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  1. Nope, they were in the '76 "Road Runner" and '77 Monaco "Sport" 2dr kit. Haven't been in that kit since it was converted to a 4 door sedan.
  2. this kit has separate vents.
  3. I first tried stretched sprue but it didn't work out too well for me so I ended up using some 28 gauge wire.
  4. Finished up the firewall. Kit part with the molded wireing smoothed off, painted to match the rest and "chromed" the master cylinder and heater box with a molotow pen. And have the interior about 1/2 done. The pleated inserts will stay pearl white and the rest will be blue. This is my first time trying to do pipeing on the seats.
  5. If you have the MCG photoetch sheet for the car you'll have everything you need for the conversion. The only difference between a '69 Nova and Acadian is the trim. Even the grille is the same.
  6. Here's a site with hundreds of plaid samples. [and other patterns too like paisleys] Just copy, resize and print on decal paper. https://www.spoonflower.com/en/shop?on=fabric&q=plaid&availability=ForSale&sort=bestSelling&color=Red%2CAll Colors
  7. I don't think most people are aware of this but mid-'50s Packards had adjustable suspension. They had torsion bars that could be cranked up or down a few inches with an electric motor and a series of rods.
  8. I just found an appropriate pic on the net and printed it out on decal paper.
  9. Wow, that looks a lot like '69 GTO carousel red.
  10. Code OO is special paint and it was available in '67. My understanding is it had to be a GM color but I did read in one of the magazines in the late '80s or early '90s about a '69 Nova painted Chrysler plum crazy purple from the factory so??? https://www.69pace.com/paint.htm
  11. That does look really clean. Thanks Andrew
  12. I think whoever did the master just made a mistake in that area, The shape of the whole 1/4 window is off. It would be easy enough to fix though. Seeing the flat trunk lid [of the correct length] and tulip panel, I wonder if it was mastered from a convertible promo? IIRC, the bottom of the 1/4 window area is done like that on those.
  13. Aside from the 1/4 windows and c-pillars being off so much it looks pretty good You certinly did a nice job on it. Was there a lot of flash and thick areas to deal with? I see Page has some neat stuff but I'm kinda gun-shy with resin casters I haven't dealt with before.
  14. It was probably made between the time Revell released the cvt. and the hardtop kits.
  15. LOL,, I did my road test with a metallic brown '74 Lesabre sedan. ,,, with a 455. 😉
  16. I believe someone did mention that above Snake. 😉
  17. I agree ,, Like I said, Probably the closest he'll get without having a set of Sharks custom printed.
  18. These are from Scenes Unlimited. They're copies of the Cragar G/Ts from the MPC Mopar kits I mentioned above.
  19. They're actually supposed to be Cragar G/Ts. They're in some MPC Mopar annuals from about '68/'69 BUT, I think they're about as close to Sharks as you're gonna get short of having them custom printed. BTW, the wheels in the MPC late '60s Impalas, though looking the same strait on, are actually dished, not raised like the Sharks and Cragars. The ones in the '70s Impalas were actually Cragar S/S.
  20. Can't wait to see what you do with this one John. I know it won't be just polished plastic and foil. 😈😎
  21. Greg, maybe you should try to get in touch with Louis Bernier. He was "Chrome+" out of Quebec. Since he moved several years ago he hasn't been plating. Maybe he'd sell his equipment . His e-mail, if you'd like to try contacting him is chromeplus@hotmail.com
  22. looks great. That is such a nice old kit.
  23. They did a couple years ago ,,, or at least what's left of it.
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