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  1. 1/25 MPC The Grand Superfly

    I had always thought that the hood's been modified too to mate up to the oversized headlight trim but maybe not ,, it's kinda hard to say without the kit and a stock one in hand.
  2. I'd say those are from the MPC "California Flash" Duster pro stock.
  3. Revell´s ´48 Custom Cadillac - Backdating the Eldorod

    I liked the original better too. and RESPECT, sending the chrome out for re-plating instead of going the quick & easy route.
  4. Still working on my model room so here's another old build. Hope no one minds. Thought this would be a good one to re-post as the kit's being re-released soon. This is actually a re-build of an AMT release from the late '60s or early '70s. Pretty strait forward build. I like my hot rods to have factory stock bodys so not many mods on this one. I did mount the headlights directly to the fenders instead of to a headlight bar and added a second tail light. The kit only came with a driver's side light, which would have been correct for a factory stock build. The box was slightly tubbed to clear the wider Revell tires and keep them inside the fenders. Paint is HOK Pagen Gold with generic black lacquer. The flame separation was masked and the black pinstrip around the flames is freehand. The wood box floor is a hand painted faux-finish. Interior is box stock. The wheels are copies of the ones in the first issue Revell '32 Ford roadster I cast in resin and finished with Alclad with Revell tires. Engine is from the AMT '32 Victoria kit with a parts box air cleaner. Coil was made from aluminum tube. Thanks for looking.
  5. Looks like Chopper used the interior from a 5th gen Camaro.
  6. '70 ElCamino Grande

    Thanks everyone. I was trying to get as close as possible to something that would be believable as a factory stock vehicle.
  7. '70 ElCamino Grande

    Still working on my new model room so I'm doing another re-post. Built this back in 2011. AMT Impala kit stretched a bit and the bed from the AMT '68 elCamino added. Rear bumper is the elCamino piece modified to look like an Impala wagon bumper. I also reworked the top of the doors to re-arrange the character line so it flows with the rest of the lines better. The back of the rear 1/4 panels were also brought up to look more like the station wagon 1/4s. I thought I'd do the interior in the factory gold color but I didn't like it when it was done. I should have went with tan or burgundy instead. Wheels and tires are from an AMT '70 Chevelle SS kit. This gives you an idea of the bodywork gone into making this look "factory stock".
  8. BTW, I have one of the R+R Resin kits. It's a modified copy of Arts Anderson's Resin one as all of the boat tails available now.
  9. Did you lower the door window sill ? The bottom of the rear window now looks more concentric with the wheel opening and the character line between the two. Did you do anything with the 1/4 panel besides the window opening?
  10. Your mods are definitely an improvement , especially on the rear quarters. But I can't exactly tell what was done. BTW, I'd check the height of the windshield. Looks a bit low to me. Could also be the height of the front of the door window.
  11. Engine Question

    MPC flip nose 53 Ford pickup. OR possibly their flip nose '57 Chevy. ,, IIRC, both kits use the same chassis and engine.
  12. MPC 1979 Pontiac Firebird T/A.

    It turned out really nice Craig.
  13. Paul, yours is a dead ringer for the one I had right down to the white vinyl 1/2 top and pinstripping. Looks like yours has a lot less rust though.
  14. Some talk on car movies.

    Yea, but that car was about what? 12-14 years old when the movie was made? I'd say that would be believable for what it was supposed to be.
  15. Some talk on car movies.

    What gets me is in movies and tv shows set in present day if they want a character to be "down on his luck" and have to ride around in a "beater" the car is usually from the '60s or early '70s and usually a 2dr hardtop or convertible musclecar. You don't see too many poor people riding around in a '60s Chevelle Olds 442 or a Fairlane going to pick up groceries or their kid at school. Let's face it, even Joe Dirts beat up Charger Daytona would be worth big bucks even in that condition here in the real world. Seriously, what would that car be worth to a serious restorer? 20, 30 grand?? I don't know too many people "down on their luck" who can afford something like that as a "beater" daily driver. Where's the 15 year old minivan , Camary or Cavalier?? Ford Focus???