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  1. Pretty sure that particular car was proven fake. But if you want one I can do the surgery if you can provide the raw material. 😉
  2. Surprised no one has mentioned it yet. It's been almost a week so anyone who had "taped" it probably would have watched it already. A couple of the team get stuck in 1982. One's mourning the loss of his parents and spends his time building car models. If you remember the '80s the whole episode's a lot of fun though as it's basically a "love letter" to the decade.
  3. Thanks ,, and '67s are sweet. Probably the cleanest design of all the Beaumonts. I see you're from the Island. I have family farther up. My father lives in Campbell River and I also have family in Courtney. I might do a '67 later on. This project will is actually for a resin caster so it will be out there for others to build also.
  4. Very striking looking car.
  5. You could always go with the body colour as the secondary interior colour. That was quite common on American cars back in the '60s. And don't forget the body color around the headlight bezels as shown in Steve's pic above. Most people miss that detail. 😉
  6. A little update on the back. This main piece will be done soon and then on to the tail light lenses.
  7. Just the dash, John. The rest of the interior including the console and steering wheel were directly out of the Chevelle.
  8. Are you sure you didn't sand off a character line that's supposed to be there? There is quite a sharp peak that runs up the top of the rear fenders towards the doors and through the gas door. It's not very high and could be easily mistaken for mold misalignment.
  9. That's how the kit has always been since it was originally released back in the '90s Mike. You did a great job on it and the color suits it well.
  10. I suspect David has the Revell and AMT kits confused. AMT always had stock and Revell always had a custom rear panel.
  11. Nice !! I have one of the street versions of it but missed the race car. Yours turned out great.
  12. The Pontiac look good Gareth. Not easy to find a colour that looks good on those ones.
  13. They were sold at Pontiac dealers so to a lot of people they were "Pontiacs". But, yes, they were a line in themselves. the name "Pontiac" was never used by GM of Canada in association with the cars. Canadian Pontiac dealers didn't sell any of the U.S. LeMans/Tempest/GTO line because the tariffs put on them by the government would make them too expensive to compete in their intended market nitch. Also, a lot of Americans seem to think they were the Canadian version of the Chevelle but we actually had two plants pumping out actual Canadian Chevelles and most people wouldn't be able to tell the difference without knowing where to look.
  14. The original Sierra Grand long wheelbase was made into the short stepside in the '70s. The short stepside is the one they cobbled into the current '72 Chevy. 😔 That's what cheezez me off so bad about the whole situation. They hacked up a good kit to make an inferior one while all they had to do was put the new box in the MPC longbox. They would have ended up with a better '72 Chevy longbox and still have the GMC shortbox. The MPC long box stepside is the one that should still be around.
  15. Thanks Peter. I just went on line and bought some Pro-Tech stuff. I should be good for a couple more years now. 😉
  16. AMT '69 Chevelle convertible and Revell '72 442 convertible.
  17. So, as some know, I've been working on a conversion set to make the Revell '68 Chevelle into a Beaumont. Here's what I have so far. Starting with the kit parts, I cut the grille out and found some diamond mesh grille to use for the Beaumont grille. Stripped everything. fit the grille material in and finished modifying the grille surround and the ends on the outside of the headlight bezels. Made a center section and added the photoetch "BEAUMONT" script. The emblem in the center section is a bit on the small side. I may try making something a bit better. Now, on to the rear end. , ,
  18. Wasn't there someone here who sold plug wire lengths of 3 or 4 feet and boot material in various colors? I'm getting dangerously low and need to get some more soon.
  19. IF it's the MPC pickup, I'm in for one. IF it's the recent AMT pickup tooling with the awful grille/bumper, I'll pass. They didn't even get the headlights round on that grille.
  20. Ya don't suppose they actually found the remains of the MPC '72 Chevy pickup?
  21. That Auburn actually dates back to about 1955, that's why it's so crude. It's among the first plastic car kits ever offered.
  22. I wouldn't put much stock in those Scalemates timelines. They're often very wrong. For example they show the old tool and newer tool AMT '57 Chevy as all being the same kit and at least one instance where they're out of correct order.
  23. A company called Modelhaus did a '76 Coupe deVille in resin for a short time before they closed shop. very nice peice but very hard to find now and commands a high price if you do find one. here's a link to a beautiful build of one by a member here.
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