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  1. Productive day painting (71-73 Mustangs)

    I hate that the color palette isn't even close to reality. For instance, Ford Paint Code 'V' - Light Pewter Metallic. It's one of those colors that kind of depends on the lighting.
  2. 1982 Mustang GL 'tribute'

    Wow, so it's been almost 2 months since I last posted any progress. Been all sorts of busy, and just hadn't gotten back to it in awhile. I picked up some embossing powder and decided to make some 'carpet' for the Mustang. Yeah... that turned out like BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH. I picked up the 'extra thick' embossing powder, thinking that the bigger bottle of clear would be what I needed for many years of scale model carpet goodness. Nope - it looks like I've effectively spread tan gravel on the floor of the kit. Whatever... it'll be inside and nobody will be looking that close, anyway. I played around a little bit today and worked on the center console and dashboard. I just need to touch up a couple of tan spots on both and maybe print some gauge faces (haven't decided yet). The kit came with front wheels that could be steered (or posed, rather), but didn't have a tie rod connecting the two. So, I busted out the trusty pin vise and drilled some holes through the 'spindles' and made some tie rod ends out of a paper clip along with an old school tie rod to span the gap between the two. I'll dress it up to look like the rack & pinion which is also missing on the chassis. Baby steps, I guess.
  3. Mustang Project 1:25 Replica

    SWEET! Love the Fox bodies! Nice work!!
  4. 1982 Mustang GL 'tribute'

    I've kind of hit that place where I need to prep the body for paint, along with the interior door panels/inner wheel wells/front aprons (each side is one piece) and firewall, since it's all body color on the car. I decided this past weekend to play with the Tamiya weathering master kits to age the underside a bit after seeing rsxse240's phenomenal build underway of an '85 SVO Mustang. I didn't go nuts with it, but I think it made a little bit of difference using some rust, soot, silver, and gun metal. Also drilled some holes in the firewall for the heater hoses after carving off the molded ones. Hopefully, I'll have a chance to get some color on the body parts and interior so I can press on with those. Also need to score some embossing powder to make some proper sheepskin seat covers.
  5. 1982 Mustang GL 'tribute'

    OK, so after taking it all apart a couple of times, I finally found a suitable substitute for a distributor, and also this really cool old pin vise set that belonged to my Grandpa I've been carrying around for 25 years or so. I used a 68 gauge bit to drill some holes for the spark plug wires, scratched up some linkage arms for the carb and transmission, installed the TV cable (from AOD to carb) along with an automatic shifter cable. I used a Molotow chrome pen (1mm) to dot the bolt heads on everything, and even scratched up an alternator bracket... and none of this will likely ever be seen again once I get all the rest of the engine components installed. How 'bout 'dat?
  6. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    I know, I was thinking mine had clear signal and parking light lenses as well - as in, one-piece all the way across. I just looked, and I stand corrected - mine are painted solid yellow and orange, so I'm guessing they were chromed like yours (been a day or two - I built it in 1988 or '89). I'd modeled it after one I'd seen in a 7-11 parking lot that had the '80s monochrome white treatment - it just looked so cool to me at the time. Looks like I lost the mirrors at some point along the way as well.
  7. Revell '85 Mustang SVO

    I love the Fox-bodies, and especially the SVOs. This is coming along nicely - an inspiration, even. I've decided to wire, cable, and plumb my wheezy little 2.3L in my '82 GL as a result (I'm not ready to weather one just yet, though). My '85 SVO kit I built back in the late '80s had the clear lenses, though - must've been a different kit back in the day, I guess.
  8. 1979 Datsun 280 ZX Paul Newman Driver

    I think it's coming along nicely.
  9. 1982 Mustang GL 'tribute'

    So I think I'm [re]learning a valuable lesson about metallic paint and model glue - the glue turns the paint into an icky mess and the piece don't want to stick together as a result. Gonna hafta do some scraping of the joint areas of the intake & exhaust manifolds to get this engine together, I guess. (Now, where's that tube of super glue gel I saw awhile back...)
  10. Woods Racing Javelin of George Follmer

    This Jeep kit comes with an AMC 304/360/401 - I just finished one.
  11. 1979 Datsun 280 ZX Paul Newman Driver

    Holy Smokes! You're not playin' around at all. Nice work!! I saw this kit at Hobby Lobby yesterday and thought about picking it up (I always liked the Z cars).
  12. 1982 Mustang GL 'tribute'

