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  1. Ive seen that video. Crazy fast, and a short wheelbase car. Nuts.
  2. Sorry to resurrect an old thread, But Tom Bailey just went 5.998 at 250 yesterday at drag week. The worlds quickest and fastest pass for a street legal car, and the world first 5 second pass. It was on the last day, after driving almost 1000 miles throughout the week, even in the rain. Steve Morris, who built the engine, was his co-driver and said they change tires, switch over the fuel system, turn the boost up and run it. Crazy fast.
  3. Today its about aftermarket and availability. I love my modern 5.7 hemi. But to get 500 hp, it would cost almost $8k. I can do a junkyard LS/ebay turbo swap and make almost 850hp for way less than that. I have a 67 ford f100 Im going to start working on soon, along with my sons 67 dodge d100. Im on the fence about swapping an LS into the f100. They are so cheap and plentiful, and the aftermarket is crazy. Have you seen what used coyotes are going for?
  4. I work at Tri-cities Airport, which is just a few minutes by air (about 45 minutes by car) from Elizabethton Airport. Typically the NASCAR people used to come in here for the races, and some still do. Its a nicer, bigger airport, with longer runways and a tower, and its closer to the track I believe. Rumor has it Dale and a few other racers/drivers went to Elizabethton to save money on fuel. Its about $2 a gallon cheaper there.
  5. Im with you on that. Personally I liked the evil twins. He took reproduction sheetmetal to build this car. But at least he didnt cut up an original 57 to do it. The cars are still very impressive when you see them on the street, pulling a trailer in 90+ degree weather for 200+ miles through traffic. Im waiting on the 5 second pass Lutz promised a while back. If I had the money, I would do it.
  6. I know this is old, sorry. The Drag week rules state it must be legal, licensed and insured in the state where the owner is from or where the car is registered. It doesnt have to be legal in every state. Its just like if I drive to Virginia, I dont have to pass the smog tests, as long as my car is legal and licensed in my state, which is Tennessee. There are exceptions, of course, but some states are more lenient, and some are not. There are also standard DOT rules that every state must comply with. As for the lights, it has to be legal for the year it is registered for, in this case either a 68 (it is modeled after a 68 Camaro) or a kit car. The red lights are rings around the actual headlight, usually called "Halos". New cars such as the Hellcat come with these "halos" already as daytime running lights, but in a different color. They probably double as blinkers also. And they can be color changing, so the red is just for the photoshoot. Im sure he knows he cant run red lights on the street. I recently got to go to attend 2 days of the dragweek. It was crazy. If you havent seen these cars in person, go and see them. They are capable of running 6s at over 200 mph, and they do drive them almost 200+ miles a day between races, in the rain and park them wherever they want. They are street legal, and dependable, and are required to run a very specific and punishing route between races. You wouldnt want to drive them daily, of course, and they arent legal everywhere. But they are amazing feats of engineering. Personally I dont like the Camaro as much as the yellow 57. I prefer steel "door" cars. The promods are ridiculous.
  7. Im pretty sure the NMCA has some drag radial classes. Also a few years ago Tom Bailey won Hot Rod drag week on a set....the same set he drove about a thousand miles on throughout the week.
  8. I would be willing to commit to at least two or three sets of tires, as long as the price is not through the roof (it is just a hobby). I think if you make an M&H or Mickey Thompson drag tire, it would go well. As long as it isnt a pro mod size tire. I would also be willing to buy a 3d printed set of wheels, and mail them to you, for measurements. I have seen a few nice sets of 3d wheels, but finding tires is like finding bigfoot. There are pictures of them, and people talking about them occasionally, maybe even some grainy video footage, but noone can actually find any. I would also be willing to buy two or three sets of the drag motorcycle tires posted in the picture above, by mnagatani. Both front and back would be killer. I can even widen and cut down the wheels to make them work. I just need tires. I wonder if it would be easier to machine rubber stock? I have thought about asking local shops.
  9. I agree with all the recommendations above. Almost any width, in various heights from 26" to 31" would be welcome. A few drag radial options would be nice too, along with DOT bias ply tires for the serious racer in a DOT class. I know you cant fulfill every wish list, so we will take what we can get. There are a few guys printing wheels already. It might be a good idea to see what dimensions their wheels are to make sure what you make can fit whats available already. And dont forget the motorcycle guys. There are some really good 1/12 scale motorcycles kits, and almost NOTHING in the way of options for those models. A good DOT tire, and maybe a set of wheels for those would make you a couple of friends.
  10. Do you have plans for printing more modern wheels? And maybe tires also?
  11. I have tried searching for larger scale stuff. I start with a very specific search like; " 1/12 scale model car parts", but you still get other stuff completely unrelated to any of the words in that description. So, I start there, and when I find something that is actually related to my search, I go to the sellers store. Typically they have more items. I then bookmark the sellers page if I find something of interest. You will still have to browse hundreds of pages, no matter how specific you try and search. It rather annoying searching with the shapeways search function. I typically get about 3000+ pages, no matter how much I try and narrow the search. I shouldnt have to browse hundreds of pages of n-scale railroad buildings, when I search for scale model car parts.
  12. I like a wheel color that makes the wheels stand out. My wifes metallic black durango has gunmetal wheels. It looks okay, and some cars can look good with the all black look, but most dont. This is my car. It would look ridiculous with black wheels. You have to know what works. In the case of that Hummer above, holy cow. Someone want some attention.
  13. I dont mind a little chrome. I do however, HATE this new trend of everyone putting black wheels on everything. In my opinion only a handful of cars can pull of the "murdered out" look. I cant wait for that trend to disappear. Tires are supposed to be black, wheels are not.
  14. To me, I build every model like I would like to own it. I wont build a model car of a real car I wouldnt personally own. And my personal car is modified, so why wouldnt my models be? Plus, as stated above, its a lot cheaper to build a car, lets say a 69 camaro, totally custom to scale, than in real life. There are about a dozen different ways to build one that would fit my personal taste.
  15. Several manufacturers have went away from the "conventional" valve setups, with some success. I own a ducati 999, which has desmodromic valves. It eliminates valve float, and makes a little more power, but its hard to beat the cam/lifter/pushrod/rocker arm/valve setup. The old stuff runs forever. This newer technologically advanced stuff doesnt seem to last as long, and costs a bunch more to fix when it breaks. But I guess thats the point.
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