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Like many here I imagine, my story would seem rather typical. I started building model cars as a kid in the ‘60’s, and built anything and everything that appealed to me, regardless of scale or manufacturer. Many of the kits purchased back then were acquired within two or three blocks from my house, as there were at least three small stores that all sold model kits. Also within easy walking distance, were two more locations, a small mall and a discount house (GEM), with the mall having several stores where model kits could also easily be purchased.

Fast forward a number of years, and I find that as my tastes have matured and my interests become much more refined and specific, I’ve come full circle back to my roots, model car building, and the joy it gives me to (fleetingly) recapture some of that youthful innocence and awe from those wonderful childhood days.

My interests are much more narrowly focused these days, and much more traditional as well, opting for late 60’s to early 70’s muscle, and 30’s/40’s classic styles, done up as gassers, street rod or stock.


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