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  1. The only thing that didn't fit good without tweaking was the rear spoiler for me.
  2. Thanks everyone! I forgot how much fun this can be.
  3. Nice clean build! Where did you find this kit?
  4. Thanks! I did a tow stage paint job using Duplicolor silver I had sitting around from a 88 Ford Ranger then cleared, wet sanded, and compounded the body. The pics do not do the paint justice.
  5. It took me forever with this since I work so much at work and at home but its finally done and I am looking forward to my next build. Next up is the MPC 79 1/16 Trans/Am. Thanks for looking!
  6. Is that a Testors product? I remember that stuff when I was a kid, I never used it but if I recall it was clear.
  7. I am currently building the new MPC 1/16 scale Firebird T/A and need to know how to make the chrome plated wheels look like cast aluminum? Thanks in advance to all!
  8. Yes, I'm looking forward to my next builds, just got the new 1/16 scale Trans Am and started it today. Probably be slow as well lol but i'll get there.
  9. It only took me three years but I've finally completed this Concept Camaro here are the pics
  10. Now that's what I'm talking about! That is sweet!
  11. Thanks for your compliments, I am very happy with how it is turning out, The big three all turned out great muscle car updates, however the redo of the Camaro and Mustang were right on the money when they first redid them, now they are just getting out there as far as styling goes, the Challenger is still looking great yet in my opinion though.
  12. Ok I'm done for the day, got a lot of little detailing bits to do yet but I'm on my way, I'm so happy with how the the paint turned out I never dreamed it could turn out so good, thanks again for all your tips I've used.
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