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  1. I wouldn't pay that much for the car itself, ugly as it it.
  2. No ads for me. I use two different blockers, as I just will not have ads, period.
  3. I'll be getting some of these, no question about it. They look just excellent.
  4. I just snatched this, the gorgeous '32 Ford five-window coupe. Gobs of great parts will be left over too, very handy stuff for other projects. I'll be building the full fendered version, as fenderless cars of this nature, are most definitely not my thing.
  5. Two kits received in a trade arrangement with Modlbldr, and went smooth as silk. Thanks a bunch, Tom, I love them both.
  6. Unfortunately, now that I've had the time to think on it, I really have nothing to offer in the way of muscle. I'll probably pick one up eventually though.
  7. It looks like the buying/selling page is now defunct?
  8. I really like that '32 Ford 3-window, but unfortunately have nothing to offer in return.
  9. It is indeed a wonderful reference, and is certainly prized by me.
  10. This just arrived today, a deal from a fellow forum member (different forum). Now I can finish/repair/rebuild the kit that I abandoned a few months back; too cool.
  11. Yep, Supertramp was awesome. I had four or five of their CD's, and loved them all.
  12. King Tiger; check. Led Zeppelin; check. Looks like you're all set to me.
  13. I'm willing to bet that the car deaths go up when this issue subsides somewhat; lots of morons will be partying hard to "make up for lost time", then driving like drunken idiots after.
  14. Least favorite: chassis' and engines Most favorite: painting the bodies and polishing them out.
  15. I've yet to do it intentionally, but I do find myself robbing parts from other kits for specific projects from time to time, mostly tires and wheels,... so far.
  16. This looks just excellent. I too think the outdoor shots look great, very nice indeed.
  17. Nice looking truck. About the only thing I don't like about these kits is the complete absence of a sleeper interior, something I intend to correct on at least one of my kits, probably one of the 1:16 versions, as they're without sleeper interiors too.
  18. Chassis is now as far along as I intend to take it, aside from scraping a few more relatively minor seams. If the lack of total clean-up hurts me in competition, so be it. Exhaust pipes will be added later, as I intend to paint them an aluminum color, or just use tubing, not real sure yet. Thoughts?
  19. I never heard that before. I built the '59 kit when I was a kid, and I thought it fit just fine, but that was the original camper, supposedly the exact same one that's in the '65. I'll do whatever it takes to make it fit, as it's one of my big-time grail projects, model car wise.
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