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  1. I agree. Much like my Monogram '71, with the chrome bumper parts, it's preferable to have this choice, as stripping them is a whole easier than re-chroming them.
  2. Well I eventually got over my aversion to the vanilla wafers, and still enjoy them to this day. Now jelly beans, that's a whole other story. Now when I even look at jelly beans, I get sick to my stomach. Back to Hostess, I always did, and still do love their cupcakes.
  3. I agree. The Testors Mystic Emerald is a pretty decent stand-in for the green metalflake I used an an AWB Mustang many, many years ago, though I don't recall if that was AMT or Pactra paint back then. I intend to paint my replacement kit the same, using the Mystic Emerald. Actually I already did paint it, but messed it up pretty bad, so bought yet another kit. But if I can save the first body, I'll probably just trade off the second kit, or at least that's the current plan.
  4. It's been so long since I built a car model engine, that I completely forgot certain basics, one of which is to make sure that things are square. Given the sometimes extreme draft angles of the injection parts provided in a lot of car models, certain items frequently need to be squared off before assembly. In this case, I did remember to square up the tunnel ram, but not the top of the block itself. As a consequence, the tunnel ram perches on a pitched block top that will now require some filler to make look right, or at least OK, and could have been easily resolved beforehand, but was not. Live and learn, I guess.
  5. I couldn't agree more. I don't think I've ever liked any of his goofy designs.
  6. I still can't make up my mind if I prefer the body color or chrome on the nose and rear of the GTX, as I do like them both.
  7. Pretty good idea. I may give that a try. Now if the AMT and Pactra spray lacquers would just come back, I'd be in hog heaven.
  8. Off and on I played the drums for most of my life. Here's the last set that I had, sold off about five years ago.
  9. Years and years ago, I worked for a while at Mrs Alison's, and ate so many fresh from the oven vanilla wafers, I eventually got sick of them. The jelly tops and oatmeal cookies were pretty awesome too.
  10. I had no idea. I do recall that it had a rubber band, ball bearings and grease, but it never really did work right.
  11. I had something like that too. I believe came with the Dream Rod kit.
  12. Really looking forward to that SS 396.
  13. I'll certainly look into it. For me, cheaper is always better.
  14. That's true enough. I used to just love the apple pies, but the amount of guts in them has been reduced, and they taste different too. I do agree that Banana Flips were awesome, but I haven't seen one of those in years now. As to coconut, I also loves me some Almond Joy candy bars.
  15. That's my thought too, to do some tribute cars to ones I built as a kid, where I can actually remember what was what. I already bought some metalflake blue for a '32 Ford Phaeton, as that was one of my all-time favorites from those long ago days.
  16. Yep, one of several metalflakes that have now returned.
  17. I'm pleased silly to see that both the small bottles and spray bombs of the Testors metalflake enamels are being sold again. I painted quite a few cars with these colors when I was a kid.
  18. Recurring dreams, especially thematic ones (if they're recurring, I suppose they're all thematic) have been standard fare for me for many years. Probably the worst of the lot, is dreaming over and over again about living in a house that leaks really, really bad whenever it rains, soaking and ruining lots of my precious stuff, including carpets, bedding, walls, ceilings and furniture. The last house I owned, did in fact have a very leaky basement, and some bad areas in the roof as well. While the roof was repaired, the basement never really was, so a damp basement was always an issue there. I suppose that's where that particular dream theme comes from, but it's quite annoying, nonetheless. Another, which I fortunately haven't had in quite some time, is finding myself covered with tiny worm-like insects that are burrowing into my skin.
  19. Sounds good, and thank you for the offer. I'll PM you, as suggested.
  20. Curiosity and impatience won out, so I went ahead and clear coated and polished all of my current samples, just to get a better understanding of their final appearance (or at least that’s what I told myself). The third spoon (on the far right), is Testors metalflake blue enamel over Tamiya white lacquer primer, with Testors clear lacquer on top. Right now I’m leaning heavily toward the clear blue over diamond dust for the Phaeton, but still have plenty more experimentation to do, and plenty of time to do it.
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