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  1. I think the biggest problem with selling the street machine '57 Chevy was they didn't make it clear that fantastic chassis and engine was in the kit. Just taking a quick look at the box and you'd think it was just the stock kit with a set of Vette wheels and tires and some dress-up parts on a belly button big block engine. I think a set of slightly larger wheels/tires in a more popular style and the underside painted to best show off the unique chassis and it would have flew off the shelves. BTW, at the time, I had no idea about that chassis or I would have bought at least 3 for chassis donors for other cars.
  2. That setup came in the AMT early '90s Ford pickups. There's a very nice set of "Holley" valve covers in the kits to go with them like in the pic below.
  3. Yes, it's a transparent paint with some metallic flake mixed in, meant to be used on turn signals. No reason not to use it on a body though. That body looks really good to me.
  4. The Road Runner kit came first and it shares a lot of parts and the instruction sheets. All the instruction sheets for AMT kits that use that chassis and it's pro street version share the same mistake on the instructions.
  5. No, They're from "Mike's Scale Speed Shop". Printed by Cartograph in Italy like a lot of European kits have.
  6. Beep Beep horn. Came on Road Runners and made the "Beep Beep" sound like the bird in the cartoon. They were lavender in '68 and just black afterward.
  7. I'm just foolin around Bill. I know the stuff definitely isn't "Modelhaus" quality ,, shucks, it usually isn't even Flintstone quality but at least it isn't TKM "quality" .[and I use the word "quality" pretty loosely😁] None of the ones I have are really that bad but then again, I did buy them in person.
  8. Here's a mockup of the chassis with the engine sitting on it's mounts. I still have to add the front shock mounts before I paint it.
  9. Not on those Mopar engines. Peter. They have a pan covering the valley and the manifold sits above it.
  10. Yea, terrible, terrible , just awful stuff. No one would be able to make anything out of any of those. 😉 I have a few more I'm working on from time to time.
  11. Are these the decals you're looking for, Declan? If so, PM me your address and I'll send them to you. I'd never have a use for them.
  12. Looks right to me Stu. I think it's just the way the model was painted. missing the body colour around the headlight bezels that makes it look off.
  13. That particular '57 Chevy, "Hint of Mint" is a well known car and it's history is well documented. The custom work shown in those pics was done in '65/'66. Here's a link to the "Custom Car Chronicles" page on the car. https://www.customcarchronicle.com/custom-cars/57-chevy-hint-of-mint/
  14. Mike, that's what I have been saying. It's fine for those in the US. , , BUT, , Ray's direct shipping is not $30 . It's buddy's shipping TO CANADA that's ridiculously expensive. As an example, here's a shot of the page with one of the smallest, least expensive sheets you can get. Note the shipping to me, here on the east coast of Canada. This is in US dollars. This is what I'm trying to get across. I never said it was 30 bucks for people in the US, I said it's 30 bucks for people in Canada from this guy and 1/2 that for us, Canadians to order directly from Ray.
  15. No, I checked it out thoroughly a couple weeks ago. was gonna order a set but spent a little more while on vacation then I had expected so I'm waiting for a couple weeks to put in an order. That link I posted above takes you right to the page with the shipping info on it.
  16. That's not quite right Mike. Ray's shipping from Europe is 14.50. USD. And Ray says he'll come good for it if something happens to them on the way. Plus if you get them strait from Ray you can custom order colors, tire lettering and license plates. From the e-bay guy you get what you get. ,, and if you're in Canada he wants almost $30US for shipping for some and a few are over 30. https://rayskits.com/faq_decals/#shipping
  17. No, it's just like using polishing compound. In fact, many people used it for polishing back before other polishing compounds were easily available. Use the actual paste though, not the jell. But if the glue is actually water based try rubbing alcohol or glass cleaner with ammonia in it.
  18. Woodland Scenics and Microscale Decals makes pinstrip sheets in several sizes and colors. I used some Microscale to make the grid pattern on the tail lights of this T/A.
  19. They pivot down, Carl. Part of the grille is attached to them and swing down with them , out of the way.
  20. Yes, he really seems to enjoy driving the cars as much as collecting them. And he doesn't baby them either. There's some videos on YouTube of him doing laps at Goodwood driving the Ferrari you modeled as well as other cars. ,, and I know what you mean about his name. To a lot of people, Debbie Harry will always be "Blondie". 😉
  21. Monogram makes a couple excellent kits in street and race versions. The Revell Germany kit is just another version of the Monogram kit, I just compared the instruction sheet for both on line. Same kit with small variations. https://www.alanshobbysite.co.uk/shelby-cobra/ https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=56646#image1
  22. Might be too late, but here's how I chopped mine. Might be of some help. I didn't bother widening the roof on mine though. https://public.fotki.com/SteveMilberry/projects/66-riviera-custom/
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