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  1. One thing they did get right that MPC didn't is the vents on the front fenders. MPC got them too high, they're closet to the right place on the palmer kit. , , Not as correctly shaped, but closer to the right place.
  2. Looks much better like that Snake. BTW, IF you want to get a pair of rear wheels that match the front, look in the MPC/AMT '69 Charger Daytona. They put 2 slightly different styles of wheel in some of the kits but I don't know as to which kit has which wheels. Possibly the older kits with the red car have one design and the gold car kits have the other but??
  3. They were only sold in '91 and '92. The painting company I worked for back then painted the largest Ford truck dealer in the province every summer alternating between outside one year and inside the next for 6 or 7 years. They had a couple on the lot back then but even when new, they were very rare. The package could also be had on the full size Bronco but that was super rare. I've never seen one of those.
  4. That turned out great. The cold air box is a nice touch.
  5. There's an episode of "Lower Decks" where a couple of the crew were building a kit of their ship in their off hours ,, complete with working phasers and warp core. At the end of the episode they get a kit of the DS-9.
  6. Very nice. Those Chevys seem to have been made for that color.
  7. Very nice !! I actually thought that 1st pic was of an actual full size car for a sec. 👍
  8. That's not all that bad Bob. Just give it a good scrub with Comet or something similar, maybe a going over with some 3600 grit wet sandpaper and give it a nice couple mist coats followed by a couple wet coats, letting dry between coats, of cores, and I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how it turns out.
  9. No worries David, I'm an old hack at this sort of thing.😉
  10. Well, over the last few weeks I've made the new cowl grille and installed the windshield and rear window. I've also started on the engine a while ago and have decided on the dress-up parts and injection from the AMT '70 Impala kit. I'll have to wait until the engine is installed before adding the injector tubes as they'll need to be cut to fit under the hood.
  11. Wicked build 👍👍👍 Love the color, I'll have to keep an eye open for some of that. have a resin one of those too. Mine has the tail lights molded to the body, you say you got a set from Modelhaus so I assume yours were separate?
  12. That's odd. I never really had that problem with mine. But then again, mine didn't have the extent of modifications yours does Alan.
  13. The custom version of the AMT '50 Chevy pickup has those, F you can find one for a decent price. Might be easier to just get an od Corvette ZR-1 kit and use those. You can usually pick them up pretty cheap. You might also consider the Stingray lll kits. AMT and Revell both made them and I'm pretty sure all the kits had separate clear red lenses. And you can usually get these dirt cheap. There's a couple on e-bay right now for 11 and 12 bucks.
  14. I don't want to hijack Roger's thread but,, Here's my uncle Walter's '62.
  15. The back ones are nice but the fronts don't look like Cragar S/S to me. Those rounded spokes look more like a torque thrust style wheel. That said, combine the rears from that kit with a narrower pair from something else for the front and you'd have something.
  16. Looks great. Love that paint in the sun.
  17. Try one from an MPC '59 Elcamino. That should be the right shape.
  18. Quite creative Patrick. I look forward to getting one or two of these when they're reissued next year.
  19. Looks good Steve. The color look great on the hood with the clear on it. The trim peice between the rear bumper and tailgate looks excellent. Hope that Molotow ink doesn't bleed out into your clearcoat though. I've been thinking about that engine height. I think if you had taken some height from the intake manifold so the intake plenum sat down lower, you could have gotten away with a lower scoop or possibly no scoop at all. But you know what they say about hindsight. 😉
  20. The AMT Baldwin/Motion '70 Camaro has a set of Cragar S/S that are wide and narrow.
  21. Excellent score there Rick. Who made that Malibu? it looks really good.
  22. Looks great. Just love the paint 👍
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