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  1. Thanks for your kind comment Ace-Garageguy. By the way I like the nick name that you chose. That reminds me that my late elder brother was calling me ''the garage rat''. He was not a handy man at all. He had all the time his nose in some books. So I called him ''the library rat''.
  2. I believe that this is my first post on this website. I registered a while ago but I think that I never introduced myself, a french-canadian scale modeler living around Montreal, Quebac. As I like to build things from scratch and use all kinds of materials... and toolings, I happened to have a very unusual and crazy race car project into 1/6th scale, the biggest scale that I have been working on in my life. I wasn't able to find anything anywhere up to my desire as race tire and rim, so there I am, once again. in the process if building it myself. I am going to put the last picture of my update (near completion) on this work in progress but I own a website on scale modeling since 2009 (ten years old next summer) and I have created a page on the whole story and the whole process, with several pictures and paragraphs of blablas on the different steps. The piece is huge enough and I wrote the dimensions on my page as references. I created the wall of the tire from scratch (another crazy challenge) and you can see the different steps on it. There is also another 1/6th scale project, a figurine of a beatiful girl that is near completion too. The link will be at the bottom of the page that I am leaving here. http://montrealminiatures.com/?page_id=1922 Feel free to contact me for any comment or question. My email address is at the bottom of most pages. Have a nice day Florent
  3. Wow! Amazing work! The details are just awsome! Congratulations!
  4. Very nicely built. This is my style of old school short tracker. This is reminding me memories. Back in 1970-71 and '72 I took pictures of 3 different Novas / Chevy IIs running in the Late Model Sportsman cars at Riverside Speedway, on the northshore of Montreal. I really like your Nova!
  5. I like the old school short trackers. Your '54 Ford is a very nice build. In these days, Modified and Late Model Sportsman cars ran with no backglass. This is also why AMT did not provide them in the kits but nevertheless, the car looks great.
  6. The original serie of the Modified Stockers by AMT hit the stores for the first time in 1971. This is the very year I saw them arrived on the market, I remember very well. Another fact is that I found also this information somewhere in a book. I believe it was in a book titled Stock Car Model Kit encyclopedia & Price Guide by Bill Coulter, or it was somewhere else, on internet maybe. I came back from a foster home on August 15th, 1970 and these kits were not on the market yet. They arrived the following year and I remember exactly where I saw them for the first time and they were just arrived. Not long after, these kits started to pop out all around in stores and Hobby shops. in 1968, when Dad started to bring the kids to the short tracks to see the races, I was so fascinated by these race cars that I started to build Stock Car scale models with my built street car kits that I dismanteled and rebuilded into short trackers, radiussing the wheel openings and other jobs, modifying them into what looked as close as possible as Stock Car racers, and at this time there were only kits that looked alike stock cars on the market, but they were generic and looked more like some kind of mix of road racers, rally cars or street cars with decals of numbers, sport stripes and automotive brand name decals supplied in the kits. Nice box arts but nothing that really looked like real stock cars, or at least looking like Late Model Sportsman or Modified classes of the time. I was building roll cages with the sprues of the kits back then, till the Modified Stockers serie arrived on the market. I was so happy of this. As a teenage of 15 years old,I was dreaming of these kits but coudn't afford buying all of the different ones in the series. Some desapeared before I could buy them, like the '69 Falcon and the '65 Oldsmobiles that me and my young brothers never had. In these days, and some others from other series released in the following years (Modified with the Tobias chassis, the MPC serie (Rat Trap Vega, Pinto Rough Rider and so on), the USAC short trackers ('70 Monte-Carlo, '70 Chevelle, '72 Cuda and others) and also the Nascar serie from MPC (Coo Coo Marlin and Jim Hurtibise Chevelles, Petty, Buddy Baker and so on). These ones were produced from the early to the mid seventies. MPC and Jo-Han had started to produce some annual models with some generic Nascar versions, and Jo-Han produced 2 Petty cars, not so accurate but not too bad kits., a little too close to street cars with more or less accurate rollcages but nice graphics . Most of them were not really short trackers and were not really superspeedway racers neighter. Just fake Stock Cars or some kind of Street Stock stock cars maybe. All these kits had their flaws. The Nascar kits of the 80s and up were more accurate but I never liked these new styles of bodies and I never had been interested to build any of these kits, except I take some parts of roll cages, stering wheels, screw jacks and part of frames and this is about it. I use these parts to buld old school short trackers.
  7. To give another answer to Wrecker388 about the FRONT tires, I see that they are snow grips from old MPC kits like the '69 Pontiac Grand Prix annual kit and several other old MPC kits, but AMT bought MPC back in 1987 I believe and reissued some old MPC kits and you can find these tires on an old jeep kit reissued in 2002 by AMT under #31752. This is the Hogan's Heroes World War II Jeep. It is the old flat fendered jeep model CJ1-2 or 3, not any other Jeep kits on the market. Other jeep kits have bigger tires and wouldn't give this vintage narrow winter tires look used on an old jalopy racer like the one posted here. I thik that Ron made a nice choice of tires on this model.
