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  1. I can't attest to shipping time etc. but,, I mastered the valve covers for his 472/500 ci Cadillac engines so he sent me a couple engines and extra valve covers as payment. The parts I got looked very good. No sink marks or major pin holes, etc. He's Ken Kitchen and IIRC, he is a member here.
  2. Unless you're planning to spend the extra money to have the European release shipped to you. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Those decals are not on the sheet in the north american release.
  3. Thanks again everyone !! 😁
  4. Thanks, They're from the last issue of the '88 Dodge Daytona.
  5. That's a different spoiler Snake. The one he's looking for looks like this,,
  6. The AMT '70 Impala never had separate headlight lenses. One thing I wish they'd fix on that kit is the lower front suspension piece. The chassis under that kit originated with the '67 Impala kit and it originally had the heavy frame crossmember under the engine molded to it so it actually glued to the frame rails. Somewhere along the way it lost that for some reason and now only glues to the front springs and king pins. Makes it a weak assembly. Here's a pic of the '67 instructions showing what I mean. You can see the triangular parts sticking down under the front suspension that are no longer on the part. This part is now just flat and does not attach to the frame. [ PS, look at that ,, 4 wheel options !! you don't get that now !]
  7. I think your best bet is just make one from sheet plastic. Pretty easy as all the parts are pretty flat.
  8. Flawless bodywork, tasteful customizing, chopped top and pastel pearl paint ,,,, that has to be a Richard Zocchi car. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘ Him , John D'Agostino and Rick Dore are my favorite customisers.
  9. I haven't said yet John as I think soon as I unveil my idea it will be copied and I want to be first with the "formula" for the wheels. 😈
  10. Since there's so many '60s Rivieras being built lately I thought I'd go with the alternative '60s personal luxury car,, Thunderbird. πŸ˜‰ But not just any Thunderbird , had to be out of production. There's actually 2 builtups in the box with enough parts to build one stock and one custom. I also have a '68 which has better looking custom parts so I'll be using those on one of these. I love this generation T-bird. Such a "Rat Pack" vibe. So, when the '62 Chrysler is done I'll be playing some Sinatra and Buble 🎀 pouring a couple fingers of πŸ₯ƒScotch and creating one smooth custom T-bird baby! 🍸
  11. Finally got around to doing the tail lights. Just shaped from red sprue with clear backup lights from clear sprue. I've also been working on the interior but not enough progress on that for pics yet.
  12. Thanks everyone. it was a pretty relaxing build, no drama. I thought I'd have problems when it came time to mate the body to the chassis/interior assembly but even that was mostly trouble free.
  13. It was already molded on there Roger.
  14. Looks like a '49 to '51 Ford coupe to me.
  15. As far as I can tell, those custom hood vents were only in the '61 kit ,, at least they weren't mentioned on the '62 and '63 kits. My '63 has them but it doesn't have it's original '63 hood either. SO,, that would make it a '61??
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