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  1. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    Yes, It wasn't broken, why was it "fixed"?
  2. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    I concur 100% Most of my builds take months, if not years to finish also.
  3. Revell 65 Chevelle - Butcher job

    To add to what David said, The area between the wheel openings and front bumper is significantly different. I have a '64 wagon with that part broken off the right fender. Was gonna just graft the area on from a '65 wagon or Elky until I noticed the difference.
  4. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    Me too. I think there's quite a few here that do that.
  5. Edit Feature - Now Time Limited?

    Seems to be a one hour time limit to edit now. Why on earth would they do that? I can actually think of one reason. So if you start merde you can't go back and edit it to make yourself look better after it starts to fly.
  6. Rims and Tires

    Glad to help.
  7. Can't help with the drcals but, IIRC, the Monogram 1/32 '69 Charger has a nice set of Magnum 500s.
  8. Walmart movie cars, long version

    And Jim's Firebird and Burt's T/A and Colt's GMC 4X4 , , , , ,
  9. Walmart movie cars, long version

    That's what I figured too Mark. The dog boxes at the back give it away.
  10. Walmart movie cars, long version

    Neat. Anyone recognize the Ford pickup that pulls up at the end? Nice touch. Oh, and what's all that green smoke around the "Mystery Machine"?
  11. Rims and Tires

    Lorne, try Elm City Hobbies. He's here in Fredericton NB. I think Scott's sold out of that particular set right now but he should be able to get them.
  12. AMT/ERTL 64.5 Mustang 1/16 scale

    A buddy of mine has one of these. A few years ago we started to compare it to the 1/25 kit to see where the windshield needed to be reworked. We found that it's NOT JUST the windshield that's off,, it's the whole body from the windshield back with possibly the doors being a bit too long also. Like I said, it's been years so exact details are a bit foggy. The roof is too far back, which makes the 1/4 panels and the trunk area off. As far as we could see, it would take way too much work to put it right and he put it back in it's box instead.
  13. Revell '69 Boss 302 Mustang

    Keith might print them in gold. He has printed his decals in custom color combos for me before.
  14. "Squad Rod" '79 Nova

    Yes, It started out as the '75 and was updated to the '76 and then the '77. THEN, Mid-year 1977 MPC modified it into the '77 Nova. Which was in turn issued as a '78 and then modified into the '79.
  15. "Squad Rod" '79 Nova

    David, it's the AMT Nova that had the wonkey roof and trunk lines. This is the MPC annual kit,, completely different kit. The MPC Nova bodys are dead on to the 1/1 '79 coupe I owned.