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  1. Thanks Peter. I just went on line and bought some Pro-Tech stuff. I should be good for a couple more years now. 😉
  2. AMT '69 Chevelle convertible and Revell '72 442 convertible.
  3. So, as some know, I've been working on a conversion set to make the Revell '68 Chevelle into a Beaumont. Here's what I have so far. Starting with the kit parts, I cut the grille out and found some diamond mesh grille to use for the Beaumont grille. Stripped everything. fit the grille material in and finished modifying the grille surround and the ends on the outside of the headlight bezels. Made a center section and added the photoetch "BEAUMONT" script. The emblem in the center section is a bit on the small side. I may try making something a bit better. Now, on to the rear end. , ,
  4. Wasn't there someone here who sold plug wire lengths of 3 or 4 feet and boot material in various colors? I'm getting dangerously low and need to get some more soon.
  5. IF it's the MPC pickup, I'm in for one. IF it's the recent AMT pickup tooling with the awful grille/bumper, I'll pass. They didn't even get the headlights round on that grille.
  6. Ya don't suppose they actually found the remains of the MPC '72 Chevy pickup?
  7. That Auburn actually dates back to about 1955, that's why it's so crude. It's among the first plastic car kits ever offered.
  8. I wouldn't put much stock in those Scalemates timelines. They're often very wrong. For example they show the old tool and newer tool AMT '57 Chevy as all being the same kit and at least one instance where they're out of correct order.
  9. A company called Modelhaus did a '76 Coupe deVille in resin for a short time before they closed shop. very nice peice but very hard to find now and commands a high price if you do find one. here's a link to a beautiful build of one by a member here.
  10. Comes right off with rubbing alcohol. Won't hurt the plastic at all. I've flubbed up a couple and had to redo them 2 or 3 times with no affect on the plastic at all.
  11. 19 and/or 20 inch 1/25 tires fit 1/20 15 " rims well. Pegasus has some but might be a bit low profile for what you need. You could also try some of the large diameter tires that come in some of the Revell/Monogram and AMT as well as the Japanese aftermarket wheel/tire parts packs.
  12. I've built 2 of the AMT Rabbits and have 2 more in my stash. As much as I love that kit, it does have it's "difficultys". The engine bay is a nightmare to assemble. No pins and holes to anything else to positively position the underhood sheetmetal or placing the engine in the chassis. The Scirocco kit has the same underhood parts so anyone who's built that will know what I mean. But, the old AMT kit does represent a round headlight car with fuel injection so that would make it a what?? 1978? The kit is very close to the 1/1 I had except for the number of doors.
  13. Here's another place to look at. http://customrodder.forumactif.org/t1416-1955-56-and-57-t-bird-custom-mild-custom
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