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  1. Semi gloss is great if you want a vinyl or leather look.
  2. Anyone know if anyone makes RCMP decals that would be period correct for this kit?
  3. This one is from Scale Finishes. I think it's lacquer but they sell both so I'm not really sure. ,, but it doesn't craze the plastic . It wasn't clear coated this time as it has about the sheen I wanted for a vinyl look. I usually use a flat dullcoat if I want a cloth look and a semi gloss clear for a vinyl or leather look. Testors spray from the can.
  4. I use metallics on interiors all the time. Sometimes I dull coat them with regular Testors dull coat bit not always, depends on the paint. Here's the last couple I did , you'll have to decide for yourself if it's the look you're going for.
  5. The engine is a 390 Thunderbird unit ,, says right there on the valve covers.
  6. I haven't used toothpaste since my local shop started bringing in Tamiya compound over 30 years ago. I'd never go back to it. Like 8-tracks and cassette answering machines, it's had it's day.
  7. It's actually Motor City Resin Casters that has the '74 Ford van. Nice looking peice. http://www.motorcityresincasters.com/74E100Van.htm
  8. I had this kit back around 1980. A bit simplified but does have a full engine etc. construction and parts count was about what you'd expect from one of the Monogram muscle cars done in the '80s. PS, just found this video. The guy doing the video sounds like he dosen't know much about the car, or models in general but it shows you what's in the kit.
  9. No worries David. It's my problem now. Tricky with the character lines of the hood but I think I can handle it. 😉
  10. Finished up the interior today. Did the woodgrain on the dash and wheel, flocked the floor and cleaned up the silver stainless trim. Also spent about an hour grinding on the frame rails with my Dremel. I see why you hardly ever see one of these old Thunderbirds built, the chassis is a real bear to get in there right. Anyway, this is about how I want it to sit when done. AMT parts pack white walls and chrome Kelsy "Strippers".
  11. Here's one I came across a couple years ago. Sounds like an episode of "Twilight Zone".
  12. I like Oingo Boingo for Halloween music. Forget the "Wierd Science" theme though, "Dead Mans Party" and "Stay" are fantastic fun.
  13. Just lov'n that ! I have one of those kits I'd like to restomod , didn't know anyone was doing the decals. I'll have to check it out.
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