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  1. On 1/19/2022 at 5:37 PM, gseeds said:

    Lol ! No way , yours looks awesome and after seeing yours it pushed me to finish mine, your build is the reason my engine looks like it does , I thought yours looked perfect and has the look I was after.

    Thanks Gary.  

    And, I should have added I think your friend would have loved it. It's a great tribute.

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  2. 2 hours ago, Bills72sj said:

    How much and how long did it take them?

    with shipping, it was about the price of 2 regular kits. It took 6 to 8 weeks. I don't remember exactly what day I mailed it bit it was over the holidays and I'm in Canada so both make it take a bit longer.

    Be warned though, Dale tells everyone new customers may have a bit longer wait as regular customers have priority.

  3. 58 minutes ago, Snake45 said:

    Very cool, we'll be expecting some GREAT projects from you soon! Model on! B)

    I assume you're refering to my post, Snake.

    Yea, I have a mild custom '61 T-bird hardtop in the works. A simple curbside.

    And planning a '64 Parisienne mild custom. A little more involved. Impala roof and cowl swap on a '64 Grand Prix body plus the impala engine and chassis. 

    Sorry I hadn't gotten back to you on that other thing yet. 

  4. 3 minutes ago, Mark said:

    And, for anyone who cares...if you stumble into a bunch of these parts, most of them are actually a decent fit on the newer tool '62 convertible kit.

    I was kinda wondering about that.

    I know the front bumper and hoods don't fit between the new and original but the back bumper from the new kit actually fits the old ones as well, if not better than their original parts.

  5. 1 hour ago, DoctorLarry said:

    I found that one in a magazine, I think from an east Coast model show (NNA?). I can't remember but it is a clean model build.

    It's one of Sean Svendsen's models. He has done box art builds for Moebius, Model king, etc as well as the decal design for some of the Model King reissues.

  6. 1 hour ago, Bugatti Fan said:

    The first reply may be 15 years late in coming Declan, but the guy looking might still be looking!

    The Jensen Interceptor is one gorgeous 70's car.      British Made, Italian Styled and US Grunt!   If I came up on the National Lottery a fully restored one of these would be on my list!

    Getting back to models I think that there is a 1/18th scale model that someone has done.

    Well, if he's still looking he ain't looking here. He hasn't been back to this site in 15 years either. 🤨

  7. On 1/10/2022 at 7:20 AM, stitchdup said:

    While this car has lots of provenence I just dont see it breaking the million. Until it was displayed in dc a lot of people didn't really know what it was other than a nice looking custom. Its not been the star of a movie or had so many where is it programs like the bullit mustang. I think it will stall out around 750-800k but I'm no expert

    Actually, it was in the Mamie Van Doren movie "Running Wild" in '55, not too long after it was built ,, but no one would ever remember that now.

  8. 1 minute ago, Rodent said:

    Yeah, IIRC "Corporate Blue" came out in 1977. A neighbor was so upset that he might get a Chevy engine in his Cutlass wagon they ordered the 403 instead of the 350. I don't think that Mr. Day was smart enough to come up with that idea on his own, he may have been coached by a neighbor lad......

    and who would that have been, Steve? 😉👍

  9. 2 hours ago, 1972coronet said:

    I'd imagine that --at least in-scale-- the engine colour (Corporate Blue) is different, and the air cleaner would have the heat riser tube & snorkel .

    Both the 402 ( "400" ) and 454 were optional for '76.

    As for a small block : the MPC Chevy / GMC 'Squarebody' pickups have a decent engine with an auto trans (don't know if it's a TH-350 or TH-400) , complete with the aforementioned air cleaner / hear tube. The clutch fan from the AMT LT-1 --truly, the pulleys / belts / accessories and fan-- would be correct for 1976, IIRC. 

    They were red. 

    I can't post the pics but here's a link of an all original '76 with the 454.



    And here's a sharp '76 wagon





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  10. 20 minutes ago, alexis said:

    What would be a good kit to source a Small Block 350/305 engine from?

