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  1. Model car storage cases?

    Thanx Nick, that was the ticket.
  2. I recently had a system crash and lost the URL to the site that sells plastic model car cases. Could someone please help me out with the URL? Thanks.
  3. Online retailers

    Mega Hobby is super great.
  4. I was wondering which is best to use when blacking out grills and such. Should I use a ready to use black wash or make one? Also should it be acrylic or enamel. I find that using a ready to use wash in acrylic is a bit wishy washy. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Mood Disc

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction to some Moon Disc. Not the baby moons, but full wheel cover type?
  6. Gold BMF

    Would anyone have about 2 square inches of gold colored BMF that they could part with. I am sure we can work something out. I just need to do a couple of bowties, and I really do not want to spend money buying a whole pack of the stuff.
  7. 32 Ford "Vicky"

    I think you have done excellent work on this model. I was wondering your process and products you used to re-create the wood texture? I am currently building version of the 32 also, and think that the wood touch is very well done, and looks great.
  8. Steering wheels

    Great idea Steve, I will check them out.
  9. Is there a source where I can purchase several steering wheels?
  10. 55' Pro finished

    Love the Nebraska helmet.
  11. Question for Guys 60+

    You can probably save it. I use the sanding sticks 3200, 3600 and 4000 lightly and then use some scratch remover, and it should just need some polish then. You could give it a try,
  12. 14,000 posts

    PM sent!!!
  13. Question for Guys 60+

    I turn 68 next month. It seems that I have been having problems for several years now. Vince I am just like you with the eye problems, and of course the glue goes everywhere, I have had to redo several model bodies because of my blunders. Growing old is not so bad, if it wasn't for the deterioration of my body and its functions.
  14. Favorite Fast Food

    I am originally from Lincoln Nebraska and that is a well known item there. Love them.
  15. Favorite Fast Food

    For me it is the Double Quarter Pounder at Mickey D's, next would be Burger King, Wendy's and then the local gas station's dogs.