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  1. A couple pics of my 308 with a Tamiya tire/wheel upgrade. What a great looking kit. Hopefully, they will be reissued sometime soon. Great little "cleansing the pallet" kit for between more involved builds.
  2. Here's a "gleaming Western Bullet wheel" Spelled right, wrong wheel. 😁
  3. ,, except that hood was in a Revell kit before, albeit a snap kit. It did fit the glue kits though. Since the new release is supposed to be an SS, I bet the "new wheels" to be included in the kit will be another set of Magnum 500s. ,,or in GM nomenclature, the "SS wheel". I wonder what engine it wil have ,, probably another big block. It'd be nice to see a non-Z-28 small block though. Wasn't '69 the first year for the "SS 350"?
  4. Had a couple pinhead spots in the paint on the roof. Just big enough to bother me so I tried to just touch them up but ended up sanding through the candy coats in a couple spots. So I repainted the whole roof. It came out a touch darker in the center but since it's a fade, it's more acceptable than a couple spots in the paint. Plus it gave me a chance to repair the sunken seam just above the windshield.
  5. Would have been nice to incorporate the annuals custom seats but they just didn't look right. Too small in this instance. They looked like child car seats. So, on to plan B. Stock interior with paint detail and a steering wheel swap.
  6. I agree. I have the Union reissue. looks like whoever built it put the rear wheels on the front and one front and one Ford GT wheel on the back.
  7. Beautiful. Looks "just right". 👍
  8. Just made from scratch. ,, and thanks.
  9. Love it !! 😍👍👍 They were such a great looking car. All they need is a nice set of wheels and sharp paint to make a showstopper and you nailed it.
  10. Yea, they are big. I had one with the Landau package when I was 19. Great drive in movie car, didn't even have to put anyone in the trunk. 😉
  11. Most of the selling community there are guys selling out of their home or very small shop. I bet you could dicker with a lot of them. The guy I buy cassettes from does.
  12. JC, did you check out that link to Discogs I posted?
  13. Longmire's Bronco , according to IMBD is a '94. The R/M 1/24 bronco is an early '80s so both kits are earlier.
  14. And for those who'd like a better look at the actual kit, here's mine from the original release from the early '80s. I've always meant to rebuild it to better standards but never got around to it. But I did manage to get a replacement set of the green stripe decals for it a few years ago. It's missing a few small parts but it'll give you an idea of that the kit looks like. Only mod I did on this was swap the tires out for the MPC Formula Desert Dogs.
  15. Seeing as how the rerelease was just announced, I thought I'd post this one up again. It's been quite a few years since I had posted it . Curbside build with MCG photoetch set and the molded in headlights replaced. Added the sun roof and rub strips on the bumpers.
  16. The '75, yes. I did the '76 back in the early '90s before the kit had been reissued the first time as what I had wanted my 1/1 to look like so it's as it is. I've built another one since and will maybe do another somewhere down the road.
  17. Guess I'm out then Steve. Assault rifles are banned here in Canada. If I wanted to learn how to reload one I'd need a postal scales, and a degree in armorment and metallurgy before even thinking about trying it. Maybe there's a book someone could recommend?
  18. What I can't figure out is how any of us can paint a model without a collage degree and know algebra. 👨‍🎓 I guess if I had that degree I'd know the answer to that. 😗
  19. You know, it wouldn't be hard for someone to cut the front facia off a '75 and resin cast it, the grille and headlights. The cut lines are even right on the body. Super easy swap. 😉
  20. No, separate grille and headlights with the header molded as part of the body.. This should illustrate it a bit better,,
  21. Actually, everything between the hood and bumper. Grille, headlights and header panel they mount in is different. BUT, that's the only difference between the '75 and '76 Caprice kits.
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