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  1. They're definitely Monza tail lights. Camaro ones were taller and not as long.
  2. Looks sharp to me too. That front on pic is just plain nasty. Even though my cars are more "mainstream" I guess you could say, sometimes I only get a handful of comments and most of the time my posts of a build in progress won't get any comments. That's just the way it goes, nothing to worry too much about. That said, it does sting to put up a build and not get recognition for it. Been there, got the T shirt and everything.😉
  3. Resin shrinks. It sometimes happens to the best of them. A buddy of mine bought resin bumpers for an original '61 Thunderbird he has. From Modelhaus. He didn't want to bother having the originals replated. When they got here, the back one was 1/16" too narrow. It must have been copied from an original '61 as the '61 to '63 Thunderbirds all have unique tail light detail molded to the bumper. Each one is slightly different. He did get the correct one , matching his original, yet is was 1/16" narrower than the original. , , Shrinkage.
  4. By strange coincidence Snake, maybe? 🤨 I did use valve covers and air cleaner from the parts box and added a distributor though. But it did drop right in.
  5. I used to love that show. Made me want a wiener dog trained to get beer from the fridge. 😎 BTW, the theme song is actually the first big hit for "Doug and the Slugs". Most of our friends from south of the CDN/US border probably haven't heard of them but they were one of the biggest Canadian bands in the early '80s. and one of my favorites.
  6. '70 to '72 for sure. Says so in the brochure. http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/GM Trucks and Vans/1970_Trucks-Vans/1970_Chevrolet_Blazer/1970 Chevy Blazer-02.html http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/GM Trucks and Vans/1971_Trucks-Vans/1971_Chevrolet_Blazer_Brochure/1971 Chevy Blazer-03.html mentioned in the "still more" paragraph on the bottom right, http://www.oldcarbrochures.com/static/NA/GM Trucks and Vans/1972_Trucks_and_Vans/1972_Chevrolet_Blazer_Brochure/1972 Chevy Blazer-06.html
  7. David, just decant the paint from the can into a bottle and let it gas out for a while. It's probably the propellent in the can making the problems. Most times when I do this I add a little thinner for airbrushing. Maybe 10%, maybe less. Just try spraying it first though, it might be just right without adding any extra thinner.
  8. I just compared the two kits. They're exactly the same size.
  9. Actually, yea, they've been printing them for decades. I had one back in the '80s. I believe this is the latest issue
  10. I have one of these ones. I don't use it much. It is great for small stuff but it generally runs out of power before I can paint a car body and clean it out too. BUT, it will work fine with the charging cord plugged in. Unfortunately the cord is a USB type so if I don't want to plug it into my computer for charging I have to use the charger for my phone. Works fine that way also though. It could make a good brush for someone just starting airbrushing as it is a lot cheaper than a regular brush and compressor but it is kinda bulky and mine has a fine needle in it. A beginner should probably start out with a medium needle. BTW, that's not a tank on the bottom, it's actually a mini compressor. No way to adjust the air output on mine but it does flow about the right amount to do what we would be using it for.
  11. Looks great. I was going to do mine in yellow but that sure looks great. Might have to rethink my plans. 🤨 BTW, for those who don't know, the '69 Boss 302 was only available from Ford in 4 colors,, Bright Yellow Calypso Coral Wimbledon White and Acapulco blue. I'm sure most of you guys already know this but I thought I'd add it for those who don't know. 😉
  12. The word wasn't spelled "c. r. a. p." was it? Yea, that's an odd one to be censored as it usually means garbage or junk but , of cores, it's also fecal matter.
  13. The seller Mark's talking about is "deadplasti2002" I see he has a front bumper/grille for a '68 Imp but no rear one listed. Might be worth the time to get ahold of him and ask if he has any more.
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