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  1. I think since it's a custom build, not a restoration of an original truck, whatever badging and what they want to call it is irrelevant. 🤨
  2. Um, you guys want to post a link to that page? The latest refrence I could find to the 1/8 decals was on the Facebook page from 4 days ago saying they wern't available yet and it would be a couple months for them.
  3. I might through my X-acto into the ring. I have been known to build a custom or two but mine tend to be more to the Winfield/ D'agostino end of the spectrum then the Roth/ Daniel side.
  4. Um, Dennis, that was a wisecrack based on the fact that Barris was well known for buying custom cars built by other people, making minor changes like paint or wheels and sometime no mods at all and claiming them as he built them himself.
  5. Oh, cool. ,,I haven't been in touch in a couple weeks.
  6. To do a George Barris car, do we buy one already built and just add our name on the door and claim it as out original creation? 😈😉😁
  7. That's great but it's for the 1/25 kits, Ray was working on the decals for the 1/8 kit when his wife took ill a few months ago. I'm sure he will get around to them in good time. BTW, he was also working on a sheet for the '81 T/A with their unique 2 color bird decals only used that year.
  8. Pretty sweet. Great paint too. I've never heard of that resin company, did the bumpers come already plated?
  9. Sweet!. Look forward to seeing it in person at the next club meeting.
  10. Is it the MPC kit, Roger? I don't think the AMT one was ever reissued with the IMSA bodywork.
  11. OK, I see it says the van includes a set of Cragar SS wheels. Is it really that or just the crappy "kinda torque thrusts" that usually come in those van kits?
  12. I just looked for a pic, could have sworn I had a couple but no luck. It was brush painted in '76 Corvette red that I had left over after painting my first car that was truly mine, a '73 Buick Centurion coupe. [sprayed, not brushed. 😁]
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