.

    TDR Innovations
  2. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic Not yet, but soon - VW Squareback   

    Just a peek at something closely related that is being worked on in the TDR Skunk Works.

  3. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic Some really Sweet turbos from Shucky   

    TDR Innovations just started offering some turbos in the smaller scales.

  4. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic 3d printed chassis   

    Hey Chuck:

    Be sure and look at the video on our website on how to finish out this material. I say this because using the superglue method on these frames will help with strength. Here is a link to the page


    Chassis really are one of the best areas for 3D printing. Chassis are tough to make by hand and very tough or impossible for manufacturers to injection mold. For 3D printing though it is just another part.

    Keep an eye out as we intend to expand into this area of modeling.

  5. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic 289 HiPo   

    Nope, that bellhousing was used on mustangs all the way up to at least Nov 25 1964. That was when my 65 Mustang was built and it had the 5 bolt bellhousing, and the 3 bolt crank shaft pulley. It also had a bunch of other 64 1/2 items too but it was a 65. Ford must have cleaning out the storeroom when they made my old stang.

    Keep up the good work, it is nice to see someone working up some nice old Hi-Po ford parts.
  6. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic 2012 resurrected   

    What are the major body differences between the Pro Stock and the Pro Modified bodies?

    I know the Pro Mods have an extended front between the centerline of the front spindles to the front tip of the body and the large spoiler on the back.
    Are there any other differences?
    If the two bodies share a lot of common parts then developing a Pro Mod and Pro Stock body, from the same base car, may be possible.

    Also, just want to let everyone know that I will develop a "R2B2" styled chassis for this body when it is completed

    TDR Innovations
  7. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic tdr   

    I would also like to recommend that you guys check out "tedsmodelingmarketplace.com". Ted is one of TDR's major retail sales outlets. Ted is able to buy in bulk from our Shapeways store and this can reduce the prices to you guys quite a bit on the 1/16 scale parts.

    So give his website a look if you get a moment. Ted also carries a lot of other products from other manufacturers that I am sure you guys will find interesting too.
  8. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic tdr   

    Hey Guys:

    This is Tim from TDR. Just wanted to make sure everyone knew about our new website. It is located at "TDRinnovations.com".

    By some of the comments above I got the feeling some were either looking at the Shapeways site or our old website. Use the address above and you will get to the new site. I think you will find it a lot easier and faster to find what you want.

    I don't have everything up at the new site just yet but I am working on it. The old sites are still active and there are links to the old sites toward the bottom of the home page.

    Thanks for the comments guys. We at TDR only have control over the quality and detail level of our parts. Unfotunately we have no control over the pricing, because we depend on other companies like Shapeways to print our parts. Maybe someday we will have our own commercial 3D printer, but until then we just do what we can do.........

    Happy Modeling
  9. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic TDR Innovations 1/12 SBC single 4bbl carb setup on '69 Camaro engine   

    Guys, we really need to show Brodie a little more respect for his thread. It is his thread about his build, it really is not about the accuracy of TDR's parts.

    If someone wants to start a separate thread discussing how TDR does its thing, the guys at TDR would be more than happy to join in.

    I post this comment not because I think I have some authority on MCM site (heck I don't even think I have any authority in my own house)........ but because I feel bad that a possible error on my part caused this thread to run off on some tangent subject.

    Let's get the thread back on Brodie's build, OK?
  10. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic TDR Stinger (a little experiment)   

    Thanks for the kind words guys. This is my first attempt at something custom and it does not come easy to me.

    This model will be available very soon on our website. I am in the process of printing out a 1/32 version of it to verify the model will print out at Shapeways. Onece the 1/32 scale is printed we will offer the Stinger in all scales, from 1/32 to 1/8.

    Yes the wheel scoops will be available separately for anybody that wants to use them on something else.
  11. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic TDR Stinger (a little experiment)   

    That side picture makes the tires look like they are farther toward the ends of the car than they really are.

    I did move the front and rear tires closer to the ends of the car some though. I wanted to get that long and low look.
  12. DaytonaTim added a topic in Under Glass   

    TDR Stinger (a little experiment)
    I just wanted to share a little experiment...... I named it the Stinger ....I did not post any of the build up pictures of this model because I was not sure I would be able to pull it off.

    I wanted to experiment with radically modifying an existing car body. So I started with a 1964 Corvette computer model and I started mashing and squashing it in the computer. I tapered both the front and rear ends and then I put a 3 inch chop in the top.

    Then I designed the front and rear wheel brake scoops to give me a nice finished look on the inside part of the wheel. Then I integrated the suspension points into scoops too.

    For paint I decided I wanted some wild orange color so I went to Walmart and bought some wild fingernail polish and used it. I have never shot fingernail polish before and I had to do a lot of trial and error. I wound up stripping the car twice before I got something I liked.

    To do the glass I just stuck some tape onto the windows and traced out the outline of the window. Then I stuck the tape on some blank decal paper I had painted black. I cut out the decals and stuck them in place.

    All the steps I outlined above was brand new to me.....like I said....a little experiment.

    Below you will find some pics. Sure would like to hear what you think about the little "Stinger"

    TDR Innovations

    These are some pictures of the raw parts.

    The little "bumps" you see in the suspension areas are heavy guides that provide proper alignment for the suspension arms and drive shafts.
    The angle of these guides line up exactly with the angle of the holes in the wheel covers. So when you get all the suspension members stuck in place the wheel cover is almost perfectly alighed to where it should be.

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  13. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic WIP: 1/16 '68 Mustang Pro Mod   

    Having some of our TDR Innovations parts (Lenco tranny and U-joints) included in one of your builds Clay is an honor.


    TDR Innovations

  14. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic coming soon 2012 camaro pro mod   

    Here are some examples of the information that Dan Palatnik needs to create your dream car for you

    Dimensioned pictures are really important

    But front, side, back, and 3/4 shots are important too

  15. DaytonaTim added a post in a topic coming soon 2012 camaro pro mod   

    Hey guys:

    Just wanted to chime in here and tell everyone that TDR is working with Henry to develope this new 2012 Pro Mod Camaro. This project is in its very early stages but should progress quickly. Hopefully we will have it on the market before summer........Let me see Revell or Tamia do that!!!!!!!

    This may be a good opertunity to outline the process we go through to create these brand spanking new model bodies. Here is a basic outline of the process

    Step 1) Someone like you comes up with a body that you just got to have. So you contact TDR and ask....."can you make me ___________"

    Step 2) If it is a stock car or a very common race type car, I will send you off to a 3D modeling site like "TurboSquid.com" and tell you to search it for the car you want. If ou are unable to find it at the modeling site, the next step is to get it custom modeled for you, in the computer. That is where Dan Palatnik comes in http://www.palat.com.br/cars.htm. If you supply Dan pictures and basic dimensions he can create the computer model from scratch.

    Step 3) Once TDR has the computer model from either Dan or TurboSquid we can then begin our work. It can take between 10 and 15 hours of compter work to get the body ready for 3D printing.

    Step 4) Once TDR has completed it's work, the model is uploaded to Shapeways and it is entered into our catalog and it is ready to sell.

    One note about trying to have models scanned into the computer. I have done some scanned models and I have done a lot of models from Dan and Turbosquid. Hands down the models from Dan are the best, the next best are the models from TurboSquid and the worst are the scanned models. Also, Dan can model up the car of your dreams cheaper than you can get the model scanned here in the USA.

    So for right now.....we are on Step 2......and we wait for Dan to do his magic.