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  1. That can be built from the old MPC "Switchers" T-bucket. Looks like everything you need to build it just like that is in the kit already. Don't be fooled by the truly awful box art, it builds a pretty nice '70s "Fad T" style car, with lots of chrome and options in the kit.
  2. I like it a lot. The paint is beautiful. I didn't know Steve did those wheels, I got a very similar [same spokes] set form a die-cast '60 Ford Galaxie several years ago.
  3. It does. Funny thing is, it's a "cell phone" on the Lightning instructions and a "CB radio" on the Flareside instructions. LOL
  4. Having an '85 T/A out in the garage, I do recognize the windshield, door mirrors and the wheel openings. Beautiful work and a really nice design. I see a lot of Auzzie Ford in it as well as a lot of Hot Wheels. Reminds me a lot of the car drawing on the original blister cards.
  5. Well since my post is now hidden from me I'll take your word on it and just say I guess I should have worded it differently.
  6. Well, ya can't blame that on me because I had left for a year, when I came back he was gone.
  7. ,, and also soliciting content. Quite possibly, i thought I said that Harry wasn't around anymore to help him with it, I wouldn't come right out and say Harry wrote it FOR him because I don't think that. I think it was a collaboration between the two with Harry being more silent about his contribution. Perhaps you misread? I don't remember exactly how I worded it now, it's been deleted.
  8. I just googles it and checked it out. Doesn't look the same as the old stuff so ??? They do have a lot of sharp colors.
  9. That wasn't HOK paint though, it was "by the makers of HOK". namely, Valspar . If it is the same paint, I'd recommend leaving it right where it is, They had so many problems and complaints with it that they had to pull it off the market.
  10. Worked on my grille today. 19 strips of sheet plastic in 2 thicknesses stacked on top of each other and sanded to shape. Needs to be cleaned up a bit more and painted.
  11. Beautiful. Thought it was a pic from a brochure when I first opened the post.
  12. Can-Con

    1960 Nomad

    I suspect that's an AMT "Jr. trophy series" kit from the mid '60s, not a promo. That's probably why it doesn't look like a banana. Nice score though. A front bumper/grille for that shouldn't be too hard to find. The Revell parts do look %100 better but night not fit too well.
  13. Guess that means I got my first warning ! For what? saying Harry helped him with his book? That's not hearsay or gossip, it's based on Harry asking me to contribute to the book on two separate occasions. As you can guess,, I said no both times.
  14. Yup, there's definitely worse cars you could take inspiration from. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  15. Yea, that's so close to the one I'm building right now. I'll be watching to see what you do with it also.
  16. Holy cow! Whatever happened to "neither rain, nor snow, nor gloom of night", eh? They're getting almost as bad as Canada Post. ๐Ÿ˜•
  17. I agree, shipping is ridiculous. That's why I usually don't trade unless it's something I can't get locally or REALLY want. But, if you're getting your prices off the USPS website, I highly doubt their accuracy. LMKCo originally charged me $26.50 shipping to send my chrome back, quoted off the post office website. After they actually mailed it, Dale refunded me almost $12 back. The website was off by that much. Nevertheless, it still cost me a little more [almost $20 CDN, a little over $15 USD] to ship it to him than for him to ship it back. And if the person you're shipping to is paying the cost, then well?? BUT ANYWAY ,, like I said, I was curious and you answered my question. Thank you Casey.
  18. Very nice ! Very clean build on what looks like it could be a difficult kit.
  19. Why is that Roger? All you gotta do is put it an a box and mail it, same as mailing it to anywhere in "the lower 48", Yes, there is a form to fill out. Asks what's in the box, to which you put "toy model car" and the value,, which is whatever you put on it. Pretty sure it doesn't cost much more and I'm also pretty sure whoever your sending the model to would be happy to pay postage, if asked. Or am I missing something here? BTW, should add,, not trying to be confrontational, just curious as I've heard this several times.
  20. Yes, right. This really can get confusing if not talking in person. ๐Ÿคจ
  21. Uh, not quite ,, Yes, the air is always flowing as long as it's on. But the paint flow works the same as a regular dual. Pull back on the trigger for paint,, farther back, more paint. Don't pull the trigger, no paint.
  22. Thanks Steve ,, Yes, after re-reading it I see I could have worded that better. ๐Ÿฅด
  23. I think I'll stick with LMKCo . Dale's always treated me well and besides, at $5 a bumper, I'd be paying double what Dale charges to do a tree.
  24. No, the air constantly comes out. The trigger will move up and down like a regular dual [I do have one too but prefer my 350 for almost everything I do] but there's no spring to hold it up and pulling up on the trigger does not shut down the airflow. All the duals I've used could control airflow this way. It is an incredibly cheap unit, that's why I'm wondering if it's just made this way. But, yes, pull back on trigger for more paint flow, just like a regular dual. Anyway, I have a friend who'd kind of an "airbrush guru" He does repairs and maintenance on brushes for our whole club. I'm gonna have him look at it. It does seem to work fine the way it is though.
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