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  1. Well, I know the Pace Car version has them and the one with the red car on the box, I have that one. They're shown on the buildup of the one with the white car on the box so there's those three for sure. The only one left is the one with the yellow car on the box, I don't know if it has them or not. Maybe that's the one you had?
  2. Wow, that red really makes it pop ! BTW, the hounds tooth upholstery decals are in the convertible issues of this kit.
  3. They were in the "countdown" issue of the '66 Mustang but I do believe they were the leftovers from the last incarnation of the Autolight Special, not necessarily the exact wheels but look exactly the same on the outside. There were a similar set in the reworked '70 'Z-28, yes. They were also in the AHC-100 T-top Camaro that was the last issue of the AMT 2ng gen Camaro before the '70 rework. They were missing the lug nuts though. They were supposed to be Ansen Cross Wire, Appliance Wiremag or one of the other 1/2 dozen copies of that wheel made by different companies.
  4. yea, what he said. ☝️ Never really bothered me though.
  5. Pretty cool. Was the builder able to get the landing gear workable on the Gulfhawk? I had the Navy version of the kit when I was 9 or10. Now THAT was a gluebomb. 😉
  6. Finally got some paint on this body. It's Tamiya French Blue. I compared it to a bottle of Testors Grabber Blue I have and it's just a touch lighter. Seems to be the correct shade to me but I don't have a real car to compare it to. A couple coats airbrushed on last night and wet sanded tonight and another 2 coats airbrushed. Then one good wet coat strait from the spray can after it started to set up. It seems to be a very hard color to get to look correct in photographs but I'm happy with it.
  7. Irv is a great builder ,, and a super nice guy too.
  8. Well, not exactly everyone ,, I got mine already. I'd take one. That's exactly the kind of butchered messes I like to build Robert. But, I also doubt that's the kit being reissued. I'd certainly like to have a set of the parts for the custom front and rear end to adapt to one of the newer '67s though.
  9. Thanks. I know it's a longshot but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask.
  10. Pretty sweet Rex. Looks like it's very restorable. You wouldn't happen to have a grille insert would you? If so, maybe I could borrow it to cast a couple resin copies from? I'm planning to cut up a Monogram 1/24 grille and make the insert from that but It would be easier to just make a couple copies.
  11. This is what they look like Paul. The wheels are slightly larger diameter than regular AMT wheels. Very nice wheels, I have a couple sets.
  12. I checked his e-bay listings a couple days ago, no feedback for about two years so I assume no e-bay sales in that time either.
  13. I'm not exactly clear on what you mean David but if you mean that the Pace Car was the only convertible issue, that's not quite correct. There was also a regular convertible issue with a red car on the box [I have that one] and two "Motor City Muscle" issues. One with a white car on the box and one in yellow. Both with the big twisted wheels. Pretty sure that besides the wheels and tires in the MCM issue and decals, there all the same kit inside
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