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  1. Can-Con

    Actors and Models

    yea, they did a lot of TV show stuff. I understand that the Revell kit did actually have the GMC markings on the body. I don't know if it's true or if it might have just been on the decals, I never had that version of the kit.
  2. NJ, First, nice T/A. The decals look good. Second, I went and looked at that red one on your site ,, it definitly is still a Trans Am. My '85 was repainted when I got it and didn't have any of it's decals but that didn't mean it wasn't a "real Trans Am" The Trans Am package is more than just the decals. The flares and shaker hood are also a very big part of it and IIRC, you had the option to delete the decals when you bought the car. In fact, the big hood decal was always an added on option, at over $200! They even have unique serial numbers that separate them from base Firebirds and Formulas. You could get the engine and suspension under a Formula but the hood was different [except for a few '74/'75 SD455s] and they didn't have the wheel spats and vents on the front fenders. Here's a link to a site that will cover the basics. https://tran-zam.com/index.html
  3. Can-Con

    Actors and Models

    Kind of ,,, similar. the actual van used on the show ,,, The kit itself was just another generic Revell custom Chevy van with a different decal sheet.
  4. Looks just like the first one to me. Only difference is the angle the pic was taken on makes it look like a couple of the wires are in a straighter line. I'm pretty sure they're all in a loop like the middle two. As far as the coil wire goes ,, well, it looks like it almost doesn't go all the way. Looks like it's pulled so tight that engine vibration will pull off one end or the other eventually.
  5. First convertible I can remember ever riding in was my father's '63 LeSabre. white with red interior. I remember he had painted black around the fender vente, similar to the paice of trim on a Wildcat. That was before I started school so I must have been about 4 at the time.
  6. Got the basic engine assembled and plug wires done. I know it really should have an automatic tranny but this was supposed to be a relatively quick build . Also been working on the chassis. I cut the tie rod assembly away from the suspension arm piece, added small arms to the king pins and attached it all together so it would be poseable. Flipped the king pins over while I was at it to lower the front. Cut a couple coils off the back springs to lower the back. The bottom of the floor was just flat in these kits so I added dome shapes cut from thin sheet stock and molded them in a bit with red putty before painting. No where near "replica stock" but unless you have intimate knowledge of the floor pans of a late '60s Thunderbird I doubt you'd know the difference. LOL
  7. Let me know when you get them cast Chris, I could use a pair for a resin wagon I have.
  8. Yes, that is the same as the AMT version . It was first released as a trophy serise kit in the mid '60s and has been re-released at least 4 times since. Very nice, detailed kit.
  9. Hood and other parts should fit. Back bumper and tail lights are completely different between the 2 door and 4 door though.
  10. Can-Con

    Red Ram Hemi

    AMT "Ala Cart" Could be the '60s one from the double kit with the '30 Ford Roadster or the new tooled kit. Also has been in most, if not all reissues of the AMT '29 Ford roadster.
  11. I was kinda skeptical when you said the color you were painting it but now that I see it, it looks really good on that car. Can't wait to see it finished.
  12. Thanks Chuck. I kinda like the look of the grille. Can't say the same fro the bumper though. And, yea, I wonder why MPC did those fenders like that. I has assumed it was to clear the sleeper unit on the RT truck but apparently it was like that before that truck was issued , so??
  13. Chuck, could you post up a couple pics of those parts? It would be interesting to see them, I never had that kit.
  14. Can-Con

    '67 Camaro

    Beautiful car Donn. Love the color, looks exactly like the darker aqua GM had that year.
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