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  1. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    Jim, I'd suggest you pick up a simple Badger 250 set and a can of air to try out. It's a very simple setup and not much different than using a spraycan. But you will be able to use all those colors that don't come in a spraycan. They're only about 20 bucks and a can of air for around 10 bucks .
  2. Gulf Ford GT Color?

    They were called "Heritage Edition", an available option Less than 350 were built in this color scheme.
  3. Liberty Valance

    MPC Dodge Challenger annual.
  4. Iconic Chevy

    The most "iconic" is obviously the '57. Iconic to the point of being a clichie . It's the "old car" that everyone who knows absolutely nothing about cars and couldn't even identify one if it ran over them wants . I prefer the cleaner lines of the '55 myself.
  5. Palmer model kit history?

    Yes, it definitely looks like their 1/25 scale Dodge Challenger, Mustang and Corvette kits look like copies of the MPC kits. It seems like it was pretty common for the smaller companys to copy the offerings of larger ones back then, especially with the ship models. I don't think the '40 Ford was ever issued back then though. From what I've read when it was first released by Lindberg, it was tooled up back in the '70s but for some reason never released until Lindberg released it in the '90s.
  6. Yea, I knew it didn't look "right" after I posted it so I re-checked my numbers and corrected it. BTW, the shortbox wheelbase was 12 inches shorter than the longbox.
  7. Here's a few pics of how I did mine,, As you can see, I cut across then down the suspension arms, across at the ends of the mufflers. Very little material was actually taken out and the suspension arms hide most of the cuts. This is how I cut the bed sides. If you simply cut off the front end of the sides you will loose the pockets the front panel of the bed slips in. IIRC, I took 12 mm out of the front and 6 mm from the rear. [ approximately 1/2 in. in front and 1/4 in. in rear] When I cut the bed floor I added the front lip back on but simply cut the back off. I also moved the wheel wells in some so I could tuck some wider Pegasus tires in there. , , and don't forget to finish up your seams on the inside of the box or it will be easily seen if you don't use a tonneau cover. Here's a link to my build album, might be of some help. http://public.fotki.com/SteveMilberry/projects/68-chevy-shortbed-pickup/
  8. I don't know about resin but I use it as glue all the time. I suspect it would work though. I started using the Tamiya clear acrylic paint to glue stuff together close to 2 decades ago. You can't use it on everything but it's what I usually use to glue pickup boxes together. I have an AMT '50 Chevy pickup I glued the box together this way when the kit first came out and it's still as strong a bond as it was back then. Only thing is it takes a long time, like at least 24 hours before it's strong enough to handle. I usually let it set for at least 3 or 4 days just to be sure. PS, I'll try glueing a couple resin peices together later and let you know how it turns out. Probably take a couple days though.
  9. Fujimi EM-1 Porsche '85 Turbo

    hey JC, I don't know if you know about this or not, but Testors reboxed a lot of those Fujimi EM kits. The one in this pic is the same kit as you're looking for, just different box.
  10. Very nice. I really like the wheel choice and color combo.
  11. Finished up the interior today. Same paint as the body but without the pearl and dullcoated. Just some flocking on the floor, foil on the dash and basic detail painting with a bit of faux finish painting for the burl wood.
  12. AMT Camaro IROC-Z 2+2 coupe / Still looking

    just to be clear , , The "Street Burner" serise was Revell,, they did the '67 SS 396, Thier '66s were the wagon and Elcamino. Lindberg did the '66 SS 396 2dr hardtop. I have one of those unopened. Which one are you looking for?