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  1. The #1 wheels are Johan '77-'79 Coupe deVille.
  2. So, This would be a 429 then? The distributor and alternator makes it look like a mid-'70s engine.
  3. Try Dailey Hobbies at 905 404-2100. That's the shop that he runs now. Couldn't hurt to give him a call and ask. Randy, the name of the guy you want. "Perry" is [was?] the name of his dog, IIRC.
  4. I'm pretty sure he closed down his resin business 15 or 20 years ago but I had heard he was starting back up again so who knows??
  5. The whole engine's incorrect, not just the air cleaner. It's just the Olds engine from the Toronado with "CADILLAC" script added to the valve covers.
  6. '70 "el Camino Grande" full size I built a few years ago. Stretched the wheelbase a little and did a lot of cutt'n and paste'n to get the proportions right.
  7. Haven't polished it out yet but the paint is finished. It's just sitting together loose here. Definitely not going with these wheels, they just happen to be on the chassis when I got it. Haven't decided on exactly which wheels I'll go with yet.
  8. I've been building a small stash of airliners but this is the first one I've built ,, and it took years for me to finish. Rodan kit. Pretty simple really. good for a beginner like myself. The decals were a bit of a job though. The window holes in the red line decal didn't line up so I had to cut it in sections to fit right, plus the red decals were fragile and tended to want to break apart. Luckily good old Testors flat red was a good match for touchups. Also, all the little white stars are separate decals. Took hours to apply them.
  9. Hey Murray Hi from the Maritimes. 😁
  10. The 5.0 engine in all the Revell '32 hot rods has one of those compressors.
  11. Can-Con

    '63 Nova Wagon

    Sweet !! Love the color on that.
  12. Marty, have you guys thought about offering a transkit to backdate the available Dodge van to a mid'70s version. There seems to be some interest in vans again and we know the chances of Round 2 backdating the kit are slim to none. Maybe also offer some options for it like a fender flares and air dam kit and possibly a custom tube grille front end.
  13. Sometimes you can't. But sometimes there's slight changes made over the years or possibly the annual was molded in a unique color or there were unique parts in the original not in the reissue. For instance, annual AMT '69 Rivieras had a vinyl top, the reissues were smooth. The JoHan '69 Road Runner annuals had a correct '69 interior but the reissues had '70 interior with the hi-back seats and different sew pattern. You'd need to be more specific Carl. A lot of the reissues are direct copies of the original from the same molds so there'd be no way to tell for sure
  14. It's not caused by too hot paint. The paint just makes it more visible.
  15. That's exactly what Casey said, it's where the plastic meets in the mold when coming from different directions. I bet that's a nice coat of Duplicolor lacquer that you sprayed on that hood and the texturing and line wasn't there before you painted it. Every plastic kit has that somewhere, not just the new ones. It's just a matter of how the plastic interacts with the paint. A couple light coats of BIN over the primer to seal it before the color coats and that's not an issue.
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