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  1. Can't help with a '64, Ron. I do have a '65, but may or may not keep it. This kit can be built stock, which is a real blessing for me. What I really wish for, is a '66, as I owned one for several years, along with an '85.
  2. Looks excellent, Ron. Will you be foiling this baby? Foiling is my worst nightmare, as I'm really no good at it;... too much coffeine, probably.
  3. No problem at all, Ron. I'm sure you'll fit in nicely here. I've learned so much from these good folks.
  4. Thanks a bunch, Joe. I had need to revisit the site (I've not been here for quite some time), as one of the mods on LSP was having difficulty getting his verification to join here. A quick chat with one of the admins here, handily solved the problem for him.
  5. On another subject, I'm very pleased to see that we now have a like button. That, in my opinion, was way overdue. Kudos to the admins for that.
  6. It seems that all of my photos have now disappeared (thanks a bunch, Photobucket), so I intend to repopulate this thread when I resume work on this baby, whenever that may be.
  7. It's been quite a while since I visited here, so I have no idea where I left off, but I know for sure I hadn't yet shown off this baby.
  8. Welcome aboard, Ron. I'm mighty pleased that Dave was able to help you out with you registration attempts. It really is a great site for car and truck modeling, probably the best, from what I've seen. I hope you enjoy your time here.
  9. It is. Certainly not a great kit, but acceptable, at least for the reasonable price. I'm hoping that the new Trumpeter kit will be far nicer. If so, I'll sell this one off.
  10. I've acquired quite a few new kits since I last posted, so I'll begin with this big ol' beast, one of many that I've grabbed.
  11. It's been quite a while since I posted anything here, but this is my absolute latest. The same guy is also sending me a Revell Shelby Cobra, and it should arrive next week some time.
  12. I recently made a deal with a fellow forumite (different forum), for a bunch of military models. He threw this in as "packing material".
  13. I was never wild about tube lugs, but I really do like that wrap. My next set will probably be Ludwig maple, or even Mahogany, whenever that might occur. For a brief time, I had a Pearl Mahogany tom, 11x13, that sounded utterly amazing.
  14. I wasn't too impressed. I liked the Hoffa movie with Jack Nicholson, way better.
  15. My babies. Gone now, but I'll probably snatch more, eventually.
  16. Emerson, Lake & Palmer. I really don't recall when, but it was certainly a long time ago.
  17. Cool project. I have the same kit sitting here, but will more than likely go with a vintage scheme, but Stooges graphics.
  18. Interesting to know. Thanks. Looks cool to me. Thanks. Don't look to see it in the near future though, as I'm working hot and heavy on a big 1:16 scale Jagdtiger right now.
  19. I've now (finally) got the bed soaking in some LA Fabulous. Any idea how long I'll have to let it stay immersed? I had painted it Tamiya dark green as I thought that would look really cool, but it actually looked just horrible.
  20. Yes, a great score on my part, and just a weird coincidence; a chance comment that I really wanted one eventually (in a thread on another forum that had absolutely nothing to do with cars), followed but a couple of PMs from a guy, and the deal was made. It appears to be 100% complete, just as he said it was too.
  21. Epilepsy aside, I just find them to be plain old annoying.
  22. I already snatched them from the site below, but thanks anyway, for sure. Yep, I googled the instructions and that site came up. Already downloaded all 28 pages, so I'm good to rock. Thanks a bunch.
  23. One of my grail kits arrived a few days back, the Monogram 1:8 "Big Deuce". The kit was a shelf queen that had fallen into disrepair, so the guy sent it to me for the cost of shipping. Now all I need are the instructions, and I'm good to go.
  24. Oh, yes, the Jagdtiger box is just ginormous. The Jack is one that I'd been seeking for a while, and I finally found one at a price that I thought reasonable, so I'm pretty happy.
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