  8. I like this one. It is unique in it's style. Absolutely nothing sophisticated. It reminds me the stone age of stock car racing. It really looks like these old jalopies built home made in a backyard with recycled tubbings, cut at the hand with with an old hacksaw and bent between some big tree branches with more or less correct curves, then welded by grandpa between 2 beer bottles (I feel very poetic). But it was a time when building a race car was a funny adventure and when everybody around was involved and came to look at the progress of the ''monster of the yard'' (baptised of this name by grandma). Monster who was frightening the birds, the cats and the dogs and all the neighbourhood when we'd start the engine ''straight pipe''. By the way I found this post that I just wrote so funny that I copied and pasted it for my own website about scale modeling and old school stock car racing. I don't konw... I guess that I was inspired by your model to write this.
  9. A very nicely done Monza Modified short tracker. I really enjoy your clean garage, well maintained, no dust, spotless. For sure it is pleasant to work in a place like that.. I need the phone number of your janitoring company cause my garage needs a big clean up in a hurry..
  10. I must say that I really LOVE your choice of graphics and colors. As someone said it makes a very classy race car. Very nice and super clean build, It looks like a brand new car just before it's very first race. Wow! I love the race track too, freshly repainted or the day of the grand opening of this track. Just missing the fanfare.
  11. This is a very nice tribute to this incredible driver. Nicely detailled and nice graphics too. Many thanks. I have seen Cabana racing here, around Montreal (and winning), and in race tracks in the province like Sanair and also at Catamount Stadium in Milton, Vermont, where he won the opening feature in 1965 and won also the last feature of the track when unfortunatly, it closed in 1987. A spectacular and intelligent driver. I have seen him racing strong against all the best drivers named by Bruce Bowser a little above. I had taken pictures of his '67 and his '68 Beaumonts (Canadian Chevelles made by Pontiac). I saw him winning the Molson 300 back in 1971 or 1972. An outstanding driver and stock car builder. I am thinking about making a tribute of his early sixties Ford Falcon.
  12. Very nice build! I am an old school short track scale modeler. I really like this one!
  13. Hello Steve, You really saved this glue bomb and made a very nice little car with it. You have put a lot of details under the hood. It looks like a real car. Nice paint and nice body work (the most difficult part). I fould your page when I was looking on the net for pictures of 1960 Falcons. I stopped on the pictures (Google Images) of the car when you got it as a glue bomb and a thick coat of paint. I told myself that I had to register to this website and contact you, I just have done it this morning. It is very funny because years ago I bought also an old 1/25 scale 1960 Falcon assembled kit and It was also a real mess, a total glue bomb with also the same kind of scoop on it. My Falcon had longer fender skirts reaching almost the back bumper and I thought it had a drag parachute in the back but when I saw your model I told myself that it was in fact a false continental kit like yours because the back panel and edge of trunk cover were plenty of glue on a wide portion of the back. The car had plenty of custom parts heavily glued on it. I had bouth the model something like 12 years ago and started to work on it when I received it so I forgot some details like mixing a parachute and a false wheel. The model was so damaged that, after lots of breaking custom parts to remove them, scraping the rest of plastic parts and glue, I lost hope to save it...after dropping it on the floor and breaking the roof off completely as the plastic was dried and crispy crunch... but years later, some 2 and a half years ago I decided to cut a brand new Ranchero and use more of an half of it and take the back of the Falcon and make a new Falcon with both cars. I recently created a page on my website to put the story on the web with pictures of the work. I had boutht this '60 Falcon to make a Stock Car racer, Late model Sportsman or Modified class race car. I have done extensive work on it, not only on the body but I still add pictures and texts on the page. In fact I took over 200 pictures of the whole thing up to date but put only a few up to date with lot of text. I am thinking to put the rest of the pictures to give a more general idea of the work. The car is turning very good, still an unfinished project but lot of work have been done. You will see how I am crazy by looking at my page, for sure, I am crazy, no doubt about that : http://montrealminiatures.com/?page_id=1629
  14. Wow!, very original build! I like it!
  15. Hello Dwayne, Nice and original construction. I like the idea of the low level platform with the Camaro or Firebird on it. It is the first time that I see a design like that. I know that it is a non finished project but in case you didn't think of a way to secure the cars on the trailer. It's always make the thing more realistic. You would need straps or chains with a system of binders. It is probably in your plans anyway. Also, as another guy said, the half a ton truck won't be strong enough to carry all this weight on it's poor suspension and drive train. You would need a one ton truck or the components to upgrade your pickup. I know a guy who is selling very nice 1/25 scale one ton wheels (dually and reversed wheels) and tires if you need. You can look at them on one of my project in construction at this page : http://montrealminiatures.com/?page_id=991 I don't make any money on this. I am not selling them myself, but if you want the info, contact me. My email address is also at the bottom of every page of my blog. Florent
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