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  1. 1970 Torino in yellow

    That's gonna look great !
  2. ‘81 Z-28 conversion to straight stock Camaro

    Humm, I think I'd try scaring up an MPC rubber bumper car. The flares and spoilers are separate on those.
  3. For me, it's just the inner fenders that would bug me. I can certainly live with a 1-piece chassis. Won many awards with them. I'd just build up the inner fenders from sheet stock. aside from the shock tower areas, it's pretty simple, flat areas. The fire wall and rad wall will look much better once the fenders are taken care of.
  4. I just hold the body under in a sink full of water and scrub the lines out with an old toothbrush.
  5. AMT '65 Buick Riviera George Barris News

    EVERY issue of that kit had all the same custom parts. This one is no exception, just another reissue with new decals and tires.
  6. Widening kit wheels

    That's exactly how I did these.
  7. This HAS to be THE crapiest box art EVER!!!!

    I always thought this was a pretty poor idea. Good box art should at least highlight an image of the car or model that's in the box. This is just a confusing mish-mash of poor photoshopped images. I do get that they were trying to get across the idea that they were bringing the kit back from the dead but if you didn't know already what the Imperial looked like that image ain't gonna help you any. Is it a kit of the car in front? a kit of the car on the loader? the loader itself maybe?? The second go-around was much much better.
  8. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Justin, I'd try that Tamiya on the underside of the hood before you start painting the whole body with it. The Tamiya may have a bad reaction with the Testors enamel you already have on it and wrinkle up like a vinyl roof. That way, at least it's on the underside of the hood. If you have to, it's easy to strip the Testors off with oven cleaner and a few other things I'm sure a bunch of other people will tell you about soon. But if it works well over the existing paint , I'd just spray the blue on. Blue is a better base for a new coat of blue than the silver. Just because someone works at a hobby shop dosen't necessarily mean they know much about the products they sell.
  9. A kit? I've never seen before ....

    It was a promotion for the movie. Don't know how many were made but it's pretty rare.
  10. That's the only kit that had them but you could adapt the front suspension from an AMT or Revell van kit. I've done that. If it dosen't have to be that close to stock, you may also look at the suspension from a '64-'66 Revell pickup or Suburban or maybe an'88-up MPC/AMT Chevy pickup.
  11. anybody mak a 67 or 68 chevy p/u

    Thanks Jack You can never have too many of those trucks.
  12. anybody mak a 67 or 68 chevy p/u

    AMT did a '67 and MPC did a '68. The kits were almost identical. Happy hunting.
  13. 82 trams am

    Looks about right for a stock build in the last mockup pic to me. Tires are too large though. But that's what comes in the kit. They do sit quite high with the stock suspension. I'd like to get new springs for mine with about 2" lowering but don't want to compromise ride quality at this time.
  14. They were probably in those too but I think they were tooled up for the 1/20 Indy Turbine.
  15. 1973 Pontiac Trans Am

    Pretty sure no '73 T/As. The MPC annual was a Formula that year. I agree that the easiest route would be to get one of the Monogram/Revell '70 T/As and a set of decals from Keith Marks in the color you need. You'll also need seats. The '70 has the "one year only" lo-back buckets. A set from the Monogram '78 should be pretty close except for the sew pattern. As for the SD455, The 400 in the kit could easily be painted up to look the part. They were basically the same on the outside. Possibly different exhaust manifolds ??