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  1. Site Update Complete

    I have yet to explore, but noticed that it had changed somewhat.
  2. What Did You Get Today?

    Amen, brother. I do the same thing with books; no real need, as such, just a monthly gift to myself. This month I ordered two books, one on the F-104 Starfighter and the other on the F-105 Thunderchief.
  3. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Sounds cool to me.
  4. What non-auto model did you get today?

    I've certainly given some thought to getting a train set for the tree, and may eventually do just that. Speaking of trains and Christmas, it'll soon be time for me to watch The Polar Express again.
  5. What Did You Get Today?

    I certainly understand that, as I do it too. I just ordered some tools yesterday that I really don't need, not at the moment anyway, but I ordered them regardless.
  6. What Did You Get Today?

    Now I'm big time jealous. I'd love to get a new Nikon, but just can't afford it now.
  7. What non-auto model did you get today?

    Two more for the pile, both Pro Modeler kits from a few years ago. Helldiver box is a bit mushed, but contents are pristine. Lightning is still sealed.
  8. Harry Pristovnik's models

    That's a good thought. I like that, I really do. I certainly understand that. I did much the same with the stuff of my mom and dad after they were gone, keeping key items that remind me of them and their life passions.
  9. What has this world become?

    Yep, I gave up trying to figure out maniacs, a long time ago.
  10. Harry Pristovnik's models

    How sad to see all of these for sale, but much better than going into the trash, like some folks would do. Harry was certainly a force here, and I wish he was still with us.
  11. What makes you decide to "curb-side" a model?

    I have so far chosen curbside style, simply because I'm not yet ready to tackle engine compartments and wiring, without which, there's little point to bothering with the engine at all, at least the way I see it.
  12. Wish me luck guys...

    Best of luck to you, Mark.
  13. Second area LHS to close down this year

    I'm as guilty as anybody. I buy wherever it's cheapest, period. I had a good pal with a wonderful shop, but he wouldn't even consider trying to match online prices I was finding, so I simply purchased from somewhere else.
  14. What Did You Get Today?

    I had a small one when I was a kid, and my dad had a very good 6" reflector, but I'd been without one for many a year, and now anxiously look forward to exploring the skies. At roughly 3:30 in the morning now, Orion is crystal clear in the eastern sky, at about 40° elevation. Preceding that, is Pleiades, by about 15-20° (that's just a guess), and I'm eager to explore both. I haven't even considered taking photos, and probably won't, at least for quite some time. Naturally the sky is somewhat cloudy tonight, so despite the moon being nearly full, I doubt that I'll be able to check out the various lens combinations tonight.
  15. What Did You Get Today?

    While I do live in the suburbs, the sky above, is actually pretty free of light pollution, and I'm anticipating some wonderful viewing with this baby.