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  1. If we ever get any kits of Australian cars , ,
  2. So, anyone know if this '71 Mustang is based on the AMT or MPC kit? Last time we seen the AMT kit it was a race car only kit. The MPC kit was the only one you could build stock.
  3. Yup, I did the exact same thing for this one.
  4. I'm digg'n this Roger. These are my favorite trucks. Seeing all the builds on the board's making me want to start another one. ☺️
  5. Hi Adam, Have we met in Moncton or something ,, maybe you've been to Fredericton? You're name sounds familiar.
  6. Easy now, some of us really like those cars and that kit. Don't worry though, I'm sure they'll reissue a '57 Chevy again soon. πŸ˜‰
  7. Steve, just came across this listing , some great detail pics. Thought you might be able to use. https://www.dragers.com/vehicles/232/1964-pontiac-grand-prix
  8. Can-Con

    AMT '72 Nova

    Looks good to me ,, I like the color.
  9. . . and it's actually an Olds engine with "CADILLAC" script on the valve covers. JoHan never actually tooled up a separate engine for the Eldorados, just used the whole Toronado engine and chassis as is but put the Caddy script valve covers on the chrome tree. Either way, both look very different than a big block Chevy.
  10. When I got the car, the front fenders at the bumper were repaired but not finished. Also, there was a hole in the hood. Picked away at that today. Also started on tinting the glass. Doing the glass for my '65 Chrysler at the same time. Just sprayed the tint bands. More to come on this. The Cragars from the Revell wern't really doing it for me. Swapped them out for a set from the AMT '70 Impala. I like these better for this car.
  11. Thanks Kevin. What I mean is with all the borders being shut down, stored and restaurants closed and all the other stuff going on. and now on line vendors ,, I hope it's back to normal soon.
  12. I'm hearing this more and more lately. Starting to be like we live in a 3rd world country.😞
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