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  1. I also received this from a pal. When the set was received by him, the drill was broken pretty badly (as seen in this photo), so they just sent him an entire replacement set and he gave me this set. After buying a replacement drill for the set (no photo, for some reason), which was fairly cheap, I now have an excellent beginning for some more Ridgid 18V "stuff".
  2. My purchases pale in comparison to some here, but I'm very happy to have recently got these three books for a very reasonable price. I've had a "thing" for trains ever since I was a boy, and never seem to grow weary of them.
  3. Thanks. I have way too much already, but still seem to add more all the time.
  4. For something as large as this, I'll probably just go with the 1:72 Dragon kit. The 1:35 kit looks pretty cool though, so thanks for that.
  5. My latest non-auto acquisitions. I'm working on the A6M right now, for a show here in September. A6M2b from the Soryu, second carrier division, first wave.
  6. Nice model. I have one underway right now, destined for a show here in September.
  7. I have this cool book on the M65. No kit (yet), but I hope to eventually.
  8. I am big time jealous. Tamiya makes several 1:16 tanks that I eventually want (JS-2, M26 Pershing, Jagdpanther), and this is certainly one of them.
  9. Indeed, it's a really large kit. I started tricking one out a couple of years ago, but it now just sits, waiting for me.
  10. This is the very first airbrush I ever used, borrowed from a frien to paint my Monogram 1:48 B-17. What an eye opening experience that was.
  11. Pretty good haul for me this year (I love it), receiving many items from my various wants lists. My personal interests are all over the map, so my wants typically reflect this.
  12. I'd echo the thoughts of the others, calculate the amp draw of everything that will be running on that particular circuit simultaneously, and see if the breaker is rated for that amp draw. I'm in the process of running two dedicated 20amp circuits in the basement here right now for my calculated power needs (12ga), and since I know there's almost zero chance that all items will be on simultaneously, I'm well under the rated 20amps for each circuit, based upon my own calculations. To get amp draw, simply divide the watts by the volts for each item. 100 watts divided by 110 volts is .90 amps.
  13. One more for the pile, this time as a review kit. (I'll have the review up in a few days.)
  14. And in the box was a real nice additional prize for me, one that had originally not been included with the gift.
  15. Another Christmas raffle gift arrived a few days ago. This was declined by another member, so I snatched it up.
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