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  1. The 69 Boss 302 Mustangs were unique from all other 69 Mustang Sportroofs because the Boss 302 didn't have the side scoops. The side scoops were eliminated all together for 1970. There is an older Mach 1 variant of this kit that has the side scoops. However, the headlight/grill area is somewhat disproportioned on the older issue. I believe Revell improved that on the Boss 302 kit.
  2. Awesome save! I wish someone would make a new tooling of a 65 GTO as a true hardtop.
  3. I saw two of the John Wick Mustangs at a car show last year (or what was left of them, that is). One was very restorable but the other looked like it had been t-boned pretty hard. As with most movie cars, they had been fixed up to look good on camera for the movie but left a lot to be desired when seen in person. FWIW, the owner stated both of those cars were true Mach I's. I didn't care to check them over close enough to determine if that was accurate.
  4. I look forward to seeing the end result! Overall I'd say the accuracy of this kit is pretty good, but something has always bugged me about the proportions of this kit. Whatever it is, it's so subtle that I never could put my finger on it. Does the rear track width look a little wide to anyone else when built straight out of the box? I need to get mine out and experiment with it.
  5. I picked up a '60 Falcon built-up at a swap meet this past weekend. This car instantly came to mind when I found it. It's built pretty clean for such an old kit but your car has me inspired to blow it apart and rework it. I love what you did with yours!
  6. I look forward to seeing this one completed! I built a resin 68 Fairlane formal roof a few years ago and also used the AMT 66 Fairlane chassis. I was surprised how little I had to do to make it fit. Something I did to mine that I thought came out pretty good was I carefully cut the grill and bumper assembly apart. I made my own gravel pan that goes between the grill and bumper and painted it body color. I thought it added some depth to the front end. Not sure I'd have the guts to try it on that original GT grill though. Might could achieve the same effect with some strategic masking and painting a strip of body color between the grill and bumper.
  7. I like where this is going. As popular as the 1:1 foxbody's are, I wish there were more variations available in kit form. I'd love to see an 85/86 variation kitted as well as a later LX hatchback and convertible. On the mirrors, hatchback and convertible foxbody Mustangs used two completely different mirrors. Those look like they may be foxbody convertible mirrors that are intended to mount down on the door skin. A quick search on Google images will explain it better. I wonder if Monogram left the convertible mirrors on the parts tree when they adapted the Cobra kit from the predecessor GT convertible kit.
  8. That's what I'm doing with my 65 GTO/Lemans conversion. I'm getting as close as I can to the Lemans look but I'm not sweating every little detail. I built a replica of a Fairlane my dad owned a few years ago and went all out on replicating every little detail specific to his car. It was fun at first coming up with ideas to add to it but once I started there was no end. I was burned out by the time I finished it.
  9. Finally remembered to snap some pictures of the modified hood. I haven'tfinished the bottom yet which shows how much of the original hood I replaced.
  10. Sorry, haven't checked the forum in a couple of days so I just saw your message. I'll try to remember to snap a couple of pictures tonight and upload them. Although, it looks like the hood shown above from the AMT/MPC 67 GTO would be a lot less work even if you have to add some plastic strips to the edges to enlarge it to fit the Revel body. I didn't know about that hood in the '67 kit or I would have looked into that for my project.
  11. I'm actually working on converting an AMT 65 GTO to replicate a Lemans my dad owned back in the 90's. I don't have any pictures of it but I have the hood basically done. I cut the scoop out of the GTO hood and pieced in a section from a parts box hood being careful to replicate the peak that runs the length of the Lemans hood. I think the piece I used to fill the hole was cut out of the top of a cowl induction hood from a 69 Camaro if I remember correctly. Seems like it closely matched the curvature of the GTO hood and had a fairly pronounced peak with a enough extra plastic to file and blend in. I still need to come up with a piece of trim to replicate the Lemans hood ornament.
  12. Looking forward to watching this one. The mockup looks great! Very clean 66 as well. I have a 65 coupe that I started a replica of several years ago. Got carried away with trying to super-detail it and lost interest. Maybe I'll finish it one of these days.
  13. Greatly appreciate all of your kind words. I've learned so many tips and tricks on this site that have helped me along with my own builds, so thank you for sharing your talents as well. My model building is very sporadic in this season of life with three small kids but I'll try to share more as time permits me to get more completed.
  14. Thanks everyone for the kind words. I tried to push my painting skills on this one and it fought me every step of the way. I painted it three times before I finally got a decent finish. There are still some flaws here and there that don't show up in pictures but I finally decided to leave well enough alone. I think the rims are from some Cragar SS's that came in a Monogram early 80's El Camino kit. The wheels were a lot of work but I was pleased with the outcome on them. They're not exact to the 1:1 but they're about as close as I could come up with in kit form. I added a picture of the real car to my original post for comparison.
  15. While I've visited this site on a regular basis for a couple of years, I've never posted before. There have been a few late 60's Torinos posted recently that motivated me to finally share one of builds. I built this 68 Fairlane to replicate my dad's 1:1 as close as possible. My skills are nowhere near what I see on here but it came out pretty good for the shelf. Here are the highlights: Body: The body started as a resin 68 Torino. I removed the Torino emblems which was quite a challenge on the grill and trunk while retaining the trim underneath. The cobra fender emblems were scavenged from a 68 Shelby Mustang. I almost forgot...the grill and bumper are molded together on this kit. I felt that the grill stuck out too far and needed to be recessed back under the hood more. I cut the bumper and grill apart, careful to not damage any visible chrome. That allowed me to set the grill back further under the hood. I also made a gravel pan from styrene to fill in the gap between the grill and bumper. That got painted body color. Chassis: The chassis is from an amt 66 Fairlane. Other than moving the rear axle forward just a bit, it was almost a direct swap. Wheels: The wheels were a lot of work since I'm unaware of any kit wheel that closely replicates the wheels on the real car. I wanted to replicate 17" Cragar Eliminators. I used the faces monogram 65 shelby mustang wheels and fitted them to larger, deeper rims from the parts box that looked about 17" to me. Tires are from the parts box. Engine: The engine came from the amt 67 mustang. My dad's car has a 351 Windsor which is slightly taller than a 289 so I added some shims under the heads to effectively give a taller deck height and make it look a little bigger like the 351. Interior: I cut the floor out of the interior tub since the top of the 67 Fairlane chassis is the floorboard in that kit. That allowed me to eliminate the console since my dad's car doesn't have one. Steering wheel was borrowed from an amt 67 shelby mustang. Seats are from the am 69 cobra since they had headrests to further replicate the real car. And now for the pictures. Hope you like it. Just added a picture of the 1:1 car that I replicated.
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