    OK, so some progress. I went to Hobby Lobby yesterday and spent WAY too much money. Among the many things I brought home were a nice fine-tooth saw & miter box... which came in handy today when I noticed (and realized) that the transmission cast with the 2.3L 4-cylinder was a T-5 manual... not the AOD my Mustang had with its 2.3L. I thought I'd seen an automatic in the kit, and the floor of the car only has a brake & gas pedal... no clutch... and the 5.0L V-8 was indeed cast with the AOD automatic. Cool - so, now I get to use my new saw and miter box. First - separate the AOD from the 5.0, and the T-5 from the 2.3: Meanwhile, with the glue and steel paint on the AOD dry, I've almost got it to rolling chassis (still need some details underneath like shocks, and paint the backsides of the wheels, and whatnot - but the suspension's on for the most part): The floor of the interior is supposed to represent the tan carpet that was in the real car. This kit's a little odd in that it doesn't have a proper interior 'tub' like most car kits do. Oh well, it'll look right when it's all done. And finally, here we are with the 2.3 mated up to the AOD, as it was in the real car: Still lots of work to do: gotta wire & plumb the engine, finish up the underside with the rest of the driveline, get the body ready for paint, and get busy on the interior. Most of the work so far has been painting all the little bits, which has become more of a process since after having actually [re]built some cars in my time, now I'm on a quest to get it all 'right.'
  13. 1982 Mustang GL 'tribute'

    As I'm stuck here at home today with a bad case of the stomach grumblies, I decided to dig out the Mustang Turbo Cobra kit and see what I'm up against. The previous owner had removed a ton of pieces from the sprues, but fortunately it looks like everything's there. This kit is a proper '79-'82 Mustang, so it's a bit more anatomically correct to be a tribute to my first car, an '82 Mustang GL hatchback. I started building the 2.3L 4-cylinder (since that's what came with mine). I'll put the optional 5.0 V8 together later for a future project. I already have a model of my first Mustang, but it was built in '88 or '89, not even the right kit, and was done in a hurry and quite haphazardly. That kit was an '84 Silver Anniversary kit I found at Firestone of Alamogordo (of all places), and I found some wheels from some other kit that were kind of close (if 6-lug 15x10s with 12 holes on BFG T/As can be considered "close" to 5-lug 14x7s with 10 holes on Goodyear Eagle GTs, that is). I'd also taken some liberties and added a sunroof and trunk spoiler, which neither came to be since I traded the car in on an '85 Nissan 4x4 before I got that far. I also didn't have any rear window louvers on the kit, however the new kit has some so I won't have to scratch-build them. I just hope I can find that color again - one of the few things I got right! So, here we go - here's my car: And here's the kit with my build from back in the day next to the pile of pieces of the new kit: The biggest thing I'm anxious to correct is the engine compartment - I SO messed up on that first kit. I mean, who paints a radiator hose silver, anyway? LOL!
  14. OK - so get the fork ready to stab, I'm calling this one done. Today, I made the sunvisors, off road lights, some hubs (Superwinch blue caps), an antenna, and a steering stabilizer (that's still drying since glossy paint takes way longer than flat). Also, got the side mirrors, rear view mirror, and everything else stuck on. I'm pretty happy how it all turned out - a few things could've gone better, but I'm not going to sweat it considering the direction it was going when I pulled it apart and rebooted things. I think the only things missing found on the full size are the rear speakers, Taz rubber floor mats, and the wiring for the winch & lights, otherwise it's pretty much all there. I had this idea of making the covers using some masking tape - glad I went the other way and just cut some pieces of a hot glue stick instead I still love how the center console and cargo net came out. Pretty much dead on! The sun visors are blue because that's the original color of the interior - haven't changed 'em out yet. I'm lovin' the soft top, too. That antenna is a tad thick, but it's the only paper clip I could find - the skinny plastic one shattered as I was pulling it from the sprue. The off road light covers look like they have some bug splats on 'em (which the real ones do as well) Tires are still a little too big, but dang that stance looks cool! I'm not sure which kit to start next, but I'm leaning toward revisiting my '82 Mustang, since the one I built back in '89 looks like such a horrible replica of the real car compared to how this one came out. Not to mention, I actually scored the correct year model ('79-'82 vs. '83-'84), found the correct wheels, and have some good reference pics. After that, I might have to try something other than a car (I have some cool sci-fi kits and am kind of itching to see how that goes). Thanks for sticking with me!
  15. So I got a few more things done this weekend. I pulled the seats so I could have better access to the roll bar to make the Bed Webb (cargo net) I put on to keep all the stuff from flying out on the freeway, and also to scratch-build a center console (even with cup holders). Also added the fire extinguisher on the roll bar, and got the license plates mounted, along with the windshield bumpers, wipers, and hood clamps. Oh yeah, scratched up a soft-top as well (which is usually folded up in the cover, since I never drive it in the rain, let alone much at all anymore). So all that's left: mirrors nerf bars (the paint was still drying when I took the pics) off road lights on the push bar sun visors rear view mirror antennas Skyjacker steering stabilizer I'm still working with the camera to get some better pics. I must've taken about 20 and these were the best. In case anybody's wondering, the cargo net is a bridal mesh veil, that was on clearance at Michael's. I colored it with a blue Sharpie.