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  1. What non-auto model did you get today?

    One more for the pile, an early birthday gift from a good friend.
  2. Revell '41 Willys "Demon II"-Now Under Glass...

    Looking real nice, Joe.
  3. '30 Ford Touring car; need photos

    Nope, the front seat has a distinct forward curvature at the outer ends, so somewhat different than the rear seat. Thanks for the idea though.
  4. Revell '30 Ford

    This kit is certainly a strange hybrid. Many street rod additions, but keeping the original suspension system and differential, which seems like a strange mix, considering the upgraded V8 that's included.
  5. '30 Ford Touring car; need photos

    One thing that Revell did that's really quite bizarre, is to leave a huge gap at the edges of the front seat. I have no explanation for this. Some epoxy putty will take care of this, but I shouldn't really have to.
  6. Revell '30 Ford

    Thanks for the input, Anthony. Since I'm somewhat new to the whole car modeling thing, I'll just stick to the basics, at least for now. As to the wheel;s, even though I'll not use them on this particular car, I may well use them on something else in the future, so I'll be hanging on to them. Sorry.
  7. MCM T-Shirts, New Colors/Sizes

    I may have to snatch one of these. They look great.
  8. Revell '30 Ford

    I've seen some strange seat designs before, but this one is a real head scratcher. What were they thinking?
  9. '30 Ford Touring car; need photos

    Yes it does, Doug, helps quite a bit, in fact, so thanks very much. I'm working on the Revell kit right now, and they did some very strange things with the interior, that I assumed had to not be right.
  10. '30 Ford Touring car; need photos

    After "Googling" until my eyes were crossed, I've had no luck at all finding interior and detail photos of the '30 Ford touring car. Can anyone help? Thanks a bunch,
  11. "41 Willys Street Rod Monogram 1/25 Getting there.

    Me too. It's hard to go wrong with a Willys.
  12. Revell '30 Ford

    OK, fellas, for the very first time in the slightly less than four years since I joined here, I’m intending to finish at least one model for a car model contest here in May of 2019, and this is it. It’ll be mostly OOB (naturally), with hood glued on and no engine, but I’ll most likely switch out those funky wheels and tires. Color will be Tamiya TS41 (Coral Blue), with a khaki top, and no flames.
  13. My new Meade 4000 series Super Plossl 26mm eyepiece arrived today, and works just great. Skies cleared up briefly this evening, so I was able to some exploring, and it's a definite step up from the generic eyepiece originally supplied with the telescope.
  14. Too many pictures?

    Not a bad idea at all.
  15. What non-auto model did you get today?

    This arrived today, and is a kit that I've wanted for a very long time, but never seemed to get around to purchasing. Through a deal with a fellow forumite (different forum), I've now finally got one. The kit also included some nice Eduard stuff, so I'm already ahead of the curve there.