    This kit has the early 1970's 454 Big Block, and it is both wrong for '76, and poorly detailed. I'd say the MPC '78/79 Monte Carlo, but those are not really a god candidate as, they are too nice in their own right to be parted out. Oddly, both kits have trailers, though.

    I was gonna say the Monte Carlo but..


    Anyway, why would a 454 be wrong for a '76?  ,, although, yea, it is pretty weak.

  11. 8 hours ago, Daddyfink said:

    I don't know, that pillar looks pretty painted here...

    1976 chevrolet caprice ad


    You change the color of the vinyl on the roof and in the rub strip down the side and you'd have the exact 1/1 I had. I really miss that car. That reclining passenger seat back was great at the drive in.😈

    But, yea, it does. But the pic of the convertible in the '71 brochure has square corners at the top of the windshield, and that's not right either. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Motor City said:

    Disregard the box art.  It's nothing to agonize over and something that Bare Metal Foil will cover anyway.  All of the '71-'76 big Chevies are like this except the '71 Impala convertible promo.  These are good kits with a detailed trailer included.  I have promos of the '71 convertible, '72, '74 and '75.  I have the '73 Caprice hardtop kit, which is a faithful reproduction of the real one Dad ordered with the 454, and I sold in 1991 after too many Michigan winters!  The '76 promo was only available in maroon and white.  I want this kit to complete my collection. 

    Oh, I know JIm but it just bugs me that they can't seem to get this right on the box art when it's so simple to do.

    I actually have a run of full size Chevys right from the '55 up through '76. Took a long time to get the last few too.

    Not all the MPC big '70s Chevys are like this though. As I said above the '71 through '73s have this detail but the '74 to '76 doesn't.

    Here's a side by side shot of my '73 next to my '75. Maybe you can see what I mean there but it is hard to tell in this pic. But you can easily see it if you compare one of your earlier '70s classic hardtop Impalas to one of the latter "Colonnade" top cars.

    134 3404


  13. 45 minutes ago, Casey said:

    Is it correct on the model? Is that piece represented on the A-pillar?

    It's correct on the '71 to '73 Impalas but the '74 to '76 body is different. 

    This is probably the best pic I can use to explain it. There should be a line [seam] where I stopped the chrome across the top of the pillar. It is on the earlier bodies but not represented on the later bodies. 

    The actual piece does have a character line down them that makes it look like separate pieces and then the rain gutter makes another line. To those that don't know the difference , the way it's molded makes it look like a strip around the windshield, another strip down the pillar at the side glass with body color between.  The pillared sedans are actually done like that but not the hardtops.

    Caprice 4


  14. 1 hour ago, Casey said:


    New art and whoever did it still can't seem to take a look at an actual car. 🙄

    The windshield pillars are covered completely with a piece of stainless steel trim. ALL GM full size hardtops of that generation were done this way. Why can't they seem to get this right?

    1976 Chevrolet Caprice | Classic Cars for Sale - Streetside Classics


  15. 15 minutes ago, The Junkman said:

    I must be the only person in the world who is completely unmoved by "Eleanor".  Just a cartoon car as far as I'm concerned.  Otherwise I'm a sucker for Mustangs having owned 3 and having driven one "at work".

    No, you're not alone. I really don't care for the tacked on fender flares, side pipes, etc. To me, all the unnecessary customizing makes the car look awkward.

  16. On 1/10/2022 at 9:02 AM, Rocking Rodney Rat said:

    So, ADL, KK and I have been having a running joke about cup holders in vehicles. Mainly, it's me suggesting that ADL add a cup holder to a build. As we all know, real hot rods don't have cup holders. I figured this build would be perfect for a cup holder, so I made one. That lead to a discussion about putting a beer in the holder. This past weekend I fashioned a can of Bud to put in the holder. The decal is from one of the Slixx race car sheets. Please note that the can of beer is NOT opened. None of us condone drinking alcoholic beverages and driving.... -RRR


    Well,, being Canadian, I wouldn't exactly consider having a can of Bud "drinking". 😉

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