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  1. '61 thunderbird styleline instructions. The parts were a bit different each year between '61 and '63.
  2. Well, if he's still looking he ain't looking here. He hasn't been back to this site in 15 years either. 🤨
  3. Actually, it was in the Mamie Van Doren movie "Running Wild" in '55, not too long after it was built ,, but no one would ever remember that now.
  4. and who would that have been, Steve? 😉👍
  5. They were red. I can't post the pics but here's a link of an all original '76 with the 454. https://www.mecum.com/lots/CA0814-189994/1976-chevrolet-caprice-classic/ And here's a sharp '76 wagon https://barnfinds.com/original-454-1976-chevrolet-caprice-estate/
  6. OPG lists upholstery kits in light and dark green for '69 Elcaminos but no green in '68. Closest color is turquoise.
  7. I was gonna say the Monte Carlo but.. Anyway, why would a 454 be wrong for a '76? ,, although, yea, it is pretty weak.
  8. Chinese zodiac, Snake. I am also a snake as I was born in '65. Nice Vette Steve.
  9. You change the color of the vinyl on the roof and in the rub strip down the side and you'd have the exact 1/1 I had. I really miss that car. That reclining passenger seat back was great at the drive in.😈 But, yea, it does. But the pic of the convertible in the '71 brochure has square corners at the top of the windshield, and that's not right either.
  10. Oh, I know JIm but it just bugs me that they can't seem to get this right on the box art when it's so simple to do. I actually have a run of full size Chevys right from the '55 up through '76. Took a long time to get the last few too. Not all the MPC big '70s Chevys are like this though. As I said above the '71 through '73s have this detail but the '74 to '76 doesn't. Here's a side by side shot of my '73 next to my '75. Maybe you can see what I mean there but it is hard to tell in this pic. But you can easily see it if you compare one of your earlier '70s classic hardtop Impalas to one of the latter "Colonnade" top cars.
  11. It's correct on the '71 to '73 Impalas but the '74 to '76 body is different. This is probably the best pic I can use to explain it. There should be a line [seam] where I stopped the chrome across the top of the pillar. It is on the earlier bodies but not represented on the later bodies. The actual piece does have a character line down them that makes it look like separate pieces and then the rain gutter makes another line. To those that don't know the difference , the way it's molded makes it look like a strip around the windshield, another strip down the pillar at the side glass with body color between. The pillared sedans are actually done like that but not the hardtops.
  12. New art and whoever did it still can't seem to take a look at an actual car. 🙄 The windshield pillars are covered completely with a piece of stainless steel trim. ALL GM full size hardtops of that generation were done this way. Why can't they seem to get this right?
  13. No, you're not alone. I really don't care for the tacked on fender flares, side pipes, etc. To me, all the unnecessary customizing makes the car look awkward.
  14. Well,, being Canadian, I wouldn't exactly consider having a can of Bud "drinking". 😉
  15. That sounds like how MPC did their tires for snap kits. ,, but ,, is this your car?
  16. The 455 2bbl in the '70 Delta 88 I had was gold. Original engine, never changed. I can't explain it, It's usually as you say but maybe it because of the lower horsepower or something.
  17. If you can get some pics up I think I could tell you what it is. I do know those Turbo wheels didn't come out until '80 and if they're molded in red and the car itself is molded in black then they didn't come with that car. Everyone and their dog was pumping out Trans Ams and Firebirds in the late '70s and early '80s so without pics, we can only guess.
  18. Yea, some of these guys seem to forget to do their research, I think. The custom tail lights in the '53 Ford pickup kit are '49 Mercury, not Ford. Very big difference, as you know.
  19. Ok. I was going by the pic of the custom lights on the instruction sheet, which are on the chrome tree. They look like the '51s to me but with a blue dot molded in the center compared to a pic of an actual car. seems pretty close to me. Modelhaus DID have a conversion set and a '51 Crestline kit but of course, they're gone now. Hope you can find something suitable though, they were sharp cars.
  20. Sorry Casey but it seems to me he's just getting the same treatment he [and one of the moderators] gave to me a few years ago which resulted in my quitting this forum for a year to cool off. I feel no compassion for Mr. Duff.
  21. Can't help with the chrome but aren't the chrome custom tail lights in that '49 kit supposed to actually be '51 lenses? They sure look like them after being painted properly.
  22. All the MPC/AMT kits based off the "Switchers" series has one including the recently reissued '32 sedan delivery with the Coke decals.
  23. It will be interesting to see how the Revell body compares to the original JoHan body.
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