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  1. Some of the 3D parts have better quality than others I have found. However they are better than the resin parts I have bought. It might be the same thing, where the supplier makes all the difference, but I have not been impressed with resin parts. Im trying to improve on my fabrication skills. Its cheaper than resin and 3d parts, but it takes awhile to get good enough to make a good part.
  2. Thanks for the kind words guys. I have bought a few 3d parts from Shapeways...I think. I go to a few 3d sites, and I think they have stores on Shapeways, who prints the parts. It works out good for me. It is a 1/16 scale firebird.
  3. I am working on a 67 dodge d100 for my son. It was supposed to be a father/son project, but he passed away in 2018 from a bactrum reaction. So, Im trying to finish it how we had planned. I also bought a 67 ford f100 that will be mine. The plan is to finish them both and take them on the power tour with my wife. Current state of the d100 is the first picture. Just finished the frame mods-IFS, 4-link, boxing, shortening, and painting. Still tons of work to do. Current state of the f100 in the 2nd picture. Stock for now. Its going to get a 5.0 HO/auto, a crown vic IFS, and 4 wheel discs. Im not touching the body on it.
  4. It will be a 5th wheel. I designed it to hold 4 cars. Im working on the parts that have to move right now. I havent decided on the H2. Im thinking it will be finished off like the H2 SUT (I thinks thats it). Its a 4 door with a short bed.
  5. I know its an old thread, but every time I see it, it makes me want to pack my stuff up and quit. Holy cow.
  6. I bought a few finished models and unfinished kits from a friend awhile back. This H2 was in the bunch, and I decided to do something different. There arent too many duallies on the market, so I decided to try this. The wheels are 3D printed from 3D scale parts. The wheels look great. I added the fender extensions and cut the back off. I think it looks ok overall. I still have work to do, like finishing off the cut on the back, and fabricating a 5th wheel hitch. Im not adding a ton of detail. Its just a low detail model (not sure what they are called). The interior is a single piece, and the suspension came off in 3 pcs, that all screwed on. Im going to use it to "haul" my custom trailer. I made a few changes to it also. And, yes thats my finger in the top picture. Im an idiot.
  7. What irked me today? Our local city officials have declared we are in a "safer at home" situation, meaning if you dont have a good excuse to be out, you could be cited with a misdemeanor for being out. We have had, to date, around 1900 Covid-19 cases in Tennessee...statewide. 13 deaths. We had 2100 flu related deaths last year in Tennessee. Now I know some are saying "this is not the flu" and I get it. But I dont live in LA or New York either. This is beyond crazy, and Im starting to think its something completely different than what we are being led to believe. Anyone here ever heard of a book called "1984" by George Orwell? Hmmm.
  8. So I got a 12" x 24" piece of 14 gauge steel today at lowes. I came home and laid out a grid just like my other plates, at 1/2" centers. Ill scribe them later, Im just getting set up right now. The heavy gauge steel seems to act as a counter sink itself. Ill have to learn how to heat sink other areas in the process, but Im just getting started. Im also learning that the fish mouth of the bars is critical. I can get it to work, and Im sure I can cover up some ugly, but its important on this brass. I also tried plumbing solder, and it sucked. So I am using electrical solder, .8mm rosin core. I laid this out by eye, so Im not sure Ill even use it, but its straight and strong. Its a start. Its for the 1/8 scale Iroc.
  9. Thank you. I hope it doesnt disappoint. So I got a little done today. We are relocating our sound room at church, and I am doing the sound equipment and rewire, so I had to work on that for a few hours today. I managed to get the upper strut supports in place. The picture only shows the left side, but I got the other one in also. And I made an impeller for the procharger, although I didnt get a picture of it. You cant see the brake caliper in these pictures, because I havent made it yet. Im going to make a detailed front piece that you can see through the wheel, but I havent got to it yet.
  10. I dont have a holy grail kit. I have a 1/8 scale Iroc model I have wanted to build for about 10 years. I started it once, and my son fell into the box, crushing it. I located another, before the prices went crazy, and set it back. Im starting to gather parts for it now. I have always wanted to build a model, with no kit parts. 3d printed parts and scratch build everything else. It just seems to be the pinnacle of difficulty to me. I am eyeing a 3d printed COE chevy truck, in 1/16 scale. It would be the most I have spent on a model, and have the least parts- just the cab, hood, grill, and doors. Everything else would have to be printed or scratch built. Im working on my chassis building and scratch building. I recently started playing with the brass tubing. I am really liking that stuff. I might get there one day....
  11. Sorry to hear about your struggles. I married young while in the Army, and divorced after 3 years. Met the love of my life at church, and we will celebrate 22 years this year. We have been blessed with 4 children; 2 girls and a boy biologically, and we adopted another girl (because we are gluttons for punishment) about 5 years ago. Life has a way of making things difficult on us humans. Our son, Isaac passed away March 28, of 2018 due to a severe allergic reaction to Bactrim, which was prescribed for acne. That was the hardest thing I have ever been through. We managed to get through with support from family, friends and our church, which is full of incredible loving people. We still have bad days, but we get through. I still struggle around this time of year, and with things I know were close to him. He was my helper. Now I can work a little. I can be by myself with my thoughts and get through it. I still have strong support in my wife and 3 other children, and my extended church family. You can get through this, just find some support; family, church, friends, a group. Maybe all of them. I hope everything works out for you. In time it will get a little easier.
  12. Here are two more. This is recent. I have started the front suspension. I still have a lot of work left. The box will be the intercooler. The hot side goes in where you see, and then the discharge will be on the top and go straight to the intake. You can see the body is a little warped in the bottom picture. The cage is square, but the body is twisted because of the t-tops, just like in the real firebird with t-tops. I bet this one would leak water too.
  13. Ive been working on this for a few weeks. I didnt want to post until I was sure I could overcome a few issues I have had in the past. I started a drag week mustang, and the body was old, and the cage just sucked on it. Im in the middle of a 1/12 scale drag VW, but I wanted to do a drag week style car. So, I started this. Hopefully Ill be able to crest the hump, and actually finish this model. Its a 1979 Pontiac Firebird from MPC. The engine is a sonny leanard mountain motor 1000 cid billet engine. The transmission is a 3 speed lenco auto, the rearend is a ford 9 inch from the mustang, and the centrifugal supercharger is scratch built to mimic a procharger F3. There are various other 3d printed parts, and some photo etching. Wheels are from 3d scale parts. I know the joints need a little work. Im going to use some fingernail filler my wife gave up on, after I get it together. Ill get a few more pictures, in a little bit. The front end has been separated now, and the body mounts have been added. I also had to spin the supercharger around. It works better with a driver side exit.
  14. Ill definitely be watching. I had my eye on this while it was up on 3d scale parts, Im just too busy spending money on about 4 other large scale kits, and two classic trucks. Way too many irons in the fire. I love those wheels also. Very nice.
  15. Very well said. This is how I feel. Dont lose your mind. Be smart, wash your hands. Have faith that God will help us out here. (dont want to lock the thread with religion) My faith is why Im not too worried....that and I live in a small city, with less than 100k people. We have only had 2 cases locally, both survived. We are currently looking at live streaming church services for our elderly, who have decided to stay home. It makes sense, as they are much more susceptible. And again, sorry for those who are effected by layoffs.
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