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  1. I plan on going too.
  2. I made an unhappy discovery yesterday. McCormick's in London is closing for good June 30.
  3. Pleased to meet you all! I'll definitely be checking out Dave's in the near future and I make sorta kinda regular trips to McCormick's. We don't have an actual hobby shop here, Carl, but we have a store called Video Plus Books that sells kits and some basic supplies.
  4. Hmm ... must be one of those cat-back exhaust systems I keep hearing about. Is the car a Cat-illac by any chance?
  5. Just wondering how many members we have from this area, more specifically the Stratford area. I know I'm not the only one buying kits from our "LHS".
  6. No real hobby shop, but there is a store that sells kits here. I've been hitting McCormick's Hobby Centre for supplies when I'm in London to see my specialist.
  7. Hi. I'm Pete and I'm definitely a bit of a train wreck. I've been in the hobby since I was probably eight or ten years old and have built all kinds of different subject matter over the years. I'd have to say my favorites are automotive, WWII aircraft and motorcycles. I'm looking forward to getting to know folks on here and hoping to find other hobbyists in my area.
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