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  1. Nice. I started the same truck a couple of years back, I intend to do 'er up as a Halloween truck (orange and black) and really need to get back to it.
  2. I shouldn't talk. I've been a member here for five years now (unbelievably), and have yet to finish even one car model. Pathetic.
  3. Just delivered today, and I'm really anxious to tear it open and eyeball it.
  4. This just arrived today, and I'm thrilled to now (finally) have it.
  5. One thing I'd really like to see, if doable, is more clarification of the specific forum groupings. While a title is given (Under Glass, for instance), having it in bold or larger letters or something, would certainly be nice.
  6. OK, thanks. It looks like you've certainly done good for yourself, so congrats on that.
  7. I'm curious as to what's up with the items that have 29 and 30 on them over and over again.
  8. I'd use whatever fits and looks best, regardless of scale. I have a couple of big rigs to get to one of these days, and that will be my approach.
  9. Thanks for the info. When the box arrived in the mail, I was just sure they'd screwed up the order.
  10. That seat look really, really good. I'm impressed, for sure.
  11. I actually like the wheels, it's the tires that are really lame. I may end up grabbing another too, and very soon. I'm not at all happy with the Tamiya green I'm using, and may well change the color scheme to something else. It is a trip down the lane though, as I built a nice one a few years back, or at least I thought it was nice.
  12. What theme (or themes) are you referring to, Bill? I don't see anything unusual in the announcement above.
  13. I hope to be there in October then.
  14. For now and the foreseeable future, I drive nothing at all. Both of my cars have been dragged off to the junkyard over the last two years, and I certainly can't afford another.
  15. I only saw it briefly as it passed through an intersection, but appeared to be an early 30s 3 or 5 window full fendered coupe. Very cool indeed.
  16. No kidding. I was thoroughly confused by the reorganization of things. I'll adapt though, for sure.
  17. No TV as such, but I did have a PC in my man cave, and will have again, once my new workbenches are complete this year sometime. I'll be transplanting the guts of the old PC into a new case this year, that will have more expansion capability, much better cooling and whatnot.
  18. A few kits there that I'd like to add to my own stash, Jeff. I'm duly envious.
  19. Thanks a bunch. I actually looks way better in person, just doesn't photograph well.
  20. And yet more spoon tests, this time Tamiya clear red over Testors diamond dust (on the left), and Tamiya clear red over Testors icy blue, on the right (almost a cranberry color now), both clear coated and polished. To be quite honest, I really like both very much and have now recorded them in my spreadsheet for future projects that are sure to come up. Thoughts?
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