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  1. One more for the pile, this time as a review kit. (I'll have the review up in a few days.)
  2. And in the box was a real nice additional prize for me, one that had originally not been included with the gift.
  3. Another Christmas raffle gift arrived a few days ago. This was declined by another member, so I snatched it up.
  4. It's supposed to be a pretty good kit. I guess we'll see when the time comes.
  5. Won in a web site Christmas raffle (different site).
  6. Same here, the Nikon that I have is way more than adequate for my online hobby requirements.
  7. This was my only vehicle related gift, but it's pretty darned cool.
  8. Wernher von Braun, he aimed for the stars (but sometimes hit London by accident).
  9. I only have about a dozen or so car models, and will never reach the level of the OP, but when I look at the rest of my stash; aircraft armor and ships, I too have a ton, far more than I can manage to complete in the next fifty years. My family (brother and sister) could care less, so they'll probably all be taken to the dump.
  10. OK, thanks. (I currently use a Nikon Coolpix that works just great, but I'd eventually like to upgrade.)
  11. Just out of curiosity, how much will you be seeking for the D5300?
  12. For me, it's a giant subwoofer, usually on such a junky car that the bumpers vibrate. I hear a little too much of that around here.
  13. A couple more for the pile, both gifts from different friends.
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